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Annual Report2010–2011Pope John Paul II Catholic High SchoolBoard of TrusteesCo-ChairsRev. Louis GiardinoMs. Nancy ArchuletaBoard MembersMr. Joe CollazoMs. Alice HessionMr. Evans Quinlivan

Pope John Paul II Catholic High SchoolAnnual ReportFiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011Principal’s MessageOur new campus is truly a gift from God and we are grateful to Bishop Baker, BishopFoley and all our clergy for their financial support and guidance. So much has beenaccomplished since our beginning in 1996 through the philanthropy of our clergy, parents,friends, and parents of alumni, alumni and businesses. Your gift is an investment in the futureof catholic education in North Alabama and essential to our ability to deliver a strong programof academic excellence, spiritual growth and athletic experiences. We are very grateful thatyou have supported us. Thank you!We have focused on ambitious goals to open a new facility on our 55-acre campus thatwill take us into the future to serve the needs of our students and our catholic community. Weare fortunate to be in our beautifully designed building by architect, Frank Nola, and we arecommitted to meeting our financial agreement for the completion our new high school. Along the path to raise themoney to build our new school, our capital campaign opened under the theme of Building Futures; transitioned intoTreasure in the Field and is closing under the slogan of our promise— the final 2 Million. Although we are about 2Million from reaching the total cost of 13 Million for our new facility, we have been blessed to have the support ofseveral major donors and many individual donors who contributed to allow us to move forward with the construction ofour new school and we are depending on you now to help us finish the final 2 Million.Future expansion goals include an increase in enrollment in all grade levels , enhancement of our science and artcapabilities, expansion of our faculty, increased financial support for our students and continued investment in ourathletic fields and facilities. We are a work in progress, working to build a better future for all of our children andgrandchildren. We can do it – all we need is you!Please learn more about the multifaceted work being done every day at Pope John Paul II Catholic High Schoolby visiting us online at www.jp2falcons.org.Thank you and God bless you,Vince Aquila, PrincipalContentsAÄÄç ½ G ò Ä .3C Ö ã ½ PÙʹ ãÝ ΙM ¹ÊÙ G ãÝ .8F Ä Ä ½ IÄ ÊÙà ã ÊÄ .9VʽçÄã Ù BÊ Ù Ý ΙCÊÃà ãã Ý .10CÊÄã ã IÄ ÊÙà ã ÊÄ .112

