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Glycemic Index Food ListDr. Jacqueline Fields May 2015CategoryMeat, Fish, Poultry &Meat AlternativesLow GlycemicMedium GlycemicHigh Glycemic 5556-69 70BeefChickenEggs & egg whitesFishLambPorkTofuTurkeyVeggie burgerDairy & DairyAlternativesAlmond milk(unsweetened)Cheese (lowfat)Coconut milk(unsweetened)Cottage cheese(lowfat)Cow’s milk (lowfat)Greek yogurt (plain)Ice cream (premium &lowfat)Oat milk (unsweetened)Soy milk (unsweetened) 2014 The Healing Gardens, 315 Canyon Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970.472.6789 www.TheHealingGardens.orgPage 1 / 5

The Healing GardensYogurt (plain or sugarfree)Beans, Breads, Grains &CerealsBeans:Grains:Grains:Baked beans (sugarfree)Bean thread noodlesMilletBuckwheat noodlesRice, Japanese stickyCornmealRice, wildCouscousWafflesRice, whiteBread:PancakesBagelBread:Taco shellBaguette100% whole wheatCereal:White breadPita, whole wheatBran ChexWhite rollsPumpernickelCream of wheat, cookedCereal:SourdoughGranola, sugar-freeBran flakesStone ground wholewheatMuesli, sugar-freeCheeriosOats, quick or old fashionCornflakesPuffed wheatCream of wheat, instantRaisin BranGolden GrahamsShredded WheatGrape NutsSpecial KOats, instantBeans (black, garbanzo,kidney, lentil, lima, mung,pinto, etc)HummusPeas (green & blackeyed)Grains:Barley (pearled orhulled)Bran (oat, rice, wheat)BuckwheatBulgar wheatEgg noodlesRice KrispiesWheetabixPasta (plain, highprotein, whole wheat)Brown riceQuinoaRyeUdon noodlesNOTE:All white flour productshave higher GI, so try toavoid themCereal:The Healing Gardens, 315 Canyon Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970.472.6789 www.TheHealingGardens.orgPage 2 / 5

The Healing GardensAll-branBran BudsKashi Go Lean (red &white box)Steel cut oatsCategoryFruitsLow GlycemicMedium GlycemicHigh Glycemic 5556-69 70Apples (fresh or dried)Apricots (fresh)DatesApricots (dried)BreadfruitWatermelonBanana (less ripe, nospots)CantaloupeCurrantsBerries , ruitGuavaHoneydewKiwiKumquatsLemonLycheeMandarin orangesMangoNectarineOrangePeachPearPlumThe Healing Gardens, 315 Canyon Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970.472.6789 www.TheHealingGardens.orgPage 3 / 5

The Healing GardensPomegranateVegetablesArtichokesAcorn squashBaking potatoArugulaBeetsCarrots (raw)AsparagusButternut squashIdaho potatoAvocadoCorn (fresh/frozen)ParsnipBok choyCarrots (cooked)PumpkinBroccoliFrench fries*Brussels sproutsMashed potatoCabbage (red or green)New potatoCauliflowerPotato chipsCelerySweet potatoCucumbersTaroEggplantEndiveGreen beansGreens (collard, kale,turnip, mustard)Herbs (parsley, basil, dill,oregano, etc)JicamaLettuce (all s (bell, jalapeno,pablano, etc)Snow peas/snap peasSpinachSquash (zucchini, yellow,spaghetti)The Healing Gardens, 315 Canyon Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970.472.6789 www.TheHealingGardens.orgPage 4 / 5

The Healing GardensTomato (incl. juice,paste, soup)Vegetable juice (lowsodium)Water chestnutsWatercressArticle title: Glycemic Index Food ListAuthor: Dr. Jacqueline Fields M.DDate: May 2015Publisher: The Healing Gardens, Fort Collins, CO 80521Pages: 5Web fThe Healing Gardens, 315 Canyon Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521 970.472.6789 www.TheHealingGardens.orgPage 5 / 5

Glycemic Index Food List Dr. Jacqueline Fields May 2015 Category Low Glycemic 55 Medium Glycemic 56-69 High Glycemic 70 Meat, Fish, Poultry & Meat Alternatives Beef Chicken Eggs & egg whites Fish Lamb Pork Tofu Turkey Veggie burger Dairy & Dairy Alternatives Almond milk (unsweetened)

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glycemic index was calculated by dividing the average daily glycemic load by the average daily carbohydrate in-take. The glycemic index value for each food item was obtained from the International Tables of Glycemic Index [21], the online Glycemic Index Database mai

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3.4. Importance of glycemic index in diabetes When the respondents were asked about the familiarity of the term glycemic index of foods/drinks, 79.1% of respondents were unaware of the term glycemic index. Amongst the respondents unaware of the term glycemic index, majo

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