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2017 Digital & ContentMarketing Predictionsfor Southeast AsiaBrought to you byLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 1

Anticipating Audiences Needsin 2017 (and Beyond)The digital landscape in Asia Pacific is constantly shifting. Finding creative ways to skirt ad blockingand engage online buyers can keep any CMO awake at night. So it’s no surprise that contentmarketing is picking up the pace in globally as a solution given its audience-focused merits.Unfortunately, companies in Southeast Asia have been slow to adopt content marketing. This ispartly due to the conflict between instant gratification over ROI and the “slow burn” associatedwith a content marketing approach. Another hurdle is a lack of homogeneity across audiences inAsia. There’s no one-size-fits-all when you’re reaching people from Indonesia to Hong Kong. Thesechallenges are tough, but they are not isolated to content marketing – they are part of everythingdigital marketers do.As we move into 2017, it’s time to reflect on trends impacting digital marketing in the region. Foryour brand to succeed, it’s no longer a matter of staying ahead of your competition. Your focusshould be on anticipating audience needs instead – which content marketing is well suited to meet.AuthorsJennifer BuntingHead of APAC Content & Product MarketingLinkedIn Marketing SolutionsAt LinkedIn, we believe marketers across Southeast Asia (and beyond) will push themselves in2017 to meet audience expectations in new ways. Content marketing, combined with savvy digitaldistribution tactics, will be a big part of winning strategies in the coming year.Whether you’re a seasoned content marketer, or you’re starting to feel left behind, we analysed thetrends and created this guide as a highlights reel to help inform your plans for 2017.Please have a read, discuss with your teams and peers, and build an unbeatable 2017 strategy.Kind Regards,Jennifer BuntingHead of Content and Product Marketing, Asia-PacificLinkedIn Marketing SolutionsWe want to know what you think content marketing will look like in 2017.Share your thoughts on LinkedIn with the hashtag #2017ContentTrendsLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 2Christy TranHead of APAC Demand GenerationLinkedIn Marketing Solutions

PREDICTION ONE:Businesses will hire people withcontent marketing skill sets.Businesses in APAC increased their production of content in 2016 - whetherit was for personalisation, ABM, demand generation, or brand awareness.These demands were placed on employees who believed their use of contentmarketing was limited-to-basic.Western businesses are succeeding with content marketing because it hasbecome a staple part of their strategy over the past few years. By contrast,content marketing in Southeast Asia is still nascent. Companies will look fortalent who have “content marketing” experience in 2017.70%63%OF MARKETERSplanned toincrease contentproduction in 2016felt their contentmarketing effortswere limited or basicOF BUSINESSLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 3Source: “The Asia Pacific Content Marketing Report 2016,” Hubspot

PREDICTION TWO:Marketers will includeupper-funnel metrics to measurecontent marketing effectiveness.While marketers around the world are incorporating content to addressaudience needs throughout the buyer’s journey, measuring its effectivenesscontinues to elude many. This is due to misalignment between objectivesand measurement.Content Marketing PerformanceMetrics Used by B2B MarketingProfessionals Worldwide86%80%As an example, The Content Marketing Institute cited that 72% of marketers aresolving for engagement with branded content in markets like Australia, wherecontent marketing has become a staple. At the same time, when marketers areasked what is used to measure success of efforts in other studies, we see only33% of them are looking at social metrics. This pales in comparison to usingsales conversions as a barometer for success.72%46%52%33%A misalignment on measurement could make the difference in telling yourboard that you’re exceeding goals or missing them. Set up for success bypairing the right metrics with your primary objectives at the start of yourplanning cycle.29%Content Marketing in Australia 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, The Content Marketing Institute,November 2016SalesConversionsLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 4Number ofLeadsQuality ofLeadsCost Savings /Marketing ROIWebsiteTrafficBrandAwareness/ SocialShares/ MediaMentionsSEO RankingSource: Starfleet Media, “The 2015 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation,”May 21, 2015 (eMarketer)

