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SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSection 1Executive Summary1.1Executive SummaryThe Grand Park Specific Plan is a proposal for anew planned community on an approximately320 acres within the City of Ontario. The GrandPark Specific Plan pro vides for the development ofup to 1,327 residential dwelling units, parks, andtrails and reserves sites for development of a newhigh school by Chaffey Joint Union High SchoolDistrict, a new elementary school by Moun tainView School District, and a portion of the GreatPark, a public community park, by the City ofOntario. The Grand Park Specific Plan area (projectsite) is located east of Archibald Avenue, west ofHaven Avenue, south of Edison Avenue, and northof Eucalyptus Avenue. The regional context andlocal set ting of the Grand Park Specific Plan areillustrated on Exhibit 1-1, “Regional LocationMap” and on Exhibit 1-2, “Vicinity Map.”1.2Purpose of the Specific PlanThe City’s Policy Plan (General Plan) designatesthe project site for development of ResidentialLow density (2.1 – 5.0 dwelling units per acre),Residential Medium den sity (11.1-25.0 dwellingunits per acre), public schools, and Open Space- Parkland. The Policy Plan includes a futurebuildout projection for the City which establishes amaximum development potential for all residentialland use areas of the 1,562 residential dwelling unitsfor the project site. The project site is zoned AGSpecific Plan. A specific plan is required in order toimplement the Policy Plan and to comprehensivelyplan for development of residential, park and schooluses within the project site.The Grand Park Specific Plan implements thePolicy Plan goals and policies for the project siteand establishes zoning regulations and designguidelines to govern development within theproject site. The Grand Park Specific Plan providesfor development of a community of traditionalneighborhoods linked to parks and schoolsthrough a comprehensive network of streets andtrails. The Grand Park Specific Plan establishes aninfrastructure and public facilities plan to assurethat adequate roadways and public utilities includ ing sewer, water, and drainage facilities alongwith schools, parks, and other public facilities arepro vided to serve the project. The develop mentplan for Grand Park is illustrat ed in Exhibit 1-3,“Community Plan” and described in Table 1-1,“Community Plan Summary.”1.3Governing DocumentsDevelopment of the Grand Park Specific Plan isgov erned by the following: The Ontario Plan (TOP) Policy Plan,which establishes policies governing landuse, community design, mobility, housing,environmental resources, parks and recreation,safety, noise, social resources, and communityeconomics for the City and provides guidancefor development planning of the project site. The Grand Park Specific Plan, which includesa Land Use Plan, Infrastructure Plan, DesignGuide lines, and Development Regulations,designed to implement the Policy Plan and toestablish zoning for the project site. The City of Ontario Subdivision Ordinancereg ulating the subdivision of land within theproject site. The Grand Park Development Agreementestablishing assurances that the developmentregulations contained within the Specific Planwill be in force during approved timelines andthat development of public facilities within theproject site occurs pursuant to the terms andconditions approved by the City. Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions(CC&R’s) established by the developers ofGrand Park as a means of ensuring and enforcingquality design and development of the masterplanned community.Grand Park Specific Plan1-1

SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYExhibit 1-1R E G I O N A L LO C AT I O N M A PNotToScale1-2Grand Park Specific Plan

SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYExhibit 1-2VICINITY MAPNotToScaleGrand Park Specific Plan1-3

SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYExhibit 1-3LAND USE PLAN1-4Grand Park Specific Plan

SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYTa b l e 1 - 1LAND USE PLAN SUMMARYLand UseDwelling UnitsGross Acres (1)Gross Density99 DU123 DU157 DU145 DU105 DU111 DU268 DU319 DU1327 DU7.0 AC12.6 AC10.9 AC13.9 AC13.2 AC17.6 AC14.9 AC16.5 AC106.6 AC14.1 DU/AC9.8 DU/AC14.4 DU/AC10.4 DU/AC8.0 DU/AC6.3 DU/AC18.0 DU/AC19.3 DU/AC12.4 DU/AC (Avg)1327 DU11.255.7146.7213.6320.2AC12.4 DU/AC (Avg)Residential UsesPA 1 (MDR)PA 2 (LDR)PA 3 (MDR)PA 4 (LDR)PA 5 (LDR)PA-6 (LDR)PA 7 (HDR)PA 8 (HDR)Residential TotalOther UsesPA 9 (Elementary School)PA 10 (High School)Great ParkOther Uses TotalProject TotalNotes:(1) Gross Acres: Calculated to street Centerline and includes Pocket Parks and Paseos. The Grand Park Specific Plan is located withinthe Airport Influence Area (AIA) of ChinoAirport and Ontario International Airport andis required to be consistent with both AirportLand Use Compatibility Plans.1.4CEQA ComplianceA project level Environmental Impact Report(EIR), prepared for the Grand Park Specific Planin accordance with the California EnvironmentalQuality Act (CEQA) and City re quirements,provides a detailed analysis of potentialenvironmental impacts associated with the devel opment of the project. The EIR prepared for theproject evaluates the potential envi ronmentalfactors associated with the project and recommendsmitigation measures. The EIR is pre pared to fulfillthe requirements for environmental determinationsfor all subsequent discretionary and ministerialdevelopment applications within the Grand ParkSpecific Plan. A Fiscal Impact Analysis prepared todetermine the project’s fiscal impact is part of theproject.Grand Park Specific Plan1-5

SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.5Specific Plan ComponentsThe Grand Park Specific Plan is organized intothe following sections in addition to Section 1,“Executive Summary.”Section 2 – IntroductionThe Introduction acquaints the reader with thefollowing: Community vision and objectives, The project setting, An overview of the Grand Park Specific Plan, The entitlements to accompany the Grand ParkSpecific Plan, and The relationship of the Grand Park Specific Planto the General Plan.Section 3 – Existing FeaturesThe physical setting for Grand Park is described inthis section outlining the existing physical condi tions within and around the project site.Section 4 – Community PlanThe Community Plan Section describes residen tialplanning areas and residential types, distribu tion ofresidential dwelling units, schools, trails, and parks,including the City’s Open Space-Parkland ( theGrand Park), planned for the community.Section 5 – Infrastructure and ServicesThis section provides information on circulationimprovements, planned backbone water, sewer, andstorm drain systems, the grading concept for theproject, and a discussion of public facilities to servethe project site.Section 6 – Development RegulationsThe development regulations discussed in this sec tion establish permitted land uses and the standardsregulating the development of each land use withinthe project site. The relationship of the Grand Park1-6Grand Park Specific PlanSpecific Plan development regulations to the Cityof Ontario Development Code is pro vided in thissection.Section 7 – Design GuidelinesThe Grand Park Specific Plan Design Guidelinesare intended to direct the site planning, landscap ing, and architectural quality of development.Streetscapes, entries, edge treatments, walls andfencing, lighting, and architectural styles and fea tures are addressed in the Design Guidelines.Section 8 – ImplementationThe policies and procedures for the City’s reviewand approval of specific development proposals,within the project site, pursuant to the Grand ParkSpecific Plan requirements, are presented in thissection along with project phasing and maintenanceresponsibilities. This section provides the methodsand procedures for interpreting and amending theGrand Park Specific Plan, as necessary.Section 9 – General Plan ConsistencyThis section describes the relationship of the GrandPark Specific Plan to applicable policies of theGeneral Plan.

1-1 SECTION 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Grand Park Specific Plan Section 1 Executive Summary 1.1 Executive Summary The Grand Park Specific Plan is a proposal for a new planned community on an approximately 320 acres within the City of Ontario. The Grand Park Specific Plan provides for the development of up to 1,327 residential dwelling units, parks, and