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NIBSHand-crafted in the USA from the fineststeel since 1899.SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGEFLAT PEN NIB SETSBoxed set contains (1) each ofthe following:SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGE NIBSThe triple-reservoir design of these pen points allows forincreased ink capacity and extended, smooth, uninterruptedink flow. Available in a range of sizes across three styles, A,B, and C. Note: C Style Pen Nibs are also available in LeftHanded versions.SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGELEFT-HANDED FLAT PENNIB SETSBoxed set contains (1) each ofthe following:#003029 C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5#003055 LC0, LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4SPEEDBALL 10-PEN NIB ASSORTMENT SETBoxed assortment set includes (1) each of the following: A2,A5, B0, B1, B3, B4, B5, C1, C3, C5 Broad Edge 003004#0030050#0030090A0 SquareA1 SquareA2 SquareA3 SquareA4 SquareA5 SquareA Set A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, 3016#003017#003018#003019B0 RoundB1 RoundB2 RoundB3 RoundB4 RoundB5 RoundB6 RoundB1/2 RoundB5-1/2 RoundB Set B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B51B1POINTED PEN NIBSPointed pen nibs are offered in a range of widths and varyingdegrees of stiffness and spring to provide artists with themaximum amount of 3025#003026#003029C0 FlatC1 FlatC2 FlatC3 FlatC4 FlatC5 FlatC6 FlatC Set C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5C#003053#003054#003055ITEM#009405 No. 22B#009401 No. 101#009406 No. 56#009402 No. 102 Crow Quill#009409 No. 99#009403 No. 103#009400 No. 100#009404 No. 104ITEM#009407 No. 107 Hawk QuillLEFT-HANDED#003050 LC0#0030510 LC1#003052LC2ITEMLC3LC4LC Set LC0, LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4#009408 No. 108#009412 No. 512#009413 No. 513EFPOINTED PEN SETSCarded set contains (1) each of the following:SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGE NIB SETSCarded sets featuring (1) each of the following:ITEMSETITEMSETITEM#031001A0 / A1#031014B3 / B4#031025 C4 / C5SET#094007 102 / 107#094101 99 / 101#094104 100 / 104#031003 A2 / A3#031016B5 / B6#031052 LC1 / LC2#094013 512 / 513EF#094103 103 / 104#094108 102 / 108#031005 A4 / A5#031021C0 / C1#031053 LC2 / LC3#094022 22B / 56#031010B0 / B1/2#031023 C2 / C3#031054 LC3 / LC4#031012B1 / B2SETSETITEMSETITEMSETPOINTED PEN TWIN PACKSCarded pack contains (2) each of the following:SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGE NIB TWIN PACKSCarded sets contain (2) each of the following:ITEMITEMITEMSET#009491 C1#009485 C3#009484 C2#009486 C4SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGESQUARE PEN NIB SETSBoxed set contains (1) each ofthe following:SPEEDBALL BROAD EDGEROUND PEN NIB SETSBoxed set contains (1) each ofthe following:#0030090 A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5#003019B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5ITEMSETITEMSET#009489 No. 22B#009483 No. 102 Crow Quill#009482 No. 56#009488 No. 107 Hawk Quill#009490 No. 99#009480 No. 512#009487 No. 101#009481 No. 513EFSPEEDBALL SCRATCH KNIFEPrecision-ground points forprofessional scratch board work.#009442 No. 112#009443 No. 113SPEEDBALL SCRATCHKNIFE SET#094109 No. 112 / No. 113

INKS2SPEEDBALL SUPER BLACKINDIA INKMade from highly opaque, carbonblack pigment, Super Black IndiaInk offers excellent reproductionquality on absorbant surfaceswith optimum lightfastness.Easily applied by brush, pen, steelbrush, or air brush. Free-flowing,non-clogging and waterproof.#0033382 FL OZ / 59.1 ML#00337816 FL OZ / 473 ML#00339832 FL OZ / 946 MLSPEEDBALL SUPERPIGMENTED ACRYLICDRAWING & CALLIGRAPHY INKSpeedball’s rich, vivid calligraphyinks are formulated from the bestpigments on earth. These high-qualityinks are ideal for a variety oftechniques including calligraphy,drawing, stamping, airbrushing, andscrapbooking. Inks are inter-mixable,waterproof, lightfast, acid-freeand archival, providing artists andcrafters the best possible results.2345671181291310COLORS SHOWN AREAPPROXIMATE12 ML59.1 ML.41 FL OZ2 FL OZ3Super Black#003100#0031504Scarlet Red#003101#0031515Indigo Blue#003102 #0031526Emerald Green#003103 #0031537Burnt Umber#003104 #0031548Gold#003105 #0031559Teal Green#003106 #00315610Silver#003107 #00315711Deep Purple#003108 #00315812White#003110#00316013Primrose Yellow#003111#003161PEN HOLDERS16SPEEDBALL STANDARD PENHOLDER#009451SPEEDBALL 10-COLOR ACRYLIC INK PALETTEIncludes: (10) Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & CalligraphyInks (Super Black, Scarlet Red, Indigo Blue, Emerald Green, BurntUmber, Gold, Teal Green, Silver, Deep Purple, White).#003132 SetSPEEDBALL ACRYLIC INK & PEN CLEANER SETSet includes: (5) .41oz (12ml) Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing& Calligraphy Inks (Super Black, Gold, Silver, White); (1) .41oz(12ml) Pen Cleaner.#003133 Set#094151CardedSPEEDBALL MAHOGANYPEN HOLDER#009468CLASSIC MARBELIZED GOLDSTRAIGHT PEN HOLDER#009464#009465CardedCLASSIC BLACK & GOLDSTRAIGHT PEN HOLDER#009459BLACK & SILVER STRAIGHTPEN HOLDER14SPEEDBALL PEN CLEANERA highly effective cleaning agent forbrushes, nibs and jewelry. Excellentwith Acrylic and India Inks.#00310941 FL OZ / 12 ML#0031592 FL OZ / 59.1 ML#00316216 FL OZ / 473 ML#009461NO. 102 CROW QUILL HOLDER#009452#094152CardedNO. 104 PEN HOLDER14#009454#09415416Carded17OBLIQUE PENHOLDER152 OZ BOTTLE#003262PVC15#009455#094153Carded171/2

