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Student Guide toCanterbury2017/18“There is no lovelier place in the world than Canterbury”Virginia Woolf

Contents Overview A quick history of Canterbury 10 great days out 10 great places to shop 10 great hotels and B&Bs 10 great restaurants 10 great bars and clubs

OverviewCanterbury is a richly diverse city with a wide variety of thingsto do, see and enjoy. Whether you are a student heading to thearea to study or are visiting for the first time, Canterbury is trulya unique city with some of the best attractions and restaurants;as well as many famous historic sites all located nearby. Forthose who are familiar with the city, there are plenty of hiddengems to ensure there is always something new to explore.With so much on offer it can be hard to know where to start sowe have put together our ideas for everything from places toeat, relaxing or fun days out and great places to stay. Withthese great options you’ll be able to get the most out of yourtime in Canterbury.It’s the people and businesses mentioned in this guide, whocare so much about the bustling and beautiful place where theylive, which sets Canterbury apart from other cities.If we have missed your favourite spot in any of our categories,please let us know at @caxtons on Twitter, or by finding us atCaxtons Student Lettings on Facebook.

History of CanterburyCanterbury is a city of great contrasts with anextensive history embedded in its medieval andsurrounding streets and is a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site, yet is a visitor destination for itsoutstanding shopping and attractions. Locatedin the heart of Kent known as the Garden ofEngland, Canterbury has been attracting pilgrimsand visitors alike for hundreds of years.With its charming cobbled streets, winding river,historic buildings and hidden treasures aroundevery corner you would be forgiven for thinkingthat the city was firmly rooted in its past. Inreality, Canterbury is the perfect mix ofmodern metropolitan and historicaldelights. Wherever you go in thisamazing city, there issomething for everyone.Located in a natural valley, Canterbury hasgrown around the meandering River Stour,an ideal route along which to explore the area.An overused used saying that “the history ofCanterbury is indeed the history of England”,can be seen at every turn.The city has been inhabited since prehistorictimes, as evidenced by a number of LowerPalaeolithic axes and Neolithic and Bronze Agepots found in the area. When the Romansinvaded, they captured the city and renamed itDurovernum Cantiacorum. Then, it was abustling hub of activity, with five roads builtbetween other neighbouring coastal settlementsproviding easy trade routes. In the early 5thcentury, the Romans left Britain and the city wasprobably abandoned.King Ethelbert ruled the Kingdom of Kent from561AD. He was to become the last pagan Kingof Kent, but during his reign his influence spreadthrough much of England. In 597 AD, PopeGregory the Great sent St Augustine to convertEthelbert to Christianity. St Augustine arrived inthe city and established an abbey andcathedral. He would later become thefirst Archbishop of Canterbury.

This resulted in Canterbury and its Cathedralbecoming the seat of the first Archbishop, nowthe spiritual head of the Anglican Faith and theChurch of England.Of course, one of the most famous historicevents in the city occurred in 1170, whenArchbishop Thomas Becket was murderedbecause of his conflict with King Henry II. Afterthis, Canterbury became a major religiousdestination, as pilgrims from all parts ofChristendom came to visit his shrine.Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’,written in 14th-century Middle English, is acollection of stories narrated by pilgrims en routeto the city. The book is studied and renownedthroughout the world, and provides insight intothe landscape and population of England at thattime. The Canterbury Tales is still celebrated inthe city with a local visitor attraction, whichbrings the sights, sounds and smells of medievalEngland to life through tableaus and characteractors.These are just a few of the milestones inCanterbury’s history but to learn more, the bestway is to explore the city. With great museums,guided tours and local attractions, there areplenty of ways to get a comprehensive view ofthe city's colourful history, brought to life byenthusiasts.Why not start by taking a stroll along the citywalls? Or even escaping the busy streets on oneof the Historic River Tours, which provide a wholenew perspective of this beautiful English city.Whether you chose to visit one of the manymuseums, or just wander the streets soaking upthe atmosphere like a pilgrim of old, get out andenjoy the wonderful history that is Canterbury.

