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COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF ALLEGHENY COUNTYPURCHASING DEPARTMENT800 ALLEGHENY AVENUE, PITTSBURGH, PA 15233ADDENDUM NO. 3BID PROPOSAL NO. 977‐2REPLACE FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS ‐ OCSSEPTEMBER 21, 2016The following additional information is hereby made a part of this bid proposal:The due date has been extended one week to Thursday, September 29,2016 at 2:00 p.m.Various questions and answers:Please provide manufacturer specifications on existing acoustical ceiling tile and grid.USG Ceilings 133 White Fineline F FissuredUSG DONN DXF 229 Flat White 050 2’ Cross Tee 204102USG DONN DXF 429 N Flat White 050 4’ Notched Cross Tee 204036Armstrong 934A Comm Equiv.: 704, Random TexturedArmstrong Contractor Series Ceiling PanelsSee accompanying specification pages.End of Addendum ******************************Sign addendum and submit to the College with your original bid.Company NameBidder’s Signature

CORTEGA /CORTEGA Second Look Square Lay-in & Tegularmedium textureCortega Angled Tegular panels with Prelude 15/16" suspension system(Pgs. 279-280)Cortega Second Look ll panels with Suprafine 9/16" suspension system(Pgs. 287-288)Cortega offers a medium-textured, economical solution with standard acoustical absorption.KEY SELECTION ATTRIBUTESTYPICAL APPLICATIONS Economical   Non-directional visual reduces scrap and installation time Storage and supply rooms Discount stores   Utility Rooms (excludes Second Look items) Geometric Scored Visuals (Second Look items) FACE VIEWCortega Second Look I panels –Scoring creates nominal 12" x 12" squaresCOLORS Cortega Second Look II panels –Scoring creates nominal 24" x 24" squaresColored ceilings are dye-lotted and should be segregated by dye lot. Do not mix.WhiteDETAILSTech Black (BL)Item 769(Other Suspension Systems compatible. Refer to listing on page 174.)117323TechLine SM 877 Cortega Square Lay-in2. Cortega Beveled Tegular3. Cortega Second Look4. Cortega Lay-in with Prelude 15/16" suspension system5. Cortega Beveled Tegular with Suprafine 9/16" suspension system

acousticsmaterialingredientreportinglow emitting/materialslightingqualityCORTEGA2 ND LOOKCalculate LEED contribution cer resp.biobasedmaterialsrecycledcontentsourcing ofraw materialsmedium textureEPDSquare Lay-in & Tegular LOCATION DEPENDENT–Std StdStd 1-YrFire0.82Guard –Std StdStd 1-Yr33–ClassA0.5535 35 35 40 35 35 N/A––0.5533–0.5535 35 35* N/A– urability24 x 24 x 5/8"600 x 600 x 15mm24 x 24 x 5/8"Certified LowVOC Emissions770770M824SagResistNo.Anti-Mold& ClassifiedAcousticsDimensions(Inches)Pgs. 295-299 ItemFireRatingSusp. Dwg. Dots represent high level of performance.LightReflectPERFORMANCE SELECTIONTotalAcoustics1VISUAL SELECTIONEdgeProfileCORTEGALEED RECYCLEDCONTENTenergymanagementconstructionwaste mgmtregionalmaterialsdesign forflexibilityUP TOCORTEGA /CORTEGA Second Look 43% 55%CORTEGA Square Lay-in15/16" Square Lay-in11Square Lay-in9/16" Angled Tegular15/16" Angled Tegular1119/16" Chamfered TegularCirrus Profiles ChamferedCORTEGA Tegular15/16"Angled Tegular9/16"ChamferedTegularCirrusWrappedProfiles Chamfered9/16"Linear andMixed Corner “B”(Flumes, Graphis Linear