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Class: VIII (MATHS)Summative Assessment I: ( April to st &SeptemberUnits12457131510TopicsSquare and Square RootsCube and Cube RootsDirect and Inverse VariationProfit and LossAlgebraic identitiesIntroductions to GraphStatistics and ProbabilityMarks1310111312714Parallel Lines10FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1:- Unit test (10 marks)ACTIVITIES FOR FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT of discounted bill, find Cost price,Marked price, Selling price, Discount(4)Probability from real situations (Tossing a coin , Rolling a dice) (lab activity)(4)Probability of vowels or any alphabets from given paragraphs (4)Book cover designs (4)Mandala –Rangoli designs (4)Summative Assessment II: ( October -Feb)Months UnitsTopicsMarksOctober3Exponents and Radicals12October6Compound Interest15November8Polynomials12November9Linear structions7January & 14,16Mensuration14FebruaryRotation and Symmetry4FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 3:- Unit test (10 marks)SUGGESTIVE ACTIVITIES FOR FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT41. area of rectilinear figures (4)Mensuration models (Polyhedrons) (4)Symmetry from environment (4)Angle sum property of a quadrilateral (lab activity) (4)Map Drawing ( Library, way to home, computerlab) (4)

SYLLABUS FOR THE CLASS VIIISESSION 2012 - 2013APRIL - SEPTEMBEROCTOBER - MARCHMonth-wise Syllabus forSummative Assessment IMonth-wise Syllabus forSummative Assessment IIAPRIL :Literature : Three QuestionsGranny’s Tree ClimbingPractice Book : TensesNarrationEnglish Reader : Changing Time (Topics –Tradition against Modernity, The concept offun-filled vacation has Changed)Composition : NoticeDialogue CompletionGrammar : Sentence ReorderingMAY :Literature : The Fun They HadPractice Book : Subject-Verb AgreementSample Paper-IComposition : E-mailGrammar : Editing, OmissionJULY :Literature : Father’s HelpMy MotherPractice Book : ModalsPunctuationEnglish Reader : Compassionate Souls(Topic - Simple living, High thinking)Composition : Diary Entry, SpeechAUGUST :Literature : Children’s SongPractice Book : Reading for Understanding (poems)Composition : Informal LetterEnglish Reader : Enterprise (Topics Role models can influence lives, Successcomes to those who will and dare)OCTOBER :Literature : LuncheonCoupletsPractice Book : Clauses and ComplexSentencesSample Paper-IIGrammar : Note Writing, Editing, OmissionComposition : Notice, Diary EntryNOVEMBER :Literature : The Case of a Sharp-eyed JewellerA Bad DreamPractice Book : Active and Passive VoiceEnglish Reader : Nature (Topics - GlobalWarming, Nature Conservation)Composition : Message, Bio-sketchDECEMBER :Literature : The Undeserved RewardBangle SellersPractice Book : LinkersNon-FinitesEnglish Reader : Sports and Games(Topic - Value of Games and Sports in life)Composition : Description Writing, ArticleJANUARY :Practice Book : Getting Ready for Class IXReading for Understanding(passages)English Reader : Tolerance (Topics Tolerance – Need of the hour, Caring forthe elderly)Composition : Formal LetterGrammar : Sentence ReorderingFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1Unit TestFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 3Unit TestFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 230 MarksGroup Discussion20 MarksSpell Check20 MarksNews Reading20 MarksMaintenance of Notebooks andRegularity in work10 MarkPoem RecitationFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 450 MarksProject Work30 MarksExtempore / Debate /Enacting Real Life Situations20 MarksMaintenance of Notebooks andRegularity in work

Class-VIIISubject :Social ScienceFIRST TERM:(April to August)April:Geography: Lesson-1 : Resources:Utilization and DevelopmentLesson -2: Natural Resources:Land ,soil and waterHistory :Lesson -8: The Modern Period(8)(10)(4)May :History :Civics :Lesson – 9: Establishment of Company rule in IndiaLesson -15: Role of the ConstitutionLesson -16: Indian Constitution(8)(11)(6)July :Geography :Lesson :3: Natural Resources:Vegetation and WildlifeHistory :Lesson -10: Colonialism:Rural and Tribal SocietiesLesson -11: The First War of Independence -1857(8)(8)(10)August:Civics:Lesson- 17: The Union GovernmentLesson -18: The Union LegislatureGeography Map:Lesson 2 & 3FA IUnit TestFA IIProject file – Medicinal plantsProject file - Historical monumentsPPT- Multipurpose River Valley projectsPPT- Wildlife SancturiesActivity - Plantation / Slogan writing(6)(7)(4)Second Term (September to Feb)October:Geography: Lesson-4: Mineral and Energy ResourcesLesson-5: AgricultureHistory:Lesson-12: Impact of British Rule on India(6)(7)(11)November:History: Lesson -13: The Nationalist Movement(1870 to 1947)Lesson -14: India Marches towards IndependenceCivics : Lesson -19: The Union Executive(12)(7)(8)December :Geography : Lesson -6: Manufacturing IndustriesLesson-7: Human ResourceCivics :Lesson -20: The Judiciary(7)(6)(8)January:Civics:Lesson-21:Lesson -22:Geography Map :FA IIIUnit TestFA IVActivityProject fileSkitPPTProject fileSafeguarding the MarginalisedSocial Justice and the MarginalisedLesson - 6 & 7-Process of Election-Pasting pictures of Indian Presidents & Vice Presidents- Nationalism in India- Infrastructural facilities in India since Independence- Delhi before & after Independence(7)(7)(4)

