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www.ThePrimalEdge.comBy Elliott HulseUNEDITED EDITIONIMPORTANT COPYRIGCopyright 2006, Elliott Hulse, Inc. , All Rights Reserved

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www.ThePrimalEdge.comTABLE OF CONTENTSMedical DisclaimerPrefaceIntroductionChapter 1: Primal Cuisine: The Price Factor, The Worlds StrongestPeople, Your Unique Metabolic Type, High Octane FuelChapter 2: Primal Strength: Free Yourself, Hard Core, Primal StrengthMovementsChapter 3: Training Game Plan: Creating the Perfect Plan, First Bite,The Ball is Rolling, 3rd Gear, Get Big, Max Strength, Fat Incinerator,ExplodeChapter 4: The Primal Life: The Evil Stressors, How Does Stress EffectMy Primal Edge, Toxicity, Your Getting Sleepy, The Primal Urge, ThePrimal Breath, Energy Building ExercisesChapter 5: The Primal Mind: Build a Better Brain, Mental Mastery,Getting What You WantPrimal Resources

www.ThePrimalEdge.comMEDICAL DISCLAIMERThis program is for educational and informative purposes only and is notintended as medical or professional advice. Always consult your doctor beforemaking any changes to your diet or nutrition program. The use of diet andnutrition to control metabolic disorders and disease is a very complicatedscience, and is not the purpose of this program. The purpose of this program isto help healthy people reach their cosmetic fitness goals by educating them inproper nutrition and exercise guidelines.No health claims are made for this program. This nutrition and exercise programwill not help cure, heal, or correct any illness, metabolic disorder, or medicalcondition. The author is not a medical doctor, registered dietitian, or clinicalnutritionist; the author is a fitness and nutrition consultant.All individuals, especially those who suffer from any disease or are recoveringfrom injury, should consult their physician regarding the advisability orundertaking any of the activities suggested in these programs.The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that apparentlyhealthy individuals who are male and over 40 or female and over 50 to have botha physical exam and a diagnostic exercise test prior to starting a vigorousexercise program. A diagnostic exercise test and physical examination is alsorecommended in individuals of any age who exhibit two or more of the majorcoronary risk factors (smoking, family history of heart disease, elevated bloodcholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes). Any individual with a knownhistory of heart disease or other heart problems should be required to have amedical evaluation including a graded exercise test before engaging in strenuousphysical activity.The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyperson or entity with respect to any of the information contained in this manual.The user assumes all risk for any injury, loss or damage caused or alleged to becaused, directly or indirectly by using any information described in this course.

www.ThePrimalEdge.comPrefaceThis manual will reveal to you the incredible power that you possess. It will showyou, step by step, how to achieve your dreams of incredible physical strengthand vibrant vitality. You are the sculptor and the painter of your own life, thismanual is your chisel and paint brush.Since I was a small child I had dreams of being a “Super Stud”. The absolutebest that a man could possibly become. I wanted more than anything - to be thestrongest, smartest and most accomplished person that I knew. You may call menaive, but at age 27 I still believe that this is possible for me.The journey of reaching my full potential has led me down several roads, some ofthem were useless and others led to pure gold. Among the most importantjewels that I discovered on this journey are:1. You Become What You Think About – I learned this jewel from many ofmy mentors, namely Brian Tracy and the late Earl Nightengale. With thisunderstanding it became evident that each and everyone of my activitiesmust be geared towards improving the quality of my thoughts andincreasing my capacity to think.2. You Must Drink Right, Eat Right and Move Right to Think Right – Thiscomes straight from the mouth of the incredible Paul Chek. Paul hastaught me that in order for us all to realize our true human potential wemust treat our bodies with the same amount of care that many of us use totreat our automobiles.Drinking right, eating right and moving right means that must pay greaterattention to what we put into our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Wemust pay attention to what is being done to out food and the land it isgrown upon. Paul reminded me that the current degeneration of thehuman race that we are experiencing mirrors our management of MotherEarth.“We breathe the air that is her lungs, we drink the water that isher blood; we eat the foods that are a part of her great andbeautiful body. How can we be healthier than She, for we areShe and She is we!”- Paul Chek3. If One Person Can Do Something, Anyone Can Learn To Do It Although I first encountered this gem listening to Brian Tracy Imust give credit to Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NeuroLinguistic Programming. Essentially, this means that you can learn

