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2015-20162014-2015Santiago Boys’ SoccerBOYS’ SOCCERPLAYER HANDBOOK“Home of the Scholars, Achievers andChampions”Varsity Head Coach: Henry Sierra1395 FoothillCorona, CA 92881(951) [email protected] High SchoolSantiago High School

211PLAYER EVALUATION FORMINTRODUCTIONDear Parents/Guardians & Players,The primary purpose of this handbook is to acquaint you withthe rules and policies of the boys’ soccer program. You areresponsible to read, understand, and follow the policies of thishandbook.- The following form will be used to evaluate and assess allplayers. This form will also be used to assess players duringtry-outs. Since playing time will not be discussed, thisevaluation will be a good source and answer to playing timefor parents and players.Our policies have been put in this booklet so you can refer tothem throughout the year when you feel it is necessary.This handbook was made to assure that you understand whatwe expect from you. It is our attempt at avoiding anymisunderstandings. We hope that you will read it and use it asa guideline for your benefit.Sincerely,Henry SierraHenry SierraBoy’s Varsity Soccer coach1395 FoothillCorona, CA 92881“Passion, Pride & Perfection”Santiago Boys’ Soccer2015-2016

310EQUIPMENT GUIDELINES- Theft (or suspicion of theft) could result in teamsuspension/expulsion.- Unacceptable clothing items include:*Clothing representing other teams (i.e. Barcelona, Real Madrid,Chelsea, etc.)*Make-up or jewelry(Coaches will not pay the consequences of your carelessness.Remember the coaches get the yellow card not you)ATTENDANCE-Players are expected to attend ALL meetings, practices,conditioning workouts, and team functions, on time! Notknowing about an event or the time is not an excuse! If the teamis there, you must be there!-If unable to attend, player must personally notify the head coachof his respective level, prior to the activity, allowing enough timeto make preparation for his absence. Word being passed on bysomeone else is unacceptable!- Missing the practice prior to a match will result in not startingthe next match. If not practicing becomes a consistent habit thenthe coach has the right to not play the player the followingmatch. It’s not fair to all the players that work hard duringpractices sessions.- Showing up late to a practice will result in player running lapsaround the field until coach is ready to incorporate player intothe session. If player shows up late to a game then player will seea decrease in playing time and will not start the game.- Failure to follow any of the above requirements could lead toconsequences on the field, loss of playing time and a conferencewith a parent/guardian. Three situations resulting inconsequences may result in team dismissal.Santiago Boys’ SoccerProgram PhilosophyOur basic coaching philosophy as educators and coaches is toproduce a quality product that we, as educators, can point to withpride, where we have provided these young men with the toolsnecessary to be successful in all things in life. As a coachingstaff, we should be a force for good in the life of a student-athletethat is strong, consistent, and stable.On the field, our whole program will follow the same style ofplay at all three levels. Each team will demonstrate a dynamicoffensive style of play where each team will be encouraged toattack at all times. Each team will be physically fit to endure longperiods of dynamic movements throughout a match and practice.Fitness is the key to success. All teams will stay disciplined, playtheir assigned positions and defend together as a team. Thisphilosophy will be used at all three levels.Lastly, our players will have an inner drive to be the best atgetting better.PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT-I will address ALL adults properly (yes, “coach” - no, “sir” etc.).# 1: TellThe Truth!-I Rulewill dressproperlyfor ALL functions - Every time.telltimethe truthaboutevery thing. Be a man of y our-I Alwayswill be onfor ALLevents.word and make your actions consistent with y our words.-I Dishonestywill respectismyteammates,faculty,a violationof everyruleadministrators,of a decent opponents,referees&coaches.society and will be dealt with quickly and severely.a 100%effort 100%of beforethe timeandbe 100%-I Givewill putthe TEAM’sneedsmyown.honest with any coach or staff member.-I will work hard, play with passion and pride, and be humblewhileforCommonthe SantiagoBoys’ Soccer Program.Ruleplaying# 2: UseSense!-I Bewillinsetgoals andandstriveto achievethem.attendanceon timeto all functions.Do y actices-I will always be focused & productive in classrooms,considerateandgames. of others. Avoid any questionable activities.Never embarrass your family, school, program, team oryourself. Things you learned in second grade still applyhere. Usedecentcommon sense. If y ou have to2015-2016Rule# 1: yourTell TheTruth!think about it twice then don’t do it.