PREDICTION THREE:B2B marketers will invest in multi-touchattribution models.Marketers already know that they need sophisticated attribution instead ofrelying on site traffic and search rankings. Frighteningly, many brands do nothave any attribution tracking.56%of SEA marketers do not useany attribution modelsFor marketers using attribution today, first-click is by far the most popular(47%). First-click attribution poses challenges that are unique for B2B brands,who often have a long and complicated buyer’s journey. For B2B, investmentin custom or multi-touch attribution models would more accurately weightmarketing effectiveness and inform campaign optimisation.Top Three Reasons Preventing Adoption ofAttribution Tracking by Asia Pacific Companies55%Lack of knowledgeLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 545%Lack of time39%Technology limitationsSource: “State of Marketing Attribution in Asia Pacific,” Econsultancy in association with datalicious, Sept 2015

PREDICTION FOUR:Video content will be tailored to fitthe buyer’s journey.The production cost of video content is one of the most expensive formats forbrands. While video is widely popular with audiences, consumption. This makesit difficult when deciding how much to invest in video.Marketers across Southeast Asia report varying levels of success with video adson a country level. As a whole, objectives like Brand Engagement and FindingDeals were not effective. The best results were found in Triggering ProductInterest, Purchase Intent and Search/Discovery.Most Effective Video Ad Types by Buyer’s Journey StageSearch & DiscoverTrigger ProductInterestTrigger PurchaseIntentHong 7%-40%LinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 6Source: Digital Consumer View 2016 (Asia), Experian Marketing Services

PREDICTION FIVE:Marketers will gain control of customerengagement with social channels.Across Asia, the media landscape is fragmenting as audiences have more options forinformation. Marketers are struggling with the increased touchpoints in the buyer’sjourney. In fact, only one in three believe they have control of customer engagement.The solution will be social and content. As user adoption of social platforms increasesin emerging Southeast Asian markets, this will create more homogeneity for marketers.The result will be process efficiencies in customer engagement.Only1 in 3marketers feel in control of customer touchpointsLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 7“The Asia Pacific Marketing Monitor 2016, “ Kantar TNS

PREDICTION SIX:Snapchat will change the way B2Bmarketers create content.Adoption rates of Snapchat in Southeast Asia are still low but they havedoubled in the past two years. With geo-specific features, amusing selfiefilters, and disappearing content, it’s predominately popular with Millennialsand Gen Z age groups – meaning it’s a prime playground for B2C marketers.For B2B brands, inserting messaging into Snapchat is probably the wrongcontext (#awkward). However, this is a critical space to watch because othersocial platforms have begun to mimic Snapchats features - like InstagramStories. So the way B2B marketers think about creating content and distributingit via social will likely be impacted over time.Snapchat Trends ShapingContent Production in theFutureExclusive, visiblein-the-moment,temporary contentMicro-storytellingHybrid user-generatedcontent and brandmessagingEncouraging audienceself-expressionLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 8Source: “Connected Life 2016,” Kantar TNS, October 2016

PREDICTION SEVEN:53% of marketers are optimistic aboutthe future of augmented reality.With the success of popular augmented reality games, like Pokémon Go,marketers are keenly watching this space to see how it can be applied tocontent marketing. There is a general consensus that consumers are quicklyembracing augmented reality. However, the high cost of production is a majorbarrier for 40% of product developers.Product Developers who are more optimistic about thelong-term future of augmented vs. virtual reality12.6%Not In Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 9Source: “The State of Virtual Reality - 2016,” Yeti

PREDICTION EIGHT:B2B brands will increase visualstorytelling, specifically via infographics.B2B marketers often rely on data to gain the trust of prospects. Marketerswill continue to leverage data within messaging, but will experiment with theformat used to make statistics meaningful. This will lead to an increase invisual storytelling.Linkedin Member Likelihood To Engage With Infographics45%34%58%38%46%36%of Singapore membersof Philippines membersof Malaysia membersof Hong Kong membersof Thailand membersof Indonesia membersLinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 10Source: “Audience 360 Content Research,” LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, September 2016

