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Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title1 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates111111111123456789Cabalgata (Revue): article, ephemeraCabaret (Musical): scriptsCabaret (Musical): articles, clippings, press materialsCabaret (Musical): ephemeraCabaret (Musical): instrument orchestrationsCabaret (Musical): articles, ephemera, press materialsCabaret Verboten (Revue): ephemeraCabin in the Sky (Musical): articles, ephemera, sheet musicThe Cabinet Minister (Play): published script2222212345Cactus Flower (Play): articles, ephemeraCactus Flower (Play): scriptsThe Cadet Girl (Musical): clippings, copyright notice, ephemera, scriptsThe Cadi (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCaesar and Cleopatra (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera1966-19681967, undated190018911906-1925 OS333333333331234567891011Caesar and Cleopatra (Play): actor's side, articles, clippings, ephemeraCaesar and Cleopatra (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCaesar's Wife (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCafé (Play): articles, ephemeraCafé Crown (Musical): ephemera, scriptCafé Crown (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, published scriptCafé de Danse (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cage (Play): articles, ephemeraLa Cage aux Folles (Musical): ephemera, scriptLa Cage aux Folles (Musical): articles, clippings, press material, 1 of 2La Cage aux Folles (Musical): articles, clippings, press material, 2 of 83-19871983-19871983-1987441 Cages (Play): articles, ephemera, script2 Cahoots (Play): ephemera194919661966-19721966-1988ca. SOSOS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 23456789555510111213Cain (Play): ephemeraThe Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCalculated Risk (Play): articles, ephemeraCaleb West (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, poster cardsCaliban of the Yellow Sands (Musical): ephemeraCalico Wedding (Play): articles, ephemeraCalifornia Suite (Play): articles, ephemeraCaligula (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Caliph (Opera): copyright notice, ephemera, scriptCall It a Day (Play): articles, ephemeraCall It Virtue (Play): ephemeraCall Me by My Rightful Name (Play): articles, ephemeraCall Me Madam (Musical): articles, ephemera, sheet musicCall Me Madam (Musical): scriptCall Me Mister (Revue): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCall Me Ziggy (Play): articles, ephemeraA Call on Kuprin (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Call of Life (Play): ephemeraThe Call of the North (Play): clippings, ephemera, poster cardsCall the Doctor (Play): article, ephemeraCalled Back (Play): clippings, ephemera, manuscriptCalling All Stars (Revue): articles, clippings, ephemeraCambridge Circus (Revue): articles, ephemeraThe Camel Through the Needle's Eye (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, floor plans,scriptCamelot (Musical): sheet musicCamelot (Musical): ephemeraCamelot (Musical): articles, clippings2 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates19251954-1955, 19831962-19631900191619451975-19771960, 19861893-18961936196319611950-1995ca. 1955OSOSOSOS1946-1948193719611925190819201884 OS1934 OS196419291960 OS1960-1967 OS1960-1976 OS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title3 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates6666612345Camelot (Musical): press material, 1 of 2Camelot (Musical): press material, 1 of 2Camelot (Musical): ephemeraCamelot (Musical): articles clippings, 1 of 5Camelot (Musical): articles clippings, 2 of OSOSOS77777771234567Camelot (Musical): articles clippings, 3 of 5Camelot (Musical): articles clippings, 4 of 5Camelot (Musical): articles clippings, 5 of 5The Camels are Coming (Play): article, ephemeraThe Camel's Back (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCameo Kirby (Play): ephemera, poster cardCamille (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, 1974OSOSOS888888123456Camille (Play): scriptsCamino Real (Play): articles, ephemeraCamping with Henry and Tom (Play): article, ephemeraCan-Can (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, set design repros, sheet musicCanaries Sometimes Sing (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Canary (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet music1880-1949 OS1953-197019951953-1981 OS1930-19311918-1919 OS999999999123456789Canary Dutch (Play): articles, ephemeraCandida (Play): ephemeraCandida (Play): articles, clippings, press material, printsThe Candidate (Play): ephemeraCandide (Choreographic work : Weidman): article, ephemeraCandide (Musical): ephemeraCandide (Musical): press material, 1 of 3Candide (Musical): press material, 2 of 3Candide (Musical): press material, 3 of 3OS19251904-1993 OSca. 1910-1993 OS18891933ca. 1956-1997ca. 1974-1997ca. 1997ca. 1997