MonthsAprilMayJulyAugustSYLLABUS G.SCIENCECLASS VIII ( SESSION 2012-2013)SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – 1APRIL TO SEPTEMBERCh. NoChapter name1The cell its structure AndfunctionMicroorganisms :friends or foesMetals and Non- metalsForce and pressurePollution of airFrictionSources of energyConservation of plants andanimalsElectric Current and itsChemical EffectsEarth Quakes234195681618FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT I :Marks8101211798995Unit TestFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT II1.2.3.4.Class Work/ Home Work/ Class tests / Assignments. (4 marks)Multiple choice questions (4 marks)Role play (endemic species / microorganisms – friends or foes). (4 marks)Project Report ( Electricity consumption in homes before and after taking precautions/earthquake zones/chemicals used as preservatives in different food-items).(4 marks)5. Working model. (4 marks)SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT - II (October to March)MonthsCh. NoOctober78November10DecemberJanuary & February11121314151720ChaptersCombustionCrop production and itsmanagementRefraction and Dispersion oflightThe human eyeSoundSynthetic fibers and plasticsReproduction in animalsReaching the age ofadolescenceStars and solar systemPollution of watersFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT III:Unit TestFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT IV1. Class Work/ Home Work/ Class tests / Assignments. (4 marks)2. Multiple choice questions (4 marks)3. Open book test / Group discussion. (4 marks)4. Diagram activity.(4 marks)5. Practicals (copy viva). (4 marks)Marks1110117111010776

DAV Public School, BallbahgarhClass-VIIIComputer Science, Session: 2012-13SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – IMonthChapterFA ActivityAprilCh.2 Working with Text and Imagesin HTMLCh.3 Creating Tables and Linking inHTMLCh.4 Introduction to MS FrontPageCh.5 More About About FrontPagesCh.7 Introduction to Photoshop Create your blog in HTMLMayJulyAugCh.8 Tools used in Photoshop Create your Class Time table in HTMLProject: Create your school website inFrontPage Change background of an image Combine two image into one Using healing brush tool , heal an image. Using brush tool, change different type ofbackgrounds.Sep.Summative Assessment-1SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT-IIOct & Nov.Ch. 6 Introduction to Visual BasicDecDec & JanJanFebCh. 9 Networking and E-commerceCh. 1 Introduction to MS-AccessCh. 6 Programming TechniqueSummative Assessment-2 Design a simple calculator in VB Design a form to calculate perimeter andArea of a circle. Demo of e-tickets, e-banking, e-shopping. Design an Students database in Access

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d{kk&vkBohafo"k; & fgUnhizFke l k (vizSy ls flrEcj) 2012&13ApO la :&ana saagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 1 ‚2, 5Pa p Qaanaacaaya- sao Kola saamaga I ]plabQa krvaanao hotu p .ma[- :&ana saagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 7 ,8jaulaa[- :&ana va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 4, 10Agast :&ana saagar va AByaasa saagar- Paaz 13, 15vyaakrNa :p laoKna - AnaaOpcaairk evaM AaOpcaairk (P aQaanaacaaya-,sampadk evaM ima AaOr sambaiQayaaoM kao) AByaasa saagar pr AaQaairt saBaI p AnaucCod laoKna –kpyaa-varNa (p dUYaNa kI samasyaa AaOr samaaQaana,vaRxaaraopNaKKola (mah va,ip ya Kola)gaAadSa- [email protected] (jaOsao klpnaa caavalaa,Da M0 e0pI0jao0 Abdula klaama AaidGayaa a (pva-tIya AaOr kalpinak yaa a) kalpinak (yaid maOM p Qaanaacaaya- haota / haotI Aaid)rcanaa%mak maUlyaaMkna (Formative Assessment) FA1 FA2F.A.1 :[ka[- prIxaaF.A. 2 : gaRhkaya- \ kxaakaya- ³4 , piryaaojanaa kaya- ³8 , cayainat ivaYaya kaya-klaap ³8 naaoT : piryaaojanaa kaya- yaa pavar pa[MT p stuitkrNa daonaaoM sa aoM maoM ek baar hI ilayaa jaayaogaa.kaya- klaap - daoho yaa kivata, mauhavaraoM ka maUk AiBanaya kr ]nakI phcaana ,GaUmata cak yaa ica vaNa-na krnaa , samaacaar vaacana ,AivasmarNaIya GaTnaa saunaanaa baIrbala \ tonaalaIrama kI haijar jabaabaI sao sambainQat ikssao vaad-ivavaad Aaidf}rh; l k (vDVwcj ls ekpZ) [email protected]: &anasaagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 3 AaOr 6navambar : &anasaagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 9 AaOr 11idsambar: &anasaagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 12 Aaor 14janavarI: &anasaagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 16 Aaor 17frvarI : &anasagar va AByaasa saagar - Paaz 18vyaakrNa :p laoKna- AnaaOpcaairk evaM AaOpcaairk (P aQaanaacaaya- sampadk evaM ima AaOr sambaiQayaaoM kao)AnaucCod laoKna12345pva- (raYT/Iya evaM saamaaijakiva&aana (AaivaYkar,laaBa va hainasaamaaijak kurIityaa M(baalaEama,dhoja,inarxarta Aaid)p akRitk Aapda (BaUkmp,baaZ, Aaidkalpinak(kaSa ! maOM vaRxa haota Aaid)rcanaa%mak maUlyaaMkna (Formative Assessment) F.A.3 F.A.4F.A.3 : [ka[- prIxaaF.A.4 : gaRhkaya- \ kxaakaya- ³4 , piryaaojanaa kaya- ³8 , cayainat ivaYaya kaya-klaap ³8 .