www.ThePrimalEdge.comthe elements of excellence of the world’s greatest achievers andlearn to create the same kind of achievements for yourself. Thispoint is extremely important to you and you journey through thismanual.I have spent several years studying and “modeling” the skills andbehaviors that are essential to achieving maximum health and vitality. Ihave learned what it means to be a truly healthy individual and what ittakes to become a “Super Stud”.Armed with the understanding that “What one person can do, anyone canlearn how to do.” I’ve dedicated my life to learning from the masters in thefields of Strength & Conditioning, Holistic Health, Sports Science and,Nutrition.This book is written from the following perspective. “If Elliott Hulse a kidwho was diagnosed with ADD, had been arrested twice before the age of15 and, still lives in a world where he believes that he will become a SuperStud - can fulfill his true physical, mental and spiritual potential ThenYou Can Too!”Have faith and follow my lead.DedicationThis book is dedicated to YOU, the man or woman that is on the journeyto self-fulfillment and human excellence. YOU are the essence of all thatis Good; I love YOU.

www.ThePrimalEdge.comIntroduction1. Unleash Your Primal Edge is completely truthful and unbiasedThe goal of this book is to provide you with nothing but the truth. There is nohidden agena. I don’t have any supplements to sell you. I don’t have anyexercise equipment to market to you. I am not sponsered my some processedfood manufacture or pharmaceutical company.My intent is to show you what I have discovered. The tools that I have learnedand the stories that I have lived. In these pages resides the map towardsmaximum fitness achivement. The map is designed to show you, YOU. You willnot find signs pointing to anything except the inner roads that you must explore tobuild yourself the body, mind and life of your dreams.2. Unleash Your Primal Edge is not a temporary “quick fix” approach.It teaches you the skills and habits that will help you change your lifeAnyone who tells you that you can have it fast or now is lying to you! Iunderstand that we live in a fast culture and that there is a higher percived valuefor someone or something that can get you results now instead of later.If you are not willing to admit that it has taken several years of neglect and abuseto get you to where you are today and, that it could take several months or evenyears to fulfill your potential – then simply send this book back and I will refundyour money.In this manual you will find ALL of the tool and resources that you need to getfrom where you are to where you would like to be. I am your coach and this isthe game plan. It is up to you to execute the plays.3. Unleash Your Primal Edge will show you your unlimited potential foramazing strength and vitalityThis book is for you and about you. My biggest objective is to get you as excitedabout yourself as I am about you. There are no limits to your abilities. The

www.ThePrimalEdge.comimages of perfect health and exhubarant vitatliy that you hold in your mind areattainable.Within these pages are little known “secrets” that have been ingored or downplayed for many years.4. Unleash Your Primal Edge is a holistic method for achivingmaximum fitnessUnlike any other program ever written, Unleash Your Primal Edge is truly holistic.What this means is that the combined efforts of imporving your diet, lifestyle andexercise all at once makes this program5. Unleash Your Primal Edge is just the beginning – I’ve dedicated my lifeto you. You are not alone, I will be there for you each step of the way.Heres how: N/A yetLet’s get rockin’!

