AVTA/AVTE On-Road Vehicle Evaluation Updates

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www.inl.govAVTA/AVTE On-Road VehicleEvaluation UpdatesShawn SalisburyVSATT MeetingOctober 14, 2015INL/MIS-15-36909

Intro to AVTA/AVTE Conducted primarily by INL and Intertek Testing Services North America, withdynamometer testing by ANL Vehicles are purchased by Intertek and placed into one of several fleets toaccumulate miles– EZ Messenger (Phoenix, Tucson, OKC/Dallas)– Total Transit (Phoenix) Vehicle data automatically uploaded, sent to INL for data management andanalysis2

Vehicle Testing ProcessData from 95 AVTE Vehicles Collected This YearPurchase Vehicle (4 of each model typical)Baseline Traction Battery TestingInstall On-Board Data Logger (all cars)4,000 Miles for Break-InTrack Performance and Coast Down Testing (one each model)Dynamometer Testing (one each model)Data Collection During Fleet Operation (all cars)Traction Batteries or Components3 Interim TestsEnd-of-test Component and Performance EvaluationEV end-of-test:36,000 MilesPHEV end-of-test:160,000 MilesHEV, ICE end-of-test: 195,000 Miles3

Data CollectionData provided for every vehicle in fleet: Hand-written driver logs for fuel purchases, mileage Charging data from Blink Network with redundant AC energy meter Driving data from Isaac WRU Logger– Built-in Wi-Fi module for auto-uploading4

Battery/Component Testing Battery testing for every vehicle with a HV battery (HEV, PHEV, BEV)– Tested according to USABC Battery Test Manual– Static Capacity and Pulse Power Characterization tests CNG Vehicles have maximum cylinder compression measured Mazda 3 i-ELOOP undergoes ultracapacitor testing– Tested according to FreedomCAR Utracapacitor Test Manual– Reference Capacity and Constant-Current Discharge and ChargeTestsVoltage versus capacity discharged during static capacity test of 2013 Focus EV5

ReportingReports and facts sheets published quarterly for each vehicle: Fuel consumption and mileage accumulationVehicle operating costsMaintenance and repair costsOn-road usage and performanceBattery/component testing reports at regular mileage intervalsTest results published once after track and dynamometer testing:All reports and fact sheets available at http://avt.inl.gov6

Vehicle Testing Progress: Hybrid Electric 5 HEV ModelsVehicleBaseline trackand dyno testing2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco(BAS mild HEV)Complete2013 Honda Civic HybridComplete2013 Ford C-Max HybridComplete2014 Volkswagen Jetta HybridComplete2015 Honda Accord HybridCompleteBattery Test3/5 TestsComplete3/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsComplete1/5 TestsCompleteFleet mileageaccumulationVehiclesample sizeMiles target(per vehicle)70% Complete4195,00067% Complete4195,00054% Complete4195,00031% Complete4195,0001% Complete4195,000Photos of new models introduced to project7

Vehicle Testing Progress: Plug-in Hybrid 5 PHEV ModelsBaseline trackand dyno testingBattery TestFleet mileageaccumulationVehiclesample sizeMiles target(per vehicle)2011 Chevrolet VoltComplete4/5 TestsComplete66% Complete2160,0002013 Chevrolet VoltComplete3/5 TestsComplete67% Complete4160,0002013 Toyota Prius Plug-InComplete75% Complete4160,0002013 Ford C-Max EnergiComplete41% Complete4160,0002013 Ford Fusion EnergiComplete46% Complete4160,000Vehicle3/5 TestsComplete3/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsComplete8

Vehicle Testing Progress: Battery Electric 11 BEV Models: 1 model completed, 1 model just began testingVehicleBaseline track anddyno testing2011 Nissan LeafComplete2012 Mitsubishi iMievComplete2013 Nissan LeafComplete2013 Ford Focus EVComplete2014 Smart EDComplete2014 BMW i3Complete2014 BMW i3 Range ExtenderComplete2015 Kia Soul EVComplete2015 Chevrolet Spark EVComplete2015 Volkswagen eGolfScheduled2015 Mecedes B-ClassScheduledBattery Test5/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsComplete3/5 TestsComplete3/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsCompleted2/5 TestsComplete2/5 TestsComplete1/5 TestsComplete1/5 TestsComplete1/5 TestsComplete1/5 TestsCompleteFleet mileageaccumulationVehiclesample sizeMiles target(per vehicle)100% Complete236,00043% Complete236,00044% Complete436,00036% Complete436,00022% Complete436,00017% Complete436,00023% Complete436,00015% Complete436,0009% Complete436,0003% Complete436,0001% Complete436,000Photos of new models introduced to project9

