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Pro:Centric SMARTUHD OLED Wallpaper TV65WU960HLG visually amazes guests with Ultra HD resolution in ajaw-droppingly slim OLED Wallpaper TV that delivers stunning colors,infinite contrast and deepest black. This wallpaper panel isaccompanied by a 4.2-channel, 60W sound bar with Dolby Atmosand Adaptive Sound Control. LG's cutting edge Hospitalitymanagement LG Pro:Centric SMART technology, Pro:Centric Direct Application and integrated Pro:Idiom DRM (Digital RightsManagement) solution enables hoteliers to provide a personalizedguest television experience while protecting premium studio contentacross the entire property.

Pro:Centric SMART UHD OLED Wallpaper TV65WU960HStunning OLED Wallpaper DisplayPerfect Black and Intense Color4K Cinema HDRLG OLED TVs provide rich colors and have a natural, vibrant beauty. Equipped with over eightmillion self-lightning pixels operating individually, this product exemplifies effective use of“Perfect Black.”LG 4K Cinema HDR provides a unique cinematic experience with Dolby Vision andadvanced High Dynamic Range (HDR 10).Conventional TVLG OLED TV

Pro:Centric SMART UHD OLED Wallpaper TV65WU960HLG Cinema on Artistic GlassCinematic SoundPicture-on-Glass DesignDolby Atmos creates a dynamic surround sound experience even when space is limited,facilitating discernment of every detail of the movement in a scene. With Dolby Vision, thisseries provides a truly unique cinematic experience.Furnished with sleek design, this product takes its artistic aspect to the next level. Typicalbezel and thick stand elements have been eliminated, and the refined design intensifies theviewing experience.

Pro:Centric SMART UHD OLED Wallpaper TV65WU960HWallpaper OLED - The Perfect Art GalleryOLED Gallery ModeBring the wonders of the world to your hotel space with OLED Gallery Mode. From photography of beautiful places to world-renowned artwork, Gallery Mode provides a great selection ofbeautiful images and videos. Stunning content creates a perfect atmosphere that suits your property’s brand.* Actual TV in-screen images available may differ from the above simulated ones.

Pro:Centric SMART UHD OLED Wallpaper TV65WU960HPro:Centric SMART Application PlatformPro:Centric Hotel Management SolutionPro:Centric Direct SolutionThe WU960H is the latest in the line of Pro:Centric TVs that provide a unique and dedicated hotelapplications hosting platform for LG’s system integrators’ interactive applications, enabling deliveryfor a wide range of custom applications tailored to both hotel management and guest needs. LGPro:Centric SMART offers extended customizable tools: HTML5, Java and Flash. Using these tools,partners can optimize the TVs by editing and developing their own enhanced service design toincrease the visual impact on guests.Pro:Centric Direct is a hotel content management system that supports simple editing tools andprovides various solutions, such as smart apps and remote management over RF or IP. A browserbased Admin Client GUI enables users to easily edit the guest user interface, provide customizedservice and manage all TVs efficiently.SI ApplicationIPAPISIPro:Centric(Middleware Platform)IP or RFEditing Contentwith Pro:Centric DirectPro:CentricSmart TVEasy Code Editingwith HCAP APIServerCustomized UI & Interactive Service* Customized UI may look different.* Even if you are using an LG PCS400R Pro:Centric server configured for RF output,Pro:Centric Direct interactive features are available with IP connectivity.* Customized UI may look different.

