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SUMMARY OF ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS (ADMINISTRATIVE AND CIVIL)BY THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS OVERSIGHTMay-16SUBJECTPaul R. MataRenaissance Management, LLCSecured Capital Investments, LLCLogos Real Estate Holdings, LLCLogos Lifetime Enterprises, LLCLogos Management Group, LLCLogos Wealth Advisors, Inc.David Francis KayattaMario PincheiraWorld Gardens Café, LLCACTIONFinal Judgment of PermanentInjunction; Restitution; and CivilPenalties Against DefendantPaul R. MataVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecurities and Broker-DealerActivity(Corporations Code Sections25110, 25401 and 25213)May 2, 2016Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaUnited Mortgage Corp.UMC Mortgage CompanyAccusationUnlawful Residential MortgageLending ActivityMay 4, 2016Melville, New York(Financial Code Sections50002 and 50513(b))1

SUBJECTMark Russell ShawzinAxxiom Forex AdvisorsACTIONDesist and Refrain OrderVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful California CommodityLaw ActivityMay 11, 2016Los Angeles, California(Corporations Code Sections29535 and 29536)Network Funding, LPDesist and Refrain OrderHouston, TexasStatement of Facts in Support ofOrder to Discontinue ViolationsAccusation in Support of OrderSuspending Residential MortgageLender License and ImposingPenaltiesOrder to Discontinue ViolationsOrder to Refund Excessive PerDiem Interest ChargesMay 11, 20162Unlawful Residential MortgageLending Activity(Financial Code Sections50002, 50320, 50321, 50327,50513 and 50504)

SUBJECTJin Yong KimJulia Eugene KimKay Kyong Hui ChangACTIONOrder Barring Kay Kyong HuiChang from any Position ofEmployment, Management andControl of any Escrow AgentLos Angeles, CaliforniaSettlement AgreementVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Escrow LawActivity(Financial Code Section17423)May 11, 2016Order Suspending Julia Eugene Kimfrom any Position of Employment,Management and Control of anyEscrow AgentSettlement AgreementMay 12, 2016Curtis Tax Service, Inc.Romeo Tan BarcelonaDesist and Refrain OrderUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecuritiesMay 11, 2016Fontana, California(Corporations Code Sections25110 and 25401)3

SUBJECTLevel One Escrow, Inc.Carlsbad, CaliforniaACTIONStatement of Facts in Support ofOrder to Discontinue Violationsand Notice of Intent to Make OrderFinalOrder to Discontinue ViolationsVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Escrow LawActivity(Financial Code Sections17602, 17213.1(a) and17213.2)Order of ForfeitureMay 11, 2016Van Dyk Mortgage Corporation dbaVanDyk Mortgage CorporationGrand Rapids, MichiganAccusationUnlawful Residential MortgageLending ActivityStatement of Facts in Support ofOrder to Discontinue Violationsand Notice of Intent to Make OrderFinalOrder to Discontinue ViolationsOrder to Refund Excessive PerDiemMay 11, 20164(Financial Code Sections50502(c), 50513(b), 50321 and50504)

AccusationRoseville, CaliforniaMay 11, 2016(Financial Code Sections50002 and 50513(b))Tom N Toms Franchise, LLCDo Kyun KimYoon Jo HongCitation Including:(1) Desist and Refrain Order(2) Assessment of AdministrativePenalties(3) Claim for Ancillary Relief andCostsUnlawful Franchise InvestmentLaw ActivityLos Angeles, CaliforniaACTIONVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Residential MortgageLending ActivitySUBJECTParamount Equity Mortgage, LLCStatement in Support of Stop OrderDenying Effectiveness of FranchiseRegistration ApplicationOrder Denying Effectiveness ofFranchise Registration ApplicationMay 12, 20165(Corporations Code Sections31402, 31406, 31408 and31115)

SUBJECTGrameen America, Inc.ACTIONStipulationNew York, New YorkMay 17, 2016VIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful California FinanceLender Law Activity(Financial Code Section22100)Coast Capital Management, LLCPaul Lee MooreDesist and Refrain OrderDel Mar, CaliforniaDana Point, CaliforniaNewport Beach, CaliforniaMay 18, 2016Eric M. GraceOrder Barring Eric M. Grace fromany Position of Employment,Management, or Control of anyInvestment Adviser, Broker-Dealer,or Commodity AdviserTorrance, CaliforniaUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecurity and InvestmentAdviser Activity(Corporations Code Sections25110, 25230 and 25401)May 18, 20166Unlawful Investment AdviserActivity(Corporations Code Section25232.1)