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title910 Candide (Musical): costume design repros, script4 of 34Last updated: 101234567891011121314151617Candle in the Wind (Play): ephemeraCandle Light (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCandles, Snow & Mistletoe (Musical): ephemeraCandy (Musical): ephemera, published scriptThe Candyapple (Play): ephemeraThe Candy Shop (Musical): clippings, ephemeraThe Cannibals (Play): ephemeraThe Canterbury Tales (Musical): articles, ephemeraThe Cantilevered Terrace (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Cannuck (Play): ephemeraThe Cap with Bells (Play): ephemeraCapacity for Wings (Play): ephemeraCape Cod Follies (Revue ): article, ephemeraCape Smoke (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Capeman (Musical): articles, ephemeraEl Capitan (Opera): ephemeraThe Capitol (Play): clipping, ephemera19411929-193019931892 OS19701909-1910 51111111111111111111112345678910Capitol Steps (Revue): ephemeraCaponsacchi (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCappy Ricks (Play): clippings, ephemeraCaprice (Play : Sil-Vera): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet musicCaptain Applejack (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraCaptain Barrington (Play): clippings, ephemeraCaptain Brassbound's Conversion (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCaptain Carvallo (Play): souvenir programsCaptain Dieppe (Play): clippings, ephemeraCaptain Impudence (Play): 7-1972195019031897

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title1111 Captain Jinks (Musical): clippings, ephemera, sheet 13131313131313131234567891011121314151617Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, poster cardsCaptain Jinks of the Horse Marines (Play): scriptCaptain Kettle (Play): clippingsCaptain Kidd, Jr. (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCaptain Lettarblair (Play): ephemera, annotated prompt scriptsCaptain Molly (Play): clippingsCaptain Paul (Play): ephemeraCaptain Swift (Play): clippings, ephemeraCaptain Therese (Opera): ephemeraThe Captains and the Kings (Play): correspondence, financial informationThe Captains and the Kings (Play): articles, ephemera, scriptCaptains Courageous, the Musical (Musical): ephemeraThe Captain's Tiger: a memoir for the stage (Play): ephemeraThe Captive (Play): actor's questionnaire, articles, clippings, ephemeraCaravan (Play): article, clipping, ephemeraThe Card King of the Coast (Play): ephemeraThe Cardinal (Play): clippings, ephemeraCareer (Play): articles, ephemeraCareer Angel (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Carefree Tree (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Caretaker (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCarib Chief (Play): annotated scriptCarib Song (Musical): articles, ephemera, sheet musicCaribbean Carnival (Revue): articles, ephemeraCarmelina (Musical): articles, ephemera, press releaseThe Carmelite (Play): print5 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates19251901-1936ca. 190619021916-19171891-1893, 19991926-1928192819071902, 1931 OS1957194419551961-19621844194519471979ca. 1790

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title6 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018DatesCarmen (Burlesque): ephemeraCarmen (Choreographic work): clippings, ephemeraCarmen (Play): clippings, ephemeraCarmen Jones (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCarmencita and the Soldier (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, press releasesCarnival (Play : Doyle): articles, clippings, ephemeraCarnival (Play : Hardinge and Lang): articles, ephemeraCarnival! (Musical): articles, costume design repros, ephemera, sheet musicCarnival in Flanders (Musical): articles, ephemeraCaroline (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCaroline (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraThe Carolinian (Play): articles, -1963 OS19531923-1926191619251234567Carousel (Musical): ephemeraCarousel (Musical): sheet musicCarousel (Musical): librettoCarousel (Musical): score and vocal partsCarousel (Musical): articles, press releasesCarousel (Musical): ephemeraCarousel (Musical): 4-1995123456789The Carpenters (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Carpetbagger (Play): ephemeraCarrie (Musical): articles, ephemeraCarrots (Play): articles, ephemera, printCarry Me Back to Morningside Heights (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCarry Nation (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCarry On (Play): clippings, ephemeraCasa Paterna (Play): ephemeraCasanova (Play): article, clippings, 5151515161616161616161616OSOSOSOSOSOSOS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 02117171717171717171717123456789101718181818Case History (Play : Bardoly ): articles, ephemeraCase History (Play : Sherman): ephemeraA Case of Arson (Play): ephemeraThe Case of Becky (Play): clippings, ephemeraA Case of Clyde Griffiths (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Case of Lady Camber (Play): clippings, ephemeraA Case of Libel (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Case of Rebellious Susan (Play): clippings, ephemera, scriptsA Case of Youth (Play): articles, ephemeraCasey Jones (Play): articles, ephemeraCashel Byron (Play : Harrison J. Wolfe): ephemeraCashel Byron's Profession (Play): clipping, ephemeraCasino Girl (Musical): articles, clippings, copyright notice, ephemera, scriptCaste (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, scriptsCastle Sombras (Play): clippings, ephemeraCastles in the Air (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCastles in the Air (Opera): ephemeraThe Castro Complex (Play): article, ephemeraThe Cat and the Canary (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cat and the Cherub (Play): clippings, poster cardThe Cat and the Fiddle (Musical : Carter and Sinn): poster cardsThe Cat and the Fiddle (Musical : Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach): scriptsThe Cat and the Fiddle (Musical : Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach): articles, clippings,11 ephemera, sheet music1234The Cat-Bird (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraCat on a Hot Tin Roof (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cat Screams (Play): articles, ephemeraCatch-22 (Play): ephemera7 of 34Last updated: 1894-190419401938190019061900-1901 OS1873-1927 OS18961926-19271890-1891 OS19701922-1965ca. 1900190719311931-193219201955-199219421980