Vehicle Testing Progress: Advanced ICE 5 ICE Models: 1 model put into fleet this weekBaseline track anddyno testingComponent TestFleet mileageaccumulationVehiclesample sizeMiles target(per vehicle)2012 Honda Civic CNGComplete3/5 TestsComplete45% Complete4195,0002013 Volkswagen Jetta TDICompleteNA53% Complete4195,0002014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo DieselCompleteNA15% Complete4195,0002014 Mazda 3 (ultracapacitor)Complete1/5 Tests Complete18% Complete4195,000Future0/5 Tests Complete0% Complete4195,000Vehicle2015 Chevy Impala Bi-FuelPhotos of new models introduced to project10

Tesla Model S 85 Testing Rented a 2014 Model S 85 in early September– Performed track testing like that of other fleet vehicles Data collection:– CAN messages using production CrossChasm logger– Dewetron logger and optical 5th wheel sensor for speed anddistance Data still being analyzed Slimmed down version of baseline testing report will be published– No dyno resultsSignalVehicle SpeedAmbient Air TemperatureHV Battery CurrentHV Battery VoltageVehicle Speed for EV (If not available via OBDII messages)A/C Selected (true when A/C selected, i.e. defrost if automatic, a/c button on, etc)Accelerator pedal position (%)Brake pedal (On/Off)HV Battery SOCAvailable TodayYesYesYesYesYesYesAvailable as of Dec 4, 2014(or sooner if possible)YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes11

Upcoming Vehicles To Be TestedPlan to get 4 in November from California dealer12

Plan to get 4 in Nov/Dec13

Plan to get 4 in Dec/Jan14

-Accelerated Reliability out of Irvine Intertek office with one vehicle-Have a reservation from a CA dealer, planned for Mar 2016 OR Utilize DOEFuel Cell Partnership vehicle via DOE FCTO15

Other Potential Vehicles for Testing 2016 VIA VTRUX Pickup (Loan through EV Everywhere) 2016 Toyota RAV4 PHEV 2016 Toyota Prius ? 2016 Chrysler Town & Country PHEV 2016 Chevrolet Malibu HEV 2016 Volvo XC90 PHEV 2016 BMW x5 xDrive e40 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (if it becomes available in the U.S.) 2017 Chevrolet Bolt BEV 2017 Cadillac CT6 PHEV16


2012 Honda Civic CNG Complete 3/5 Tests Complete 45% Complete 4 195,000 2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Complete NA 53% Complete 4 195,000 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel Complete NA 15% Complete 4 195,000 2014 Mazda 3 (ultracapacitor) Complete 1/5 Tests Complete 18% Complete 4 195,000 2015 Chevy

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42210 6th Street West, Lancaster, California . www.avta.com . AGENDA . . Approve the Board of Directors Regular Meeting Minutes of June 27, 2017. CC 2 FINANCIAL REPORTS FOR MAY AND JUNE 2017 - COLBY KONISEK . Las Vegas, NV, for a five-year term and an amount not to exceed 112,575, plus applicable sales tax. .

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Route 46 between Carr Lane and Russell Road: from CARR LANE via Guildford Road, Kew Road, Eastbourne Road, Cemetery Road, Duke Street, Shakespeare Street, St. James Street, Eastbank Street, Lord Street, London Street, Derby Road, Sussex Road, Norwood Road, Bispham Road, Canning Road, Crowland Street to RUSSELL ROAD.

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vehicle is used to determine the normal reaction on the front and rear wheel. The Parked vehicle dynamics are testi ng in the different road conditions i.e., level road and an inclined road. W f 2 W r m g c l1l2 L Fig. 1: Vehicle dynamics on level road Fig. 2: Parked vehicle on an inclined road

Telematics Trade-offs Vehicle telematics systems can be designed to: - Support intense data collection activities from a small sample of vehicles (AVTA example) Expensive, with high logging rates (0.01 seconds), and many variables - Support large fleet data collection activity (2 examples) Must be low-cost per vehicle, with a minimal number of variables from a large sample

Hazeldean Road In the vicinity of the study area, Hazeldean Road is a four-lane urban arterial road with a 60 km/h posted speed limit. Sidewalks are provided along both side of Hazeldean Road. Huntmar Drive / Iber Road Huntmar Drive / Iber Road is a major collector road within the study area. South of Hazeldean Road, Iber Road has a

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