Corner9/16"Beveled& Dots& Squares)9/16" BeveledTegularClassicStep Tegular15/16" Chamford TegularCirrus Profiles ChamferedUltima15/16"Plank ChamfordShipLap TegularLongEdgeProfilesDetail 12CirrusChamferedConcealedSquare Edge K4C4ConcealedSquareEdgeLay-inSquareK4C415/16" Chamford TegularCirrus Profiles Chamfered2765Tongue and Groove15/16" Angled TegularA 8-IDGraphis(99) (drw10) LinearWrappedand Cubic15/16" FlushB TegularLedgesTongue and GrooveUltima Plank ShipLapLong Edge DetailA24 x 48 x 3/4"9/16" Wrapped gateand Cubic276724 xUltima Plank ShipLapK2C2Short2776C0.55ConcealedSoft Look Radiused TegularBABVector4815/16"x 3/4"CD0.55CD15/16" Vector C & 0.55D0.5524 x 48 x 3/4"–ClassA0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr–FireGuard0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr–Class 0.82–A Classic Step Tegular15/16Std StdStd 1-Yr–(drw 10) –Class 8-ID (99)0.82AStd StdStd 1-Yr–ClassAClassA–––0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr0.82–Std StdStd 1-YrClassA0.82–Std StdStd 1-YrFireGuard0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr15/16 Classic Step Tegular(99) (drw 10) –Class 8-ID 0.82Std StdStd 1-YrAClassAClassA0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr35 –ClassA0.82–Std StdStd 1-Yr40 35 30–FireGuard0.82–Std Std 1-Yr–ClassA0.82–Std Std 1-Yr–ClassA0.82–Std Std 1-YrDCDanUltimaidealcombinationof noisereduction and sound-blocking performance in one product. Add 2-letter color suffix to item number when specifying or ordering (e.g., 769 B L).Plank ShipLapUltima Plank ShipLap15/16" Vector C & DLong Edge DetailK2C2 Short9/16" Cubic GraphisConcealed15/16 Classic Step Tegular* UltimaItem Plank2195ShipLap– CAC 31 on 9/16"SoftSilhouetteor Trimlok.NeoCubicLook RadiusedTegularBeveled Tegular Short 8-ID (99) (drw 10)9/16"Prelude , Prelude XL Silhouette Classic Step Tegular Ultima Plank ShipLapUltima Plank ShipLap15/16" Chamford TegularFire Guard1/4"Long Edge DetailBeveled Tegular ShortCirrus Profiles ingSuprafinesuspension systems9/16"NOTE:Cubic GraphisConcealed9/16" Square Cut Tegular15/16" Square Tegular9/16" Wrapped TegularNeoCubicSoft Look Radiused TegularGraphis Wrapped Linear9/16" Flush Tegular15/16" Flush Tegularand CubicLedgesLedgesSilhouette 1/8"only.Suprafine 15/16 Classic Step Tegular 8-ID (99) (drw 10)Interlude XL HRCSonata XLTrimlok PHYSICAL DATAMaterial9/16" Beveled TegularConcealed15/16"Square FlushEdge TegularK4C4Ledges9/16" Wrapped Linear andMixed Corner “B”umes, Graphis Linear Corner& Dots & Squares)ngue and Groovealed Beveled K4C415/16"Wet-formedBeveled Tegularmineral9/16"fiberSquare Cut Tegular15/16" Square TegularBCDSurface FinishAFactory-applied latex paintLinear PerformanceCubicABCDFireBeveled Crossgate15/16" Vector15/16"Vector C & DASTM E84 and CAN/ULCS102 surfaceburningcharacteristics. Flame Spread Index 25 or less.Smoke Developed Index 50 or less (ULA labeled.) BFire Guard: A fire-resistive ceiling when usedin applicable UL assembliesConcealedLinear CubicABSquareEdge K4C4Beveled CrossgateASTME1264 Classification15/16" VectorType III, Form 2, Pattern C DHumidity/Sag ResistanceStandard performance ceiling panels, adequate where9/16"theCubicbuildingGraphis is enclosedConcealedand the HVAC is continuouslyNeoCubicSoft Look Radiused Tegularfunctioning.Tongue and