10 great days out in CanterburyCanterbury has a rich history stretching backthrough time. It is a UNESCO World HeritageSite, and has numerous and different attractionsto enjoy - whether you want to eat or to enjoysome culture with your friends.Thanks in part to its bustling city centre there is amyriad things to do and days out to enjoy - nomatter what you like, or what your budgetallows. In the following pages you’ll find our 10great days out to enjoy in Canterbury.CanterburyHistoric River ToursWho needs Venice when you’ve got the RiverStour running through the heart of Canterbury?This charming and ageless waterway can beenjoyed from a comfortable boat thanks to theaward winning Canterbury Historic River Tours.Established in 1932, the river tour company hasbeen delighting boat passengers with the beautyof medieval Canterbury for the past 85 years.Experience what 14th century life in England waslike, as you are transported on a 40 minute triparound King’s Bridge, Franciscan Island,Greyfriars, Dominican Priories, and the MarloweTheatre. If you’re more of a night owl, why nottake an evening tour during the summer? Thebest part is that student discounts are availableall year round.Fun Fact: The world's first railwayseason ticket was issued for theCanterbury and Whitstable line in 1834.

Wildwood Animal ParkHowletts Wild Animal ParkEver fancied meeting two rescued bears, andgiving them breakfast? Well, at Wildwood youcan take part in the exclusive Bear Experience;find out about the bears, feed them, and gainpark entry for the whole day.Take a walk on the wild side and leave youressays behind on a trip to Howletts. With morethan 400 animals including gorillas, monkeys,lions, tigers and leopards, you can get close toyour favourite animal without ever leaving thecounty. Howletts nestles in 90 acres of parkland,with lots of pathways for you to explore on yourKentish safari.Enjoy seeing more than 50 different species ofBritish wildlife from beavers and wild boar towolves and bears, all along the 42-acre long trail.Wildwood offers student discounts on adulttickets, and if you’re working towards a degreeand a job in the sector, Wildwood has aneducation department that can provide all thesupport and information you need.If you want to challenge yourself, why not takepart in the Treetop Challenge? Use your animalinstinct to make your way along the zip wiresand rope bridges, through the treetop obstaclecourse. The best part? Your park entry fee goestowards the care of some of the world’s mostendangered species.

Canterbury TalesCanterbury CathedralIf you enjoy history visit Canterbury’s very ownvisitor attraction, The Canterbury Tales, whichbrings to life Chaucer’s most legendary tales.Chaucer, a poet and an author who lived in theMiddle Ages has been called ‘The Father ofEnglish Literature’.Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest andthe most noteworthy Christian buildings inEngland. Christians have been worshipping atthe Cathedral site for more than 1,400 years.It is the Cathedral of the Archbishop ofCanterbury, who is head of the worldwideAnglican Community.Costumed guides will direct you on anextraordinary tour where, listening to an audioguide, you will experience the sights, soundsand smells of medieval England as you travelthe Pilgrims Way, eventually ending up at StThomas Becket’s shrine.When you visit Canterbury Cathedral, you canexplore the crypt, the various chapels, and thewater tower. Explore the Benedictine monastichistory when you visit (psst,. this is an attractionthat will definitely impress your parents whenthey come to visit!).

The Marlowe TheatreCurzon CanterburyNamed after Shakespeare’s contemporary,Christopher Marlowe, The Marlowe is awardwinning and one of the country’s leadingtheatres. It presents performances from theRoyal Shakespeare Company, the NationalTheatre, and the Philharmonia Orchestra. Ifthere’s one of your favourite comedians, plays,or musical acts making its way to TheMarlowe, be sure to ask for a Discovery Ticket– sponsored by Caxtons Student Lettings –and enjoy full priced seats at a discountedprice of just * 10.Saving something for a rainy day, or evening?The Curzon Canterbury is a boutique cinemathat features independent films from aroundthe globe, as well as events such as liveballet, opera and theatre performances.*Subject to age and availability of tickets.The Curzon Canterbury seats more than 200and has three different cinema screens, aswell as a bar and cafe. Student discounttickets are available.Kent Country Cricket ClubEnjoy a spot of cricket in the summer months byheading to St Lawrence Ground to the KentCounty Cricket Club. The club’s history datesback to 1842, and is one of the 18 first classcounty clubs in the country.Tickets are affordable, and you can opt for eitherthe Frank Woolley stand or uncovered terraceseating. If it’s a special occasion, you can evenconsider catering options for groups of morethan 10 people, as well as make announcementsover the PA at home matches!

