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2002Shop ManualVOLUME 3GRAND TOURING 500/600/SE 600/SE 800/GS 600/GS 700GRAND TOURING SPORT 500/600/700GRAND TOURING FAN 380/500LEGEND SE 600/SE 800/GS 600/GS 700LEGEND SPORT 500/600/700LEGEND FAN 380/500MX Z SPORT 500/600/700/800MX Z TRAIL 500/600/700MX Z ADRENALINE 600/700MX Z RENEGADE 600/700/800MX Z X 600/700/800MX Z FAN 380/500MX Z RER 600/700/800SUMMIT SPORT 600/700/800SUMMIT X 800SUMMIT H.M. 700/800SUMMIT H.M. X 800SUMMIT FAN 500

Legal deposit:National Library of QuebecNational Library of Canada 2002All rights reserved. No parts of this manual may be reproduced in anyform without the prior written permission of Bombardier Inc. Bombardier Inc. 2002Technical PublicationsBombardier Inc.Valcourt (Quebec) CanadaPrinted in Canada *Registered trademarks of Bombardier Inc.This document contains the trademarks of the following companies:Crest is a trademark of Crest Industries Inc.Kimtowels is a trademark of Kimberly-ClarkLoctite is a trademark of Loctite CorporationMolykote is a trademark of Dow Corning CorporationSilastic is a trademark of Dow Corning CorporationSnap-on is a trademark of Snap-on Tools CorporationVersilube is a trademark of General Electric CompanySupertaniumTM is a trademark of Premier Industrial CorporationAMP is a trademark of Tyco Electronics Corporation

TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTIONSUBSECTIONPAGESAFETY NOTICE .IIIWHAT’S NEW .IVINTRODUCTION .V01SERVICE TOOLS ANDSERVICE PRODUCTS01 – Service tools. 01-01-102 – Service products. 01-02-102LUBRICATIONAND MAINTENANCE01 – Table of contents.02 – Periodic maintenance chart .03 – Storage .04 – Preseason HOOTING01 – Table of contents.02 – Engine .03 – Fuel and oil systems.04 – Transmission and brake systems .05 – Electrical system .06 – Suspension and track E01 – Table of contents.02 – 377 and 503 engine types .03 – 493, 593, 693 and 793 engine types .04 – Leak test and engine dimension measurement .05 – CDI system.06 – Oil injection system.07 – Axial fan cooling system.08 – Liquid cooling system.09 – Rewind starter.10 – Carburetor and fuel pump .11 – Fuel tank and throttle cable 04-08-104-09-104-10-104-11-105TRANSMISSION01 – Table of contents.02 – Drive belt .03 – Drive pulley.04 – Driven pulley.05 – Pulley distance and alignment.06 – Brake .07 – Chaincase .08 – Drive -07-105-08-106ELECTRICAL01 – Table of contents.02 – Ignition timing.03 – Spark plugs.04 – Battery.05 – Electric starter .06 – Testing procedure .06-01-106-02-106-03-106-04-106-05-106-06-1MMR2002 072 00 02A.FMI

TABLE OF CONTENTSIISECTIONSUBSECTIONPAGE07REAR SUSPENSION01 – Table of contents .02 – SC-10 suspension .03 – SC-10 II suspension .04 – SC-10 III suspension .05 – Drive axle .06 – Track ING/FRONT SUSPENSION01 – Table of contents . 08-01-102 – Steering system. 08-02-103 – Suspension and ski system . 08-03-109BODY/FRAME01 – Table of contents . 09-01-102 – Body. 09-02-103 – Frame. 09-03-110TECHNICAL DATA01 – SI metric information guide.02 – Engines .03 – Vehicles.04 – Technical data legends.11WIRING DIAGRAMS01 – Wiring diagrams . 11-01-110-01-110-02-110-03-110-04-1MMR2002 072 00 02A.FM