GrooveSM9/16"Cubic Graphis / 1 877 ARMSTRONGConcealedTechLineNeoCubicSoft Look Radiused cortega)BPCS-3017/3022-61515/16" Flush TegularLedgesVOC EmissionsThird-partycompliant with California9/16" WrappedcertifiedTegularDepartmentPublic Health CDPH/EHLB/StandardGraphis WrappedofLinearMethodandVersion1.1,2010. This standard is theCubicguideline for low emissions in LEED, CalGreen Title24, ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189; ANSI/GBIGreen Building Assessment Protocol. (Excludes 769BL)Primary D(Embodied) EnergyCSee all LCA information on our EPD’s.High Recycled ContentCContainsD greater than 50% total recycled content.15/16" Vector C & DTotal recycled content based on product compositionof post-consumer and pre-consumer (post-industrial)recycled content per FTC guidelines.Insulation Value2195, 704, 816, 703 – R Factor – 1.6 (BTU units);R Factor – 0.28 (Watts units)770, 772, 769, 773, 823, 824 – R Factor – 1.5 (BTUunits); R Factor – 0.26 (Watts units)LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building CouncilAll other trademarks used herein are the property of AWI LicensingCompany and/or its affiliates 2015 AWI Licensing CompanyPrinted in the United States of AmericaWeight; Square Feet/Carton769 – 0.61 lbs/SF; 96 SF/ctn704, 2195 – 0.63 lbs/SF; 64 SF/ctn772, 773 – 0.63 lbs/SF; 100 SF/ctn703 – 0.65 lbs/SF; 80 SF/ctn770 – 0.69 lbs/SF; 64 SF/ctn816 – 1.08 lbs/SF; 48 SF/ctn823 – 1.09 lbs/SF; 48 SF/ctn824 – 1.09 lbs/SF; 64 SF/ctn850 – 1.11 lbs/SF; 64 SF/ctn2765, 2767 – 0.73 lbs/SF; 80 SF/ctn2758 – 1.26 lbs/SF; 64 SF/ctn2776 – 0.70 lbs/SF; 80 SF/ctnMinimum Order Quantity1 carton, excludes other size panels.Metric Items Available770M, 824M, 769M, 773M, 772M, 2195M, 704M,703M, 823M – Metric items are subject to extendedlead times and minimum quantities. Contact yourrepresentative for more details.174MINER AL FIBER9/16" Chamfered TegularCirrus Profiles Chamferedngue and Groove15/16" Beveled TegularCDUltima Plank ShipLapBeveled Tegular Short0.55CD15/16" Vector C & D24 x 48 x 3/4"275811SUSPENSION SYSTEMS15/16"24 x 24 x 5/8"9/16" Cubic GraphisNeoCubic1LinearABTotalCubicAcoustics ceilingpanelshave9/16"AngledTegular15/16" Angled TegularBeveledCrossgate15/16" VectorConcealed Beveled K4C4Classic Step Tegular24 x 24 x 5/8"600 x 600 x 15mmBeveled Tegular Short119/16" Square Cut Tegular15/16" Square TegularConcealed9/16" Wrapped Linear andSquare Edge K4C4Mixed Corner “B”11(Flumes, Graphis Linear Corner& Dots Angled& Squares)15/16"Tegular Ultima Plank ShipLapLong Edge Detail 279/16" Angled Tegular9/16" Flush TegularLedgesGraphis Wrapped Linearand CubicABUltima PlankShipLapClassicStep TegularUltima Plank ShipLapK2C2ShortLongEdgeDetail70324x48x5/8"Linear CubicABBeveled Crossgate15/16" VectorCORTEGA Second Look II9/16" Angled TegularUltima Plank ShipLapBeveled Tegular Short0.5529, 44, 48, 219524 x 24 x 5/8"0.5552, 56, 6029, 44, 48, Other Size W: 12" – 30" / L: 18" – 72"N/A52,Tegular56, 60Panels5/8" ThickBeveled9/16"Square Cut Tegular15/16" Square Tegular 15/16 ClassicUltima15/16"Plank ShipLapUltima PlankShipLapTegularTegular9/16"StepWrapped15/16" Angled Tegular15/16" Beveled Tegular0.55Ultima Plank ShipLapLong xEdgeDetailx 605/8"TegularLong Edge DetailCORTEGA SecondLook IConcealed Beveled K4C424 x 48 