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bHighlightsInThisIssuethe witnessa publication of westminster congregational united church of christVolume LVII Number 3Have you heard that phrase being thrown aroundWestminster lately? I’ve been tossing it out at meetings,in conversations at coffee hour and whenever I get thechance to bring it up.March 2016church body. It is also a fabulous way for new membersto meet others, and seasoned members to extend theirnetwork and meet outside worship in a relaxed way.So I invite you to consider what small group ministryWhat does the group look like? It is composed of 5-10might mean for you. Notice the questions that arise,people who meet twice a month. Each leader is provided what thoughts come up for you about this ministry.with a structure for the meeting. It would lookDoes it speak to you in some way? I would love to hearsomething like this: Begin with a ritual, such as lighting about them and the other Small Group Ministry Planninga candle, open with a devotional, there is a time to check Committee would love to hear about them, to share what is going on in your life, and then adiscussion topic would be introduced, each member has Please feel free to share your comments and questionsthe chance to talk about what the topic means, how itwith any of us! We anticipate the rollout of Smallimpacts and creates questions for them personally. This Groups this Fall.occurs without interruption. The other members of thegroup listen deeply. They come together, not to fix orBlessings!solve problems, but to support and encourage. And each Jenn Marquisperson has the opportunity to share in this way. We holdspace for each other. Maybe you share a meal before or Small Group Planning Committeeafter, or have coffee and cookies. Really, it’s a placePastor Andy CastroLangwhere we can really get to know a few members in theLinda Crowecongregation very well.Randy CroweCathy GundersonSmall group ministry helps churches strengthen andMark Stuckerdeepen trust, friendship and connection to the largerJenn Marquis

SAVE THE DATE!!What:Who:When:Where:Benefit Concert and raffleSAYC Benton & Gallagher Ashé RemixedSunday March 6, 2016 3 to 5 pmWestminster’s Social Hall 10 Adults; 12 Families; 8 Students & SeniorsAboutmonthly newsletter is aWestminster CongregationalUnited Church of Christ publication.It is usually published around the28th each month (schedule permitting).To include something in next month’sedition, email your article to:or drop it by the church office.Monthly deadline: theSunday closest to the 20thChurch Staff:The Rev. Andrea CastroLangJan Shannon, Licensed MinisterAll of God’s PeopleVerne WindhamJanet HubbardNicolette (Nikki) RodeAndréa Reese HekimianandJohn Larson2Board & Committee MembersCome to the annual ‘leadership training’on March 13, directly after worship.If you’re new, you’ll receive orientation.If you’re a new chair, this is your chanceto meet with your predecessor to learnthe ropes, and ask those questionsyou’ve been wondering about for yournew role.

I read in Wikipedia that sabbatical means, “a periodof paid leave granted for study or travel” touniversity faculty, usually after 7 years. And an“archaic” understanding of the word says it is “of orappropriate to the Sabbath”.and appreciate the richness of God’s loving gifts inmy life and in this world!During this 12-week period of rest and renewal, (andof digging in my vegetable beds!), Pastor Jan willlead a team of volunteers, and the staff, in ongoingBoth of these uses make sense of my upcomingsupport of the Westminster faith community. Shesabbatical. When we renewed my “call agreement”will be the 20-hour a week paid staff member toto pastor Westminster UCC in 2013, it included theassist you in pastoral need, in worship and prayercontractual obligation of providing me with a(and in media of course!). Pastor Jan will be in classthsabbatical. Beginning on May 24 , I will removeat the beginning of my sabbatical so you can expectmyself from active ministry at Westminster for “aadditional clergy support then (June 5-12). She willperiod of paid leave granted for study or travel” until also be going on a brief summer vacation (July 12August 16th. I won’t be going out of the country, but 19). Pastor Linda Crowe (retired) and Pastor Lewthere will certainly be some travel opportunities, this Hinshaw (retired) will provide pastoral care, andsummer. I will also take advantage of this time to do lead in worship, when Pastor Jan is unavailable. Oursome studying of issues of particular interest to me. Moderator, Jenn Marquis, and chair of Personnel,Roger Stephens, as well as other key church leadersBut I understand this upcoming sabbatical in thewill be on hand to assist.archaic use of the word also: I plan to take Sabbathtime, this summer, while I am away from my rich and I want to thank you, the people of Westminster, forengaging work with all of you. Sabbath time will be the blessing of sabbatical. I appreciate you, and Iresting my body and my mind; giving me respite from appreciate this opportunity.the busyness of ministry and helping me to embracePastor Andy .doesn't that sound wonderful? That's the motto forWestminster's evening worship service, The Lounge. At TheLounge, we bring our whole selves, warts and all, and findthat we have a common need for spirituality in order to feelfully human.So, we come together, every Sunday in the Mayflower roomat 5:30 pm, to praise and worship, to sing, to pray, to learn,and to share Christ's love. In the relaxed setting of TheLounge, we find we are stronger, together.3