SAFETY NOTICESAFETY NOTICE0This manual has been prepared as a guide to correctly service and repair some 2002 Ski-Doo snowmobiles. See model list below.This edition was primarily published to be used by snowmobile mechanic technicians who are alreadyfamiliar with all service procedures relating to Bombardier made snowmobiles. Mechanic techniciansshould attend continuous training courses given by Bombardier Training Dept.Please note that the instructions will apply only if proper hand tools and special service tools are used.This Shop Manual uses technical terms which may be slightly different from the ones used in the Parts Catalog.It is understood that this manual may be translated into another language. In the event of any discrepancy,the English version shall prevail.The content depicts parts and/or procedures applicable to the particular product at time of writing. Serviceand Warranty Bulletins may be published to update the content of this manual. Make sure to read andunderstand these.In addition, the sole purpose of the illustrations throughout the manual, is to assist identification of thegeneral configuration of the parts. They are not to be interpreted as technical drawings or exact replicasof the parts.The use of Bombardier parts is most strongly recommended when considering replacement of any component. Dealer and/or distributor assistance should be sought in case of doubt.The engines and the corresponding components identified in this document should not be utilized onproduct(s) other than those mentioned in this document.Torque wrench tightening specifications must be strictly adhered to. Locking devices (ex.: locking tab,self-locking fasteners, etc.) must be installed or replaced with new ones. If the efficiency of a lockingdevice is impaired, it must be renewed.This manual emphasizes particular information denoted by the wording and symbols: WARNINGIdentifies an instruction which, if not followed, could cause serious personal injury including possibility of death.CAUTION: Denotes an instruction which, if not followed, could severely damage vehicle components.NOTE: Indicates supplementary information needed to fully complete an instruction.Although the mere reading of such information does not eliminate the hazard, your understanding of theinformation will promote its correct use. Always use common shop safety practice.Bombardier Inc. disclaims liability for all damages and/or injuries resulting from the improper use of thecontents. We strongly recommend that any services be carried out and/or verified by a highly skilledprofessional mechanic. It is understood that certain modifications may render use of the vehicle illegalunder existing federal, provincial and state regulations.MMR2002 072 00 02A.FMIII

WHAT’S NEWWHAT’S NEW0OIL INJECTION SYSTEM 04-06 New procedure for the oil injection pump adjustment added.CARBURETOR AND FUEL PUMP 04-10 Procedure to check DPM manifold for leaks.DRIVE BELT 05-02 New adjustment. New neutral function verification procedure.BRAKE 05-06 Brake pad installation and removal procedure added. Countershaft and countershaft bearing installation and removal procedure added.BATTERY 06-04 Added removal, installation, charging and storage procedure for new battery.ELECTRIC STARTER 06-05 Added removal and installation procedure for new electric starter.ELECTRICAL TESTING PROCEDURE 06-06 New table added for the testing procedure of 360 W magneto.SUSPENSION SC-10 III 07-04 Added new suspension SC-10 III.IVMMR2002 072 00 02A.FM

INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION0This Shop Manual Volume 3 covers the following Bombardier made 2002 snowmobiles:MODELSMODELNUMBERGRAND TOURING* SPORT 500 (BLACK)(Canada) . 2087GRAND TOURING SPORT 500 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2088GRAND TOURING SPORT 500 (MOON)(Europe) . 2140GRAND TOURING SPORT 500 (MOON)(Canada) . 2089GRAND TOURING SPORT 500 (MOON) (U.S.) . 2090GRAND TOURING SPORT 600 (BLACK)(Canada) . 2083GRAND TOURING SPORT 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2084GRAND TOURING SPORT 600 (MOON)(Canada) . 2085GRAND TOURING SPORT 600 (MOON) (U.S.) . 2086GRAND TOURING SPORT 700 (BLACK)(Canada) . 2079GRAND TOURING SPORT 700 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2080GRAND TOURING SPORT 700 (MOON)(Canada) . 2081GRAND TOURING SPORT 700 (MOON) (U.S.) . 2082GRAND TOURING GS 600 (BLACK) (Canada) . 2075GRAND TOURING GS 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2076GRAND TOURING GS 600 (MOON) (Canada) . 2077GRAND TOURING GS 600 (MOON) (U.S.) . 2078GRAND TOURING GS 700 (BLACK) (Canada) . 2071GRAND TOURING GS 700 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2072GRAND TOURING GS 700 (MOON) (Canada) . 2073GRAND TOURING GS 700 (MOON) (U.S.) . 2074GRAND TOURING GS 700(OLYMPIC COLORS) (U.S.) . 2159GRAND TOURING SE 600 (BLACK) (Canada) . 2148GRAND TOURING SE 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2149GRAND TOURING SE 600 (BLACK) (Europe) . 2138GRAND TOURING SE (SB) 600 (BLACK)(Canada) . 2051GRAND TOURING SE (SB) 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2052GRAND TOURING SE 800 (BLACK) (Canada) . 2049GRAND TOURING SE 800 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2050GRAND TOURING SE (SB) 800 (BLACK)(Canada) . 2047GRAND TOURING SE (SB) 800 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2048GRAND TOURING 500 F (BLACK) (Canada) . 2091GRAND TOURING 500 F (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2092GRAND TOURING 500 F (BLACK) (Europe) . 2141GRAND TOURING 500 F (WHITE) (Canada) . 2223GRAND TOURING 380 F (BLACK) (Canada) . 2093GRAND TOURING 380 F (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2094GRAND TOURING 380 F (BLACK) (Europe) . 2142MMR2002 072 00 02A.FMMODELSMODELNUMBERMX Z TRAIL 500 (YELLOW) (Canada). 1944MX Z TRAIL 500 (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1945MX Z TRAIL 500 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1946MX Z TRAIL 500 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1947MX Z TRAIL 600 (YELLOW) (Canada). 1940MX Z TRAIL 600 (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1941MX Z TRAIL 600 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1943MX Z TRAIL 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1944MX Z TRAIL 700 (YELLOW) (Canada). 1936MX Z TRAIL 700 (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1937MX Z TRAIL 700 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1938MX Z TRAIL 700 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1939MX Z TRAIL 800 (YELLOW) (Canada). 1932MX Z TRAIL 800 (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1933MX Z TRAIL 800 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1934MX Z TRAIL 800 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1935MX Z SPORT 500 (YELLOW) (Canada) . 1928MX Z SPORT 500 (YELLOW) (U.S.) . 1929MX Z SPORT 500 (YELLOW) (Europe) . 2127MX Z SPORT 500 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1930MX Z SPORT 500 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1931MX Z SPORT 600 (YELLOW) (Canada) . 1924MX Z SPORT 600 (YELLOW) (U.S.) . 1925MX Z SPORT 600 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1926MX Z SPORT 600 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1927MX Z SPORT 700 (YELLOW) (Canada) . 1920MX Z SPORT 700 (YELLOW) (U.S.) . 1921MX Z SPORT 700 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1922MX Z SPORT 700 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1923MX Z SPORT 800 (YELLOW) (Canada) . 1916MX Z SPORT 800 (YELLOW) (U.S.) . 1917MX Z SPORT 800 (BLACK) (Canada) . 1918MX Z SPORT 800 (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1919MX Z SPORT 500 R (YELLOW) (Canada). 2116MX Z SPORT 500 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 2117MX Z SPORT 500 R (YELLOW) (Europe) . 2128MX Z SPORT 500 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 2118MX Z SPORT 500 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2119MX Z SPORT 600 R (YELLOW) (Canada). 2112MX Z SPORT 600 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 2113MX Z SPORT 600 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 2114MX Z SPORT 600 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2115MX Z SPORT 700 R (YELLOW) (Canada). 2108MX Z SPORT 700 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 2109MX Z SPORT 700 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 2110MX Z SPORT 700 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2111V