x 5/8"704704M81612129/16" Angled Tegular7470.5520500 x 1500 x 15mm77224 x 60 x 5/8"0.55772M600 x 1500 x 15mmOtherSizeTegularW: 12"30"ShipLap/ L: 18" – 72"Ultima–PlankUltima Plank ShipLapN/A15/16" Angled9/16"Square Cut TegularSquare Tegular9/16"Wrapped TegularLong15/16"Edge DetailK2C2ShortPanels5/8" Thick1 Tegular9/16" Angled15/16" Beveled Tegular15/16" Angled Tegular24 x 48 x 5/8"Ultima Plank ShipLapK2C2 Short 0.5524600 x 1200 x 15mm773773M1Square Lay-in9/16" Beveled Tegular769 769M823Classic Step Tegular15/16" Chamford TegularCirrus Profiles Chamfered1Ultima Plank ShipLapDetailx Long48 Edgex 5/8"

acousticsmaterialingredientreportinglow emitting/materialslightingqualityHigh PerformanceSustainableCeiling Systemsrecyclable/extendedproducer resp.biobasedmaterialsrecycledcontentsourcing ofraw materialsSMLiving BuildingChallenge CompliantCalculate LEED contribution EDCONTENTenergymanagementconstructionwaste mgmtregionalmaterialsdesign forflexibilityUP TOLEED SILHOUETTE XL 1/4" Reveal9/16" Slotted Tee System30% LOCATION DEPENDENT10-YEARAvailabilityKEY SELECTION ATTRIBUTES SeismicRx Suspension System savestime and money; offer an ICC-ES approachto installations (ESR-1308) Silhouette is part of the Sustain portfolioand meets the most stringent sustainabilitycompliance standards today Hot dipped galvanized coating inhibitsred rusting better than electro galvanizedor painted systems Some items available in metric sizes Rotary-stitched during manufacture foradditional torsional strength and extrastability during installation; maintainssize and shape of reveal when cuttingperimeter cross teesTYPICAL APPLICATIONS XL2 staked-on end detail provides securelocked connection   Available with black reveal   10-Year Limited System Warranty; 30-YearLimited Ceiling Systems Warranty whenused with HumiGuard Plus products   Main beams and cross tees can beordered with special sizing and routespacing for your project needsNOTE: Additional Silhouette 1/4" revealitems for TechZone Integrated CeilingSystems are listed in the TechZone TechnicalGuide (BPCS-4486). Available online VISUAL SELECTION O fficesE  ducationR  etailH ospitalityBlizzard White powder-coated finishcoordinates perfectly with Optima and Ultima ceiling panels for a clean,seamless, monolithic installed visual.Linear lighting integration is easy withmade-to-order main beam-to-crosstee adapters, route spacing, miterspacing, and short cross tees (3" to6" lengths).PERFORMANCEFaceProfile DescriptionItemNo. HangerSpacing*Lbs./Lin. Ft.DimensionsRouteSpacing Notching (Inches)FireGuard PACKAGINGSeismicCategoryPcs./ Lin.Ft./Ctn. Ctn.4 Ft.5 Ft.Dots represent highlevel of performance.144 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"16.357.80– 20240–144 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"16.357.80– 20240Silhouette XL – 1/8" Reveal7601 9/16"12' HD Main Beam – Notched 24" O.C.24" O.C.7612 9/16"12' HD Main Beam – Unnotched 9/16"12' ID Main Beam – Notched 24" O.C.24" O.C.144 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.106.61––202407602 9/16"10' ID Main Beam – Notched 24" O.C.24" O.C.120 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.106.61––202007603 9/16"12' ID Main Beam – Notched 48" O.C.48" O.C.144 