Dimensions65"Specifications56.9” / 1,446mm02.” / 3.85mm48.0” / 1,219.2mm4.4” / 113mm3.8” / 97mm4.4” / 113mm32.4” / 823mm28.6” / 726mmHeadScreen SizeBacklight TypeResolutionBrightness (cd/m2)PANELDynamic Contrast Ratio (Dynamic MCI (Hz))Static (Panel) Contrast RatioViewing Angle (H x V)Response Time (G to G, ms)AnalogBROADCASTING SYSTEMDigitalXD EngineVIDEOAspect RatioHDR 10 / HDR Dolby Vision18.5 0.2”470 0.5mmAudio OutputAUDIO7.8” / 198mm6.6” / 167mmTopSide49.6” / 1,260mm3.1” / 78mm42.1” / 1,070mmAIO BoxHOSPITALITY SOLUTIONFrontSpeaker SystemSound ModeClear VoiceDolby AtmosAdaptive Sound ControlOne Touch Sound TuningSolution TypeData CEMCR66649116OUTHOSPITALITY FEATURESJACK INTERFACESSet RearVESAW x H x D / weight (TV only)ANT/CABLE INLANAUX LANT-con SVC ONLY22(ARC)CONNECTION CABLE1MCR66809104M.P. I1MCR66828001DIMENSIONSELECTRICALSPEAKER OUTOTHERRS-232C IN 36 Hospitality Sales65"OLED (Wallpaper)3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD)500Infinite150,000:11203Yes (NTSC)Yes (ATSC)Yes5 Modes (16:9, Original, 4:3, Vertical Zoom, All-Direction Zoom)Yes / Yes60W(Woofer : 10W 10W, Front : 10W 10W, Height [Tweeter] : 10W 10W)4.2 ch6 Modes (Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice III, Sports, Music, Game)Yes (Clear Voice III)YesYesYesPro:Centric (Smart, Direct, V)Yes (IP & RF)Yes (1 Tuner)GEM / Flash / HTML5Pro:IdiomwebOS 4.0, Commercial Smart Home, Gallery Mode, DeepThinQ, Voice Recognition, Web Browser,Pre-loaded Apps, SDP Server Compatibility, Magic Remote Compatibility, SoftAP, Built-in Wi-Fi,Screen Share (Miracast), Smart Share (DLNA), DIAL, Bluetooth Audio Playback,LG Sound Sync/Bluetooth, Mobile Connection Overlay, Music PlayerSMART FEATURESConnectivityWU960HW x H x D / weight(Including AIO box)W x H x D / weight (packing)Voltage (V), Frequency (Hz)Power: Typical (W)Power: Standby (W)CertificationsAccessoriesWarrantyUPCEZ-Manager (Setup Wizard), USB Cloning, Wake on RF, WOL, SNMP, Diagnostics,SI Compatible, HTNG-CEC (1.4), HDMI-CEC (1.4), IR Out, Multi IR Code,Auto Off / Sleep Timer, Smart Energy Saving, Motion Eye CareInstaller Menu, Logical Channel Map, External Speaker Out, Instant ON, V-LAN ID,Alarm, 360 ViewerRF In, Digital Audio Out (Optical), HDMI/HDCP Input 2.0 (2), USB 2.0 (2), RS-232C (Control),RJ45(AUX LAN), RJ45(LAN), External Speaker Out, MPI, DebugN/A (Wallpaper)(Head) 56.9” x 32.4” x 0.2” / 14.8 lbs 1,446 x 823 x 3.85 / 6.7kg(Head) 56.9” x 32.4” x 0.2” / 1,446 x 823 x 3.85 mm(AIO BOX) 49.6” x 3.1” x 7.8” / 1,260 x 78 x 198 mm(Head, AIO Box)14.8 lbs / 6.7kg 22.0 lbs / 10.0kg1,641 x 952 x 288 / 32.1kg120V, 50/60 Hz507 W0.5 WUL, FCC, RoHS, NOM Dolby VisionMagic Remote, 1.5m Power Cord2 Year Limited Warranty (Parts and Labor)7 19192 62298 2LG may make changes to specifications and product descriptions without notice. Copyright 2018 LG Electronics USA, Inc. All rights reserved. LG and the "LG" logo are registered trademarks of LGCorp. Pro:Centric and the “Pro:Centric” logo are registered trademarks of LG Electronics Inc. Pro:Idiom is a registeredtrademark of Zenith Electronics LLC. SPEC 65WU960H 101836 PR

Pro:Centric Direct interactive features are available with IP connectivity. Easy Code Editing with HCAP API Customized UI & Interactive Service Pro:Centric Smart TV API SI Application IP Pro:Centric (Middleware Platform) Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution The WU960H is the latest in the line of Pro:Centric TVs that provide a unique and .

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