INTRODUCTIONMODELSMODELNUMBERMX Z SPORT 800 R (YELLOW) (Canada). 2104MX Z SPORT 800 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 2105MX Z SPORT 800 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 2106MX Z SPORT 800 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2107MX Z RENEGADE 600 R (RED) (Canada). 2007MX Z RENEGADE 600 R (RED) (U.S.). 2008MX Z RENEGADE 600 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 2005MX Z RENEGADE 600 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 2006MX Z RENEGADE 700 R (RED) (Canada). 1999MX Z RENEGADE 700 R (RED) (U.S.). 2000MX Z RENEGADE 700 R (RED) (Europe) . 2135MX Z RENEGADE 700 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 1997MX Z RENEGADE 700 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1998MX Z RENEGADE 700 R(OLYMPIC COLORS)(U.S.) . 2157MX Z RENEGADE 800 R (RED) (Canada). 2134MX Z RENEGADE 800 R (RED) (U.S.). 1996MX Z RENEGADE 800 R (RED) (Europe) . 2143MX Z RENEGADE 800 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 1993MX Z RENEGADE 800 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1994MX Z 500 F (BLACK) (Canada) . 1951MX Z 500 F (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1952MX Z 500 F (YELLOW) (Canada). 1949MX Z 500 F (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1950MX Z 500 F (YELLOW) (Europe) . 2130MX Z 380 F (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1953MX Z 380 F (YELLOW) (Canada). 1954MX Z 380 F (YELLOW) (Europe) . 2131MX Z 380 F (BLACK) (Canada) . 1955MX Z 380 F (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1956MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (YELLOW)(Canada) . 1904MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1905MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 1906MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1907MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (RED) (Canada) . 1908MX Z ADRENALINE 600 R (RED) (U.S.) . 1909MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R HERITAGE EDITION(OLYMPIC COLORS) (Canada) . 2206MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R OLYMPIC EDITION(OLYMPIC COLORS) (U.S.) . 2207MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (YELLOW)(Canada) . 1898MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1899MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 1900MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1901MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (RED) (Canada) . 1902MX Z ADRENALINE 700 R (RED) (U.S.) . 1903MX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (YELLOW) (Canada) . 1892MX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (YELLOW) (U.S.). 1893VIMODELSMODELNUMBERMX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (BLACK) (Canada) . 1894MX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (BLACK) (U.S.) . 1895MX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (RED) (Canada) . 1896MX Z ADRENALINE 800 R (RED) (U.S.) . 1897MX Z X 600 (2-TONE/BLACK) (Canada) . 1886MX Z X 600 (2-TONE/BLACK) (U.S.) . 1887MX Z X 600 (BLACK) (Canada). 1888MX Z X 600 (BLACK) (U.S.). 1889MX Z X 600 (RED) (Canada) . 1890MX Z X 600 (RED) (U.S.) . 1891MX Z X 700 (2-TONE/BLACK) (Canada) . 2166MX Z X 700 (2-TONE/BLACK) (U.S.) . 2167MX Z X 700 (BLACK) (Canada). 2168MX Z X 700 (BLACK) (U.S.). 2169MX Z X 700 (RED) (Canada) . 2170MX Z X 700 (RED) (U.S.) . 2171MX Z X 800 (2-TONE/BLACK) (Canada) . 1880MX Z X 800 (2-TONE/BLACK) (U.S.) . 1881MX Z X 800 (BLACK) (Canada). 1882MX Z X 800 (BLACK) (U.S.). 1883MX Z X 800 (RED) (Canada) . 1884MX Z X 800 (RED) (U.S.) . 1885MX Z X 600 R (2-TONE/BLACK) (Canada). 2184MX Z X 600 R (2-TONE/BLACK) (U.S.). 2185MX

This manual has been prepared as a guide to correctly service and repair some 2002 Ski-Doo snowmo-biles. See model list below. This edition was primarily published to be used by snowmobile mechanic technicians who are already familiar with all service procedures relating to Bombardier made snowmobiles. Mechanic technicians

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