PREDICTION NINE:B2B brand messaging will feel moreauthentic and less intrusive.Sophisticated marketers realise that no one starts their day wonderingwhat a brand will share in their newsfeed. B2B marketers will focus on userbehaviour to identify what will resonate with their target audience. Appealingto professionals requires speaking to them in the ways they want to be spokento – and that can vary across Southeast Asia. Avoid being intrusive by testing atone that feels natural by region.Top Types of Content Shared on Social Channels by CountryHong KongPersonal status updates 22%Funny / entertaining 20%PhilippinesInspirational 22%Educational / Instructional 21%MalaysiaFunny / entertaining 24%Inspirational 18%IndonesiaFunny / Entertaining 23%News 22%SingaporeFunny / Entertaining 27%Inspirational 16%LinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 11Source: Waggener Edstrom Asia-Pacific, “Content Matters: The Impact of Brand Storytelling Online” conducted by YouGov,May 18, 2015

PREDICTION TEN:Personalised distribution tacticswill increase the need for content.Today, audiences primarily notice personalisation on email, social media,SMS, social chat and mobile apps. As we move into 2017, brands will increasetheir use of personalisation on owned websites and e-commerce. Publish orPerish has predicted the increased personalisation will have a downstreamimpact on marketing teams to create more content to feed these audiences.Internet users who receive personalisedmarketing content by channelEmailSocial MediaHong %75%Thailand61%68%Sources: “Digital Consumer View 2015 (Asia),” Experian Marketing Services and WBR Digital, November 2015LinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 12“A CMO Roadmap form Managing, Systemizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain,” Forbes CMOPractice and Publish or Perish webinar

Checklist for Developing 2017Marketing StrategiesWe asked our team to share lessons they learned over years of creatingmarketing strategy that delivers ROI. Here are their top tips planning:LESSON 1LESSON 2LESSON 3LESSON 4Start the process early so youhave time to circulate yourplan with cross-functionalteams, especially with salesleadership, and to iteratebased on business needs.On average, give yourself atleast three months.Involve businessoperations and mapmarketing objectivesback to the sales andproduct goals. Make sureyou are aligned withrevenue projections andthe product roadmap.Review previouscampaign performance.Look for opportunitiesto improve and fortrend lines to predictfuture performance ormessaging fatigue.Don’t makeassumptions. Becomean expert on thecompetitive landscapeand conduct customerresearch.LESSON 5LESSON 6LESSON 7LESSON 8All objectives musthave a measurableway to determinesuccess.Plan for pivots and beready to change.Line up vendorsor experts to helpcreate content.Have a “venture bet” toinsure your team is not doingthe same thing each year– this could be somethingas simple as testing videocontent or bigger likelaunching your business in anew market.LinkedIn Sales & Marketing 2017 Digital & Content Marketing Predictions for Southeast Asia 13

ABOUT LINKEDIN LinkedIn members numbermore than 460 million professionals. That’s overtwo-thirds of the 600 million professionals on theplanet. This represents the largest group anywhereof influential, affluent and educated people.RELATIONSHIPS MATTER With LinkedInMarketing Solutions, brands build relationshipswith the world’s professionals by usingaccurate targeting to deliver relevant contentand communications. As today’s connectedprofessionals seek out ideas and insights fromthe people and brands they trust, marketers useLinkedIn to target advertising and publish relevantcontent in a professional context. Brands extendreach through the social sharing that occursnaturally on LinkedIn.Follow Us On Twitter@LinkedInMktgFor more information visitmarketing.linkedin.com

content marketing in Southeast Asia is still nascent. Companies will look for talent who have “content marketing” experience in 2017. Businesses will hire people with content marketing skill sets. Source: “The Asia Pacific Content Marketing Report 2016,” Hubspot PREDICTION ONE: 63% planned to increase content production in 2016 OF .

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