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SPC ED 5873/31/05SPCD 587Week 14WritingA comprehensive reading instruction programshould include each of these every day:ListeningReadingSpeakingWriting“holistic and authentic process of communicating byconstruction of meaningful text” (Sturm & Koppenhaver, 2000, p. 75)“involves constructing meanings by choosing andarranging symbols and understanding how thesemeanings change as a result of audience, context,and purpose (van Kraayenoord, Moni, Joblin, Koppenhaver, & Elkins, 2004 p. 36).Skills needed for writing (composingtext)Language (e.g., vocabulary, understanding of grammar,syntax)AttentionMemoryHigher-order thinkingFactors Affecting Development of Writing Skills forIndividuals with Moderate or Severe Disabilities:Low expectations resulting in a lack of opportunities to developwriting skillsProvision of limited writing instruction (e.g., “writing” instructionthat focuses solely on handwriting)Underlying language problems, such as limited vocabulary orincomplete understanding of grammar (e.g., Kay-Raining Bird et al.,2008)Limitations in working memory and executive functioning thataffect planning, organizing, and composing textDifficulty with fine motor skills that make handwriting laborious andtime consuming or, for some individuals with physical disabilities,impossibleLimited knowledge of phonics that affects the ability to spell wordsthat the writer wishes to use in a compositionLack of technology and supports that would provide access to thewriting process(Singer & Bashir, 2004; Sturm & Koppenhaver, 2000)1

SPC ED 5873/31/05Single biggestbarrier:LowexpectationsAssessmentHow do we assess writing, especially withemergent literacy learners?Developmental Writing ScaleSturm, 20122

SPC ED 5873/31/05Text Composition: Ingredients forSuccessAdapted Pencils to Computers:Strategies for ImprovingWritingAdaptStep 1: Have High ExpectationsStep 2: Provide authenticOpportunities and use SystematicinstructionStep 3: Plan and Implement Effectiveinstruction and provideindividualized, appropriate accessand supportStep 4: Provide More opportunitiesEffective writing instruction includes systematic, explicit instructionpaired with a process writing approach.RevisingMini-lessons Short lessonsonimprovingwritingPlanningUse topicsthatare meaningfulStepsin ProcessWritingApproachto the student!ComposingBasic Steps in the Writing Process:Prewriting, Writing, Revising, Editing, PublishingAuthor’sChair Sharewriting w/peersSteps in theEnriched Writers’WorkshopIndependentWriting Select topic Organizeinformation Write (withsupports)3

SPC ED 5873/31/05Suggestions of Writing Tasks forDeveloping Writing Skills by EmbeddingThem Throughout the DaySigning in/out of classJournaling*e.g., Fill-in-the-blank; field tripMorning MessageExample of a StoryKitWhy not create kits for expositorytext? (e.g., items representingevents or people in a CivilWar battle or items that relate to keyvocabulary on a science unit onestuaries)QuickDraw or QuickWriteCreating booksShared Writing & Language Experience StoriesRandom Objects StoriesWork in small groups,preferably with mixedability levels.Provide the group with abaggie of random objects.Look at and discuss theobjects.Put the objects in thebaggie and have eachperson, one at a time, putin their hand and pull outan object w/o lookingEach person must composea sentence that features thatobject.The sentences should buildon each other to comprise astory.Writing using Story Dice4

SPC ED 5873/31/05More Suggestions of Writing Tasks forDeveloping Writing SkillsEmail or “Snail Mail” Pen Pals**Book reports/Science reports/movie reviewsWriting ConversationsCreating eisthinking.Resume/Job search documents/ApplicationsEl consejo que ie doy a Felipe es que estudie mucho. Queelija buenos amigos. Que siempre piense primero en lo queva a hacer.Que tenga una meta en la vida. Que ahorre dinero.Que no se meta en problemas. Que no ande de vago. Que nose crea de las muchachas y que no se case hasta que tengauna protesion.Writing PoetryWriting with Parents: (Barillias, 2000)AdviceI Am poemsCreative WritingWriting from templatesThe advice I give to Felipe is to study a lot. Pick good friends.Think before taking action. Have a goal in life. Save money.Sfay out of trouble. Don't wander around. Don't trust girls anddon't get married until you have a profession.Example from Barillas, 2000)5