Canterbury Ghost TourEscape KentOnce the sun goes down, see a side toCanterbury that you haven’t seen before (ClubChemistry doesn’t count!) by embarking on a 90minute Canterbury Ghost Tour. Prepare to bespooked as you hear what CanterburyCathedral’s security guards see during their nightshifts, as well as the tale of what some childrenfound at Tiny Tim's Tea Rooms.Want to practice working against the clock tohand in your dissertation? Look no further thanEscape Kent! It’s a great excuse to get togetherwith your mates and use your brains to solveintriguing clues, codes, and puzzles so you canescape before your time is up.Tickets are 10.00, and if all that frightening hasworked up an appetite, you can opt for a tourwith a meal.Fun Fact: Canterbury has four universities - CanterburyChrist Church, University of Kent, University for the CreativeArts & Girne American University Canterbury.Choose from being kidnapped by a serial killercannibal, to surviving an alien attack or savingtreasure from a pirate ship. Teamwork has neverbeen so much fun!

10 great places to shopin CanterburyCanterbury is a shoppers’ paradise that’s home to a wonderful array of national, international andindependent shops. If you’re looking to indulge in a bit of retail therapy here’s our 10 great places tospend your money.Siesta CraftsLush, CanterburyFor some truly unusual gifts for your family, oreven to treat yourself, Siesta Crafts is awelcoming Fair Trade shop with everything fromceramics and sun-catchers, to purses anddidgeridoos.Lush is a handmade cosmetics retailer that wasfounded in 1995, by trichologist MarkConstantine and beauty therapist Liz Weir. Lushproducts are made from vegetarian and veganingredients and have soared in popularity inrecent years after featuring in popular beautyblogs and YouTube videos.If you love colour, Siesta Crafts hascolour coded all their prettyproducts, which makesbrowsing even more funand stress free!Lush Canterbury is in the historic High Street,where all your favourite Lush treats - from thebeautiful bubble bar, to the exclusive goldenEaster egg bath bomb – will be found.The perfect excuse to indulging in a bubbly treatto get rid of any exam stress.

Fenwick CanterburyFor a store with everything under one roof lookno further than Fenwick Canterbury. Located inSt George’s Street, Fenwick sits opposite theChurch of St. George The Martyr.A WWII bomb destroyed most of the church on1st June 1942 and only the clock tower stillremains. Fenwick Canterbury first opened itsdoors in 1986, and has a blend of designerfashion and accessories, premium beauty &skincare products, furniture and homeware,children’s toys, and eateries.Fenwick is ideal if you want to treat yourself!Canterbury Camera CentreFancy yourself as a photographer? Or just like toget snap happy with your friends? CanterburyCamera Centre is one of Kent’s biggestindependent photographic dealers sellingeverything from DSLRs and lenses, to binocularsand telescopes.Canterbury Camera Centre is a family ownedbusiness that has been around since 1996. Ifyou’re on a budget, Canterbury Camera Centrehas used equipment from a variety of majorphotographic brands. Access a 10% studentdiscount on accessories and film purchases.HMV CanterburyHMV Canterbury first opened in November1999 and is a hub of entertainment, with thevery best films, music, technology and gameson offer. HMV Canterbury is located in theMarlowe Arcade.HMV Canterbury has regular offers that aregreat for students, so check them out today!The Marlowe Arcade was constructed in 1985and was designed to embody neo-Georgianand Victorian elements.The IT StoreUh-oh, has your iPhone screen cracked? Or did your MacBook die when you were writing your10,000 -word dissertation? Never fear, The IT Store has a variety of pre-owned MacBooks and an Applerepair service (including data recovery - phew, that’s you off of the hook) all at very affordable prices.