www.ThePrimalEdge.comChapter 1. Primal CusineThe Price Factor“That modern man has been declining in physical fitness has beenemphasized by many eminent sociologists and other scientists.That the rate of degeneration is progressively acceleratingconstitutes a cause for great alarm, particularly since this is takingplace in spite of the advance that is being made in modern sciencealong many lines of investigation.” (1)Dr. Weston A PriceNutrition & Physical DegenerationThe late Dr. Weston A Price has documented the most comprehensive studyever, of the primal man and his diet / lifestyle in his groundbreaking bookNutrition & Physical Degeneration (1)Dr. Price was a dentist in the late 1930’s, he began to notice that an increasingnumber of his patients were contracting dental maladies such as cavities androtting teeth don’t we all? And most notably, his younger patients were beingborn with what Dr. Price called “facial deformities”.These ‘facial deformities’ have become commonplace since the 1930’s, theyinclude: crowding of the teeth, crowding of facial features and, a narrowing of thepalate and jaw. As well, Dr. Priced noticed an increased susceptibility to illnesswhen these ‘deformities’ were present. (1)Not only did Dr. Price notice that the physical structure of man was deterioratingbut he noted that the function of the mind and the body was wasting away also.Today, it is common for children to be born with these ‘facial deformities’ as wellas behavioral and cognitive dysfunction; prior to the 1930’s this was not the case.Dr. Price knew that something was wrong and he set out to find an answer.According to Dr. Price:“Some of the primitive races have avoided certain of the life problems faced bymodernized groups and the methods and knowledge used by the primitivepeoples are available to assist modernized individuals in solving of theirproblems. Many primitive races have made habitual use of certain preventivemeasures in meeting crucial life problems.”

www.ThePrimalEdge.comSo, like any sane, wealthy, doctor of the time he set out to find groups ofisolated “primitive” peoples through the world. Dr. Price wanted to discover what“Man” was truly intended to eat and how “Man was truly intended to live.Why is this information important to us “civilized folk”?Well let’s ask Dr. Price:“These data will be useful in preventing race decay and deformities, inestablishing a higher resistance to infective disease ” [As well as chronicdisease and improve our performance].” (1)Not only did Dr. Price discover that “primitive peoples” were happier, healthierand more disease resistant but they were as tough as nails Some primitive kids in the Swiss Alps were playing in a stream of water inthe middle of the winter while Dr. Price and his colleges were freezing theirbutts off with their big winter parkas on!THESE KIDS HAD THE PRIAML EDGE!And that’s what I want you to have.Not necessarily the ability to play in the ocean in February, but to learn to live insuch a way that you can be healthier, happier and tougher than most of the guysaround you. You deserve to live up to your potential and this begins with yournutrition and lifestyle choices.You may be asking yourself “Elliott, what the heck do I have in common withthese ‘uncivilized’ tribes?”Remember, you are still a primitive man living in a modern world. OurDNA has not changes for thousands of years. The only thing that has changed isthe way we use and misuse / abuse our bodies.

www.ThePrimalEdge.comThe Worlds Strongest PeopleThe Primal Edge In The Swiss Alps (1931-1932)The first isolated peoples that Dr. Price studied were as group of folks living inthe Loetschential Valley waaaay up in the Swiss Alps. Modernized societiesfound it difficult to corrupt these guys because trucks containing loads of garbagefoods couldn’t make it way up those hills.In fact, these folks lived on a diet of foods that were completely locallyproduced think about that when you’re eating a mango and you live in Canada!So, what did Dr. Price find in these cold hills “The People of the Loetschential Valley make up a community of two thousandwho have been a world unto themselves. They have neither physician nordentist because they have so little need for them; they have neither policemannor jail, because they have no need for them.”“It has been the achievement of the valley to build some of the finest physiquesin all Europe. This is attested to the fact that many of the famous Swiss guardsof the Vatican at Rome who are the admiration of the world and the pride ofSwitzerland, have been selected from this and other Alpine valleys.” (1)We are really interested in what these people ate they were smart, peaceful,and strong as oxen!Their diets consisted of: Butter – not just any old butter, this butter was special so special thatthey would hold festivals and celebrations in its honor. They instinctivelyknew that “butter from cows grazing on fresh, growing grass” had amazinglive-giving properties. Despite what our honored T.V say’s, butter (fromquality sources) is among the healthiest foods on earth. If you want ThePrimal Edge eat butter (check the resources section for getting yourhands on some good butter mmm, and more information on the truthabout butter!) Cheese – Again, if you think they were eating Kraft Fun Slices then you'rein deep denial. Their cheese was loaded in all kinds of stuff that wouldmake a bigger man out of you! And if your worried about high cholesteroland other myths of the sort, remember they had NO DOCTORS. Theydidn’t need em’. If you think ‘Gulaf The Swiss’ was taking Lipitor becausehis LDL’s were high – then you haven’t been paying attention!Rye Bread – Dr. Atkins would have a heat attack! These folks loved totake large slabs of Rye bread and put a slice of cheese (equal is