Annual GivingJuly 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 100,000 – 249,999.99Mr. Daniel Archuleta & Mrs. Nancy ArchuletaHoly Spirit Catholic ChurchSt. John the Baptist Catholic Church 50,000 – 99,999.99Good Shepherd Catholic Church 25,000 – 49,999.99AnonymousFalcon Athletic Booster ClubMr. Edward Manlove & Mrs. Judy ManloveMr. Lonnie McMillianMr. Jack Tuder & Mrs. Irma Tuder 5,000 – 24,999.99Mr. Angel (Rey) Almodovar &Mrs. Cynthia AlmodovarIntuitive Research and Technology Corp.AnonymousMr. Raymond J. Astor, Sr.Dr. Gregory Bouska & Mrs. Linore BouskaMr. Lynn L. Boyer & Mrs. Elizabeth L. Boyer Mr. Grantt J. Childress & Ms. Janice HessMr. Francisco J. Collazo &Mrs. Carmen A. CollazoMr. Joe Collazo & Mrs. Kim CollazoCOLSADiocese of Birmingham in AlabamaMr. Paul E. Dixson & Mrs. Frankie DixsonMr. Martin FolgmannAccurate Machine and ToolDr. John J. Greco & Dr. Cara G. GrecoThe Orthopaedic CenterMr. Donald A. Gregory & Mrs. Judith GregoryMr. Chuck Hendrix & Mrs. Theresa HendrixHendrix EnterprisesMs. Margaret HenkenMr. James R. Hudson, Jr.Mr. Robert M. Leslie & Mrs. Nancy LeslieMr. James P. McGrawMr. Michael Morard & Mrs. Elizabeth MorardMr. Bernard S. Morgan &Mrs. Nancy C. MorganOur Lady of the ValleyMr. Steven PavelitzMs. Margaret PenaMr. W. Evans Quinlivan & Mrs. Robin QuinlivanMr. Lawrence A. Richards &Mrs. Geraldine A. RichardsMr. Alfred J. Rossi & Mrs. Kathryn A. RossiMr. Phillip RumoreBruno Rumore FoundationRev. Glen Sayers, S.D.S.Mr. Henry T. Smith & Mrs. Nancy SmithMrs. Linda J. SmithSt. Mary of the Visitation Catholic ChurchBold type denotes Smith Family Foundation 1M Challenge Gift Participant Dr. James J. Straub & Mrs. Kathy StraubMr. Ronald E. Tepool & Mrs. Sarah M. TepoolDr. Peter Vevon & Mrs. Michele VevonGeneral Surgery Associates, P.C.Dr. Francis Wessling & Mrs. Sue J. WesslingMr. James G. Wilson & Mrs. Laura R. Wilson 1,000 – 4,999.99Mr. David C. Abell & Mrs. Susan Y. AbellMr. Robert Acebal & Mrs. Diana AcebalMr. John H. Agnew & Mrs. Dorothy A. AgnewMr. Lyman C. Allen & Mrs. Maureen T. AllenMs. Jametta AlstonDr. Michael D. Anderson &Mrs. Jennifer K. AndersonMr. Gary L. Bagwill & Mrs. Marie H. BagwillMr. Jay C. Bain & Mrs. Virginia BainMr. David Butler & Mrs. Elizabeth ButlerMr. David M. Case & Mrs. Stephanie Case Dr. Jasper V. Castillo & Mrs. Kristine F. CastilloMr. Oreste Castillo & Mrs. Ela CastilloMr. Michael R. Chandler & Mrs. Mary C. ChandlerMr. Frank J. Chapuran & Mrs. Carol A. ChapuranChurch of the Visitation SodalityDr. Sam J. Citrano & Mrs. E. Katherine CitranoMr. Francis J. Coakley & Mrs. Melanie CoakleyMr. Richard R. Covell & Mrs. Carol C. CovellMr. Daniel T. Crane & Mrs. Vevyette CraneMr. Deke Damson & Mrs. Danielle DamsonMr. John H. DebsRev. Robert DeigMr. Robert Dirmeyer & Ms. Mary MayhanMr. Timothy Doherty & Mrs. Maxine Doherty Matching Gift DonorMr. Dominic S. Don & Mrs. Alice