Tiger CanterburyMake your student house your home by addinga unique touch from Tiger, the Danish store witha distinct Scandinavian design, specialising inhigh quality homeware, accessories, stationeryand toiletries.Whether you need a toothbrush holder, ornotepads for your lectures, you will find Tiger inWhitefriars Square.Waterstones Rose LaneWaterstones in Rose Lane is a mecca for allCanterbury students! Waterstones Canterburyhas a varied and exciting display of books forboth study and pleasure!For all you super keen bookworms, there aresome intriguing evening book events fromrenowned authors. You can collect studentrewards when purchasing your books fromWaterstones - collect 10 points for every 1 youspend. Waterstones also has a café that looksout to the bustling street below, so you can enjoyyour book with a view.H&M CanterburyH&M is a Swedish fashion chain that wasfounded in 1947, and is one of the world’sleading fashion brands.H&M is known for its quality and sustainablegarments at low prices. So, whether you’relooking for cool basics or a going-out outfit,H&M Canterbury has got it all! You will findH&M Canterbury in the popular WhitefriarsSquare area, within easy access of Canterburybus station.PrimarkHow could we not include Primark Canterbury inour bargain fashion destinations? Primark isfamous for its low cost fashion, adored by savvymoney saving students across the country.Thanks to Primark, students can buy a wholeoutfit for around 20! With 3 floors stocked withthe latest trends, you’re bound to find yourperfect look and it won’t break the bank.

10 great hotels and B&Bsin CanterburyWhether you’re looking for a delicious meal, agreat night out with your friends or a trendy newbar for a drink to end the week with it’s commonknowledge that Canterbury has loads of thingsfor people to enjoy.With so much on offer a day just isn’t enough,which is why the wide range of hotels and B&Bsis a must to know about. Whether you’reheading back to Canterbury after graduating,or want somewhere for your parents tostay when they visit, Canterbury haslots of different hotels to suit alltastes and budgets.We’ve selected 10 of Canterbury’s great hotelsand B&Bs, so whether you’re looking for quirkyor a touch of the traditional, you’re sure to findsomething that suits.Bijou AbodeIf you’re looking for a guesthouse with adifference, Bijou Abode is for you. ChaucerHouse, opposite The Marlowe Theatre, offerstwo 30 square metre guest rooms - The Circleand Upper Circle – providing loads of room toget comfortable.With great details like stylish furnishings, large ensuite wet-rooms with under-floor heating, majesticslipper baths, free internet and luxury salon-qualityhair dryers, Bijou Abode is fit for a King.Fun Fact: The word ‘canter’ actually has its origins inCanterbury. Many pilgrims used to race their horses backto the city to beat curfew, leading to the expressionCanterbury trot, or canter.

Cathedral Gate HotelPacked full of history, with ancient beams,sloping floors and low doorways, the CathedralGate Hotel offers modern travellers a place torest in the heart of Canterbury. The oldest partsof the hotel date back to 1438, and you cantrace the building’s long history in the rooms andalong the passageways.However, history doesn’t mean you forfeitmodern comforts; all rooms contain in-roomtelephones, televisions and Wi-Fi. Why not graba drink and head to the roof terrace, offeringpicture perfect views of Canterbury Cathedral which is just thirty paces away.Book directly through their website and enjoy afree drink at the bar. Or, mention that you’ve readCaxtons’ Guide to the 10 great hotels and B&Bsin Canterbury and receive 10% off when youbook between October and May.Tudor House B&BA stone’s throw from the heart of the city, theTudor House B&B is the ideal accommodationfor those who want to be at the heart of all theaction. As a family-run guest house, TudorHouse is jam-packed with character and historyand offers rooms with all the facilities you need tohave a memorable stay. Note: there are no liftsat Tudor House, and no ground floor bedrooms,so talk to the team if you’re worried aboutmobility issues.The FalstaffAs one of the most popular hotels in Canterbury,The Falstaff is a great place to stay if you’relooking for an amazing location paired withcomfort and style. Choose from one of the 46en-suite bedrooms at The Falstaff, all of whichoffer free Wi-Fi and come with a full Englishbreakfast included in the price.Fancy a treat? Opt for one of the Superiorbedrooms for wood panelling and fireplaces, orone of the rooms in The Tap or the Old Woodmillfor a more contemporary look and feel.