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title8 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates1818181818185678910Catch a Star! (Revue): articles, ephemeraCatch Me if You Can (Play): articles, ephemera, scriptThe Catch of the Season (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, published scoreCatherine (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraCatherine Was Great (Play): articles, ephemeraCatholic School Girls (Play): articles, ephemera, press releases19551965-19661904-1905 23456789101112131415Cats (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cats' Pajamas (Revue): articles, ephemeraCatsplay (Play): ephemeraCatskill Dutch (Play): articles, clipping, ephemeraCatskills on Broadway (Revue): articles, ephemera, press releasesCaucasian Chalk Circle (Play): articles, ephemera, press releasesCaught (Play): articles, ephemeraCaught in the Rain (Play): articles, clippings, correspondence, ephemeraCaught Wet (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cavalier (Play : Cable): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cave Dwellers (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Cave Girl (Play): article, ephemera, scriptThe Cave Man (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraCaviar (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCeiling Zero (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera1982-20061962197819241991-19931966, 202020202020201234567A Celebrated Case (Play): clippings, ephemera, published scriptCelebration (Musical): articles, ephemeraCelebration (Revue): article, ephemeraCelebrity (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cellar and the Well (Play): articlesThe Cemetery Club (Play): ephemeraThe Cenci (Play): article, ephemera, press release1878-1915 OS19691985-19861927-1928195019901986

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 718192021Censored (Play): articles, ephemeraCensored Scenes from King Kong (Musical): ephemeraCentral Park; or, the house with two doors (Play): ephemeraThe Centuries (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Century Girl (Revue): articles, clippings, ephemera, script (Act I)Century Midnight Whirl (Revue): ephemera, sheet musicThe Century Revue (Revue): ephemeraCeption Shoals (Play): clippings, drawing, ephemeraCeremonies in Dark Old Men (Play): articles, ephemera, press releasesThe Ceremony of Innocence (Play): articles, scriptsA Certain Party (Musical): clippings, ephemeraA Certain Young Man (Play): articleCesarine (Play): ephemeraChains (Play : Porter Emerson Browne): articles, 112131415Chains (Play : Jules Eckert Goodman): clippings, ephemera, scriptChains of Dew (Play): article, ephemeraThe Chairs (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Chalk Circle (Play): articlesThe Chalk Garden (Play): articles, ephemeraChalked Out (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Challenge (Play): clippings, ephemeraThe Challenge of Youth (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Chameleon (Play): articles, ephemeraChamillac (Play): ephemeraChampagne Complex (Play): articles, ephemeraChampagne, Sec (Operetta): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Champion (Play): clippings, ephemeraChange (Play): ephemeraChange Alley (Play): clippings, ephemera, script9 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates19381980186119271916-1917 OS1918-1919192019171969, 198519681911196718961912192319221958, 199819331955-1956, 19821937191919301932188919551933192119141897