49POLICIES & GUIDELINESTEAM RULESRule # 1: Tell The Truth! Always tell the truth abouteverything. Be a man of your word and make your actionsconsistent with your words.Dishonesty is a violation of every rule of a decent society andwill be dealt with quickly and severely. Give a 100% effort100% of the time and be 100% honest with any coach or staffmember.Rule # 2: Use Common Sense! Be in attendance and on timeto all functions. Do your best to be in school and on the field.Be respectful and considerate of others. Avoid anyquestionable activities. Never embarrass your family, school,program, team or yourself. Things you learned in secondgrade still apply here. Use your decent common sense. If youhave to think about it twice then don’t do it.Violations of the common sense rule will be dealt with asminor infractions unless they are continued and repeated.Rule # 3: Respect, Passion, Hard Work and Pride! Allplayers must show respect, passion, hard work and schoolpride at all times on and off the field.Violations of this rule will be dealt with as a minor infractionand at the discretion of the coach. Violating this rulecontinuously will result in less playing time until playershows these specific characteristics.Rule # 4: Player Commitment: Players in programCANNOT play for an outside club during high school season.No exceptions! If player violates rule, he will berecommended for program removal and team will forfeit allgames that player played in.Santiago Boys’ SoccerVARSITY LETTER CRITERIA- Complete one year of Varsity competition- Win a league championship - Make the CIF playoff roster- Head Coach‘s recommendation (reserved for specialcircumstances).TRAINING ROOM GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES- Reportinjuries/illnessesRule # all1: TellThe Truth! to the trainer and to coaches.- ThetrainerCANBeor CANNOTpractice.Alwaystelldecidesthe truthwhichaboutplayersevery thing.a man of y ourAthleticTrainersthe consistentfinal word.with y our words.word andmake willyourhaveactionsDishonestyis a mustviolationof toeveryof a decent- InjuredplayersreportALLrulemeetingsand practices.societymustand dresswill landmodifytheir workoutbasedinjury.effort 100% of the time and be 100%Giveona 100%honestwithanystaff member.- Injuries are tobecoachtreatedorbeforeor after practice. NOT during.!RuleTraining# 2: UseRoomCommon- Theis forSense!treatment of injuries or taping, NOTforBesocializing& renewingold attendanceand on timeall functions. Do y ourbestontotimebe inforschoolon the field.Be respectfuland- Beinjuryandtreatmentor taping.Treatmentis NOT anconsiderateof others.any questionableexcuseto be missingor Avoidto be tardyfrom practice.activities.Never embarrass your family, school, program, team or- Aftertreatment, ATTEND practice - unless sent home byyourself. Things you learned in second grade still applytrainer or Use your decent common sense. If y ou have to- Ifyouaboutare unablepracticethinkit twicetothendon’t perdo it.a doctor’s note, you mustsubmit a doctor’s note clearing you for full participationViolations of the common sen se rule will be dealt withprior to attending minor infractions unless they are continued and- Ifyou were to suffer from a concussion you must 1. Be clearedrepeated.from the doctor then 2. Be cleared by the athletic trainer. YouRule3: Respect,Passion,HardWorkwillnot#playanother gameunlessbothclearandyou.Pride!No ork- Our athletic trainers are here to help you and make andsure thatschoolall timesand offtheathleticfield. traineryoudon’tpriderisk atgettinghurtonagain,if therecommendsplayingthenbethat’sNoaexceptions!I trustViolations ofnotthisrule willdealtfinal.with asminortheirprofessionalinfractionand atjudgment.the discretion of the coach. Violatingthis rule continuously will result in less playing timeuntil player shows these specific characteristics.2015-2016

85GAME CONDUCT CONTINUED- Don’t walk around without a shirt or sweatshirt on.- The freedom to swing your fist ends where the other man’snose begins. Do not fight on or off the field. Be a man and showrestraint. Player will be dismissed from team if caught fightingduring any Santiago Boys Soccer event/function.- When on the bench, players must be sitting and encouragingtheir teammates that are on the field. Players on the bench willwarm up with a different color penny when summoned by thecoach. Players on the bench will also shag balls during the gameif no shaggers are provided.-Under no circumstances will players on the bench clear thebench and run on to the field during any altercations that mayoccur during a match. If caught clearing the bench, you will besuspended for a game and possibly removed from programdepending on severity of violation.TRAVEL CONDUCT- Players will sit with teammates of the same position. The buswill be divided in four sections: Goalkeepers, Defenders,Rule # 1: TellTruth!This will enable our players and thing.createBegoodchemistryAlways tell thetruththeabouteverya manof y ourbetweenplayers.Noiselevelwillbelowtomoderatein volume.word and make your actions consistent with y our words.The head coach has final say on seating arrangements.Dishonesty is a violation of every rule of a decent- societyAll playersmustbepickupwiththeirquicklytrash. Busbe clean by theand willdealtand mustseverely.timebus!100% of the time and be 100%Givewea leave100%theefforthonestwith mustany coachor staff tomember.- Allplayersbe respectfulthe bus driver. All playersmust“Thankyou” to thebus driver after we arrive to ourRulesay# 2:Use CommonSense!destination.Be in attendance and on time to all functions. Do y our- Underwilltoleratedandon the to nobe circumstancesin school and ontheprofanityfield. issue.Thebus is partconsiderate of others. Avoid any questionable activities.ofNeverthe school,so schoolwillbe enforced.embarrassyour rulesfamily,school,program, team oryourself. Things you learned in second grade still applyhere. Use your decent common sense. If y ou have toSantiagothinkBoys’ Soccerabout it twice then don’t do it.PLAYER ACADEMICSYou are expected to be a student first and an athlete second.Treat your teachers with proper respect. To be a member ofthis team, you must attend class regularly and achieve aminimum G.P.A. of 2.0. Poor behavior and low achievementmake all of us look bad. Many college soccer coaches willlook at your G.P.A before doing any type of recruitment. It’simperative that all players in the program attempt to keeptheir grades as high as they possibly can. This will benefit theplayer tremendously. Our goal as a program is to get all ofour players to attend a College or University.PROGRAM EXPECTATIONS OF YOU-Commitment- you must be totally committed and loyal to thephilosophy and goals of our total program.-Respect - We must possess and exhibit our respect for eachother. We must show our respect for our coaches, faculty,administration, officials and opponents. Respect is a huge wordin our society today; it must be given before it can be gained!-Drugs/Alcohol- Simple, it will not be tolerated under anycircumstances. End of story!-Seriousness- Player must be serious at all practice sessions.Lack of concentration at practice can lead to needless injuries.-Work Hard- As a player you are expected to work hard at alltimes. Working hard enables the team to push themselves and italso creates intense practices that will make you better a player.-Attitude- Player should always have a positive attitude!Approach this season with an open mind and be open forsuggestions. Leave your ego, club teams philosophy andnegative attitude at home. Players that display a negative attitudeduring season will be recommended for program removal.Having a bad attitude will not be tolerated at any level.2015-2016

