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2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856856Ship Notice/ManifestFunctional Group SHPurpose: This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/ManifestTransaction Set (856) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be usedto list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment, such as order information, productdescription, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within thetransportation equipment. The transaction set enables the sender to describe the contents and configuration of a shipment in variouslevels of detail and provides an ordered flexibility to convey information. The sender of this transaction is the organization responsiblefor detailing and communicating the contents of a shipment, or shipments, to one or more receivers of the transaction set. The receiverof this transaction set can be any organization having an interest in the contents of a shipment or information about the contents of ashipment.Heading:Pos010IdISAGSSTSegment NameInterchange Control HeaderFunctional Group HeaderTransaction Set HeaderReqMMMMax Use111020BSNBeginning Segment for ShipNoticeM1ReqMax UseHierarchical LevelCarrier Details (Quantity andWeight)Carrier Details (RoutingSequence/Transit Time)Reference IdentificationAdministrative CommunicationsContactDate/Time ReferenceMM120M12Must useMO 13Must useUsedM10NameAddress InformationGeographic LocationMCO121Hierarchical LevelPurchase Order ReferenceCarrier Details (Quantity andWeight)Reference IdentificationMMM1120M 1NameM1LOOP ID - HL010HL190MANHierarchical LevelMarks and NumbersMM1 1LOOP ID - HL010HL020LIN030SN1Hierarchical LevelItem IdentificationItem Detail (Shipment)MMM111Detail:PosIdLOOP ID - HL010HL110TD1120TD5150151REFPER200DTMLOOP ID - N1220N1240N3250N4LOOP ID - HL010HL050PRF110TD1150REFLOOP ID - N1220N1856 - 4010Segment Name1RepeatNotesUsageMust useMust useMust useMust useRepeat200000NotesC2/010LC2/010Must useMust useMust use200200000UsageMust useUsedMust useC2/010LC2/010Must useMust useMust useMust use200Must use200000C2/010LC2/010200000C2/010LC2/010Must useMust useMust useMust useMust useNordstrom

2/21/2020Summary:Pos010020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856IdCTTSESegment NameTransaction TotalsTransaction Set TrailerReqMMMax Use11GEIEARepeatNotesN3/010UsageMust useMust useFunctional Group TrailerM1Must useInterchange Control TrailerM1Must useNote:Nordstrom will be using a separate partner number for the 856 of 12/2062336664. Nordstrom downloads data from this ID every 30minutes during the day in order to provide our distribution centers with timely informationCase Pack UPC’s – Please note that if Nordstrom sends your company a case pack UPC (unit of measure of ‘CA’ in PO103), werequire the 856 back at the individual component level (an individual UPC for each item).ASN Requirements – Advance Ship Notice ComplianceNon-compliance of the ASN guidelines here may result in expense offset fees. These requirements apply to the Nordstrom FullLine, Nordstrom Rack stores, Nordstrom Direct and NPG Domestic (for more information regarding NPG refer to the NPGCompliance Manual).Consolidated ASN RequirementsFor consolidated shipments Nordstrom requires that there is one VICS 856 ASN with carton level information per shipment, pership-to location (distribution center), and each ship notice must contain its own unique sub-bill of lading number. Nordstrom alsorequires that the ASN is transmitted and received by Nordstrom’s warehouse management system prior to the shipment’s arrival inthe distribution center. A chargeback will be applied if this requirement is not met.UPS ASN RequirementsFor shipments sent via UPS, Nordstrom requires that there is one ASN transmitted per case and the tracking number provided byUPS must populate the sub-bill of lading field (REF*BM segment) and the PRO number field (REF*CN segment). Nordstrom alsorequires that the ASN is transmitted and received by Nordstrom’s warehouse management system prior to the shipment’s arrival inthe distribution center.Bulk Pack ASNIf asked to bulk pack a PO by receiving a code of "BULK" in the REF*QC segment, the 856/ASN should contain the DC number inboth the ship-to (N1*ST) and mark-for (N1*BY) segments.Masterpack ASN requirementsIn the event that small individual store cartons for multiple stores (going to the same DC) are combined for one purchase order into amasterpack. Nordstrom maintains two masterpack ASN requirements depending on the mode of transportation used:The ASN requirement for shipping consolidated master-packed cases is that there is one ASN transmitted where the REF*BMsegment reflects the unique sub-bill of lading number, the N1*ST segment reflects the correct ship-to location (distribution center),the N1*BY segment indicates the appropriate store destination and the MAN segments reflect the correct GS1-128 case IDs for allthe cases within each master case. The outer (master) carton must be clearly identified as a masterpack by writing or labeling theword “masterpack” on the outside of