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GET BOOKINGACTION SHEET Add to itweekly1. Build Your Who Do You Know ListWho do you know who loves delicious home-cooked meals, would like to save time or would like to have some extra money? Below is amemory-jogger list to help you create your “WDYK List.” Scroll through your smartphone and social media groups too for more ideas ofwhom to reach out to first! This initial list is important to get your business going, just as important as adding to it as you meet people yougreet, weekly! Match this list with the Booking Tracker to keep organized as you are booking and inviting! Download and share it with yourTeam Leader and Area/Branch Manager as you get ready to fill your calendar with your very first Cooking Experiences!FRIENDSBest FriendBest ManBridesmaidsNeighborCo-WorkersGroomsmenMaid of HonorChurch FriendsOthers usinOthers Hair StylistManicuristCar PoolerCat LoverDog LoverLunch CrowdCoffee ShopFundraiserWorkFacebookTwitterLinkedInGymOthers BoatingBook ClubsBridge/BunkoJunior LeagueLions ClubRotary ClubToastmasters ClubPTA MemberChamber of CommerceTrade OrganizationsDen LeaderScoutmasterSportsOthers People you knowPeople they knowPeople you don’t know yetConsultant Name:Date:1

GET BOOKING ACTION SHEET2. Mix and Match Names from Your Who Do You Know ListUse this chart to write in the names & group of your WDYK list, when you are contacting them, and who will then act as Host or Guest.INVITE AINTANCES3. DATEHOSTGUEST 2

GET BOOKING ACTION SHEET3. Reach Out and BOOK!Use this table to write in who is joining in the fun! Give yourself a goal to invite 1 from each Invite Group to either Host or be a Guest.You can also use this to record who's going to your Host's Cooking Experiences and share with your Team Leader for some tips & tricks!MONTH 1 COOKING EXPERIENCESDATE / TIMEHOSTSELECTED ACQUAINTANCEINTEREST123456MONTH 2 COOKING EXPERIENCESDATE / TIMEHOSTSELECTED RECIPE1234563

GET BOOKING ACTION SHEET4. Host Preparation4 Steps to Effective Host Preparation1. CONFIRM THE TIME AND DATE OF YOURCOOKING EXPERIENCE, OR SCHEDULE ITBASED ON YOUR AVAILABILITY. ADDRESS ANYQUESTIONS/CONCERNS.Try saying this to them:“I’m phoning to invite you to a fun Cooking Experience at myhouse on [date] at [time]. I’m only inviting three friends and Ithought of you because you “I don’t have time” Love entertaining/love cooking The Cooking Experiences takes just an hour and a half andwe'll have food prepared that you can keep after for yourfamily to enjoy. Are not keen on cooking! You can relax with friends while showing them an appliancethat could very much benefit their situation, e.g. foodallergies, love healthy cooking, short of time to cook. Have special dietary needs in your household, and thisproduct might help with your diet/fitness program Let’s find a time that works for you! Would you like to be invited to my next Cooking Experienceat my home?“I don’t have the space” Thermomix is the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen; itonly requires a table or counter to place it on and some chairsfor you and the guests. Only 3 or 4 guests please.2. EXPLAIN THE HOST GIFT“Let’s invite 3 guests to your Cooking Experience. Whensomeone during the Cooking Experience buys a Thermomix ,you as host will receive an exclusive gift. It could be you, or oneof your guests. I’ll do my best to help you earn it! Let’s startthinking about who you can invite.”3. HELP THE HOST TO DECIDE ON HIS GUESTS Need to prepare family meals easily and quickly,including baby food Work full-timeThe Cooking Experience will last approximately one and a half hours.Bring your friend/partner/husband/wife as they’ll enjoy it too.I’ll need a definite answer as I’m only having 3 or 4 friends. Can Icount on you?” ORGANIZE INGREDIENTS & SEND SHOPPING LISTDrinkHomemade LemonadeDetox WaterNut MilkCoconut Chai Green SmoothieDessertFruit, Date & Nut ChopBerry DreamFrozen Fruit SorbetCustardDip/SaladBasil PestoBroccoli Salad w/ Red Peppers & Pine NutsGuacamoleHummusBread“Who do you know who Pizza Dough Loves cooking?Braided Milk BreadMantou Buns w/ Butternut Squash Soup Dislikes prepping or cleaning?Gluten-Free RollsMantou Buns w/ Soya Milk Wants to learn to cook?Main Dish Is always running out of time? Is interested in healthy cooking or eating? Is interested in nutritional information? Has small children or children in college? Is on a restricted diet (gluten-free, dairy intolerance, orneeds pureed food)? Loves to know about new products?”And of course discuss the options of extended family, friends,neighbors, or co-workers.Suggest how to invite their guests.“May I suggest how to invite your guests, so that 3 phone callslead to immediate confirmation?”Focaccia with Sea SaltTinga de PolloAsian Rice with Vegetable SauteBroccoli SauteChicken w/ Mustard Sauce & Vegetable SoupParmesan RisottoSweet and Sour Pork RibsIf your host selected his menu options earlier, you can use this timeto go over the ingredients and shopping list.“You will need the following ingredients for dishes we will prepare atyour Cooking Experience. You will probably have most of them in yourpantry already. Let’s check!”After the menu selection: Create on Cookidoo a Cooking Experience recipe list Drag the selected recipes to the date of the event in theWeekly Planner Generate the shopping list Mail the shopping list to your host4

