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Instrument Setup ManualRevised 9/04/14http://www.carlsonsw.com Carlson Software, 2014

Carlson Software, 2014Table of ContentsInstrument Setup by ManufacturerTotal Station (Geodimeter/Trimble)Total Station (Leica TPS Series)Total Station (Leica Robotic)Total Station (Leica/Wild Older Models)Total Station (Nikon)Total Station (Pentax)Total Station (Sokkia Set)Total Station (Sokkia Robotic)Total Station (Spectra Focus 30)Total Station (Topcon 800/8000/APL1)Total Station (Topcon GTS)GPS (Allen-Osbourne)GPS (Ashtech)GPS (Carlson Surveyor GPS)GPS (Carlson BRx5 GPS)GPS (CSI - DGPS Max)GPS (DataGrid)GPS (Leica 500/1200)GPS (Leica GIS System 50)GPS (Navcom)GPS (NMEA)GPS (Novatel)GPS (Septentrio)GPS (Sokkia)GPS (Topcon)GPS (Trimble)Carlson 789193949597102106

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Carlson Software, 2014Instrument Setup by ManufacturerTotal Station (Geodimeter/Trimble)The following information describes the various options available for theGeodimeter 600 and Trimble 5600 total stations. It's important to note thatfirmware 696-03.xx or later is required. To check firmware version, select Menu5, 4, 1 on the instrument.CommsGeodimeter/Trimble default communication settings in SurvCE are9600,8,None,1. To check these settings on the instrument, do the following:1. Select MNU, ENT, 4 (Data com), 1 (Select device), 2 (Serial)2. At prompt “Serial ON?”, select ENT3. Verify COM followed by ENTThe software allows you to run the instrument in several modes, depending on thecapabilities of the instrument. Selecting a model that says DR informs thesoftware that the instrument is a reflectorless (Direct Reflex) model, and thereflectorless EDM mode will be made available.Settings/Search (Station)If the instrument is not robotic or you want to operate it as a standard total station,the Station mode should be used.p4

Carlson Software, 2014 EDM Mode: Allows you to specify the EDM measurement setting as one ofthe following types:Standard: Standard EDM mode.Fast: Fast Standard EDM mode.Reflectorless: Reflectorless EDM mode (DR Models). Turn to point in stakeout: Turns the instrument to the horizontal angle ascomputed to the stakeout location specified.p5

Carlson Software, 2014 Turn to vert. point in stakeout: Turns the instrument to the vertical angle ascomputed to the stakeout location specified. This option is not typically usedunless a true elevation is known for the stakeout location specified.Settings/Search/Remote (Direct Robotic)This mode works exactly as the GeoRadio mode except a cable must be used inlieu of the radio. For this mode,the instrument must be robotic and be operatingin the Remote mode with the faceplate removed. EDM Mode: This selection allows the user to specify the EDM measurementsetting as one of the following types:Standard: Standard EDM mode.Fast: Fast Standard EDM mode.Reflectorless: Reflectorless EDM mode (DR Models). Guide Lights: This sets the track lights to one of the following options:Off: Turns off the track lights.Low: Turns on the track lights on low power.High: Turns of the track lights on high power. Allow Weak Signal: This will allow the instrument to return a distance whenthe signal is weak.Always Initialize Compensator: This will reset the compensator every timethe instrument is restarted.p6

Carlson Software, 2014 Search on Read: This setting will force the instrument to perform a searchbefore initiating a reading if the instrument is not locked on the prism.Diode Backsight: This setting allows the user to specify if the backsight hasan active diode prism or not.Horizontal/Vertical Range: These input boxes allow the user to specify therange to search for the prism when a search function is initialized.Minimum/Maximum Distance: Determines the range by distance that theinstrument will search for or track a prism.

Total Station (Geodimeter/Trimble) 4 Total Station (Leica TPS Series) 10 Total Station (Leica Robotic) 15 Total Station (Leica/Wild Older Models) 23 Total Station (Nikon) 24 Total Station (Pentax) 25 Total Station (Sokkia Set) 27 Total Station (Sokkia Robotic) 31 Total Station (Spectra Focus 30) 33 Total St

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