Environmental Justice WorkshopGood Friday: 6:00 pm Service on the Cross:reflections and song 6:30 pm “Can You not StayAwake with Me One Hour?” Prayer continues withPalm/Passion Sunday: During our 10:30 ama Vigil of prayer, readings, silence, songs andservice, we will cover the rough road that leads toJerusalem with our palms. We will hear the story of conversation between 6:30 pm-12:00 midnight.the Passion of Jesus Christ in the great hymns of the The 8 scenes of Christ’s passion will be availablefor meditative prayer through the day and thechurch.night.Maundy Thursday: 7 pm. “Supper around theEaster Morning: 9:00 am Potluck Celebratorytable” with Communion, storytelling, singing,praying with art. Karen Mobley created 8 scenes of Brunch. 10:30 am Joyous Worship on thisChrist’s passion. All are invited to use these pieces Resurrection Day! Baptism. Singing. Bells.Celebrating. Praying. Preaching. Alleluia’s allfor meditative prayer.Together with a Cross of Flowers!HOLY WEEK AT WESTMINSTER4

Felsőrákos CelebrationOn Sunday, April 3, we will celebrate our association with the church in Felsőrákos, Romania.There is only one church in Felsőrákos and it is Unitarian. Its pastor, Joszef Kotecz, visited ourchurch in 2013. The village has about 900 people living in it and they all speak Hungarian.Come to church and share in a little of their culture as we dedicate a multi-colored table runner forour communion table and hear our choir sing a Szekely Blessing (in Hungarian and English). Joinus downstairs for a sampling of Transylvanian foods hosted by the Friends of Felsőrákos. Take inthe display of folk arts brought back by returning travelers. Watch the videos taken by Justin Bellon his visit last September. Join Karen Wilson-Bell in the dances and music from the village andthe area.There will be a donation basket for gifts to the village church. Last year’sdonation from our church paid for the ingredients for a competitivegoulash cook-off, and the delicious results fed the entire village.Karen Wilson-Bell Kim Kotlan-Steinmetz and her son Ethan Steinmetz; Nick and Saviah CastroLang, and Amanda Hunt;with Senator Andy Billig of Spokane on “Have a Heart for Kids” Lobby Day in Olympia5

Welcome, One and All, to theBe there, with your family to celebrate Christ’sresurrection with your church family.Arrive shortly before 9 am on Sunday, March 27.Sign up for your contribution to the potluck afterchurch during March. Or call Karen Wilson-Bell at327-7862.6

WESTMINSTER CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRISTJanuary Financial dget22,080.01 (5,821.33) 205,510.0024,509.75 (2,379.10) 263,555.34(2,429.74) (3,442.23) (58,045.34)The loss for January was less than 6,000. Pledge income receivedwas more than average, but we still need to do better.2016 Pledge Information as of February 16, 2016:2016AnnualPledgeBudget113,054.56 113,560.70 109,813.00 s keep coming in. We are less than 10,000 away from thepledge goal for 2016, and only about 500 less than the total 2015pledges. Keep up the good work.Board & CommitteeMembersCome to the annual‘leadership training’ onMarch 13, directly afterworship.If you’re new, you’llreceive orientation. Ifyou’re a new chair, this isyour chance to meet withyour predecessor to learnthe ropes, and ask thosequestions you’ve beenwondering about for yournew role.bThe Book and Salad Club continues to meet the 3rd Monday of each month at noon, in thehomes of participants. As always, all are welcome. You need not have read the book toparticipate, however a salad is appreciated. Want more information? You can call Marilynne at747-0659; or talk with any member of the group.March 21 “Lila” byMarilynne Robinson,facilitated by MaryMackay at the home ofMarilyn Wilson.April 18 “Nightingale” by KristanHannah, facilitator and location tba.May 16 book and facilitator tba, at thehome of Margaret Ennis.7

