Preparing For Smarter Balanced Math Assessments

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Smarter Balanced AssessmentPreparing for Smarter BalancedMath AssessmentsBryan TollerMathematics Assessment SpecialistOregon Department of Education


STUDENT PERSPECTIVES“Typing was hard but I thought it [test] was more different and cool.Writing is good because I can write down my thoughts. I have goodexplanations that I want someone to hear.” –Jacklyn, 5th Grade“Practice typing because there’s a lot of typing, and practiceessays how to do them how to write them.” –Van, 4th Grade“Practice typing.” –Darbi, 5th Grade“ Good to teach us [students] how to go more in-depth with essay,paragraph, and sentence structure.” –Ella, 6th Grade“Tell them they need to prepare for not just clicking an answer butwording it [responses] in a way that makes sense work on typingand work on how to answer in words.” –Sicily, 6th Grade

MOVING FORWARD2013-142014-15 and beyondOAKS Reading and WritingSmarter Balanced ELAOAKS MathSmarter Balanced MathOAKS Science and Social Sciences OAKS Science and Social SciencesExtended AssessmentExtended AssessmentELPAELPAKindergarten AssessmentKindergarten AssessmentNew Portal Address for OAKS:

TESTING WINDOWSSmarter Balanced MathMarch 3rd to June 12th**Smarter Balanced ELAMarch 3rd to June 12th**Science and Social SciencesJanuary 6th to June 12th12th Grade Retest Math andReadingJanuary 6th to June 12th12th Grade Retest WritingJanuary 6th to March 13thELPAJanuary 6th to April 15thKindergarten AssessmentAugust 11th to October 23rd**Testing may begin after students receive 66% of instruction Grades 3-8, and80% of instruction High School

“ the best preparation for the CCSSassessments, with their commitment toassessing all the standards, including theStandards for Mathematical Practice, ishigh-quality instruction ”NCTM President Diane J. Briars



PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTTASKSVideo: How to Learn Math: Teaching for aGrowth Mindset

SIX ITEM TYPES1. ResponseConstructed ResponseExtended ResponseTechnology EnabledTechnology EnhancedPerformance Tasks








TH4GRADE PERFORMANCE TASKThe family has 100 to spend at the zoo


SCORING QUESTION 1Full credit response (1 point) includes192 in3No credit response (0 points) includes none ofthe features of a full credit response

SCORING QUESTION 2Full credit response (1 point) includesNo credit response (0 points) includes none ofthe features of a full credit response

SCORING QUESTION 3Full credit response (2 point) includes272 in2Partial credit response (1 point) includes all ofthe following common mistakes 136, 176, 248,256, 80, 224, 240 or square inches consistentwith an error in question 2No credit response (0 points) includes none ofthe features of a full or partial response

SCORING QUESTION 4Full credit response (2 point) includesComparing the proposed volume to therequirements -andComparing the proposed surface area to therequirements -andJudging the proposed dimensions to beinappropriatePartial credit response (1 point) includesValid comparisons but no judgment callNo credit response (0 points) includes none ofthe features of a full credit response

SCORING QUESTION 5Full credit response (3 points) includesGiving the dimensions for the cereal boxdesign -andExplaining how the design meets the volumerequirement -andExplaining how the design meets the surfacearea requirementPartial credit response (2 points) includes two ofthe full credit featuresPartial credit response (1 point) includes one ofthe full credit featuresNo credit response (0 points) includes none ofthe full credit features


SCORING PERFORMANCE TASKSPractice Test Grade 6 Performance Task Question 4Question 4.The company proposes a new cereal box with dimensions10.5 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. Thenew cereal box is a rectangular prism. Determine if thisnew box meets each of the requirements*. Explain whyor why not.*requirements (from question 1) The volume must begreater than or equal to 192 in2 and the surface area must beless than 272 in2

6TH GRADE QUESTION 4Full credit response (2 points) includesComparing the proposed volume to the requirements-andComparing the proposed surface area to therequirements-andJudging the proposed dimensions to be inappropriatePartial credit response (1 point) includesValid comparisons but no judgment call (vise versa)No credit response (0 points) includesNone of the features of the full or partial response

6TH GRADE QUESTION 4Full credit response (2 points) example:V 315 cubic inches and 315 192. S 301.5 square inchesand 301.5 272. The box should not be used because thesurface area is too large.Partial credit response (1 point) examples:V 315 cubic inches and 315 192. S 301.5 square inchesand 301.5 272.-orThe box should not be used because the surface area is toolargeNo credit response (0 points) example:The box can be used because it meets the requirements.

QUESTION 4 STUDENTRESPONSES10.5 7.5 4 315 in32(10.5 7.5 10.5 4 7.5 4) 301.5No it doesn’t meet the requirements thevolume is greater 315 in3 192 in3, but thesurface area is larger 301.5 in2 272 in2 usingmore cardboard.2 points

QUESTION 4 STUDENTRESPONSESVolume of a new box is 315 in3 and 315 192.Surface area of new box is 301.5 in2 and272 301.5. The box does not follow the newrequirements, because the surface area is toobig.1 point

QUESTION 4 STUDENTRESPONSESVolume 315 in2S.A 301.5 inSurface area is too big! Takes too muchcardboard1 point


QUESTION 4 STUDENTRESPONSES10.5 x 7.5 x 4 315 volume10.5 x 4 x 2 807.5 x 4 x 2 6010.5 x 7.5 x 2 157.5297.5 surface areaIt doesn’t work because the new cereal boxuses more cardboard 297.5 (new sa) 272(old sa)1 point

QUESTION 4 STUDENTRESPONSESV 315in3SA 301.5in2This does not work. The volume is bigger,but it uses more cardboard.2 points

MAKE WRITING A PART OFTHE LEARNINGVideo: Steve McKinney: Keeping It eqw8vuyz




CRITERIACriteria1. Clear PurposeWhy am I assessing?2. Clear Learning Target(s)What am I assessing?3. Quality AssessmentHow can I assess it well?4. Proper TestAdministrationHow will I ensure testconditions do notinterfere with a student’sability to perform well ona test?How will I share resultsfor maximum impact?5. Effective Communicationof ntGuidance

RESOURCESStudy: Boaler, J., & Foster, D. (2014). Raising Expectations andAchievement. The Impact of Wide Scale Mathematics ReformGiving All Students Access to High Quality Mathematics.http://www.youcubed.orgTasks: SBAC Grade 4 and 6 Math Performance sources/Mathematics Assessment Project: Baseball p?taskid 362&subpage apprenticeVideos: Steve McKinney: Keeping It Real Americaachieves.org to Learn Math: Teaching for a Growth Mindset


Preparing for Smarter Balanced Math Assessments . Bryan Toller . Mathematics Assessment Specialist . Oregon Department of Education . Smarter Balanced Assessment . . Practice Test Grade 6 Performance Task Question 4 *requirements (from question 1) The

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