the case.The ASN requirement for shipping UPS master-packed cases is that there is one ASN per master case and that the REF*BMsegment (sub-bill of lading) reflects UPS’s tracking number and there must be a GS1-128 label affixed to each inner carton that isaccounted for in the MAN segments of the ASN. (e.g. If shipping 2 cases containing 5 boxes each to DC 299 then two ASNs must betransmitted – 1 ASN for each master case.) The outer (master) carton must be clearly identified as a masterpack by writing orlabeling the word “masterpack” on the outside of the case.ASNs for “No Charge” MerchandiseShipments containing “no charge” merchandise (i.e. testers, samples) must be packed in separate case(s) from the retailmerchandise and clearly marked as “no charge”. Separate inner carton (s) of “no charge” merchandise (i.e. testers, samples) maybe packed within large case (s) of retail merchandise but must be clearly marked as “no charge” and maintain separation from retailmerchandise. ASNs are not required for “no charge” merchandise shipped in this manner.“No charge” merchandise shipped in any other manner, including loose within case(s) containing retail merchandise must have validUPCs with the Nordstrom Inventory system and accurately represented within the ASN for that shipment. Expense offsetchargebacks will be accessed for inaccurate ASNs containing “no charge” merchandise that do not meet these requirements.856 - 40102Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856Vendor Accuracy Audit ProgramNordstrom uses warehouse management technology to receive merchandise using the ASN and pay vendors with EDI invoices.Therefore, vendors must make every effort to ensure that shipments are 100% accurate. Nordstrom’s audit program samples apercentage of all shipments received against the corresponding ASN to monitor accuracy. If the sample does not match what wasindicated per the ASN an inaccurate chargeback will be applied."Nordstrom requires that all vendor ASNs are 100% accurate. Nordstrom has implemented an accuracy audit program to ensurecompliance and accuracy. This audit program compares the UPC/EANs physically contained within the carton to the UPC/EANs onthe corresponding ASN as well as a review of the vendor’s floor ready compliance. When audit results indicate errors, Nordstrom willdiscontinue the use of the ASN when processing the shipment and a chargeback will be applied for each shipment processedmanually until accuracy is attained."Re-transmitting ASN DataASN data can be retransmitted to Nordstrom at any time prior to the shipment’s arrival in the distribution center. However, to ensurecorrect retransmission, the new or corrected ASN must maintain the same sub-bill of lading value PO/DC combination as the original.This is the value sent in the REF/BM. This will allow the “new” ASN to overwrite the original ASN in our warehouse managementsystem. If the ‘new‘ data reaches our warehouse management system before the warehouse personnel begin to process theshipment and all other information within the transmission is accurate, no charge backs should be incurred. However, if the shipmentarrives before the “new” ASN is received then the shipment will be received with the original ASN data. Please note, to avoidduplication errors, we advise waiting 60 minutes before re-transmitting the correct EDI 856.NOTE: Nordstrom sends a 997 (functional acknowledgment) back within 24 hours for any inbound file we receive. Please be aware a997 indicates receipt of a file only. A 997 does not indicate the data was processed through Nordstrom’s warehouse managementsystem successfully. To ensure Nordstrom is receiving any 856 files from your company, please be sure to monitor your 997’s.NOTE – To avoid formatting errors, please do not include special characters in any field including but not limited to -- any Europeanaccents ! @ # % & * ( ) / ? .856 - 40103Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856ISAInterchange Control HeaderPos:Max: 1Not Defined - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 16User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To start and identify an interchange of zero or more functional groups and interchange-related control segmentsElement Summary:RefISA01IdI01Element NameAuthorization Information QualifierReqMTypeIDMin/Max2/2UsageMust useDescription: Code to identify the type ofinformation in the Authorization InformationCode00ISA02I02NameNo Authorization Information Present (No Meaningful Information in I02)Authorization InformationMAN10/10Must useMID2/2Must useDescription: Information used for additionalidentification or authorization of the interchangesender or the data in the interchange; the type ofinformation is set by the Authorization InformationQualifier (I01)Note: SpacesISA03I03Security Information QualifierDescription: Code to identify the type ofinformation in the Security InformationCode00ISA04I04NameNo Security Information Present (No Meaningful Information in I04)Security InformationMAN10/10Must useMID2/2Must useMAN15/15Must useMID2/2Must useDescription: This is used