SUBJECTExecutive Escrow CompanyACTIONOrder to Discontinue EscrowActivitiesVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Escrow LawActivitySan Clemente, CaliforniaGreen Central Holdings, Inc.Randall Mark LetcavageMay 18, 2016(Financial Code Section17415)StipulationUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecuritiesMay 20, 2016Irvine, CaliforniaJeffrey Allan Forrest(Corporations Code Section25401)Order Denying Application forMortgage Loan Originator LicenseNon-Issuance of MortgageLoan Originator LicenseMay 23, 2016(Financial Code Section22109.1)Desist and Refrain OrderUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecurities and CaliforniaCommodity Law ActivityArroyo Grande, CaliforniaDavid R. BryantBryant Family Investment Fund, LLCMay 24, 2016Gardena, California(Corporations Code Sections25401, 29520 and 29536)7

SUBJECTCraig Allen BrockACTIONAccusation to Revoke MortgageLoan Originator LicenseVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSMortgage Loan OriginatorLicenseCardiff-by-the-Sea, dbaPerformance Capital GroupFountain Valley, CaliforniaMay 26, 2016(Financial Code Sections50513, 50141(a)(3),50144(b)(1) and 50327(a)(2))First Amended Accusation inSupport of Notice of Intention toIssue Order Revoking or, in theAlternative, Suspending FinanceLenders LicenseUnlawful California FinanceLender Law Activity(Financial Code Sections22336(a), 22346 , 22170(b)(4),22156 and 22714(a)(1))May 26, 20161st Line Funding, L.L.C. akaSML Direct, L.L.C.Desist and Refrain Orderwww.1stlinefunding.comShawn BaramiGeorge HawatmehUnlawful California FinanceLenders Law and ResidentialMortgage Lending ActivityMay 27, 2016(Financial Code Sections22100 and 50002)Woodland Hills, CaliforniaLa Palma, California8

SUBJECTGabriel Investment Group, L.L.C.Miguel Gabriel Oleaga Sanchez akaMiguel GabrielACTIONDesist and Refrain OrderMay 27, 2016(Corporations Code Sections25110 and 25401)First Amended Citations Including:(1) Desist and Refrain Order;(2) Assessment of AdministrativePenalties; and(3) Attorneys' FeesUnlawful Franchise InvestmentLaw ActivitySacramento, CaliforniaHenderson, NevadaSolara360 LLCWilliam Dorn BeattieBlaine, WashingtonVIOLATIONS &CHARGING SECTIONSUnlawful Offer and Sale ofSecurities(Corporations Code Sections31110, 31200, 31406 and31408)May 27, 2016Academy Leadership Franchising, LLCJuno Beach, FloridaConsent Order to:(1) Desist and Refrain fromViolation of the California FranchiseInvestment Law;(2) Pay Administrative Penalties; and(3) File Notice of Violation toFranchiseesMay 31, 20169Unlawful Franchise InvestmentLaw Activity(Corporations Code Sections31303, 31402 and 31406)

Mark Russell Shawzin Desist and Refrain Order Unlawful California Commodity Axxiom Forex Advisors May 11, 2016 Law Activity Los Angeles, California (Corporations Code Sections 29535 and 29536) Network Funding, LP Houston, Texas Desist and Refrain Order Statement of Facts in Support of Order to Discontinue Violations

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Code may be stock or non-stock corporations. Corporations which have capital stock divided into shares and are authorized to distribute to the holders of such shares dividends or allotments of the surplus profits on the basis of the shares held are stock corporations. All other corporations are non-stock corporations. (3a) SEC. 3.

3. Nonprofit Corporate Forms Under California Law The California Corporations Code recognizes three types of nonprofit corporations. Each type is governed by separate sections of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law. The three types are Public Benefit, Mutual Benefit and Religious Benefit Corporations. The differences are as follows:

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SF DOWNTOWN CA California 64,059 SF MISSION CA California 62,244 SONORA CA California 16,731 SOUTH SACRAMENTO CA California 54,689 SOUTHEAST FRESNO CA California 58,632 STOCKTON CA California 67,861 SUISUN CITY CA California 39,336 SUSANVILLE California 8,757 THOUSAND OAKS CA California 35,

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