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PublicCommon CriteriaInformation TechnologySecurity EvaluationSSP01 of S5E9830 with Specific ICDedicated SoftwareClass: ASEVersion 1.403rd November 2020ST(Security Target) Lite 2013Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Important NoticeSamsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (“Samsung”) reserves the rightto make changes to the information in this publication at anytime without prior notice. All information provided is forreference purpose only. Samsung assumes no responsibilityfor possible errors or omissions, or for any consequencesresulting from the use of the information contained herein.This publication on its own does not convey any license,either express or implied, relating to any Samsung and/orthird-party products, under the intellectual property rightsof Samsung and/or any third parties.Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or guaranteeregarding the suitability of its products for any particularpurpose, nor does Samsung assume any liability arising outof the application or use of any product or circuit andspecifically disclaims any and all liability, including withoutlimitation any consequential or incidental damages.Customers are responsible for their own products andapplications. "Typical" parameters can and do vary indifferent applications. All operating parameters, including"Typicals" must be validated for each customer applicationby the customer's technical experts.Samsung products are not designed, intended, or authorizedfor use in applications intended to support or sustain life, orfor any other application in which the failure of theSamsung product could reasonably be expected to create asituation where personal injury or death may occur.Customers acknowledge and agree that they are solelyresponsible to meet all other legal and regulatoryrequirements regarding their applications using Samsungproducts notwithstanding any information provided in thisCopyright 2018 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.San #24 Nongseo-Dong, Giheung-GuYongin-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 446-711Contact Us: Page: http://www.samsungsemi.compublication. Customer shall indemnify and hold Samsungand its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, anddistributors harmless against all claims, costs, damages,expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, eitherdirectly or indirectly, any claim (including but not limited topersonal injury or death) that may be associated with suchunintended, unauthorized and/or illegal use.WARNINGNo part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted inany form or by any means, electric or mechanical, byphotocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the priorwritten consent of Samsung. This publication is intended foruse by designated recipients only. This publication containsconfidential information (including trade secrets) ofSamsung protected by Competition Law, Trade SecretsProtection Act and other related laws, and therefore may notbe, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly publicized,distributed, photocopied or used (including in a posting onthe Internet where unspecified access is possible) by anyunauthorized third party. Samsung reserves its right to takeany and all measures both in equity and law available to itand claim full damages against any party nfidential information.警 告 求。

Chip Handling GuidePrecaution against Electrostatic DischargeWhen using semiconductor devices, ensure that the environment is protected against static electricity:1. Wear antistatic clothes and use earth band.2. All objects that are in direct contact with devices must be made up of materials that do not produce staticelectricity.3. Ensure that the equipment and work table are earthed.4. Use ionizer to remove electron charge.ContaminationDo not use semiconductor products in an environment exposed to dust or dirt adhesion.Temperature/HumiditySemiconductor devices are sensitive to: Environment Temperature HumidityHigh temperature or humidity deteriorates the characteristics of semiconductor devices. Therefore, do not store oruse semiconductor devices in such conditions.Mechanical ShockDo not to apply excessive mechanical shock or force on semiconductor devices.ChemicalDo not expose semiconductor devices to chemicals because exposure to chemicals leads to reactions thatdeteriorate the characteristics of the devices.Light ProtectionIn non- Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) package, do not expose semiconductor IC to bright light. Exposure tobright light causes malfunctioning of the devices. However, a few special products that utilize light or withsecurity functions are exempted from this guide.Radioactive, Cosmic and X-rayRadioactive substances, cosmic ray, or X-ray may influence semiconductor devices. These substances or rays maycause a soft error during a device operation. Therefore, ensure to shield the semiconductor devices underenvironment that may be exposed to radioactive substances, cosmic ray, or X-ray.EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility)Strong electromagnetic wave or magnetic field may affect the characteristic of semiconductor devices during theoperation under insufficient PCB circuit design for Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS).

Revision HistoryRevision No.1.030th MarchDate2020DescriptionCreation for initial version1.115th April2020- Table 1 is updated.1.231st July 2020- The chapter 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.6, 6.1.10 and 7.1 are updated.1.310th September 2020The chapter 1, 6 and 7 are updated1.403rd November 2020- The chapter 6.1.3 is updated.- Table 1 is updated.Edited:Written byTitleSungGeun ParkStaff EngineerJungHyun KimPrincipal EngineerYongJe LeePrincipal Engineer

Table of Contents1 ST INTRODUCTION . 131.1 Security Target and TOE Reference .141.2 TOE Overview and TOE Description .141.2.1 Introduction .141.2.2 TOE Definition.141.2.3 TOE Features .181.2.4 TOE Life cycle .201.3 Interfaces of the TOE .221.4 TOE Intended Usage .222 CONFORMANCE CLAIMS. 232.1 CC Conformance Claim .242.2 PP Claim .242.3 Package Claim .242.4 Conformance Claim Rationale .243 SECURITY PROBLEM DEFINITION . 263.1 Description of Assets .273.2 Threats .283.2.1 Standard Threats .313.2.2 Threats related to security services .333.2.3 Threats related to additional TOE Specific Functionality .343.2.4 Threats related to Authentication of the Security IC .343.3 Organizational Security Policies .343.4 Assumptions .364 SECURITY OBJECTIVES . 384.1 Security Objectives for the TOE .394.1.1 Standard Security Objectives .404.1.2 Security Objectives related to Specific Functionality (referring to SG4) .424.1.3 Security Objectives for Added Function .434.2 Security Objectives for the Security IC Embedded Software .434.2.1 Clarification of “Treatment of User Data of the Composite TOE(OE.Resp-Appl)” .444.3 Security Objectives for the Operational Environment .444.3.1 Clarification of “Protection during Composite Product Manufacturing (OE.Process-Sec-IC)” .454.4 Security Objectives Rationale .455 EXTENDED COMPONENTS DEFINITION . 495.1 Definition of the Family FCS RNG .505.2 Definition of the Family FMT LIM .505.3 Definition of the Family FAU SAS .535.4 Definition of the Family FDP SDC .54