The Retro B&BIf you fancy something a bit different then head forthe The Retro B&B, just a short stroll from thecentre of the city, Canterbury West railway stationand the Westgate. Originally a late Victorian villa,The Retro B&B is all about quirky touches thatpreserve the essence of the building’s history.From rooms with beautiful bay windows to superfun family rooms celebrating all things British including red double decker London bus bunkbeds. Rooms include free wireless internet, colourTVs, tea and coffee making facilities.After your night’s stay, enjoy a seriously goodbreakfast, cooked to order using great localproduce wherever possible. With vegetarian andlighter bites available too, you’re sure to findsomething that suits.Canterbury Cathedral LodgeBoasting one of the best locations in the city,Canterbury Cathedral Lodge is a terrific choicefor those looking for somewhere special to stay.Offering a great mix of unique and contemporarystyling in the centre of the city, the hotel givesguests the option to wake up with views of theCathedral. And with super comfortable rooms,en-suite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, tea and coffeemaking facilities and LCD TVs with Freeview, youmay never want to leave the room!Enjoy a full English breakfast in the RefectoryRestaurant before a visiting the Cathedral; hotelresidents get free entrance to the Cathedral, asaving of 12 per person.ABode CanterburyLooking for a funky luxury touch for yourCanterbury city stay? ABode Canterbury is theplace to be. Centrally located within the citywalls. ABode Canterbury is a short walk from theCathedral, main shopping area, restaurants andbars and is the perfect place from which toexplore all that Canterbury has to offer.With luxurious Vi-Spring beds, contemporarydecor and stylish touches to be foundthroughout, ABode Canterbury is the spot forthose looking for a memorable stay. Check outtheir great package deals, some include adelicious dinner in the County Restaurant,others, a tasty breakfast.

Pilgrims HotelIf you’re looking for somewhere with restaurantoptions then the Pilgrims Hotel is the place foryou. As the only hotel in Canterbury city centrewith two restaurants, the Pilgrims Hotel offersguests the option of an English cuisine restaurantor French Brasserie, so you’re bound to findsomething that takes your fancy.Have a drink in the traditional low-beamed bar,which is stocked with local ales, before headingfor your room to make the most of thecomfortable facilities. Located opposite TheMarlowe Theatre, Pilgrims Hotel is a great placeto enjoy a night in the city after a show.The House of AgnesThe House of Agnes is a hotel experience with adifference. Rooms are themed around great citiesof the world, so you can experience a night inParis, Boston, Marrakech or Shanghai withoutevery leaving Canterbury. How many people cansay that?The quirky House of Agnes bed and breakfast hasthe largest walled garden in Canterbury, a lovelyplace to sit and enjoy a drink in the sunshine.Within easy access of Canterbury West railwaystation, and just a short walk from the Cathedral,restaurants, bars, shops and the Marlowe Theatre,The House of Agnes is a perfect base to exploreeverything that the city has to offer. Book directlyfor the best rates, and enjoy on-going offers forregular bookings (perfect for when your parentscome to stay).The Arthouse B&BClose to Canterbury West railway station, TheArthouse is a tall Victorian building that offersvisitors to Canterbury a comfortable, trendy spotto rest after a busy day shopping or exploring thecity’s attractions. Once the Victorian fire house,The Arthouse is now a quirky guesthouse with aliving area, modern kitchen and comfortablebedrooms.The living areas have TVs, DVD players andmusic centres, as well as a selection of boardgames and books for guests to enjoy. Head toThe Arthouse during the summer months andenjoy a drink in the courtyard garden - a perfectand private escape from the bustle of the city.

10 great restaurantsin CanterburyWhen it comes to living in Canterbury, the city has so much to offer, from bars and trendy places to eatto a host of cafés, pubs and other venues - all of which make it a great place to be. As a cultural hub,Canterbury has an exciting fusion of history and unique experiences, all of which make it one of the bestplaces to find a new favourite restaurant or cool new bar to make your favourite weekly spot.With so much choice it can be tough to know where to begin on your culinary expedition. But don’tworry you’re not on this journey alone. We’ve made a list of some of the best places to eat inCanterbury, with everything from brunch venues and fish favourites to cuisines from across the globe.Now you just have to decide which one you’re going to try first.ZeusA family-owned favourite in the heart of the city, Zeus is a trendy Greek restaurant that’s bigon freshly cooked dishes packed full of Greek flare. It’s all about family at Zeus, and by thetime you leave, you’ll be one of the family too.All of the food at Zeus is prepared daily and made to order, with the skilled chefs makingeverything in-house to ensure that quality is never compromised. It’s this dedicationto homemade fresh food that ensures authentic Greek flavours can besuccessfully mixed with some creative, modern twists - perfect for bringinga touch of something new to the Canterbury restaurant scene.Looking for a different night out? Head down on a live Greekmusic night and enjoy one of their great range of Greekwines or spirits with your meal; the perfect way to letyour hair down as the end of term approaches.Don’t forget to try the coffee – authentic tothe end.Fun Fact: Harry Potter film makers initially wondered if CanterburyCathedral could be used as the set for Hogwarts. Unfortunately,the Canterbury authorities declined the offer, claiming that theywere worried that the ‘pagan’ themes could offend Christians.