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 32323232323232324242424A Change in Heir (Musical): article, ephemera, press releaseThe Changeling (Play): articles, ephemera, scriptThe Changelings (Play): clippings, ephemeraChanges (Musical): articles, ephemera, production notes, script10 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates1990ca. 1940-199719231978-1980The Changing Room (Play): articles, clippingsThe Changing Room (Play): advertising expenses, ephemera, production notesThe Channel Road (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChantecler (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, poster cardsChantecler (Play): published analysis, stage manager's scriptChantecler (Play): acting script1973197319291910-1911 OS1910-1911 OS1911 OS12345678910111213Chaparral (Play): article, ephemeraThe Chaperon (Play): clippings, ephemeraChapter Two (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCharity (Play): ephemeraThe Charity Ball (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, ground plansThe Charity Ball (Play): scriptsThe Charlatan (Musical): clippings, ephemeraThe Charlatan (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCharlatans (Play): articlesCharles the Second (Play): published scriptsCharles XII (Play): ephemeraCharles O'Malley (Play): ephemeraCharley Bacon and His Family (Play): ephemera, press releases19581908-19091977-197918741889-1907ca. y's Aunt (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCharley's Uncle (Play): ephemeraCharlie and Algernon (Musical): articles, ephemera, press releasesCharlie McCarthy's Monocle (Play): ephemera1893-1970undated1980undated

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title11 of 34Last updated: 415Charlie was here and now he's gone (Play): articles, ephemeraCharlot Revue (Revue): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet musicCharlotte (Play): articles, ephemera, press releasesCharlotte Corday (Play): clippings, ephemeraCharlotte Sweet (Musical): articles, ephemera, press kitThe Charm of Isabel (Play): ephemeraThe Charm School (Play): article, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicThe Chase (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Chastening (Play): article, ephemeraChauve-Souris (Revue): correspondence, sheet musicChauve-Souris (Revue): ephemera19711924-1926 OS19801895198219141920195219231913-1929 OS1922-1923 415Chauve-Souris (Revue): souvenir programsChauve-Souris (Revue): articles, clippingsChauve-Souris (Revue): ephemeraCheaper to Marry (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCheapside (Play): ephemeraThe Cheater (Play): clipping, ephemeraCheaters (Play): ephemeraCheating Cheaters (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Checkerboard (Play): articles, scriptCheckers (Play): clippings, ephemeraChecking Out (Play): ephemeraCheckmates (Play): article, ephemeraChee Chee (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicCheer Up (Play): clipping, ephemeraCheer Up! (Revue): 81916-191719201903-19091976198819281913191826261 A Cheever Evening (Play): ephemera2 A Chekov Sketchbook (Play): articles, ephemera19941962, 1980OSOSOSOS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # eri (Play): articles, ephemera, scriptCherries Are Ripe (Play): clippingCherry Blossoms (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, scripts, sheet musicThe Cherry Orchard (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cherry Orchard (Play): scriptsThe Cherry Pickers (Play): ephemeraChess (Musical): articles, ephemera, press releasesThe Chester Mysteries (Play): articles, ephemeraChiaroscuro (Play): articleChic (Revue): articles, ephemeraChicago (Musical): articles, ephemera, ground plans, soundtrackChicago (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChicken Every Sunday (Play): articles, ephemeraChicken Feed (Play): clippings, ephemeraThe Chickencoop Chinaman (Play): ephemeraThe Chief (Play): clippings, ephemeraThe Chief Thing (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera, scriptThe Chieftan (Opera): clippings, ephemera, poster cardsThe Chiffon Girl (Musical): articles, ephemeraThe Child Buyer (Play): articles, correspondence, ephemeraChild of Fortune (Opera): ephemeraChild of Fortune (Play : Guy Bolton): articles, ephemeraChild of Manhattan (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChild of the Morning (Play): articles, ephemeraChildhood (Play): ephemera, press releasesChildren (Play): articles, ephemeraChildren! Children! (Play): articles, ephemeraChildren from Their Games (Play): articles, ephemera12 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Datesca. 19591931ca. 19271923-19971904, 19971896-189719881917, 1923196319591975-1997192719441923197219151926, 19721963