DonMrs. Tina M. DorsettMr. Andrew L. Dull & Mrs. Andrea J. DullMr. Craig Eichelkraut & Mrs. Monica EichelkrautMr. Edward W. Ference & Mrs. Sue A. FerenceDr. Dino Ferrante & Mrs. Kathleen FerranteMr. William Fiorentino & Mrs. Judith FiorentinoMr. Robert Gabrys & Mrs. Hildegarde GabrysMr. Charles H. Gailes & Mrs. Susan GailesMrs. Mary GarvinGary C. Wyatt, Inc.Mr. Gary D. GilinoMt. Todd Gilmore & Mrs. Maya GilmoreAGI CorporationMr. Paul H. Glosemeyer &Mrs. Mary Lou GlosemeyerMr. Charles Grelier & Mrs. Lisa GrelierChase Commercial RE Service, Inc.Ms. Lynne GrecoDr. Sean Groark and Mrs. Julie GroarkHeart Center, Inc.Mr. Bruce A. Harmon & Mrs. Janet S. HarmonMr. Philip J. Hays & Mrs. Mary M. HaysMr. Thomas Henken & Mrs. Jennifer HenkenMs. Alice I. HessionMr. Paul M. Hession & Mrs. Anne HessionMr. Joseph T. Hodges & Mrs. Joanne M. HodgesDr. Gregory C. Hoscheit &Mrs. Pamela G. HoscheitMr. John H. Hug & Mrs. Gail M. HugMr. W. Kent Jackson & Mrs. Vicki JacksonMr. George J. Jobczynski &Mrs. Alberta H. JobczynskiMr. Stephen H. Kane & Mrs. Christine D. Kane3

Annual GivingJuly 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 1,000 – 4,999.99 (Continued)Knights of Columbus/Good ShepherdMr. Terry G. Koelbl &Mrs. Mary Elizabeth KoelblMr. Thomas M. Koshut & Mrs. Erin L. KoshutMr. John Krzyminski & Mrs. Suzy KrzyminskiMr. Fred Kummer & Mrs. Lizette KummerMr. Stephen Kusek & Mrs. Diane KusekHITEK ServicesMr. Anthony G. Lashley & Mrs. Betsy LashleyMr. Jeffrey LaueN3, LLCMr. Karl Laue & Mrs. Christy LaueMr. Anthony Lavoie & Mrs. Andrea LavoieMr. Joseph G. Leahy & Mrs. Virginia S. LeahyMrs. Loyola T. LightMs. Terri LightTL ConsultingMr. J. Carlos Lopez & Mrs. Frances A. LopezMr. Patrick McCauleyMr. Timothy A. McDerby & Mrs. Lori T. McDerbyMr. Jay Myers & Mrs. Caroline MyersForeign Language ServicesMr. Frank NolaSKT Architects, PCRev. Philip N. O'KennedyDr. Gregory D. Olsen & Dr. Carrie D. OlsenDr. Charmaine OrtegaMr. Osiris Pedroso & Mrs. Marlene PedrosoMr. Robert H. Pichette & Mrs. Michelle PichetteMr. John Possel & Mrs. Desiree PosselMr. T. Scott PruittEagle Rehab, Inc.Dr. Jeff Prylinski & Mrs. Cindy PrylinskiRedstone Federal Credit UnionDr. James D. Reisz & Mrs. Denise M. ReiszMr. Mark L. Richards & Mrs. Mary B. RichardsMr. Charles S. Roberts & Mrs. Alice RobertsMr. Fidel Rodriguez & Mrs. Minerva RodriguezMr. John Rowe & Mrs. Juliann RoweMr. Glenn J. Sahrmann &Mrs. Lois B. SahrmannMr. Ramon J. Samaniego &Mrs. Mary F. SamaniegoMr. Lawrence J. Schaefer &Mrs. Debra K. SchaeferMr. Virgil Schaffer & Mrs. Gerry SchafferMr. Peter D. Schofield &Mrs. Pamela A. SchofieldMr. William J. Schrenk & Mrs. Mary A. SchrenkMr. E. Paul Semmens &Mrs. Christina T. SemmensMr. Joseph E. Serocki &Mrs. Jacqueline