GET BOOKING ACTION SHEET4. Host Preparation, continuedAGREE ON THE BEST PLACE TO HOLD THE COOKING EXPERIENCE“The Cooking Experience will last approximatively 90 minutes and will be done at a kitchen table,around an island or even right in the dining room. There’s no need for elaborate table decorations,as the Thermomix is the true centerpiece and fun is the theme.”“See you on [date] at [hour] which is 30 minutes before the Cooking Experience, as I will set upand prepare the ingredients and the welcome drink.”HOW CAN I ENSURE THINGS GO SMOOTHLY?It’s always good to keep communication open with your Host and to stay in touch regularly. Toreduce the likelihood of a postponement and to make sure the Host is completely comfortablewith the setup for their Cooking Experience, check-in at least three days prior to his event. Ask the Host if they have confirmed the guests for their Cooking Experience andyou can use the Booking Tracker to record their names in advance. Suggest they confirm with guests if they haven’t already. If numbers are low, brainstorm on who else they could invite. Double-check the names of the guests and if there are any special instructions,food allergies, etc. Review the Host’s shopping list and share where to find any ingredients theymay not have.Call Remind the Host that it is not necessary to prepare other food items, as you willdo that during the Cooking Experience. Encourage the Host to keep the tablesettings very simple so the guests can see how easy it is to Host one of their own. Repeat that you will arrive 30 minutes early to set up and prepare with them.HOW TO HANDLE POSTPONEMENTS AND CANCELLATIONSPostponements occur for different reasons. As you’re speaking to the Host who has called topostpone, offer him your next two available dates, stressing that this will be a fun event forhim and his friends.Cancellations also occur for a variety of reasons, and your Host won’t always commit toanother date. But because you know he is interested in the product, and willing to considerhosting a Cooking Experience, you definitely want to stay in contact. While you’re on the phonesimply offer to call later; marking a time on your calendar to do so.Congratulations!You are now ready to GET. COOKING SHARING GROWING BOOKING5

Maid of Honor Church Friends Others FAMILY Mother Father Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather Aunt Uncle Brother-in-Law Sister-in-Law Father-in-Law Mother-in-Law Nephew Niece Cousin Others ACQUAINTANCES Hair Stylist Manicurist Car Pooler Cat Lover Dog Lover Lunch Crowd Coffee Shop Fundraiser Work Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Gym Others .

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