Pinocchio’sEnjoy classic Italian favourites at Pinocchio's inCastle Street where the family-run restaurant isbringing a taste of a traditional trattoria to the heartof Canterbury. With food prepared to order usingthe best produce from the south of Italy or localingredients from Kent, the menu features highquality favourites like tagliatelle bolognese andlasagna, as well pizzas, calzones, risotto and steak.Enjoy a bite to eat with your mates in this laid-backrestaurant, or take your parents when they come tovisit. With a specials menu that changes regularlyand a great value lunchtime menu, there’s noexcuse not to eat at Pinocchio’s.TamagoFounded in 2013, Tamago is a Japanese diningexperience to enjoy. Created by Anglo-Japaneseowners, Tamago is all about Japanese soul food- the kind of food that makes you feel good, andwant to eat more. Experience a greatatmosphere, informal dining and deliciousJapanese flavours in a stylish setting with superfriendly staff. Sounds terrific, right?To find this truly traditional take on Japanesecuisine, go to the independent hub of Northgateand the King’s Mile. Try the curries and ramenwith some of the tasty sides, such as takoyakifried octopus and gyoza, or a bento box if youwants lots of different taste elements.A La TurkaLooking for a taste of Turkey in the heart ofCanterbury? Well, you’re in luck. A La Turka is atraditional Turkish restaurant celebrating thecuisine that originates in the south-eastern Turkishregion of Gaziantep. Located on the historical silkroute, this area boasts cuisine that features a richand diverse fusion of cultures and flavours, withthe city offering a paradise for food lovers fromacross the world.Fortunately, you don’t have to travel the world toenjoy this incredible food for yourself.- just visit ALa Turka at St Dunstan’s and Northgate inCanterbury. As the only restaurant in Kentrepresenting the region’s cuisine, A La Turka offersa unique dining experience that won’t disappoint.The family-run business is all about providing bigflavour in a traditional way, using time-oldtechniques and traditional ingredients to offer atruly authentic meal.

Cafe MauresqueIf you’re looking for fusion cuisine that packs a punchwhen it comes to flavour then go straight to CafeMauresque. This restaurant has been providing thefolk of Canterbury with a mix of Spanish and NorthAfrican cuisine since 2004 and now has a host ofloyal customers who flock to its doors for aflavoursome meal to brighten their day. From tapas totagines and the classic Spanish favourite, paella,you’re sure to find something on the menu to exciteyour taste buds.Take a trip into the lantern-lit cellar to experience themagic of Cafe Mauresque for yourself. With a menupacked full of fresh ingredients, many of which arelocally sourced, it’s easy to see why this has becomea favourite of Canterbury’s cool crowd. After 5pmfrom Sunday to Thursday, students can enjoy 15% offtheir food bill. Or go during the day and look at thelunch menu - perfect for a post-lecture pick-me-up.Cafe des AmisWith a tasty fusion of Mexican and Mediterraneanflavours, drawing on the best elements of theculture and history of both areas, Cafe des Amis isa favourite among Canterbury foodies looking forsome memorable Mexican flare. With lots of sharingdishes and plenty of Mexican favourites like fajitas,tacos, tostadas and burritos, this is the perfectplace to visit with friends for a night of tasty foodand a few cocktails.Make the most of happy hour between 5pm and6pm, Monday to Friday and enjoy half price beers,frozen cocktails and wine by the glass. The twocourse set menu also offers great value for money perfect for an any day treat!Saint Smokey’s BBQ HouseNothing says feel good food quite like seriously smokyBBQ, and fortunately for Canterbury residents don’t have togo far to get their supply. Follow the mouth-watering smokyscent to The Borough, where you’ll find Saint Smokey'sBBQ House - a traditional family-run BBQ joint where flavouris the top priority.Created by a father and son, the menu at Saint Smokey's hasbeen inspired by more than four generations of family recipesand Caribbean favourites. Now, the family duo have gathered their knowledge and inspiration into amenu of unforgettable BBQ dishes, including a range of unique BBQ sauces that feature throughout themenu. With freshly flame-grilled chicken, liberally coated in smoky, sweet, tasty BBQ sauce, you’re sureto find some of the most authentic and enjoyable BBQ food you’ve ever experienced.