J. SerockiMs. Susan ShalhoopMr. Alva G. Shrontz & Mrs. Myrna L. ShrontzMr. Lawrence Sisterman &Mrs. Laura SistermanMr. Robert Smith & Mrs. Pam Smith4Mr. Howard O. Stephens &Mrs. Kenzie L. StephensMr. Jay Stinson & Mrs. Susan StinsonMr. Timothy Stone & Mrs. Stacy StoneMr. J. Mark Sweeney & Mrs. Jane G. SweeneyMr. Michael Swistek & Mrs. Jodi SwistekMr. Robert Tetzlaff & Mrs. Kathleen TetzlaffDr. Claude ThibaultMr. Jeff S. Thompson &Mrs. Patricia E. ThompsonMr. Bob Tourville & Ms. Cindy HessMr. Paul W. Tygielski & Mrs. Cindy S. TygielskiMr. James C. Vandiver & Mrs. Karen G. VandiverMr. Tacey Viegas & Mrs. Andrea ViegasMr. & Mrs. Jamison K. WagnerMs. Jeanne B. WeaverMr. Richard E. White & Mrs. Sharon C. White Mr. Frank Williams, General ManagerLanders McLartyMr. John Zierdt & Mrs. Regina ZierdtOrbital Sciences CorporationUnder 1,000Mr. John C. Abbott & Ms. Christine L. TippsMr. Martin L. AbeytaMr. David AgnewMs. Leah AmosMr. Bruce C. Anderson &Mrs. Mary Ann AndersonMr. Glendon J. Anderson &Mrs. Noelle A. AndersonAnonymousMr. Vincent Aquila & Mrs. Julia AquilaMr. Robert J. AtkinsonMr. James Y. Baltar & Mrs. Catherine L. BaltarMr. Charles R. Banholzer & Mrs. Sharon BanholzerMr. Carl Barkley & Mrs. Vicki BarkleyMr. Jack E. Batchelor & Mrs. Teresa F. BatchelorMr. Lawrence W. Bayer & Mrs. Rose Mary BayerMrs. Elizabeth Beck Mr. John M. Beck & Mrs. Karin K. BeckMr. Larry Beggs & Mrs. Michelle BeggsMr. John Bellano & Mrs. Patricia A. BellanoPPG IndustriesMr. Scott A. Bemish & Mrs. Holly A. BemishMr. Thomas Berg & Mrs. Jacquelyn BergMr. T.C. BillMr. Brent Bofenkamp & Mrs. Dorothea BofenkampMr. William N. Boggess & Mrs. Geneva W. BoggessMrs. Bernadette BoltonDr. John G. Boulet & Mrs. Joni K. BouletMr. Lynn L. Boyer & Mrs. Katherine E. BoyerMr. Christian G. Boyer & Mrs. Mary P. BoyerMr. Charles H. Brasher & Mrs. Audrey A. BrasherMr. Pete Brasseale & Mrs. Anne G. BrassealeMr. Tommy BrazieMr. Christian BrownMr. Daniel R. Brown & Mrs. Valerie S. BrownMr. Craig E. Brown & Mrs. M. Elizabeth BrownDr. Michael D. Brown & Mrs. Geralyn BrownMr. Al Bryan & Mrs. Jean BryanMr. Robert J. Bukovac & Mrs. Sandra L. BukovacMr. Peter Buksa & Mrs. Irena BuksaMr. David Burge & Mrs. Julie BurgeMr. Patrick Burris & Mrs. Kathy BurrisMr. Robert W. Burruss & Mrs. Maureen J. BurrussMrs. Atha CahalanMs. Mary Ann CaissieMr. Salvador J. Caldaron & Mrs. Martha A. CaldaronMr. John Calvarese & Mrs. Jeannie CalvareseMr. Frank T. Campos & Mrs. Margaret T. CamposMr. Harold R. Carey & Mrs. Ann M. CareyBold type denotes Smith Family Foundation 1M Challenge Gift Participant Matching Gift Donor