Orders are being taken for Easter Lilies to enhance our Chancel area for EasterSunday worship. Lilies may be taken home after the Easter service or given as agift to one of our homebound or ill members.Please complete the order form below and return, with your payment for 11.50per lily, to the church office. Checks should be made payable to. Pleasenote “Easter Lily” on your check.Given by:In celebration or In Memory of (please circle):I will pick up my plant(s) after worship on Easter morning.Please deliver this plant to someone who is homebound or ill.I wish to help deliver plants after the worship service.Enclosed is for lilies at 11.50 each.8

Family Promise is having a fundraiser!Take in a show and support one of ourlong-time community partners.Cathy & Corri have tickets!Souper Bowl results: 226.95“Thank you to your congregation andYouth for their great effort on theSouper Bowl of Caring. Awesome!”9

Worship service each Sunday at 10:30 am. Join usearly for our Education & Spiritual Growth hour, at9:30.3/4***3/6Board and Committee members’ orientationdirectly after worship on 3-13***Palm Sunday on 3-20 Maundy Thursdayservice on 3-24 Good Friday Service on 3-25 Easter Sunday service on 3-27.3/83/13Corrin CollinAutumn ‘Gus’ Denton (1 y.o.)Margaret Ennis3/14Gordon Gates3/20Paul LinJennifer MarquisLori AukstikalnisPaul KroppWalt Thurber***Spokane Folklore Society presents Craver, Hicks,Watson & Newberry in concert on 3-4 at 7 pm.Dori AllisonJoe CannonMartha Hibbard3/22***3/23Notice: 3-1 The Lounge planning team at 6 pm.3-2 Sustainability at 7 pm. 3-3 Yoga is cancelled.3-10 SAYC in concert - Yoga is cancelled; TheLounge practice is cancelled; AA group meets inthe social hall. 3-20 WestCAT rescheduled to meetat 12:15 pm.3/253/26Troy HildenbrandAlex DentonCarlos AldenLorraine FreemanMarch 21 - 25Welcome, One and All, to theBe there, with your family to celebrateChrist’s resurrection with your churchfamily.If you’re available to bless thesedear ones, please sign-up in theNarthex for one of these days!Arrive shortly before 9 am on Sunday,March 27. Sign up for your contribution tothe potluck after church during March. Orcall Karen Wilson-Bell at 327-7862.ATTENTION PARENTS!Youth GroupSundays 1:00 – 3:00 pm10February Attendancemorning / The Lounge2-770 / 112-1474 / 192-2178 / 132-28102 / 17

Liturgist:Linda StephensDeacons:Hazel, Mary, Annamarie, AlisherHospitality:Friends of WestminsterLiturgist:Ed JoyDeacons:Alisher Meredith, Teresa KrugerHospitality:WestCATLiturgist:Ondrej DeZarnDeacons:Mary Seaton, Doris HoldawayHospitality:SONLiturgist:Pam BecksteadDeacons:Jenn Marquis, Jim ns:Hazel, Mary, Steve, AnnamarieHospitality:Friends of FelsőrákosIn this digital age, the church takes many pictures ofbaptisms, choir performances and concerts, worshipservices, mission trips, special presentations,Sunday School, fellowship activities and communityoutreach projects. We use these pictures to record,to promote, and to celebrate our church ministries.Pictures are used on bulletin boards, in slide showsand PowerPoint presentations, in publications, andon our church website.However, some persons may choose not to have theirI covenant with you, members and friends ofWestminster Congregational United Churchof Christ:Westminster Congregational United Churchof Christ embraces a spirit of hospitalityfounded in the gospels of Jesus Christ & awillingness to live out that welcome inmeaningful ways.As an Open and Affirming Church, ourlongstanding culture of welcome extends toall people regardless of sexual orientation,race/ethnicity, gender, physical ability,socioeconomic status or faith, or photos of their children, used and werespect their wishes. Therefore, we are providing aMedia Opt-Out form for individuals or families whoprefer NOT to have photo-graphs of themselves usedby the church. This form can be accessed from ourwebsite at: you have no objection to church use of yourphotograph, you DO NOT need to sign or return thisform.11