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.106.61––2024076069/16"10' ID Main Beam – Notched 30" O.C.30" O.C120 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.106.61––202007600 8' Cross Tee – Unnotched96 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"12.59**–– 20160XL7690 9/16"6' Cross Tee – Unnotched–72 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"12.59**–– 20120XL7650 9/16"5' Cross Tee – Unnotched–60 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"–6.09– 30150XL7655 9/16"5' Cross Tee – Center-notched, both sides–60 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"–5.71– 30150XL7654 9/16"5' Cross Tee – Notched, both sides at 20", 40" –60 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"–5.71– 30150XL7651 9/16"5' Cross Tee – Notched, one side at 20", 40" –XL768060 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"–5.71– 30150XL7640 9/16"4' Cross Tee – Unnotched–48 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.53–– 60240XL7645 9/16"4' Cross Tee – Center-notched, both sides–48 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"12.85–– 60240XL7646 4' Cross Tee – Center-notched, one side–48 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"13.21–– 60240XL7670 9/16"30" Cross Tee – Unnotched–30 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"39.86 @ 2.5' –– 60150XL7620 9/16"2' Cross Tee – Unnotched–24 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"69.6971.66 @ 2'– 60120XL7610 9/16"1' Cross Tee – Unnotched–12 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"69.6971.66– 120120XL7606 9/16"6" Cross Tee – Unnotched–6 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"––– 6020XL76044" Cross Tee – Unnotched–4 x 9/16 x 1-3/4"––– 6020 9/16"9/16"Other Sizes 9/16"Main beams L: 36” - 144” / Cross tees L: 6” - 144” / Route spacing 3” from ends, 6” thereafterVaries VariesASTM FlangeHD - Heavy-dutyID - Intermediate-dutyLin. Ft./Ctn.360Suggested Wall Moldings and Shadow Moldings (Additional molding options available. See catalog pgs. 269-270)7804 12' Hemmed Angle Molding144"9/16"7/8"–307873 10' Shadow Molding120"9/16"15/16"3/8"303007878 ***10' Seismic Shadow Molding120"15/16"15/16"3/8"30300** Wire at 4'*** Suitable for Category D, E, F Seismic Installation with BERC2 clip* Simple SpanItems available in Standard and Blizzard White powder-coated finish Items available in Blizzard White powder-coated finish onlyWhen specifying or ordering items with a color or finish, add the two-letter suffix to the end of the item number (e.g., 7301B L – Tech Black)TechLine SM 877 - Light-dutyPcs./Ctn.SISTEMAS DE SUSPENSIÓN9/16"–

SILHOUETTE XL 1/4" Reveal9/16" Slotted Tee SystemMAXIMUM FIXTURE WEIGHTConfigurationABFixtureItemNo.APlanning ModuleABBHanger SpacingABMaximum WeightAB )Main Beam to Main Beam – Drawing Key: Main beam ( ) Cross tee ( --- ) Hanger wire ( 7600/76027601 24" x 48"24" x 48"48" x 48"48" x 48"48"48"73.0 lbs.76.0 lbs.73.0 lbs.76.0 lbs.24" x 48"24" x 48"48" x 48"48" x 48"48"48"75.0 lbs.75.0 lbs.75.0 lbs.75.0 lbs.48"48"48"48"59.0 lbs.59.0 lbs.41.0 lbs.41.0 lbs.Main beams tested as follows: 7600 tested at 13.1 lbs/LF to 1/360 of 4' span; 7601 tested at 16.35 lbs/LF to 1/360 of 4' span. )Cross Tee to Cross Tee – Drawing Key: Main beam ( ) Cross tee ( --- ) Hanger