System Saver Series And System Saver Twin Technical Bulletin

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/4-18 NPTF PORT 431 — Relief/Safety Valve Port1/2-14 NPTF1/2-14 NPTF56 MM REF88 MM REF4012687aFigure 4TP-9672Revised 09-18Page 8Copyright WABCO, Inc., 2018(16579)Printed in USA

Figure 5Figure 6136 MM REF283 MM REF366 MM REF SYSTEM SAVER 180030 MMMINIMUMCLEARANCEFORINSTALLATION318 MM1/2-13 UNC-2BMOUNTINGSURFACE240 MM28 MMREFAir Dryer Installation Template75 MM REF9/16" CLEARANCEBOLT SIZE 1/2"90 MM4012688aFigure 5120 MM4012689aNew System Saver Twin Series InstallationCriteriaTurbo Cut-Off Model ShownFigure 6Figure 7NOTE: When the compressor receives inlet air from the engineturbocharger, you should install a turbo cut-off air dryer to avoidengine power loss or degraded fuel economy.Port Identification4/231/4"-18 NPTF11 — Inlet/Supply Port211/2"-14 NPTP4/23 — Governor/Control Port21 — Outlet/Delivery Port32 — Relief/Safety Valve Port111/2"-14 NPTF4012690aFigure 7(16579)Printed in USACopyright WABCO, Inc., 2018TP-9672Revised 09-18Page 9

Figure 8Figure 10296 MM313/8”-18 NPTF323/8"-18 NPTFMOUNTINGSURFACES(CAN USEON RIGHTOR LEFT SIDE)MOUNTINGSURFACES(CAN USEON RIGHTOR LEFT SIDE)188 MM4012691aFigure 8246 MMSystem Saver Plus and IWT Air DryerInstallation Criteria4012693aFigure 10Figure 11System Saver Plus and IWT profiles are similar and the mounting isthe same.MINIMUMCLEARANCE30 MMPort Identification1 — Inlet/Supply Port4 — Governor/Control Port21 — Outlet/Delivery Port31 — Relief/Safety Valve PortFigure 911/2"-14 NPTF211/2"-14NPTF3241/4"-18 NPTF4012694aFigure 11324012692aFigure 9TP-9672Revised 09-18Page 10Copyright WABCO, Inc., 2018(16579)Printed in USA

Figure 12Figure 14237 MM3.33/8"-18 NPTF373 MMMAX11/2"-14NPTF4012695aFigure 124012697aFigure 14System Saver Plus with MCP and EAP AirDryer Installation CriteriaFigure 15MINIMUMCLEARANCE30 MMSystem Saver Plus with MCP and EAP profiles are similar and themounting is the same.Port Identification1 — Inlet/Supply Port4/2.7 — Governor/Control Port2.6/3.3 — Relief/Safety Port2.5/3.2 — Drain Valve Port2.4 — Auxiliary Device Port2.1 — Service Brake Port2.2 — Service Brake Port2.3 — Trailer Braking System Port or Auxiliary Port2.5/3.21/2"-14 NPTF4012698aFigure 133.4Figure 153.32X2.43.14/2.71/8"-27 NPTF4012696aFigure 13(16579)Printed in USACopyright WABCO, Inc., 2018TP-9672Revised 09-18Page 11

앫 Naturally aspirated.Figure 16앫 Turbocharged (uses air pressure from the pressure side of theengine turbocharger).Oil in the Air StreamCompressors used in heavy-duty truck applications discharge somecompressor oil into the compressed-air system.2.13/8"-18 NPTF2X2.33/8"-18 NPTF앫 An air dryer and an air system will tolerate only a minimalamount of compressor oil in the air stream.앫 Oil in the air stream affects system components, reducesdesiccant efficiency and eventually disables the moistureremoval function of the air dryer.앫 The use of coalescing cartridges will help minimize the oildamage to the air system.2.23/8"-18 NPTF2X2.43/8"-18 NPTF245 MMMOUNTING SURFACE ONBOTH SIDES4012699a앫 Ensure that the compressor operates properly and onlydischarges minimal oil into the system.Air GovernorThe air governor senses pressure level in the system’s first tank(typically the supply tank, also known as the “wet” tank) andactivates/loads or deactivates/unloads the compressor to controlsystem air pressure.Figure 16Figure 17In some air systems, the governor actuates other components, suchas automatic drain valves, greasing systems, etc.However, to ensure correct air dryer operation, the governor shouldonly control the compressor, air dryer and auxiliary devices directlyrelated to the compressor and the air dryer.380 MMElectronic Control Air SystemThe electronic control air system uses an on-board computer toread pressure levels in vehicle air tanks.

Discusses the air supply system, Illustrates and describes system components and Highlights features and benefits of the System Saver Series and Twin air dryers. Why a Vehicle Needs an Air Dryer When air is compressed, the compressor takes in water vapor with the air, compresses the water vapor and puts it into the system as liquid water. Figure 1.