www.ThePrimalEdge.comthickness) on it for a mid-day snack. This bread is the way bread wasmeant to be. It was grown in healthy soil (this is another story) andprepared with time, effort and lots of love. A far cry from the processedfortified and, genetically engineered garbage grains that we eat today.So, it should be obvious to you that a large part of why these folks were so big,strong, happy and healthy is due to the way that they ate .This was so obvious to Dr. Price that in his journal he wrote:“One wonders immediately if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins andminerals in the food that builds not only great physical structures within whichtheir souls reside, but builds minds and hearts capable of a higher type ofmanhood in which the material values of life are made secondary to individualcharacter.” (1)The Primal Edge in The North American IndiansAfter some time in Europe Dr. Price came back to America to study the variousnative peoples of his homeland.The Native American’s lived for thousands of years completely isolated from “TheWhite Man”. These folks have adapted to their given environments and havelearned how to live WITH the land, not just on it.The Indians of Canada and the Northern RegionsAbout them:These folks lived in some cold weather! It was seventy below at some points.This meant that they were definitely not farmers and if you told them that you hadto eat 7-12 servings of grains a day (food pyramid) they would put a hex on you!They ate meat, meat and meat with some meat on the side. Every part of theanimal was eaten. Of greatest importance were the organs of the animals thatthey ate. These wise people knew that it was in the organs that all of the potentnutrition resided not in the lean meat. In fact if the meat wasn’t fatty enough itwas fed to the dogs! (1)Think about that the next time some puppet tells you to eat only lean meats andchicken breast.There was no Colon Cancer so out the window goes the Meat Colon CancerTheory.

www.ThePrimalEdge.comThese were rugged and intelligent people.“They lived in a country in which grizzly bears were common. Their pelts werehighly prized and they captured many of them with baited pitfalls. Theirknowledge of the use of the different organs and tissues of the animals forproviding a defense against certain of the affections of the body which we speakof a degenerative diseases was surprising.” (1)Their “Fad Diet” consisted of: Wild Animals Of The Chase – Bear, Moose, Deer, Caribou etc. Thesepeople were strong because the animals that they ate were strong. Thewild game that served as a staple in the Native American’s diet wererespected for their life-giving properties and lived off of the organic landbefore being sacrificed for human consumption. I wonder where thatchicken nugget you had for lunch came from? Animal Organs – From the Rooter to the Tooter! The Natives knew thatthe most nutritionally potent parts of the animal meal were the organs. Infact when a kill was made, our savvy ancestors would immediately cut itopen and eat the adrenal glands, liver, pancreas and heart first. All theother meat was either stored for later of given to the dogs especially thedespised lean-meat. Veggies – If they were in the stomach of the animal. Why waste valuabletime and energy looking for veggies and cooking them when our friendlyanimals will do all the work for us. The animals are so kind that they areeven willing to predigest the plant food for us. Primal man knew that meatis much more nutrient dense than grains and greens so he ate the animalswho condensed all of the plant nutrition into tasty little bites. Sea Food – Fish, Fish Eggs and Sea Weed. Today our oceans are sopolluted that it is nearly impossible to get your hands on some clean,untainted fish. So I don’t suggest dining out for sushi every evening. Fishoil is essential and should be a part of every man’s diet. In the resourcessection I will tell you how to get some really clean fish and what fish oilsare the best to use.Like the Swiss folks these people were not only healthy of body, they were ofsound emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Their nourishment andlifestyle is the obvious cause of this.Listen to Dr. Price:“The sense of honor among these tribes seems so strong that practically allcabins, temporarily unoccupied due to the absence of the Indians on their