Annual GivingJuly 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011Under 1,000 (Continued)Ms. Jolie M. CarterMr. Salvadore V. Caruso & Mrs. Patsy A. CarusoMr. Harry Chaffee & Dr. Mary Toland-ChaffeeMr. David Chamberlain &Mrs. Donna C. ChamberlainMr. Michael O. Chandler &Mrs. Stephanie S. ChandlerCharles Ray Graham D.M.D, M.S. PCMr. Michael Chivers & Mrs. Theresa ChiversMr. Mark Christl & Mrs. Ligia ChristlMr. Francis J. Coakley &Mrs. Catherine C. CoakleyMs. Barbie ColeMr. James E. Collier & Mrs. Loretta A. CollierMr. John A. Collins & Mrs. Mary W. CollinsMr. Robert K. Colton & Mrs. Kathleen B. ColtonMr. Bill ComptonMs. Anna ConfortiMs. Francesca T. ConnersMr. Vince Cornett & Mrs. Jennifer CornettMr. Robert Cox & Mrs. Zoraida CoxMr. D. Tod Craig & Mrs. Debbie A. CraigMr. T. Brett Crain & Mrs. Angela R. CrainMr. Kevin Crawford & Mrs. Janet T. CrawfordMrs. Luz Neida CreechCrimson Electric Co., Inc.Mr. Raymond J. Cronise & Mrs. Kathy CroniseMr. Rowe S. Crowder & Mrs. Sylvia CrowderMr. John J. Czerwinski &Mrs. Regina C. CzerwinskiMr. David J. Daly & Mrs. Phanita DalyMr. Jerry Damson & Mrs. Butch Damson3D AdvertisingMr. Gerald Davie & Mrs. Renee DavieMr. Thomas J. De Matteis &Mrs. Chiaki S. De MatteisMr. Paul M. Dean & Mrs. Sydney G. DeanMr. Edward L. Deaton & Mrs. Janie M. DeatonMr. Vincent Delany & Mrs. Maria del Pilar DelanyMr. Jack Dickinson & Mrs. Daisy DickinsonMr. James Dingle & Mrs. Gwendolyn DingleMr. Donal Doherty & Mrs. Tina DohertyMr. Gregory Dolzonek & Mrs. Karen DolzonekJohnson Pools & SpasMr. Ralph H. Donovan & Mrs. Martha A. DonovanMrs. Rosalie A. DonovanMr. Julio C. Driggs & Mrs. Michelle M. DriggsMr. Adam K. Martin & Ms. Julie M. DrzewieckiMrs. Elizabeth B. DugalMs. Nancy E. DunnMr. Mike Durant & Mrs. Lisa DurantMr. James Durham & Mrs. Marita DurhamMr. Robert L. Eison & Mrs. Barbara W. EisonMr. William English & Mrs. Jennifer EnglishMr. Jimmy W. Ennis & Mrs. Janet V. EnnisMr. Michael P. Enright & Mrs. Lisa K. EnrightMr. & Mrs. William ErvinBold type denotes Smith Family Foundation 1M Challenge Gift Participant Mr. Harold Eskew & Mrs. Margaret EskewMr. Daniel Estremera & Mrs. Micheal EstremeraMr. Michael L. FeesFees & Burgess, P.C.Mr. Jaime B. Fernandez & Mrs. Ivonne FernandezMr. Seth J. FerraraMr. Jeff Finckenor & Mrs. Miria FinckenorMr. Brian J. Finzel & Mrs. Tara J. FinzelDr. Peter A. Finzel & Mrs. Virginia H. FinzelMr. David J. Fledderman &Mrs. Sunny FleddermanMr. William Folk & Mrs. Jane FolkMs. Kathleen FrenchMr. Charles T. Frew & Mrs. Kathleen L. FrewMr. Paul Y. Fritts & Mrs. Sharon A. FrittsMr. Charles M. FuchtmanMr. Robert Fuerst & Mrs. Pamela FuerstMs. Kerry M. FunstonMr. Bill Gallagher & Mrs. Delene GallagherMr. Manuel Gallardo & Mrs. Carolyn GallardoMr. & Mrs. Juan C. GarciaMr. John L. Garrison & Mrs. Gloria GarrisonMr. William Gass & Mrs. Annette GassMr. Richard Gautreaux &Mrs. Jennifer GautreauxMr. Gregory