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2 Electra-Saver II Models The 50 HP Electra-Saver II has the largest, most efficient airend in its class. The 150 HP Electra-Saver II is a gearless, direct drive compressor built to provide results. The 15–30 HP Electra-Saver II is shown tank-mounted.

2 Morton System Saver Installation & Operation Manual For best results use Morton System Saver II Pellets to soften your water Morton System Saver II Pellets offer superior performance and convenience. Morton System Saver II Pellets are created from high purity salt combined with resin cleaning additives. Specially formulated to outperform other water softening salts, System .

the system is in energy saver mode, the Ecostream Elite will exit energy saver mode, and the hot tank will begin heating water. The hot water tank will be at set temperature within 10-minutes after exiting energy saver mode. Energy saver can be disabled by

price 5.00 [email protected] 13-9/1 0-641 4th edition [email protected] electra-saver [email protected] stationary base-mounted compressor models 40 thru 100 hp ea_ & eb_ operating and service manual

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If you have a Meritor WABCO System Saver Twin air dryer, use Maintenance Manual 35, Meritor WABCO System Saver Twin Air Dryer. To obtain these publications, refer to the Service Notes page . between 105 psi and 115 psi (724-792 kPa) depending on governor settings.

Twin air dryer, use MM35, WABCO System Saver Twin Air Dryer. To download these publications, go to 3.2 Air Dryer Identification The System Saver HP air dryer has the governor integrated into the body of the air dryer and also has an integrated purge tank. Figure 1. Fig. 1 4013285a PURGE T

The maintenance information in this manual covers unit models: CRR System Number CRR40-182 Power Saver Plus 916182 CRR40-183 Power Saver 916183 CRR40-184 Power Saver Plus 916184. vi Model Features Introduction CRR40 PS & PS , September 2000 X X X 460-380V/3Ph/60-50 Hz, 18.3 m (60 ft) Power Cable and Plug

LITTER SAVER WITHOUT ALL SAFETY SHIELDS IN PLACE! replacement parts. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST! Be Alert - Eliminate unsafe habits and risky behavior, recognize hazards as they exist and read and follow the Operator’s Manual for your Priefert Litter Saver and your tractor! 2630 South Jefferson . P.O. Box 1540 . Mount Pleasant, Texas 75456-1540 . 1-

efficiently, Energy Saver can save between 15% and 40% of your electricity costs; without reducing speed, without any loss of power and without being detriment to your motor or load. Note: The Energy Saver is not required for applications where the motor runs at full load conditions at all given times. ENERGY SAVER Range 7.5 - 800 HP

SS-225-XL-120 225,000 65.9 Direct Spark Ignition Wash Down Design SUPER-SAVER XL HEATER Owner’s Manual . Part No. 4801-3031 Rev.6-09 Page 2 of 22 Super Saver XL-120 Heater GENERAL HAZARD WARNING Failure to comply with precautions and instructions provided with this

Bike File 13 Ultra Space Saver Squared Ultra Space Saver Ultra Space Saver Single 2-TIER PARKING 15 Dero Decker Dero Duplex CUSTOM BI

Back‐Saver INSTALLATION Auger Mover 1 Assembly Instructions Your Back‐Saver Auger Mover Kit should include the following: 1. (1) Wheel and Tire Assembly 2. (1) 3rd Wheel Hub 3. (1) 3rd Wheel Mount Bracket 4. (1) Auger Mover A‐Fr

K** Connect to K on Wire Saver module. K** Connect to K on Wire Saver module. * Remove factory installed jumper for two transformer systems. ** The THP9045A1023 Wire Saver module is used on heat/cool systems when you only have four wires at the thermostat and you would like the thermostat to be powered with a common wire.

Product Colour Black C/Aqua P/Daisy Full Set 995821 995820 995822 . Space Saver Round 5 (1,1 L)R199 SAVE OVER R200 FULL SPACE SAVER RANGE AVAILABLE IN OUR CATALOGUE SPACE SAVER ROUND 1 FREE. QUICK SALSA AND GARLIC BUTTER INGREDIENTS 1 large tomato, quartered or 8 . CATALOGUE PRICE. Anti-skid base to prevent sliding 288 KNIFE CUTS IN LESS .

the Energy Saver installation packet, which will be indicated by a marked sticker. It will contain: Jobsite Cutlist - This should be used to inventory all Energy Saver fabric/components and unfaced insulation rolls. Additionally, it will indicate where the products are to be installed on your project. Installation Instructions - These .

The LABGARD ES model NU‐435 utilizes an Energy Saver DC ECM motor optimally determined forward curved fan for each model size/width to maximize both energy efficiency and filter loading capacity. The Energy Saver ECM motor is controlled to airflow setpoints via a solid‐state DC

The Highway Asset Management Policy and the Highway Asset Management Strategy have been developed to help us to take account of these challenges. The policy is designed to drive continuous improvement in the way we maintain our highway network to ensure that it continues to be safe serviceable and sustainable. It sets out the principles that will ensure we adopt and develop a strategic .