The AmbretteLooking for the perfect place to go when yourparents visit, or want a touch of luxury to breakup the budgeting? Look no further than TheAmbrette. Located in Beer Cart Lane, TheAmbrette boasts a central location close to theCathedral, making it an excellent choice forthose looking for a tasty meal during theiradventures around the city.This high quality family restaurant offers diners aseasonal menu that makes use of locallysourced and sustainable produce resulting inexcellent dishes and choice. For exoticingredients that can’t be found locally, the teamfollow strict guidelines to ensure that sourcing isdone in the best way for the planet –so it’s betteron the plate. These seasonal ingredients meanthat the Indian-inspired menu changes quarterly,so make sure you plan a few visits throughoutthe year to see all that The Ambrette has to offer.The Kitch CafeEveryone knows how important it is to have agood breakfast to start your day - but a goodbreakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Kitch offersdelicious, fresh, homemade food, from naturaland whole grain seasonal ingredients. The use ofseasonal ingredients means that the menuchanges frequently, so you’ll find

guide, you will experience the sights, sounds and smells of medieval England as you travel the Pilgrims Way, eventually ending up at St Thomas Becket’s shrine. Canterbury Tales Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and the most noteworthy Christian buildings in England. Christians have been worshipping at the Cathedral site for more than .

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January 2021 / Canterbury Tales Page 3 Canterbury 2020 Holiday Hayride Canterbury held its annual holiday hayride on December 6th. While this year’s hayride was a little different from last year’s event it was well attended. Masks were required and families were able to sit together. The two hay wagons toured the Canterbury neigh-

Canterbury pilgrimage. Chaucer's original plan, to have each pilgrim tell two stories on the way to Canterbury and two more on the way back, was never completed; we have tales only on the way to Canterbury. In The Prologue are portraits of all levels of English life. The order of the portraits is important because it provides a

The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury TalesThe Canterbury Talesis considered Chaucer’s masterpiece for several rea-sons. First, it marks the beginnings of a new tradi-tion: Chaucer was the first writer to use English in a major literary work. Secondly, it gives a picture of a cross-section of society during the 1300s.

Canterbury Tales is published monthly from September through June. In Memoriam Lord, keep our friends in your loving care. Canterbury Tales Published by the Residents Council and the Staff of Canterbury Court William Riley December 5, 2016 Summary of Residents Council Position Through November 30, 2016 In US Dollars Actual Actual Budget

In addition toThe Canterbury Tales, Chaucer wrote a number of other important poems and prose texts, includingTroilus and Criseyde, a romantic, mythological tragedy;The Book of the Duchess, a courtly elegy; and a scientific treatise on the astrolabe. KEY FACTS Full Title: The Canterbury Tales Genre: Estate satire Setting: The road to Canterbury .

The Canterbury Tales Prologue in Middle English The Canterbury Tales Prologue Geoffrey Chaucer and the Canterbury Cathedral Paradise Lost by John Milton (Poetry Reading) Scene’s from Milton’s Paradise Lost, Book 1 Discussion The Canterbury Tales Assignment Examination of the

The purpose of the Nursing Workforce Education Plan is to provide an overview of the strategic direction for the ongoing development of a Canterbury nursing workforce. The last five years has resulted in major disruptions . Prior to the Canterbury earthquakes Canterbury had teaching, research and simulation rooms which were not fit for