PEN SETSSPEEDBALL LEFT-HANDEDC SERIES LETTERING SETContains (6) Left-Handed C SeriesPen Nibs (LC0, LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4,513EF) and (1) Pen Holder.1SPEEDBALL PEN & INK SETIncludes (1) each of thefollowing: No. 102 CrowQuill Pen Nib; No. 102 CrowQuill Pen Holder; .41 fl oz(12ml.Super PigmentedAcrylic Drawing &Calligraphy Ink.#0029691#094155 Black#094156 Gold2SPEEDBALL SIGNATURESERIES SETSIncludes (1) each of thefollowing: gold-platedNo. 513EF Pointed Pen Nib;2Classic Black & Gold StraightPen Holder; and .41oz / 12mlSuper Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & CalligraphyInk and/or Pen Cleaner listed.#094157 513EF#094158 513EF#094160 513EFSuper Black / Pen CleanerSuper Black / GoldSilver / GoldSPEEDBALL NO. 102 CROW QUILL SETIncludes (12) each No. 102 Crow Quill Pen Nibsand Pen Holders.#009432SPEEDBALL NO. 107 HAWK QUILL SETIncludes (12) each No. 107 Hawk Quill Pen Nibsand Pen Holders.#009437SPEEDBALL B SERIES LETTERING SETIdeal for Roman Gothic lettering, uniformline drawings, borders and display posters.Includes (6) B Series Pen Nibs (B0, B1, B2, B3,B4, B5) and (1) Pen Holder.#0029563SPEEDBALL C SERIESLETTERING SETExcellent for creating Italicor Roman Gothic alphabets,accenting line drawings,scrolls and scripts. Contains(6) C Series Pen Nibs (C0,C1, C2, C3, C4, C5) and (1)Pen ALL CALLIGRAPHYPEN SETIdeal set for thebeginner. Use forRoman text, Italic6alphabets,ornamental workor fine lettering. Contains (4) CSeries Pen Nibs (C1, C2, C3, C4), (2)Pen Points (No. 101 and No. 512) and(1) Pen Holder.STORAGE SETSSPEEDBALL DRAWING &LETTERING SETThis 16-piece set features: (1) ea.Speedball Standard Pen Holder,Speedball Crow Quill Pen Holder andSpeedball Oblique Pen Holder; (6)Pointed Pen Nibs (No. 100, No. 102,No. 512, No. 513 EF, No. 56, No. 99); (6)Broad-Edged Nibs (A2, A3, B2, B3, C2,C3).#0030643SPEEDBALL POSTER PEN SETUsed to create posters withsquare and round Gothiclettering, ornamental or plainborders, cartoons and decorativedesigns. Contains (1) Pen NibHolder, and (3) each A Style PenNibs (A1, A3, A5) and B Style PenNibs (B1, B3, B5).9#002963749SPEEDBALL SKETCHINGPEN SETExcellent for drawing, sketching,lettering and cross-hatching, thisset contains: (2) Pen Nib Holdersand (6) Pen Points (No. 99, No.56, No. 102 Crow Quill, No. 107Hawk Quill, No. 108, No. 512).SPEEDBALL DRAWING SETThis set inc

DRAWING & CALLIGRAPHY INK Speedball’s rich, vivid calligraphy inks are formulated from the best pigments on earth. These high-quality inks are ideal for a variety of techniques including calligraphy, drawing, stamping, airbrushing, and scrapbooking. Inks are inter-mixable, waterproof, lightfast, acid-free and archival, providing artists and

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