Networking partners!Faith Action Network. A Partnership for the Common or email /keeping you posted the amily Promise of Spokane904 E Hartson Ave Spokane, WA 99202(509) 747-5487familypromise.orgExecutive Director: Steve AllenElectronic giving methods available, now.Choose one-time or recurring, to your pledge or choice of fund.Give by Text to 509-631-9584 from your smart phone (include sign, ie: 10. A one-timecard registration will be requested). If you prefer online giving, a donate link is availableon our website: you very much for your support.12

March 20163-1Tuesday6:00 pm The Lounge planning3-3Thursday5:30 pm Yoga *cancelled*6:30 pm AA meeting7:30 pm The Lounge Practice3-4Friday11:00 am social hall occupied3-6Sunday10:30 am1:00 pm3:00 pm5:00 pm5:30 pm3-7Monday6:15 pm Bell Choir practice3-8Tuesday5:00 pm social hall occupied6:30 pm Deacons7:30 pm Ed & Spiritual Growth3-911:30 am Joanna ChapterWednesday 4:30 pm sanctuary occupied6:30 pm SON committee3-10ThursdayAndy working offsite. . .7:00 pm SAYC in concert3-17ThursdayAndy working offsite. . .5:30 pm Yoga6:30 pm AA meeting7:30 pm The Lounge Practice3-19Saturday7:00 pm Craver, Hicks, Watson &Newberry in concertSaturday3-5Wednesday3-165:30 pm7:00 pm6:30 pm7:30 pm11:30 am1:00 pm5:00 pm5:30 pmWorship - communionYouth GroupJam for BreadAA meeting - parlorThe LoungeYoga cancelledSAYC in concertAA meeting - social hallThe Lounge Practice cancelledLeadership orientationYouth GroupAA meetingThe Lounge3-13Sunday3-14Monday5:30 pm parlor occupied6:15 pm Bell Choir practice3-15Tuesday5:30 pm Poetry2:00 pm Music & Arts?6:30 pm Trustees8:30 11:00 am social hall occupied10:30 am12:15 pm1:00 pm5:00 pm5:30 pmNewsletter submissions dueWorshipWestCATYouth GroupAA meetingThe Lounge3-20PalmSunday3-21MondayMeals on Wheels . . .12:00 pm Book & Salad6:15 pm Bell Choir practice3-22TuesdayMeals on Wheels . . .7:00 pm ayMeals on Wheels . . .5:30 pm6:30 pm7:00 pm7:30 pmMeals on Wheels . . .YogaAA meetingMaundy Thursday serviceThe Lounge PracticeMeals on Wheels . . .6:00 pm Good Friday Service9:00 am10:30 am1:00 pm5:00 pm5:30 pmEaster BrunchWorshipYouth GroupAA meetingThe Lounge3-27EasterSunday3-28Monday6:15 pm Bell Choir practice7:30 pm Michal Chapter3-31Thursday5:30 pm Yoga6:30 pm AA meeting7:30 pm The Lounge Practice13

2016 Pledge Information as of February 16, 2016: 2016 Total Pledges 2015 Total Pledges 2015 Pledges Received 2016 Annual Pledge Budget 2016 Pledge Budget Shortfall 113,054.56 113,560.70 109,813.00 123,000.00 9,945.44 Pledges keep coming in. We are less than 10,000 away from the pledge goal for 2016, and only about 500 less than the total 2015 .

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Silat is a combative art of self-defense and survival rooted from Matay archipelago. It was traced at thé early of Langkasuka Kingdom (2nd century CE) till thé reign of Melaka (Malaysia) Sultanate era (13th century). Silat has now evolved to become part of social culture and tradition with thé appearance of a fine physical and spiritual .

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

The credibility of an adverse witness, whether a lay witness or expert, can generally be impeached by demonstrating that: 1. The witness has committed an immoral, vicious or criminal act which affects the witness’ character and tends to show the witness to be unworthy of belief; 2. The witness has been convicted of a crime; 3.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.