www.ThePrimalEdge.comhunting trip, were entirely unprotected by locks The people were remarkablyhospitable, and where they had not been taken advantage of were very kind.” (1)These, like all of the people that Dr. Price studied were very healthy until theycame into contact with “modernized” peoples. It has been noted that medicalcare and surgeries were almost unheard of amongst the folks living traditionallives but, were rampant among those who adopted the “White Man’s Ways”.For you to regain your Primal Edge, and avoid sickness and surgeries, take alesson from these people Eat Real Food. I don’t care if your favorite athletetells you that it will make you run faster or hydrate you better than water, if itwasn’t here 10,000 years ago- don’t eat it.It’s so simple! You can do it and I will show you how, just keep reading.The Primal Edge in Africa - Masai Tribe of Western Africa:These guys are my favorite the Milk & Meat People of Western Africa!About them:The Masai are a highly skilled nomadic tribe. They live off of meat and the bloodand milk produced by their livestock. The warriors of the tribe used the extremelyvital bodybuilding materials, vitamins and fat-soluble activators in the animal’sblood to maintain them as the strongest and most disease resistance tribe inWest Africa. Nursing mothers and their young also used to blood to keep themstrong and disease free. (1)Their knowledge of animal rearing and care tops that of any industrial farmer inthe American North-West today. So particular about which animals were to bestto nourish themselves with that if a mother cattle didn’t raise quickly after givingbirth to her calf they would consider her meat, blood and milk inferior. (1)Think about the cramped, dark and dirty factories where you meat comes fromand the fact that the animals in them are so diseased and mistreated that theyhave to pump them full of anti-biotics just so they don’t rot alive before they canget to your dinner table. Do you think Mr. Masai would even look at your meat?Not a chance – he’d rather starve!Not only did they know how to care for animals but they knew how to hold theirown amongst them too. The Masai boys would learn at a very early age how tokill a lion with their spear . This is a far cry from our little punks who cry whenan angry mutt barks at him!When a Masai gets the munchies he eats:

www.ThePrimalEdge.comMeat- The Masai were geniuses when it came to caring for and raisinghealthy livestock. The meat from their roaming pack was so healthy that itcould be eaten exclusively for days. Milk- Raw, the only way you should drink milk! Blood- The blood that was carefully draw from their animals, without evena flinch from the blessed beast, was so valued that small children andpregnant or nursing women were required a daily dose. Some Fruits & Veggies- I’m sure that the vegetation that made up aportion of the Masai diet was not nearly as tasty as the “fruit roll-ups” thatwe feed our kids. Then again the Masai kids are probably not the candyasses that our kids are.

www.ThePrimalEdge.comWhat They Ate (Discovering Your Unique Metabolic Type)Although all of the people that Dr. Price studied ate diets that consisted of whole,unprocessed foods, the types of foods consumed varied from region to region.Due to the unique demands of the particular environment in which the peopleslived, each group required a different balance of proteins, fats andcarbohydrates.This leads us to an interesting topic called “Bio-Chemical Individuality”. In 1956Roger Williams, a famous biochemist, compiled his studies of the internalchemistry and organs of thousands of people and discovered something veryinteresting WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! (2)We are as unique inside as we are outside. This also means that we all haveunique nutritional needs. So if anyone tells you that you’ve got to eat the waysome stupid pyramid says, tell him to shove it! If ‘Sasquatch the Eskimo’ ate 11servings of grains a day - not only would he starve to death he would also: getdiabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADD, ADHD, Acid Reflux,Depression and if you tried to take away his red meat because it resides in thelittle point at the top of your idiotic pyramid scheme – he would be so angry thathe would send you packing!And by the way, to all your animal-friendly vegetarians out there Dr. Pricecould not find a single healthy group or tribe that existed on a diet completely freeof meat. Sorry, if you want to have the Primal Edge you must eat some meat oranimal by-products! (1)So with regard to you and what you need to eat, finding out your “MetabolicType” is of the utmost importance. (3)So, how do you do this?#1. Read the little gray box below for “hints” once you find out weather you area Protein, Carbohydrate or Mixed Type read the section in this chapter that isrelated to your type.#2. Read The Metabolic Typing Diet - by William Wolcott.#3. Quickly return to my book and read on