5.5 Definition of the Family FIA API .555.6 Definition of the Family FDP SDR .566 IT SECURITY REQUIREMENTS . 576.1 Security Functional Requirements for the TOE .586.1.1 Malfunctions .586.1.2 Abuse of Functionality .596.1.3 Physical Manipulation and Probing .606.1.4 Leakage .616.1.5 Random Numbers (DTRNG) .626.1.6 Memory Access Control .636.1.7 Cryptographic Support.656.1.8 Triple-DES Operation .656.1.9 AES Operation .666.1.10 Bootloader .666.1.11 Authentication Proof of Identity.686.1.12 Protected External Content .696.1.13 Summary of Security Functional Requirements .696.2 TOE Assurance Requirements .706.3 Security Requirements Rationale .716.3.1 Rationale for the Security Functional Requirements .716.3.2 Dependencies of Security Functional Requirements .776.3.3 Rationale for the Assurance Requirements .796.3.4 Security Requirements are Internally Consistent .797 TOE SUMMARY SPECIFICATION . 827.1 List of Security Functional Requirements .838 ANNEX . 888.1 Glossary .888.2 Abbreviations .908.3 References .91

List of FiguresFigureNumberTitlePageNumberFigure 0-2. Overall Block Diagram of the SoC that includes TOE .16Figure 2 Definition of “TOE Delivery” and responsible Parties .22Figure 3 Standard Threats .30Figure 4 Threats related to security service .30Figure 5 Interactions between the TOE and its outer world .31Figure 6 Policies .34Figure 7 Assumptions .36Figure 8 Standard Security Objectives .39Figure 9 Security Objectives related to Specific Functionality .40

List of TablesTableNumberTitlePageNumberTable 1TOE Configuration .18Table 3Sites of the TOE life cycle.20Table 4Security Objectives versus Assumptions, Threats or Policies .46Table 5 Security Functional Requirements defined in Smart Card IC Protection Profile .69Table 6 Augmented Security Functional Requirements .70Table 8Dependencies of the Security Functional Requirements .78

List of ConventionsRegister RW Access Type ConventionsTypeDefinitionDescriptionRRead OnlyThe application has permission to read the Register field. Writes to read-only fieldshave no effect.WWrite OnlyThe application has permission to write in the Register field.RWRead & WriteThe application has permission to read and writes in the Register field. Theapplication sets this field by writing 1’b1 and clears it by writing 1’b0.Register Value ConventionsExpressionDescriptionxUndefined bitXUndefined multiple bits?Undefined, but depends on the device or pin statusDevice dependentPin valueThe value depends on the deviceThe value depends on the pin statusReset Value ConventionsExpressionWarning:Description0Clears the register field1Sets the register fieldxDon't care conditionSome bits of control registers are driven by hardware or write operation only. As a result theindicated reset value and the read value after reset might be different.

List of TermsTermsDescriptionsApplication DataAll data managed by the Security IC Embedded Software in the application context.Application data comprise all data in the final Security IC.Composite ProductIntegratorRole installing or finalising the IC Embedded Software and the applications onplatform transforming the TOE into the unpersonalised Composite Product after TOEdelivery. The TOE Manufacturer may implement IC Embedded Software delivered bythe Security IC Embedded Software Developer before TOE delivery (e.g. if the ICEmbedded Software is implemented in ROM or is stored in the non-volatile memory asservice provided by the IC Manufacturer or IC Packaging Manufacturer)Composite ProductManufacturerThe Composite Product Manufacturer has the following roles (i) the Security ICEmbedded Software Developer (Phase 1), (ii) the Composite Product Integrator (Phase5) and (iii) the Personaliser (Phase 6). If the TOE is delivered after Phase 3 in form ofwafers or sawn wafers (dice) he has the role of the IC Packaging Manufacturer (Phase4) in addition.End-consumerUser of the Composite Product in Phase 7.IC DedicatedSoftwareIC proprietary software embedded in a Security IC (also known as IC firmware) anddeveloped by the IC Developer. Such software is required for testing purp

1.2 31st July 2020 - The chapter 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.6, . 58 The security requirements of this security target are consistent with the statement of the security requirements in the PP [5], as the security target claimed strict conformance to the PP [5]. . left to the individual Security Target for a specific TOE

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Therefore, target 1 has three target drops, i.e., target 1-A-1, target 1-B-1 and target 1-C-2. In this manner we can enumerate all possible target drops from target information. From source and target information we can set all possible assignments, and each of them is composed of a source and sequence of target drops, called a target drop set .

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The Elcometer 501 Pencil Hardness Tester can be used in accordance with the following National and International Standards: ASTM D 3363, BS 3900-E19, EN 13523-4 supersedes ECCA T4, ISO 15184, JIS K 5600-5-4. Note: For ASTM D 3363, the test is started using the hardest pencil and continued down the scale of hardness to determine the two end .