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If you have issues viewing or accessing this file contact us at JusticeTrainingDirectory of;2.-- '7- 9/ florth A111crica ----.-.-----.Published by:Department of Correctional ServicesTraining Resource CenterEastern Kentucky University.,In Cooperation With:nmerican Association of Correctional Training PersonnelJuvenile Justice Trainers Association

PUBLISHED BY:EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONAL SERVICESTRAINING RESOURCE CENTERProject DirectorBruce I WolfordDirectory CoordinatorBeth A. HolbrookSurvey Coordinating AssistantDelisa CornettResearch AssistantsCarrie ChaneyLisa ChapmanRobert DavisDamon FergusonRebecca GoffJudy SheeksDavid StriegelJill TracychCGl'".0(J)III.c:GlGl gmm.0::J::J0 GlC-E 1: m0.Gl IIIen :::"Ill:Jz06'"'"'"uc:"§'"a.(J) "50-(ij. " III(fJ2(J) (fJE"02.c:Cl. 8",.,5QC"0Ciia:J.IEa:'" E (J).,a:0z'" :5'".,ti "0(ij'"c: "- '"u::l'"o::l"O "ea."E"C.l!lc:0(ijc:o.c:B"0 c:».2.0. EQ5 G.Clc:0. z'":5B::l5:00Desktop PublishingNorma Bowlingu· ::l -"00.00 ua.", .c:0;:::.c: 0t::c:::l 0u.'wEditorsPam LawrenzBeth HolbrookLaDonna KoebelPrinted ByKentucky Correctional IndustriesCoffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky 40601 1990TRAINING RESOURCE CENTER217 PERKINS BUILDINGRICHMOND, KENWCKY 40475-3127TELEPHONE (606) 622-1497FAX (606) 622-6264

PREFACEThis Directory was compiled by personnel from the Trdining Resource Center, Department ofCorrectional Services at Eastern Kentucky University. The information in this Directory was obtainedduring a telephone survey of correctional training personnel in the United States and Canada. The initialsurvey instrument was developed by Eastern Kentucky University staff members and reviewed byrepresentatives of the American Association of Correctional Training Personnel (AACTP), JuvenileJustice Trainers Association (JJTA), and the National Academy of Corrections in Boulder, Colorado. Apilot test of the revised survey instrument was conducted. The telephone surveys were conducted fromJanuIDY to December 1989. Each survey participant was sent a summary and asked to review theinformation collected for his/her jurisdiction.This publication is the flrst comprehensive effort to develop a directory of correctional trainingprograms in the United States and Canada. It also includes correctional traj.ning efforts in England andWales: There are, in any effort of this magnitude. inevitably going to be errors, omissions, and changes.We recognize the need for further work on the Directory and plans are already underway for thepublication of a second Directory. In anticipation of a future publication, we have included on page 111an additions and corrections form. If you note changes or additions which should be included in futuredirectories, please complete the form and return it to the Training Resource Center at Eastern KentuckyUniversity.We greatly appreciate the time and effort given by those individuals who responded to the surveyand reviewed draft versions. Special thanks is given to the individuals who served in an advisory capacity·to this project. These special correctional professionals are listed below.We hope the Directory proves a useful resource to the corrections profession.Eastern Kentucky UniversityTraining Resource CenterDirectory Advisory PanelA encyDianne CarterJoseph MullenTommy NorrisGale SmithJeanne StinchcombRon ThompsonNancy ZangRepresentedNational Academy of Corrections. Pennsylvania Center for Juvenile Training & ResearchIndiana Department of CorrectionJuvenile Justice Trainers AssociationAmerican Association of Correctional Training PersonnelFederal Law Enforcement Training Centerlllinois Department of Corrections

O'T'iR:rE' R'1. ,J l i ',P C-:, ROF'E'SS'IONALSAND ADJVERTISE INTHE, SPECIA.L! 'IrN'IJ O"11.",' .'f". .:i.Ii!I' ,III!1-.-.".'FI').-i 1\I'f'' "} . ",.J.,. Jf \". "'IrI",-,, ,-.'"','"I f It}'N-sr0- RS','PO' i"I,.,1i IDJI-V")"SI' 0. . 'NTr'R·rE0·" F'"-- . -'I: .'":I,f,Ii' if1,;11,f'!,:.,-. .-.,.1 / "".t' II,;i.; J.J!',.y ".; ;V,:!It1991:;;;.,r::;:it'CORREICTiIOiNA.LAND JUVENIL:EJU STICE TR.A ININGn ]-R"E' 'tiC ' T"\lO"'R' Y,jrr!.j \,'","M .,I; , . . ':r'I, . ,. .,f'1 .'.--"0,\ F'-'I,! .tVIi.--.NO·R TH A.ME:RICAContact:1991 Correctional Training DirectoryTraining Resource CenterEastern Kentucky University217 Perkins BuildingRichmond, KY 40475-3127For Detailed Information, refer to Special SponsorDivision of this Directoryii