SUBJECT - MUSIC - VIIISUBMATIVE ASSESSMENT APRIL TO SEPTEMBER 2012 - 13MonthAprilMayJulyAugustActivityBhajan- Aye Hansraj teri dharti ko .(Hansraj song)Prayer – Tu hi meri aasha Samapan Gaan – Prabhu Hamara Bhajan – Bhala kisi ka Kar na Sako to .National Anthem, National song, Sargam.Prarthanaupasana mantra 1 to 4Geet – Prabhu Tere Chrno main .Project Work - Folk dances of IndiaPrayer – Neela Aasman ke par .Bhajan – Bhagwan Meri Naiya .Prayer – Koi Nahin Kar Sake ga Bhajan- Aye Hansraj teri dharti ko .Tal- TeentalPrayer : - Bhagan har jagah hai Patriotic Song : - Chale Chale Hum .Bhajan – Bhala kisi ka Kar na Sako to .Simple definition of Nad,Sangeet & Tal,SUBMATIVE ASSESSMENT OCTOBER TO FEBRUARY 2012 - 13OctoberBhaan :- Choti si Teri hai .Prayer – Koi Nahin Kar Sake ga Bhajan- Aye Hansraj teri dharti ko .Simple definition of Acoustics,Shruti & Matra.Prarthanaupasanamantra 1-8November Prayer :- Guru Mata Pita DecemberJanuaryFebruaryOm Ka Jhanda Aaya .Bhajan- Aye Hansraj teri dharti ko .Bhajan – Bhala kisi ka Kar na Sako to .Prayer – Neela Aasman ke parBhajan : - Bharat Ka Kar Gaya Bera Par . (Dayanand Song)Patriotic Song : - Chale Chale Hum .Bhajan – Bhala kisi ka Kar na Sako to .Taal - dadraPatriotic Song :- Hind Jage to Vishwa Jagegah Prayer – Koi Nahin Kar Sake ga Prayer – Neela Aasman ke parGeet :- Ye Dhara ye gagan (Earth Day Song)Prayer – Koi Nahin Kar Sake ga Patriotic Song : - Chale Chale Hum .Bhajan – Bhala kisi ka Kar na Sako to .

S YLLABUS SESSION -2012 -2013CLASS -8 SUBJECT –DRAWINGSUMMITIVE ASSESMENT –I APRIL TO SEPTEMBERMONTHAPRILMAYJULYAUGUST OFEBRUARYTOPICSTEP –BY –STEP –Pages 1 to 10STEP – BY—STEP –pages 11 to 20Quotation Writing (Calligraphy) Topic – Success/GoalSTEP – BY –STEP –Pages 21 to 30Day to Day life(Scene Drawing)STEP – BY –STEP –Pages 31 to 46Terrorism (Poster Drawing)ASSESMENT – II OCTOBER TO MARCH1. Rangoli Designs2. Help Elders (Scene Drawing)1. Portraits of Nehru/Gandhi (Shading Work)2. Picnic Scene (Scene Drawing)1. Christmas Fare (Scene Drawing)2. Card Making.1. Still life (Vegetables Shading)

CLASS VIII ( SESSION 2012-2013) SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – 1 APRIL TO SEPTEMBER Months Ch. No Chapter name Marks April 1 The cell its structure And function 8 2 Microorganisms :friends or foes 10 3 Metals and Non- metals 12 May 4 Force and pressure 11 19 Pollution of air 7 July 5 Friction 9 6 Sources of energy 8