G. Gaylord & Mrs. Barbara GaylordMr. Michael J. Gerlach & Mrs. Connie GerlachMr. Leonard Gonsewski &Mrs. Constance GonsewskiMrs. Gladys M. GonzalezDr. Jerry M. Graham & Mrs. Charlene GrahamIndustrial Properties of the SouthMr. Jess F. GranoneGranone Consulting, LLCMr. Bob Graves & Mrs. Mary GravesMr. Christopher M. Green Matching Gift DonorMr. Maurice Greer & Mrs. Kathleen GreerMr. Robert C. Grondin & Mrs. Gina L. Grondin Mr. Darren Guilbert & Mrs. Kathleen GuilbertMs. Ann E. GundermanMr. George Gunter & Ms. Margaret Del VillanMr. Robert J. Guzowski &Mrs. Linda A. GuzowskiMr. Eugene L. Haas & Mrs. Dorothy M. HaasMr. Sami D. Habchi & Mrs. Nawal G. HabchiMr. Robert Hackenfort & Mrs. Mary HackenfortMr. Thomas W. Hancock & Mrs. Jane S. HancockMr. Derry Harrison & Mrs. Diana HarrisonMr. Stephen Hartley & Mrs. Theresa HartleyMs. Diane HazlittMr. William V. Hecker & Mrs. Terry HeckerRev. James HeddermanMrs. Katherine B. HelmbrechtMr. Steven B. Helmbrecht &Mrs. Katherine HelmbrechtMr. Victor Hervias & Mrs. Carol HerviasMr. Paul M. Hession & Mrs. Anne HessionMr. Mark Hillgartner & Mrs. Chrisine HillgartnerMr. Layne R. Hilpert & Mrs. Vickie HilpertMr. Robert V. Hirschbuehler &Mrs. Linda L. HirschbuehlerMs. Leta HixMr. Kirk W. Hoffman & Mrs. Janice M. HoffmanMs. Marjorie HongsdusitMr. Bryan Hornsby & Mrs. Gena HornsbyMr. Guenther HuberMr. Jess Hudgins & Mrs. Sherri K. HudginsMr. Kenneth O. Huebschman &Mrs. Edith E. HuebschmanMr. John P. Jaap & Mrs. Evelyn M. JaapMr. Richard K. Jackson & Mrs. Metta S. Jackson5

Annual GivingJuly 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011Under 1,000 (Continued)Mr. Michael J. Janssen &Mrs. Melody F. JanssenMr. Frank Jean & Mrs. Cynthia JeanMr. Randall Jenkins & Mrs. Judith JenkinsRev. Bryan JerabekMr. Andrew Johnson & Mrs. Jacqueline JohnsonMr. William L. Johnson & Mrs. Christine A. JohnsonMr. Roy Johnson & Mrs. Edith JohnsonMrs. Margaret B. JohnstonMr. Edward Jourden & Mrs. Lisa JourdenMr. Richard Jozefiak & Mrs. Karen JozefiakJPII Parent AssociationJPII Student CouncilMr. Robert Kapustka & Mrs. Karol KapustkaMr. James H. KeeblerMr. John M. Keenan & Mrs. A. Lorraine KeenanMr. Thomas L. Keeney & Mrs. Christine H. KeeneyMr. John F. Kelley & Mrs. Kristine M. Kelley Ms. Jean H. KennedyMr. James KerceMr. Stephen Kirsch & Mrs. Alice KirschMr. Robert D. Kloote & Mrs. Angela D. KlooteMr. Jeffrey Klop & Mrs. Emylinda KlopMr. David Kloske & Mrs. Michelle KloskeMs. Tammy S. KluesnerMr. William J. Klus & Mrs. Claudia H. KlusKnights of Columbus/Annunciation of the Lord Catholic ChurchMr. Kenneth J. Knowles & Mrs. Rita J. KnowlesMr. William Koons & Mrs. Angela KoonsMs. Mary L. KrzyminskiMr. William J. Krzyminski & Mrs. Mary KrzyminskiMr. Louis J. Kubik & Mrs. Loretta A. KubikMs. Patricia Kuhn6Ms. Catherine A. KulasMr. Michael F. Lamy & Mrs. Helen B. LamyDr. Hector Laurel & Mrs. Camilla LaurelMs. Lisa C. LaurendineMr. Christopher Lauzon & Mrs. Nicole LauzonMs. Fran LawlorMs. Allissa S. LeachMrs. Nellie LeBasMr. Richard Lennartz & Mrs. Catherine LennartzMr. Thomas S. Lennartz & Mrs. Aurora M. LennartzMr. Nicholas Leone & Mrs. Margaret LeoneMr. Ronald A. Lewis & Mrs. Sherry LewisMr. Arnel C. Libarios &Mrs. Maria Teresa H. LibariosMr. and Mrs. Frank LibuttiMr. Philip A. Lindeman &Mrs. Lorna M. LindemanMr. Larry Littleton & Mrs. Rebecca J. LittletonMr. Naveen Lobo & Mrs. Laveena LoboDr. Jay M. Loomis & Mrs. Veronica Z. LoomisMr. R. Brent Loper & Mrs. Pam LoperMr. William E. Lorson & Mrs. Joann LorsonMr. Michael LouqueMs. A. Teresa LuxMs. Ann S. LynchMr. Ronald J. Mach & Mrs. Sharon K. MachMr. & Mrs. Fred Maksimowski, Jr.Mr. James Malaugh & Mrs. Jacinta MalaughMr. Don Mandeville & Mrs. Barbara MandevilleMr. Matt Mandeville & Mrs. Sharon Y. MandevilleMr. Donald D. Marsh & Mrs. Patricia J. MarshMr. Michael E. Marshall & Mrs. Leslie T. MarshallMr. Michael Martin & Mrs. Helen MartinMr. David K. MatternMr. Duane Mayer & Mrs. Bernadette MayerMr. Gregory L. McCann & Mrs. Tae McCannMr. Robert K. McCoy & Mrs. Kathleen L. McCoyMr. Larry McDaniel & Mrs. Cynthia McDanielMr. Richard J. McDonald & Mrs. Laura McDonaldMr. David M. McKinley & Mrs. Anne McKinleyMr. Timothy McLaughlin & Mrs. Karen McLaughlinMr. Paul McManuels & Mrs. Constance McManuelsMr. Freddy McMurry & Mrs. Nancy McMurryMs. Kathleen MeikusMr. John J. Mellgren & Mrs. Kathleen H. MellgrenMichael Brown, D.M.D., P.C.Mr. Kevin Michaels & Mrs. Nora MichaelsMs. Janet MiglioreMr. W. Bryan Miller & Mrs. Cheryl A. MillerMs. Helen M. MitchellMr. Kenneth T. Mitchell & Mrs. Lisa R. MitchellMr. Frank W. Mokry & Mrs. Betty P. MokryMr. Kevin C. MooreMr. William Mordan & Mrs. Mary S. MordanMr. Paul R. Morin & Mrs. Patsy E. MorinMorley Real Estate Group IncMr. W. Austin Mulherin & Mrs. Nan MulherinMr. Joseph F. Murph & Mrs. Brenda D. MurphMr. Frank B. NashMr. Kevin Nash & Mrs. Lou Ann NashMr. and Mrs. Hector NewMr. Lynn Niemann & Mrs. Linda NiemannMr. Pablo Nieves & Mrs. Rita NievesMr. Kenichi Nishikawa &Mrs. Rosa M. Sanchez- NishikawaMr. Kevin O'Connell & Mrs. Martha O'ConnellMs. Suzanne M. O'ConnorMr. Greg Ogle & Mrs. Mary Louise B. OgleMs. Cynthia O'GormanMr. Michael O'Halloran &Mrs. Cathryn A. O'HalloranMs. Sarah B. OmenskiMr. Charles W. Orchard &Mrs. Carrie A. OrchardMr. George T. O'Reilly & Mrs. Barbara O'ReillyMr. Douglas Ormsbee & Mrs. Nell L. OrmsbeeMr. Paul E. Owens & Mrs. Karen K. OwensMs. Donna PapeMr. Paul Pardi & Mrs. Gail PardiMr. Ricky Parker & Mrs. Susan M. ParkerMr. Geoffrey N. Pendleton &Mrs. Rhonda E. PendletonMr. John R. Phillip & Mrs. Sue PhillipMr. Gary A. Piccinich & Mrs. Sonia L. PiccinichDr. James Pignataro & Mrs. Grace PignataroMr. Joseph C. Pignataro &Mrs. Victoria J. PignataroMr. Joseph Pittman & Mrs. Gay PittmanMr. David C. Pool & Mrs. Jean A. PoolMr. William Pope & Dr. Lois PopeMr. James F. Porges & Mrs. Debra PorgesMr. William Pottratz & Mrs. Kathryn PottratzMr. Steven W. Potts & Mrs. Mary Kauffeld-PottsMr. Jason Poyer & Mrs. Susan PoyerMr. Maurice D. Preston & Mrs. Joan D. PrestonBold type denotes Smith Family Foundation 1M Challenge Gift Participant Matching Gift Donor

Annual GivingJuly 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011Under 1,000 (Continued)Mr. Craig J. Priebe & Mrs. Maria V. PriebeMr. Michael J. PropstDeacon Ronald H. Puent & Mrs. Mary F. PuentMr. Donald E. Ramsey & Mrs. Pauline RamseyMr. Douglas N. Reeves & Mrs. Lourdes ReevesMr. Ernest R. Rivard & Mrs. Ann M. RivardMs. Gail RogalskiRev. Roy RunkleMr. Robert

Mr. Robert J. Bukovac & Mrs. Sandra L. Bukovac Mr. Peter Buksa & Mrs. Irena Buksa Mr. David Burge & Mrs. Julie Burge Mr. Patrick Burris & Mrs. Kathy Burris Mr. Robert W. Burruss & Mrs. Maureen J. Burruss Mrs. Atha Cahalan Ms. Mary Ann Caissie Mr. Salvador J. Caldaron & Mrs. Martha A. Caldaron Mr. John Calvarese & Mrs. Jeannie Calvarese

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Miller Place, NY 11764 Email: BOE@millerplace.k12.ny.us Schedule of Business Meetings for 2010-2011 School Year September 22, 2010 October 27, 2010 November 17, 2010 December 22, 2010 January 26, 2011 February 16, 2011 March 30, 2011 April 27, 2011 May 18, 2011 June 22, 2011 July 5, 2011 *OTHER MEETINGS WILL BE SCHEDULED AND POSTED AS NEEDED .

8 2007 – 2010 Camry (Sport Pedal) 07/02/2010 7/16/2010 9 2005 – 2010 Tacoma, 2009 – 2010 Venza 07/16/2010 Late July 2010 10 2003 – 2009 4Runner 02/24/2011 Early April, 2011 11 2006 – 2010 Rav4 Early April 2011 Mid-April 2011

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Rev. Proc. 2011-47,2011-42 IRB 520 - IRC Sec(s). 274, 09/30/2011 Revenue Procedures Rev. Proc. 2011-47, 2011-42 IRB 520, 09/30/2011, IRC Sec(s). 274 High-low per diem method for lodging meal and incidental expenses. Headnote: IRS hasupdated earlier guidance thatallows amount ofordinary and necessary business expenses of

8 University of Wisconsin, USA (BT) 1 2010 9 University of Texas, Arlington, USA (BT) 1 2010 10 I.I.T. (ChE) 8 2010 11 N.I.T. (ChE) 1 2010 12 Jadavpur University, Kolkata (ChE) 1 2010 13 University of Calcutta (ChE) 2 2010 14 University of Calabria, Italy (ChE) 1 2010 15 University of Uim, Germany (ChE) 1 2010 16 LeHigh University, USA (ChE) 1 2010

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