TABLE OF CONTENTSPreface .iTable of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . .iiiNational Correctional Trainers Conference Information . vState Training Programs11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . " Alabarna .1Alaska .2Arizona .3Arkansas .5Califomia .7Colorado .9Connecticut .11Delaware .12Florida .13Georgia .14Hawaii .16Idaho .17Illinois .18Indiana .19Iowa .20Kansas .21Kentucky . :.22Louisiana .23Maine .24Maryland .26Massachusetts .27Michigan . ,.:. 29Minnesota .30Mississippi .31Missouri .32Montana .33Nebraska .34Nevada .36New Hampshire .38New Jersey .40New Mexico .41New York .42North Carolina .44North Dakota .45Ohio .46Oklahoma .47Oregon .48Pennsylvania .49Rhode Island .51South Carolina .53South Dakota .54Tennessee .55Texas .56Utah .58Vermont .60Virginia .61Washington .62Washington, D.C.64West Virginia .65Wisconsin .67Wyoming .:. 69iii

--------------------Federal Training ProgramsFederal Bureau of Prisons .70Federal Judicial Center .72National Academy of Corrections .73United States Parole Commission .75United States Military Training ProgramsDepartment of the Air Force .76Army Clemency and Parole Board .United States Marine Corps .78Department of the Navy .79nCanadian Training ProgramsAlberta .80British Columbia .81Manitoba .82New Brunswick .83Newfoundland .84Northwest Territories .-.85NQva Scotia .87Ontario .88Prince Edward Island .89Quebec .90Saskatchewan .91Yukon Territory .92Federal Canadian Training ProgramsCorrectional Service of Canada .93National Canadian Training ProgramNational Parole Board, Ontario, Canada .94England and Wales .95American Association of Correctional Training Personnel'Membership Information & Applicatlon .97Juvenile Justice Trainers AssociationMembership Information & Application .98Eastern Kentucky UniversityITraining Resource Center . 101Eastern Kentucky University/College of Law Enforcement . 1021990 Eastern Kentucky University Conference Calendar . 103Contact Person Name Index . 105Special Sponsor Division . 109Directory Changes . 111Directory Order Form . 113iv

The National Correctional Trainers ConferenceEach year the American Association of Correctional Training Personnel and the Juvenile JusticeTrainers Association in conjunction with the Eastern Kentucky University Department of.CorrectionalServices Training Resource Center sponsor the National Correctional Trainers Conference (NCTC).The three day conference brings together training professionals from throughout the United States andCanada. With the support of the National Academy of Corrections, the conference provides workshops.seminars, and roundtable discussions along with keynote addresses focusing on issues of interest tocorrectional and juvenile justice trainers.YEARNCIC LOCATIONPROGRAM CHAIR1985198619871988198919901991Lexington, KYLexington, KYPittsburgh, P ABaltimore, MDKnoxville, TNAlbany, NYSeattle, WABruce WolfordBruce WolfordJoseph MullenLois WolfsonRobert McCluskyMargaret DavisMyra WallADDmONAL INFORMATION ON FUTURE NCTCTo obtain a registration form and mailings for the 1990 and 1991 NCfC, please contact:Training Resource CenterDepartment of Correctional ServicesEastern Kentucky University217 Perkins BuildingRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3127TELEPHONE (606) 622-1497FAX (606) 622-6264v


ALABAMACORRECTIONAL TRAINIf1G DIRECTORYAdult ServicesJuvenile ServicesAlabama Department of Corrections3rd Floor Gordon Persons Building50 Ripley StreetMontgomery, AL 36130Alabama Department of Youth ServicesP.O. Box 66Mt. Meigs, AL 36057Contact:Charles L. WoodTraining Division DirectorTelephone:(205) 279-0546Contact:Thomas RobinsonPersonnel OfficerTelephone:(205) 272-9100Contact:Sam ReidTraining AdministratorTelephone:(205) 272-9100Adult Parole & ProbationAlabama Board of Pardons and ParolesGordon Persons Building50 North Ripley StreetPlaza LevelMontgomery, AL 36130Contact:Harold WaltonDirector of ResearchPlanning & DevelopmentTelephone:(205) 242-8700Profile of Correctional Training In AlabamaFour individuals in three agencies were surveyed regarding the delivery of correctional training in Alabama."The standards/oversights and training were provided by the Peace Officers Standards and Goals incompliance with the American Correctional Association Standards. There were a total of 22 full-time and 11part-time trainers identified wit

Department of Correctional Services Eastern Kentucky University 217 Perkins Building Richmond, Kentucky 40475-3127 TELEPHONE (606) 622-1497 FAX (606) 622-6264 v . ADVERTISE IN THE SPECIAL SPONSOR DIVISION OF THE· 1991 CORRECTIONAL AND JUVENILE JUSTICE TRAINING DIRECTORY OF

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