www.ThePrimalEdge.comYou know you are a Protein Type if you: Live to Eat! Are still hungry after a stack of 12 pancakes Sleep well on a full stomach (especially a fatty meal) Must eat breakfast or else! Are more creative than analytical Have a rather sturdy muscular build Would rather eat fatty, salty foods than sweetYou know you are a Carbo Type if you: Could care less about food and eating Are still hungry after eating a steak Can not sleep on a full stomach Hate breakfast Have a lean frame or are ”round” in shape Type A Personality Rather eat sweets than fatty, salty foodsRemember this list is VERY general, for a more in depth analysis ofyour Metabolic Type refer to The Metabolic Typing Diet - by ---------------------OK, so now that you’ve discovered that you are aa) Protein Typeb) Carbo Typec) Mixed Type (somewhere in between)What does all this mean and what do I do next?Well, there are numerous genetic, environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factorsthat have determined your metabolic type and what macronutrient (proteins, fats& carbs) are best for you if you read Wolcott’s book you’ll see what I mean, butour purpose right now is to teach you how to eat right for your type!

www.ThePrimalEdge.comTips For Protein TypesIf you are a protein type:#1a. About 70% of every meal or snack should be “eyes” foods(an eyes food is something that has eyes or came from something with eyes ex. Cheese Eyes, Chicken Eyes, Carrot NO Eyes – get it?)(9)#1b. About 30% of your meal should be “no eyes” foodsThis ratio of 70:30 is super important! But, it is super easy as well. It is quitecommon for protein types who don’t eat the right proportions for their type to: Gain Weight and Become Fat Get Chronic Headaches Become Depressed Have Low Energy Have Low Sex Drive Get Neck and Back Pain Have Poor Concentration Become ConstipatedDon’t let the poor sucker that I have just described become you, and if it soundslike I just described you it’s time for a change for the better, and it can happenover-night!!#2. You MUST Eat Protein with every meal or snack I don’t care what the ‘pyramid’ says about meats and fats or having too muchprotein you need to eat protein every time you put something in your mouth. Ifyou have a problem eating meat with every meal then take it up with the hungryNative that just caught a buffalo and is ready to chow!Also, I hear way too many people complain about buying all of this meat “Elliott, it becomes too expensive” they tell me. So lets get a few thingsstraight (here comes a ‘lecture’) - What are your priorities?- If you are driving a 50,000 car and put premium gasoline in the engine save your whining’- If you spend 50 parting on the weekends save your whining’- If you have cable / satellite television save your whining’- If you have a television the size of an baby elephant save your whining’

www.ThePrimalEdge.com- If you want to have the Primal Edge shut up and make it happen, you controlyour life and what goes into your mouth, if eating more meat is a hassle becauseit costs too much, then guess what? You would NEVER survive in the “real”world, you could stay in the hut and help the women braid hair while the MEN goon 7-day voyages to find meat!#3. Eat “high density proteins”High-density proteins are foods that are high in “purines”. Purines are a specialsubstance that plays an important part in the energy-producing proc

Re-distribute Unleash Your Primal Edge E-book! You May NOT give away, sell, share, or circulate The Unleash Your Primal Edge E-Book or any of its content in any form! The copy of Unleash Your Primal Edge you have purchased is for your own personal use. The e-book is fully printable an

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seminar services 'Virtual Unleash the Power Within 2020'purchase purchase are exempt from the money back guarantee. (d) Complimentary in person live 2021 Unleash the Power Within tickets have no monetary value and are unable to be exchanged for cash or used as a credit. Transferring Virtual Unleash the Power Within 2020 10.

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