wire ( XL7645XL764624" x 48"24" x 48"24" x 48"24" x 48"48" x 48"48" x 48"48" x 48"48" x 48"Cross tees tested as follows: XL7645 tested at 12.0 lbs/LF to 1/360 of 4’ span.Fixtures weighing more than 56 lbs. should be independently supported. Fixture weight is based on single fixture only. For end-to-end fixtures or other configurations not shown, consult your Armstrong Ceilings representative. aximum deflection of cross tees not to exceed 1/360 of the span, and suspension system installed in accordance with ASTM C636.NOTE: The above data is based on 48" hanger wire spacing, board weight of 1 lb./SF, mCOLOR AND FINISH SELECTIONACCESSORIESStandardBERC2 – 2" Beam End Retaining Clip – Allows you tocreate a code compliant Seismic D, E, F ceiling installationwhile eliminating the need to use 2" wall molding or1/4" (6mm)spreader bars.13/32"ALBERC2 (aluminum)(10mm)White(WH)Powder-coatedFinish BlizzardWhite(ZW) Availablewith Black reveal, add suffixBI, (e.g., 7600B L)SISTEMAS DE SUSPENSIÓN13/32"(10mm)5/16" (8mm)1/4" (6mm)1/8" (3mm)9/16"(14mm)For more information, see submittal BPCS-3157.SILHOUETTE XLMain Beam1-3/4"(44mm)5/16" (8mm)ALBERC2 (Aluminum) – 200 pcsFZALBERC2 (Aluminum) – 50 pcs Items available in powder-coated finishDETAILS1/4" (6mm)1-3/4"(44mm)BERC2 (Steel) – 200 pcsFZBERC2 (Steel) – 50 pcs9/16"MCC8 – 200 pcs (14mm)FZMCC8 – 50 pcsGCWA – 250 pcsFZGCWA – 50 pcs1/4" (6mm)1/4" (6mm)SILHOUETTE XLMain Beam with1/4" RevealGCWA – Grip Clip WallAttachment – Joins main beam orcross tee to wallmolding via locking barbs withoutpop rivets or screws.MCC8 – Silhouette 1/4" RevealMiter Closure Clip – Eliminatesmain beam and cross tee miters.7/8" HemmedAngle Molding13/32"(10mm)SILHOUETTE XLCross TeeShadow UETTE XLCross Tee5/16" (8mm)5/16" (8mm)A1/4" (6mm)1/4" (6mm)9/16"(14mm)9/16"(14mm)SEISMIC PERFORMANCEMain Beams7600/804042, 7606, 7602, 7601, 7603Minimum Lbs. To Pull Out Compression/Tension340.0, 392.9, 340.0Cross TeesXL7610, XL7620/802042, XL7640, XL7645/803042,XL7646, XL7650, XL7670, XL7655, XL7680, XL7690Minimum Lbs. To Pull Out Compression/Tension299.5ICC ReportsFor areas under ICC jurisdiction, see ICC evaluation reportnumber ESR-1308 for allowable values and/or conditions ofuse concerning the suspension system components listed onthis page. The report is subject to reexamination, revisionsand possible cancellation. To derive maximum lbs/sf, divide the on-center spacing of thecomponent into the lbs/lf given in the load test data table.shadow moldingPHYSICAL DATAMaterialDouble-web hot dipped galvanized steelFace Dimension9/16"End DetailMain Beam: CouplingSurface FinishBaked polyester paint or powder-coated finishProfileBolt-slotCross Tee: Staked-on clipCross Tee/Main Beam InterfaceMiteredSMTechLine / 1 877 earch: silhouette)BPCS-3157-416All product names are trademarks, registered trademarks,or service marks of their respective owners.All other trademarks used herein are the property ofAWI Licensing LLC and/or its affiliates. 2016 AWI Licensing LLC

Please provide manufacturer specifications on existing acoustical ceiling tile and grid. USG Ceilings 133 White Fineline F Fissured USG DONN DXF 229 Flat White 050 2’ Cross Tee 204102 USG DONN DXF 429 N Fl

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