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # TitleChildren of a Lesser God (Play): articles, ephemeraChildren of Adam (Musical): articles, ephemera, press releasesChildren of Darkness (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChildren of Destiny (Play): ephemeraChildren of Kings (Play): ephemeraChildren of the Ghetto (Play): clippings, ephemeraChildren of the Moon (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChildren of the Wind (Play): articles, ephemeraChildren of Today (Play): ephemeraThe Children's Hour (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Children's Mass (Play): ephemeraThe Children's Tragedy (Play): ephemera13 of 34Last updated: s Play (Play): ephemera, scriptChild's Play (Play): press kit, 1 of 2Child's Play (Play): press kit, 2 of 2The Chili Widow (Play): ephemeraThe Chimes of Normandy (Opera): articles, ephemeraChimmie Faddon (Play): clipping, ephemera, poster cardChin Chin (Musical): article, clippings, ephemeraA China Doll (Musical): articles, contract, copyright notice, published score, 45678China Rose (Operetta): ephemera, sheet musicChincilla (Play): ephemeraThe Chinese and Dr. Fish (Play): articles, clipping, ephemeraChinese Coffee (Play): ephemeraA Chinese Honeymoon (Musical): clippings, ephemera, published scoreThe Chinese Magic Revue: articles, ephemera, press releaseChinese O'Neill (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Chinese Prime Minister (Play): articles, ephemera1924-19251979197019921901-1904 OS19841929196419701970

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title14 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018Dates30303030303091011121314The Chip Woman's Fortune (Play): ephemeraChippies (Play): articles, ephemeraChips with Everything (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChivalry (Play): articlesThe Chocolate Soldier (Operetta): published vocal scoreThe Chocolate Soldier (Operetta): articles, clippings, ephemera192319291963-196419251908 OS1909-1947 n in Space (Play): ephemeraThe Chopin Playoffs (Play): articles, ephemera, press releaseThe Chorus Lady (Play): clippings, ephemera, poster cardsA Chorus Line (Musical): articles, cast informationA Chorus Line (Musical): clippings, ephemeraThe Chosen People (Play): ephemeraThe Chouans (Play): clippings, ephemeraChris and the Wonderful Lamp (Musical): clippings, ephemeraThe Christian (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Christian King (Play): clippingThe Christian Pilgrim (Play): clippingsChristina Alberta's Father (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemeraChristine (Musical): articles, 232123456789A Christmas Carol (Musical): article, ephemeraA Christmas Carol (Play): ephemeraChristmas Eve (Play): articles, ephemeraChristopher Blake (Play): articles, ephemeraChristopher Comes Across (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChristopher, Jr. (Play): clippings, ephemeraChronicle of a Death Foretold (Musical): ephemera, press releasesChrysalis (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChu Chem (Musical): article, ephemera, script1994-19971991-199419391946-1947, undated19321893-1903199519321989OSOSOSOS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title323232323232101112131415Chu Chin Chow (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet musicChurchill (Play): ephemeraA Church is Born (Musical): ephemeraA Church Mouse (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraChurch Street (Play): articles, ephemeraCicero (Play): 112131415La Cigale (Operetta): clippings, ephemera, librettoCigarette (Play): ephemeraA Cigarette Maker's Romance (Play): ephemeraThe Cinderelative (Play): articles, ephemeraCinderella : clippings, ephemera, prints from multiple productionsCinderella (Television program : 1957): articles, script, sheet musicCinderella at School (Musical): clipping, ephemeraThe Cinderella Man (Play): clippings, ephemeraCinderella on Broadway (Revue): article, ephemeraCinders (Musical): articles, ephemera, sheet musicCindy (Musical): ephemeraThe Circle (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCircle in the Water (Play): ephemeraThe Circle of Chalk (Play): article, clipping, ephemera, scriptThe Circus Girl (Musical): clippings, ephemera, published score & scripts343434343434341234567The Circus Princess (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet musicLa Citta Morta (Play): articles, ephemeraThe City (Play): clippings, ephemeraThe City Chap (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe City Directory (Play): clippings, ephemeraCity Haul (Play): articles, clipping, ephemeraCity of Angels (Musical): article, ephemera15 of 34Last updated: 79-1893 OS187119021930ca. 01925-19281897-1898 OS192719251909-19101925189019291989-1990

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title34343434343434343434891011121314151617The City of Pleasure (Play): ephemeraCity Sugar (Play): ephemeraThe City's Heart (Play): ephemeraThe Civil War (Musical): articles, ephemeraCivilian Clothes (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Claim (Play): article, ephemeraClair de Lune (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraClaire Adams (Play): ephemeraThe Clandestine Marriage (Play): articles, clipping, ephemeraThe Clansman (Play): articles, clippings, 91011121314151617Clari; or, the maid of Milan (Play): published scriptsClarence (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraClarence Darrow (Play): articles, ephemeraClarice (Play): clippings, ephemeraClarisse; or, a wife's wit (Play): ephemeraClash By Night (Play): articles, ephemeraClass Enemy (Play): articles, ephemera, press releasesClassmates (Play): clippings, ephemeraClaude Duval (Opera): ephemera, published scriptClaudia (Play): articles, ephemera, ground plans, published scriptClaudian (Play): clippings, ephemeraThe Claw (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraClean Beds (Play): article, ephemeraA Clean Slate (Play): clipping, ephemeraClear All Wires (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraA Clearing in the Woods (Play): articles, ephemeraCleavage (Musical): ephemera16 of 34Last updated: , undated1906undated1919-1927, 19851974, 1988190618901941-19421978-19801907ca. 1887 OS1941-19421886-1893 OS1921-192219391903193219571982