SPC ED 5873/31/05FrustrationFrustration is cleaning the house.Frustration is making my bed.Frustration is a blackout and missing TV.Frustration is feeding my dog.Frustration is homework.But most of all frustration is running out of ice cream!Rebecca GranfeltChocolateSoft, brown, meltingSmoothIt melts in your mouthI pick the last chocolate.At a football game, one thing you can hear is . . .Coaches yelling at players and refsFrench fries cooking in grease and hot dogs boiling.Cheerleaders yelling at the top of their voicesThe band playing for the crowdThe defensive line hitting the offense (Ouch)Spectators rooting the team on for a victory,“Coach, may I go in for Fred?”“No! Sit down.”(Earl, age 15)Nichola BaggarleyExample of a sound poemYo soyam impatientand grouchy.I understand that not everythingYo soyLimpacientey enoj6n.in life is about happiness.Me preguntoporwhyquethereno puedehaberonpaz en la tierra.I wonderisn't peaceearth.I say that we should all be treatedOigo lo bueno e ignoro lomaloas equals.Veo mucha discriminacion en el mundo.I listen to the good and ignoreDeseo quetheen badel mundo haya paz y tranquilidad.I dream of one day becoming amillionaireSoy impaciente yenojon.I see a lot of discrimination inthe worldI hope discrimination will endone day.Pretendo ser alguien en el futuro.wish forporpeaceSientoI tristezalos andque harmonyno tieneninCasa donde virirtheworldIamimpatient and grouchyMe preocupo por que mi familia sea felizLloro pormuerte deungrouchy.ser queridolamlaimpatientandYo soy impaciente y enojonI will try to be someone in myfuture.Entiendo que no todo el mundo es felicidad.I feeltodossad forthose peoplethat areigual.Digo quedebemosser tratadosSueno ser homelessmillonario.Esperoque laaboutdiscriminaciontermine.I worrymy family,sethattheybe happyy enoj6n.Yo soy impacienteI cry over the death of a lovedone.lam impatient and grouchy.Poetry Templates Autobiography Poem1st line: Your first name only2nd line: 3-4 traits or qualities that describe you (use adjectives andseparate them with commas)3rd line: Brother/Sister/Sibling/Father/Mother/ of4th line: Lover of (three ideas, groups, people, objects, causes,etc.)5th line: Who feels (2-3 emotions)6th line: Who needs (2-3 items)7th line: Who gives (2-3 items)8th line: Who fears (2-3 items)9th line: Who wears (2-3 items)10th line: Who lives (describe briefly where)11th line: Your last name only*Optional: Add the line "Who would like to see " after the 9thline or have it replace the 9th line. Adaptations: Students fill in the blanks (only) Give choices to students by using pictures or objects6

SPC ED 5873/31/05Poem Templates Diamond Poem:Skills needed for HandwritingFine motor skills1st line: an one word noun2nd line: 2 adjectives that describe the noun3rd line: 3 verbs that the noun does (actions)4th line: 4 things (nouns) that the top noun and the bottom nounVisual acuityhave5th line: 3 verbs that the bottom noun does (actions)6th line: 2 adjectives that the describe the bottom noun7th line: a one word noun that is opposite the top nounSpatial ordering and sequential ordering*By centering each line, the poem develops into the shape of diamond.Adaptation:Visual memory Give choices to students by using pictures or objects Brainstorm items in each category first and then allow student to selectKinesthetic memoryGeneral GuidelinesDirect handwriting instruction should not be more than 10-15 minper day – but should have opportunities to practice throughoutthe dayTeach handwriting AND keyboarding – students need both.Teach handwriting systematically and in a functional manner (foran authentic purpose): verbal and visual feedback and teachermodeling are helpfulProper positioning and materials are criticalSeatingSlant boardAdapted or large size implements or gripsAppropriate paperComing Up:Week 14 ESL LearnersGuest Speaker: Rhonda LopezProject GLAD Certified Key TrainerRead: Avilla & Silva (2013) (she is a professor at UNM) de Valenzuela & Copeland (2013) Ryndak et al. (1999) & Ryndak et al. (2010) Goddard & Rinderknecht (2009) C & K text Chapters, 9 & 10Week 15Guest Speakers: ARCA Theater Troupe authors7

Advice I Am poems El consejo que ie doy a Felipe es que estudie mucho. Que elija buenos amigos. Que siempre piense primero en lo que va a hacer.Que tenga una meta en la vida. Que ahorre dinero. Que no se meta en problemas. Que no ande de vago. Que no se crea de las muchachas y que no se case hasta que tenga una protesion.

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An Introduction to and Strategies for Multimodal Composing. Melanie Gagich. Overview. This chapter introduces multimodal composing and offers five strategies for creating a multimodal text. The essay begins with a brief review of key terms associated with multimodal composing and provides definitions and examples of the five modes of communication.

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e a Connection Spring 2016 page 5 Looking Ahead . without Borders: Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico,” two week course at The University of New Mexico from July 11-22. Registration is open through both UNM for credit at registrar.unm.edu and Continuing Education for non-credit at ce.unm.edu Mezquite Golf Tournament On Friday .

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act of composing the self” (K. L. Arola, 2010, p. 8). I would add that the act of composing within a social media space—be it to post a picture, respond to a posted link, post a status update, etc.—is also an act of composing the self in re - lation to, and with, o

Rhetoric and compositions increasing attention to multimodal composing involves chal- lenges that go beyond issues of access to digital technologies and electronic composing environments. As a specific case study, this article explores the history of aural compos- ing modalities (speech, music, sound) and examines how they have been understood

Window Text Wrap Place text box with text be-tween 2 columns Open the text wrap window and select Wrap Around Object Shape. The body text should move away from your other text box. (never put a text box in the middle of a column) To fine tune the text box so text does not touch the edge of the

Making Connections Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, Text-to-World Rationale Reading comes alive when we recognize how the ideas in the text connect to our experiences and beliefs, events happening in the larger world, our understanding of history, and our knowledge of other texts. "Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, Text-to-World" is a strategy that helps

Reading Standards for Informational Text K–5: 4. Ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text. 1. Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

11/1/09 4 M. Delano, (2007). Focus on Ausm & Other Developmental Disabilies; 22, 252‐258. SRSD Steps in teaching SRSD strategies 1. Discuss strategy and give a

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Agile Software Development with Scrum An Iterative, Empirical and Incremental Framework for Completing Complex Projects (Slides by Prof. Dr. Matthias Hölzl, based on material from Dr. Philip Mayer with input from Dr. Andreas Schroeder and Dr. Annabelle Klarl) CHAOS Report 2009 Completion of projects: 32% success 44% challenged 24% impaired Some of the reasons for failure: Incomplete .