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PANC Spring SeminarThe bi-directional, multifaceted distributiongrid – End-User ControlMay 17, 2016

The Evolution of EnSyncBatterySales– Flow BatteryinstallationsIntegratedSystem Sales– Utility Storage andEnergy ManagementSystems– Commercial andIndustrial BuildingEnergy Managementand StorageSystems– Service Contracts– Battery HybridizationElectricitySalesElectricity SupplyResponse on Demand71/T 5IJT BMMPXT TVQQPSU PG USBGņD UIBU JT JOTJEF PS PVUTJEF PG FTUBCMJTIFE FMFDUSPOsecurity perimeters (ESPs). For a substation with TDM connectivity requirements, th"MDBUFM -VDFOU 4"3 XIJMF IBOEMJOH *1 BOE &UIFSOFU USBGņD DBO BMTP OBUJWFMZ TVport RTU serial interfaces for SCADA, analog voice interfaces for operations voice, anteleprotection interfaces for protection relays. With this IP/MPLS network, traffic is npacket-based, and bandwidth in the network is shared while QoS for mission-criticaltraffic is strictly maintained. Both packet and TDM services are concurrently supportby the same IP/MPLS switch/router, even for the substation LAN, reducing the overanumber and costs of telecom equipment required.– Power Purchase– Move from DemandAgreements, includingResponse to “SupplyEnSync products, EPC Response onand 3rd Party ProductsDemand” with(eg. solar)DG2GTM (DistributedGeneration to Grid)– Initial cash intake fromControlsale of equipment andservices into PPA– Spot Market ElectricitySales– Sale of the high yieldPPAUnderlying transport options for increasing backbone network capacity include pointUP QPJOU 3' NJDSPXBWF TVDI BT UIF .13 UIBU DBO CF VTFE UP QSPWJEF DPOOFDUJWJcoverage to one or several sections of the network and optical product such as the"MDBUFM -VDFOU 144 VTJOH UFDIOPMPHJFT MJLF PBSTF 8BWFMFOHUI %JWJTJPO .VMUJQMF(CWDM) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM).'PS EJTUSJCVUJPO BVUPNBUJPO UIF "MDBUFM -VDFOU 4"3 )D BOE 4"3 8 BSF VTin the field area network to provide connectivity to sensors and field devices such asreclosers, voltage controllers, and capacitors for remote control and monitoring, as was aggregation for advance metering infrastructure. The communications network caincorporate wireless technologies such as WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE), owireline technologies like XDSL, Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) anPower Line Carrier (PLC) for extended coverage.'JHVSF TIPXT IPX UIF 4"3 )D BOE 4"3 8 DBO CF EFQMPZFE JO B ņFME BSFnetwork.Figure 3. Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS products in the field area networkWiMAX/LTE CPESwitching 705SAR-HcorSAR-W7705SAR-HcSmart meter homes7705SAR-Hc7705Cabinet SAR-Hc2016 andBeyondDeploying IP/MPLS Communications Networks for Smart GridsALCATEL-LUCENT APPLICATION NOTE8Pre-201320132015Microwave pack(IP/MPLWiMAX/LTEbase stationUtility prIP/MPLS n

EnSync Overview EnSync is an integrated power systems and energy solutions company,not a stand alone battery manufacturerWe are applications driven - we select the right energy storage and powertechnologies for the application or group of applicationsBattery ABattery BEnergyCostPowerLife SpanSafetyPerformance No “Silver bullet” battery for every case. Even good batteries can be bad batteries,if operated improperly. Multiple application systems may requiremultiple battery types in hybrid operation.

EnSync Hybrid Storage Increases CapabilitiesFrequentInfrequent OccasionalFrequency of UseLi Ion Battery,“Power“ Value StreamsFreq. Reg.Load FollowingRenewablesSmoothingPower QualityShortSource: EnSync, SEIA, GTMFlow Battery,“Energy” Value StreamsPeak DemandChargesTime of Use /Rate ShiftingDRRevenuesDG to GridElectricity SalesFuel CostSavingsResiliencyMediumDischarge DurationLong

The Future: Matrix Energy Management SystemSimple, Active Control of All Elements from DC-BusMatrix Energy Management System No central systemcontroller required All control is active,real-time andefficient Modular andscalable Grid Connectivity5

Matrix Modular Energy Management SystemRevolutionizing Distributed Generation Patented EnSync “Auto-Sync” DC-Busmodular control platform – Simple, Scalable,Reconfigurable. Single point connection to all power sourcesand storage into a “smart building”. Modular “drawer” design supports the DCand AC energy management needs of anybuilding. No output or input bottlenecks Secure building to utility connectivity Platform enables “Internet of Energy”6

EnSync C&I Hybrid Storage Solutions Designed specifically for behind themeter use in commercial, industrial andmulti-tenant buildings – Onlycommercial installations with integratedFlow and Li Ion batteries Configuration can be optimized for anyapplication in any building Safe for indoor installation Marathon testing of integration Wide window charge & discharge timesfrom seconds to 8 hours Efficient performance in any applicationor load stability Battery longevity with deep discharges Intellectual property on concurrentcontrol of two battery technologiesEnSync 55kWh Flow BatteryEnSync 20kWh Li IonBattery7

