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Rigging HardwareShacklesRIGGING HARDWAREASME B30.26Addresses detachable lifting hardware for lifting purposes Shackles Adjustable Hardware (Turnbuckles, Eye nuts, Swivel Hoist Ringsand Eyebolts Compression Hardware (Wire Rope Clips and Wedge Sockets) Rings, Links and Swivels Rigging BlocksCMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20101

Rigging HardwareShacklesScrew pin anchor styleScrew Pin Anchor/Chain Shackles allow quickand easy removal of the screw pin and can beuseful in applications where the shackle isfrequently removed, but not so much inapplications where the pin is subject to torqueor twisting or cyclically loaded.How tight does the pin need to be?The pin must be tightened hand tight or until pinhead is fully seated against the body of the shackle.It may be necessary to tighten an additional 1/8 turnto ensure proper engagement. Do not back thepin off the body of the shackle.Screw pin shackles continued MOUSE TAIL SHACKLE IF IT REMAINS INPLACE FOR ANY EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.THIS WILL PREVENT PIN FROM BACKING OUTBolt & Nut Cotter Anchor styleProvide the most secure pin arrangement andwill resist axial loading and torsional loading, butshould only be used in applications whereshackle is infrequently or never removed.Round pin chain Anchor styleAllow easy removal of pin by removing cotter pin andperform well where pin is subject to torque or twisting,but not so much in applications where pin is subject toan axial load. Do not use for Rigging!!CMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20102

Rigging HardwareShacklesSHACKLESOne of the safest and easiest ways to attachto a load. They provide a positive attachmentfor slings, hoists or cranes to connect to load.BOLT NUT COTTERTYPE SHACKLEDO NOT SIDE LOAD ROUND PIN SHACKLESANGLE OF SIDE LOAD00 VERTICAL OR IN LINE 100% WLL450 70% WLL900 50% WLLVERTICAL(IN LINE)LOAD900 LOAD450 LOADSYMMETRICAL LOADINGShackles symmetrically loaded with twolegs at maximum angle of 1200 can beused to full working load limit.CAUTION: Round pin anchor shacklesand round pin chain shackles that onlyuse cotter pins for retainers must not beused for overhead lifting. The retainersare not designed to withstand the loadapplied on them in a rigging application.CMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20101200MAXIMUMDO NOT EXCEED 1200INCLUDED ANGLEWHEN USINGMULTIPLE SLING LEGS3

Rigging HardwareShacklesThe bow diameter is how ashackle is specified and marked.The WLL of shackles diameters to notmatch up with working load limits ofchain diameters. You need to look atthe WLL of the shackle if you arematching them up with an equal WLLchain size.SAME DIAMETER SHACKLES CAN HAVEDIFFERENT RATINGSCMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20104

Rigging HardwareShacklesREQUIRED SHACKLE MARKINGSShackle Body Markings: ASME B30.26 name or trademark of manufacturer rated load size (diameter of body)Below are markings you will find on a 1” dia. Shackle:CarbonSuper CarbonAlloyMMIDLAND FORGE TRADEMARKALWAYS USE MARKING ON SHACKLE BODY TO IDENTIFY W.L.L. DO NOT USE DIAMETER TO DETERMINE W.L.L. SHACKLES CAN BE MADE FROM CARBON SUPER CARBON ALLOYALL HAVE DIFFERENT W.L.L. LIMITSCMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20105

Rigging HardwareShacklesREQUIRED SHACKLE MARKINGSSHACKLE PIN IDENTIFICATION: ASME B30.26 name or trademark of manufacturer grade, material type or load ratingEND OF SCREW PINEND OF ROUND PINEND OF HEX HEADNOTE:ALL CM SHACKLES, REGARDLESSOF TYPE, HAVE HIGH STRENGTHPINS. (Alloy quenched and tempered)MANUFACTURETRACE CODE“HS” High StrengthThe pin or bolt of the shackle is what is embossed with “HS”The body is not marked “HSThis meets the requirements of Federal Specification RRC-271DCMCO:Rigging TrainingCopyright 20106

Rigging HardwareShacklesASME B30.26DISCARD SHACKLES IF: Any parts worn more than 10% of originaldimensionsBent, twisted, distorted, stretched, elongated,cracked, or broken load bearing components.Excessive pitting or corrosion, nicks or gougesIndication of heat damageMissing or illegible manufacture’s name ortrademark or rated load identificationBody spreadMakeshift or sub standard pins not supplied byoriginal manufacturer.Any field modification is evident.WEAR AREAPINDISTORTIONAND WEARPIN FULLYSEATEDCMCO:Rigging TrainingSPREADCopyright 20107

ASME B30.26 Addresses detachable lifting hardware for lifting purposes Shackles Adjustable Hardware (Turnbuckles, Eye nuts, Swivel Hoist Rings and Eyebolts Compression Hardware (Wire Rope Clips and Wedge Sockets) Rings, Links and Swivels Rigging Blocks Rigging Hardware Shackles

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Numerous portions of the ASME B30 standard apply to rigging equipment Each of the B30 sections listed below contain requirements on the selection, use, maintenance, and inspection — B30.1 Jacks — B30.9 Slings — B30.10 Hooks — B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices — B30.26 Rigging Hardw

2 8007270665 induscoireropecom Some of the most commonly referenced safety standards for lifting and rigging equipment are: OSHA 1910.184 - Slings ASME B30.9 Slings ASME B30.26 - Rigging Hardware ASME B30.10 - Hooks ASME B30.20 - Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices While the information in these safety standards is invaluable—especially when it comes

ASME B30.20 - Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices OSHA 1910.184 - Slings OSHA 1926.251 - Rigging Equipment for Material Handling OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC - Cranes and Derricks in Construction Portions reprinted from ASME B30.5, B30.10, ASME B30.20 and ASME B30.23 by permission of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME B30.9 Slings, Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ASME B30.26 Rigging Hardware, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) RPP-SPEC-6


ASME B30.5-1.6.1(e) Remote Control Emergency Stop ASME B30.5-1.6.1(a) Controls Identified OSHA 1910.180(d)(3)(ii) ASME B30.5-2.1.2(a)&(b) Adjustment and Excessive Wear ASME B30.5-1.6.3(a) Remote Start Options ASME B30.5-1.6.3(b) Throt

ASME B30 Standards What’s “bubbling under”? October 29, 2020 Stephanie Wood, Director of Product Safety, Terex Corporation. Publication Status 3 Year Publication Cycle . B30.26 (2015) – Rigging Hardware B30.29 (2018) – Self-Erecting Tower Crane B30.30 (2019) - Ropes.

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