67PLAYER OR PARENT CONCERNSSee Coach Sierra for any concerns that you may have.Contact Information:GAME CONDUCT- Our pre-game warm-up is important. The warm-up is used toprepare you for the game, both mentally and physically.- Never lose your poise (i.e. taking off your uniform in public,using profanity).Henry SierraCell: (951) 264-1422 Call or TextE-mail: [email protected] CONDUCTRule# 1: TellThe Truth!-Beon time.Showingup late will result in player running lapsaroundthetellsoccerfieldaboutuntil thecoachis readyto haveAlwaysthe trutheverything.Be a manof y theour playerjointhepracticesession.word and make your actions consistent with y our words.-Alwaysgiveisyourbest effort.Practiceenthusiasm.Dishonestya violationof everyrule withof a ,society and will be dealt with quickly and severely. onlyencourage.Give a 100% effort 100% of the time and be 100%-Never talk back to a coach. If you feel you have been treatedhonest with any coach or staff member.unfairly, talk to the coach involved and/or Coach Sierra afterRule # 2: Use Common Sense!practice.-Wearproper equipmentto practiceeach day.not removeBe inallattendanceand on timeto all functions.DoDoy ourany article of clothing in to be in school and on the field. Be respectful and-If you must miss or be late to practice for any reason, notifyconsiderate of others. Avoid any questionable activities.your coach before practice begins. Make sure you notify yourNever embarrass your family, school, program, team orcoach ASAP if you will be missing. Coaches work hard to designyourself. Things you learned in second grade still applypracticesbased on how many players will be there. Behere. Use your decent common sense. If y ou have toresponsible!think upaboutit yourself.twice thenMakedon’tsuredo it.-Cleanafteryour trash is placed in theproperreceptacles.Violations of the common sen se rule will be dealt with- Playwith infractionspassion andunlesspride theyeveryaretimeyou stepandonto a Santiagoas minorcontinuedSoccerpractice.repeated.- Misbehavior will not be tolerated during a practice. Players willRespect,thePassion,Hardand Pride!beRulegiven# a3:warningfirst timebut Workif it continues,player will beaskedtositoutandparentwillbenotified.All players must show respect, passion, hard work and-Havefun!schoolpride at all times on and off the field.Violations of this rule will be dealt with as a minorSantiagoinfractionBoys’ Soccer and at the discretion of the coach. Violatingthis rule continuously will result in less playing time- Be kind to officials. Address them as “Sir, Mister. Ms., orMa’am” say nothing else to them, especially questioning a call.They officiate and you play.-If you are red carded for any reason you will sit out a game,write a written statement and have a mandatory conferencewith the coach, AD and parent. If you are red carded for foullanguage, obscene gestures, assaulting another player or anyother conduct, you will be suspended for two games, write awritten statement, have a conference and be placed onprobation which if violated will result in dismissal from theprogram.- Do not talk to your opponents. Under no circumstances do yousay anything negative or derogatory to them. You are better thanthat. The scoreboard will show who the better team is.- Let coaches’ coach. We know what we are doing.- You should encourage your teammates and help them up. Ifyou don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all.- Know your substitution situations & do not approach the coachduring a game.- Youmust stay on the bench until the game is over and coachdismisses you. Do not go sit in the bleachers because you aredone.- Players must use proper equipment during games and allequipment used must match the color of the uniform. Forexample: If uniform is white, players must use white shin guardstraps, white tape if you tape any body part and whitecompression shorts. This is a NFHS rule.2015-2016

2015-2016 BOYS’ SOCCER PLAYER HANDBOOK Santiago High School “Home of the Scholars, Achievers and Champions” occer l a l 1 4-2 2014-2015