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # Title17 of 34Last updated: 3612345678910111213141516171819Cleopatra (Play : Sardou): articles, clippings, ephemera, prints, published scriptCleopatra (Play : Sardou): annotated script, box office statementsClerambard (Play): articles, ephemeraClerical Error (Play): clippings, ephemeraCleveland and Halfway Back (Play): articleThe Clever Ones (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCliffhanger (Play): ephemera, press releasesThe Climate of Eden (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Climax (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Climbers (Play): article, clippings, ephemeraThe Clinging Vine (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, sheet musicClio (Play): ephemeraClito (Play): ephemeraThe Clod (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Cloister (Play): ephemeraClose Harmony (Play): actor's questionnaire, articles, ephemeraClose of Play (Play): articles, ephemeraClose Quarters (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCloser (Play): articles, ephemera1890-1901 OSca. 1895 OS1957ca. 18981987191519851952-19581909-1933 993737373737373737373712345678910Closer Than Ever (Musical): press kit, 1 of 2Closer Than Ever (Musical): press kit, 2 of 2Closing Door (Play): articles, ephemeraClothes (Play): clippings, ephemeraClothes for a Summer Hotel (Play): articles, ephemeraCloud 7 (Play): articles, ephemeraCloud 9 (Play): ephemera, press kitCloudy with Showers (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraClover (Opera): clippings, ephemeraThe Clown and the Locket (Play): clipping1989198919491906198019581981-198319311889 OSca. 1900

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 718 of 34Last updated: 1/30/2018DatesThe Club (Revue): ephemeraThe Clutching Claw (Play): articles, clipping, ephemeraClutterbuck (Play): articles, ephemeraC. O. D. (Play): ephemera, poster cardsThe Co-respondent (Play): clippings, ephemeraCo-respondent Unknown (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCoach with the six insides (Choreographic work : Erdman, J): articles, clipping, ephemeraCoal Oil Jennie (Play): ephemeraCoastal Disturbances (Play): articles, ephemeraCoastwise Annie (Play): articles, ephemeraA Coat of Many Colors (Play): clippings, ephemeraCoat-tales (Play): clippings, ephemeraCobra (Play): clippings, ephemeraCock-A-Doodle Dandy (Play): articles, ephemeraCock O' the Roost (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCock o' the Walk (Play): articles, clippings, ephemeraCock Robin (Play): actor's questionnaire, articles, clippings, ephemeraThe Cockeyed Tiger (Musical): articles, ephemera, press releaseCockfight (Play : Elaine Jackson): article, ephemera, press releaseThe Cocktail Hour (Play): articles, ephemeraThe Cocktail Party (Party): articles, clipping, 198719311897191619241958, 68Coco (Musical): articles, clippings, press kitCoco (Musical): ephemera, sheet musicCoco (Musical): producer's correspondence and documentsCoco (Musical): correspondence with creative teamCoco (Musical): correspondence on costumes and setsCoco (Musical): correspondence with ChanelCoco (Musical): correspondence with Katherine 701968-19721966-1971OSOSOSOSOSOSOS

Theatrical Production Files - "C" SeriesBox # Fldr # 123456789101112131415424242424242424212345678Coco

8 4 Can-Can (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, set design repros, sheet music 1953-1981 OS 8 5 Canaries Sometimes Sing (Play): articles, clippings, ephemera 1930-1931 8 6 The Canary (Musical): articles, clippings, ephemera, script, sheet music 1918-1919 OS 9 1 Canary Dutch (Play): articles, ephemera 1925 9 2 Candida (Play): ephemera 1904 .

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The term “theatrical motion pictures” (hereinafter also referred to as “motion pictures” or “pictures”), as used herein, means motion pictures initially released in theatrical exhibition, whether made on or by film, tape or otherwise, and whether produced by means of motion

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