for identifying thesecurity information about the interchange senderor the data in the interchange; the type ofinformation is set by the Security InformationQualifier (I03)Note: SpacesISA05I05Interchange ID QualifierDescription: Qualifier to designate thesystem/method of code structure used todesignate the sender or receiver ID elementbeing qualifiedNote: Qualifier Selected by ReceiverCode010812ISA06I06NameDuns (Dun & Bradstreet)UCC EDI Communications ID (Comm ID)Phone (Telephone Companies)Interchange Sender IDDescription: Identification code published by thesender for other parties to use as the receiver IDto route data to them; the sender always codesthis value in the sender ID elementNote: Sender ID Selected by ReceiverISA07I05Interchange ID QualifierDescription: Qualifier to designate the856 - 40104Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856system/method of code structure used todesignate the sender or receiver ID elementbeing qualifiedNote: Nordstrom's Qualifier is '12'Code12ISA08I07NamePhone (Telephone Companies)Interchange Receiver IDMAN15/15Must useMDT6/6Must useMTM4/4Must useMID1/1Must useMID5/5Must useDescription: Identification code published by thereceiver of the data; When sending, it is used bythe sender as their sending ID, thus other partiessending to them will use this as a receiving ID toroute data to themNote: Nordstrom's Receiver ID is 2062336664ISA09I08Interchange DateDescription: Date of the interchangeNote: Date ISA was generated - YYMMDDISA10I09Interchange TimeDescription: Time of the interchangeNote: Time ISA was generated - HHMMISA11I10Interchange Control Standards IdentifierDescription: Code to identify the agencyresponsible for the control standard used by themessage that is enclosed by the interchangeheader and trailerISA12I11Interchange Control Version NumberDescription: Code specifying the version numberof the interchange control segmentsCode00401ISA13I12NameStandards for Use Approved for Publication by ASC X12 Procedures Review Boardthrough October 1997Interchange Control NumberMN09/9Must useMID1/1Must useMID1/1Must useDescription: A control number assigned by theinterchange senderNote: Sender assigned sequential numberstarting with 1 incremented by 1 for eachtransmission.ISA14I13Acknowledgment RequestedDescription: Code sent by the sender to requestan interchange acknowledgment (TA1)Code0ISA15I14NameNo Acknowledgment RequestedUsage IndicatorDescription: Code to indicate whether dataenclosed by this interchange envelope is test,production or informationCodePT856 - 4010NameProduction DataTest Data5Nordstrom

2/21/2020ISA16Ship Notice/Manifest - 856I15Component Element SeparatorM1/1Must useDescription: Type is not applicable; thecomponent element separator is a delimiter andnot a data element; this field provides thedelimiter used to separate component dataelements within a composite data structure; thisvalue must be different than the data elementseparator and the segment terminatorNote: ' '856 - 40106Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856GSFunctional Group HeaderPos:Max: 1Not Defined - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 8User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To indicate the beginning of a functional group and to provide control informationElement Summary:RefGS01Id479Element NameFunctional Identifier CodeReqMTypeIDMin/Max2/2UsageMust useMAN2/15Must useMAN2/15Must useMDT8/8Must useMTM4/8Must useMN01/9Must useMID1/2Must useMAN1/12Must useDescription: Code identifying a group ofapplication related transaction setsCodeSHGS02142NameShip Notice/Manifest (856)Application Sender's CodeDescription: Code identifying party sendingtransmission; codes agreed to by trading partnersNote: Sender ID selected by SenderGS03124Application Receiver's CodeDescription: Code identifying party receivingtransmission; codes agreed to by trading partnersNote: Nordstrom's Receiver ID is 2062336664GS04373DateDescription: Date expressed as CCYYMMDDNote: Date GS was generated - CCYYMMDDGS05337TimeDescription: Time expressed in 24-hour clocktime as follows: HHMM, or HHMMSS, orHHMMSSD, or HHMMSSDD, where H hours(00-23), M minutes (00-59), S integerseconds (00-59) and DD decimal seconds;decimal seconds are expressed as follows: D tenths (0-9) and DD hundredths (00-99)Note: Time GS was generated - HHMMGS0628Group Control NumberDescription: Assigned number originated andmaintained by the senderNote: Sender assigned sequential numberstarting with 1 incremented by 1 for eachtransmission.GS07455Responsible Agency CodeDescription: Code identifying the issuer of thestandard; this code is used in conjunction withData Element 480CodeXGS08480NameAccredited Standards Committee X12Version / Release / Industry Identifier CodeDescription: Code indicating the version,release, subrelease, and industry identifier of theEDI standard being used, including the GS andGE segments.CodeName004010VICS Standards Approved for Publication by ASC X12 Procedures Review Board856 - 40107Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856STTransaction Set HeaderPos: 010Max: 1Heading - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 2User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To indicate the start of a transaction set and to assign a control numberElement Summary:RefST01Id143Element NameTransaction Set Identifier CodeReqMTypeIDMin/Max3/3UsageMust useMAN4/9Must useDescription: Code uniquely identifying aTransaction SetCode856ST02329NameShip Notice/ManifestTransaction Set Control NumberDescription: Identifying control number that mustbe unique within the transaction set functionalgroup assigned by the originator for a transactionsetNote: The number is sequentially assigned by thesender, starting with one within each functionalgroup. For each functional group, the firsttransaction set control number will be 0001 andincremented by one for each additionaltransaction set within the group.856 - 40108Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856BSNBeginning Segment for ShipNoticePos: 020Max: 1Heading - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 5User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To transmit identifying numbers, dates, and other basic data relating to the transaction setElement Summary:RefBSN01Id353Element NameTransaction Set Purpose CodeReqMTypeIDMin/Max2/2UsageMust useMAN2/30Must useMDT8/8Must useMTM4/8Must useOID4/4Must useDescription: Code identifying purpose oftransaction setCode00BSN02396NameOriginalShipment IdentificationDescription: A unique control number assignedby the original shipper to identify a specificshipmentBSN03373DateDescription: Date expressed as CCYYMMDDNote: CCYYMMDDBSN04337TimeDescription: Time expressed in 24-hour clocktime as follows: HHMM, or HHMMSS, orHHMMSSD, or HHMMSSDD, where H hours(00-23), M minutes (00-59), S integerseconds (00-59) and DD decimal seconds;decimal seconds are expressed as follows: D tenths (0-9) and DD hundredths (00-99)Note: HHMM or HHMMSS acceptableBSN051005Hierarchical Structure CodeDescription: Code indicating the hierarchicalapplication structure of a transaction set thatutilizes the HL segment to define the structure ofthe transaction setCode0001856 - 4010NameShipment, Order, Packaging, ItemNote:Pick and Pack Structure9Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856HLHierarchical LevelPos: 010Max: 1Detail - MandatoryLoop: HLElements: 3User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To identify dependencies among and the content of hierarchically related groups of data segmentsElement Summary:RefHL01Id628Element NameHierarchical ID NumberReqMTypeANMin/Max1/12UsageMust useOAN1/12Not usedMID1/2Must useDescription: A unique number assigned by thesender to identify a particular data segment in ahierarchical structureNote: The Value for this level (shipment) is 1.HL02734Hierarchical Parent ID NumberDescription: Identification number of the nexthigher hierarchical data segment that the datasegment being described is subordinate toHL03735Hierarchical Level CodeDescription: Code defining the characteristic of alevel in a hierarchical structureCodeSNameShipmentNote:The HL segment is used to identify levels of detail information using a hierarchical structure.HL01 shall contain a unique number for each occurrence of the HL segment within the transaction set. The value assigned to the firstHL segment will be 1, and is incremented by one for each subsequent HL segment within the transaction set.HL02 identifies the hierarchical ID of the HL segment to which it is subordinate (child of). HL02 will be omitted for the first occurrenceof the HL segment in the transaction set, since it has no parent. HL03 identifies the application content of the series of segmentsfollowing the current HL segment up to the next occurrence of an HL segment, or the CTT or SE segment, e.g., Shipment, Unit Load,Order, Tare, Pack and Item.856 - 401010Nordstrom

2/21/2020Ship Notice/Manifest - 856TD1Carrier Details (Quantity andWeight)Pos: 110Max: 20Detail - MandatoryLoop: HLElements: 8User Option (Usage): Must usePurpose: To specify the transportation details relative to commodity, weight, and quantityElement Summary:RefTD101Id103Element NamePackaging CodeReqOTypeANMin/Max3/5UsageMust useDescription: Code identifying the type ofpackaging; Part 1: Packaging Form, Part 2:Packaging Material; if the Data Element is used,then Part 1 is always requiredNote: Code identifying the type of packaging;Part 1: Packaging Form,Part 2: Packaging Material; if the Data Element isused, then Part 1 is always required.Nordstrom is only concerned with Part 1 codes.Any legal code or spacescan be used for Part 2.CodeCTNHRBTD10280NameCartonOn Hanger or Rack in BoxesNote:Code used for GOH. HRB code is used ONLY when goods are shipped as a hangingpackaging type. Use CTN code when goods are shipped on a

Case Pack UPC’s – Please note that if Nordstrom sends your company a case pack UPC (unit of measure of ‘CA’ in PO103), we require the 856 back at the individual component level (an individual UPC for each item). ASN Requirements – Advance Ship Notice Compliance Non-compliance of the ASN guidelines here may result in expense offset fees.