Fully Integrated Distributed Solar Generation,Storage and Energy ManagementAgile 600 Hybrid SystemAgile 600kWh Hybrid System 45ft Intermodal Shipping Container Fully Integrated DG Energy Management System 480VAC Point of Connection Integrated MPPT inputs for 400-500kW PV Voltage Range Input:725-820VDC Total Usable Capacity:Up to 615kWh Max. Discharge Power:250kW 475kWh Flow Battery / 140kWh Li Ion BatteryLi Ion and EnergyManagement SystemFlow Battery

Deployments, Installations, Customers

Global Shipments or Backlog of EnSync Technologyfor EnSync and Affiliates: 50 Sites; 15MWhEnSync Installation Technology Partner Installations

University of the NationsFirst Solar Storage PPA on Island of Hawaii Contract Signed July 2015 Customer will save 2.0M inelectricity spending over thelifetime of the PPA Description: Non-Exporting PPA Configuration: 408kW PV; 400kWh EnSync HybridStorage (4) EnSync Agile Flow Batteries (5) EnSync Li Ion Batteries EnSync Energy ManagementSystem PPA Term: 20 YearsTarget Completion: April 201611

OATI (Open Access Technology InternationalNorth American Utility Infrastructure Company Location: Bloomington, Minnesota, USABusiness with 90% of USA and Canada utilitiesProving “total solution for utility to distributed generation communication”200kWh EnSync Energy Storage– (3) EnSync Agile Flow Batteries– (3) EnSync Li Ion Batteries Matrix Energy Management System Target Completion: May 201612

13Century WestFirst Solar Storage PPA in State of Hawaii Multi-tenant Condominium Customer will save 2.0M inelectricity spending over thelifetime of the PPA Description: Non-Exporting PPA Configuration:– 400kW PV; 460kWh EnSync HybridStorage (6) EnSync Agile Flow BatterySystems (5) EnSync Li Ion Systems EnSync Energy ManagementSystem PPA Term: 20 YearsTarget Completion: May 2016400kW of Carport Solar in Process

EnSync Project: Off-Grid Commercial Complex14Off-Grid Complex with PV, Hybrid Storage, Energy Management System & Gen SetCayman TechnologyCenter: 38,000ft2 Retailand Office Complex Market for Off-Grid Island Energy Systems: Hundreds ofsites in Caribbean aloneLocal Rate 0.40/kWhTarget Completion: May 2016

“Beachcomber Resort”Off-Grid Micro-Grid Resort Located in Tetiaroa Atoll, Tahiti “Brando” Leed Platinum Luxury EcoResort– 35 Private Villas– Pools– Spa– Multiple Restaurants– Staff residences– Water Desalination 100% Energy Independent– 2000kWh of EnSync V3.3 Flow and LiIon Energy Storage– EnSync Power Electronics– PV– Diesel Gen Set In Operation15

Rick WhismanVP of

7705 SAR-8 or 7705 SAR-H Substation Control center 5620 SAM 7705 SAR-18 s Switching device Collector WiMAX/LTE CPE Voltage controller WiMAX/LTE base station Microwave packet transport (IP/MPLS) 7705 SAR-Hc or SAR-W 7705 SAR-Hc or SAR-W 7705 SAR-Hc 7705 SAR-Hc 7705 CabinetSAR-Hc Figure 3. Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS products in the field area .

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2. Pada saat pelaksanaan seminar Skripsi, peserta harus berpakaian rapi (kemeja dan berdasi) dan bersepatu tertutup. 3. Selama seminar berlangsung, peserta boleh menonton peserta seminar lainnya setelah ia mempresentasikan proposalnya. 4. Selama seminar berlangsung, ruang seminar akan ditutup, penonton tidak boleh hilir mudik masuk keluar ruangan.

Eleven seminar rooms in buildings 1, 3, 9, 12, 14 and 16 are designed for groups of 50 to 97 people, there are other rooms with lower capacity. All rooms . 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.319 24 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.320 30 11 GF Seminar Room C 11.008 28 11 1F Seminar Room C 11.117 25 11 3F Seminar Room C 11.307 28

seminar. A discussion held over the topic taught or to be taught with the students is known as Group discussion. Such group discussions held in an organized way within a class room, it is called mini seminar. This mini seminar gives the students training in questioning skills, organizing the information and presentation skills of seminar.

seminar topic Does the seminar unsuccessfully use/implement ideas / strategies / facts contained in advance material supplied by course instructors – Readings on Socratic Seminar Core Reading(s) on seminar topic This portion of the rubric does not have a specific value. Rather, these critical questions will be used to examine the “whole .

Post-seminar assignment: After the seminar, each student will submit a reflective essay synthesizing the readings, videos, discussions, and their experiences in the seminar. In particular, each student should address how their views of on particular aspects of Islamic religion and culture have changed and/or been confirmed during the seminar.