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इंटरनेटमानकDisclosure to Promote the Right To InformationWhereas the Parliament of India has set out to provide a practical regime of right toinformation for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities,in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority,and whereas the attached publication of the Bureau of Indian Standards is of particular interestto the public, particularly disadvantaged communities and those engaged in the pursuit ofeducation and knowledge, the attached public safety standard is made available to promote thetimely dissemination of this information in an accurate manner to the public.“जान1 का अ धकार, जी1 का अ धकार”“प0रा1 को छोड न' 5 तरफ”“The Right to Information, The Right to Live”“Step Out From the Old to the New”Mazdoor Kisan Shakti SangathanJawaharlal NehruIS 2502 (1963): Code of Practice for Bending and Fixing ofBars for Concrete Reinforcement [CED 2: Cement andConcrete]“!ान एक न' भारत का नम-ण”Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda“Invent a New India Using Knowledge”“!ान एक ऐसा खजाना जो कभी च0राया नहB जा सकता nowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”

IS: 2502 - 1963( Renflirmed1990) )( Reaffirmed2004ZedianStandardCODE OF I?RACTICE FORBENDING AND FIXING OF BARS FORCONCRETE REINFORCEMENTTwelfth Reprint MARCH 19981UIX691.87-42:[email protected] Copyright 1964BUREAUOF INDIANSTANDARDSMANAK BHA-VAN, 9 BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARGNEW DELHI 110002Gr 7May 1964

IS:2!502-1963(lbAmTlled1990)Indian StandardCODE OF l?RACTICE FORBENDING AND FIXING OF BARS FORCONCRETE REINFORCEMENTJoint SectionalCommittee for Concrete Reinforcement,RepresentingChaitwanSHRINational BuildingsNew DelhiC. P. MALIKI . F. ANTIAn. f?. HATTACH. IPJEEN. (;.SHRISHR Ii.RAJACOP.\L.\N(.IItrrnate)Iron & Steel Control,1'. D0RaSW4hlYSHRI Ii. R. N. SW\nrYSHRIP.I ta(.4ttPvvntr)TheF,. N. GUPTASllRlCorporation& Co (qivate)Ltd,I.R.C. Weldmesh Ltd, CalcuttaCentral Public Works ‘DepartmentDEWANC.1ConstructionRI. N. DasturSHRISHRISHRIBSMDC onalBuildingsOrganization(Ministryof\\‘orks, Housing Cp:Rehabilitation)DIRECTOR(DE-(ilIlwnale)Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd, JamshedpurSHRIHARC ANDS1NC.HSliRI R. R. I .4PLISH (ffb’?tntr)JOINTDIRECTOR STANDARDS Railway Board (3linistry of Railways)(B&S), RESEARCH, DESIGNS &SIGNS)STANDARDSSHRIDRORGANIZATIONGammon India Ltd, BombayHindustan Steel Ltd, RourkelaIi. N. KUDALKARA. Ii. M LL KDR A. IWAN NDARDS9 D. H.-\DUR SHAHNE\V DELHI llOOO?Z.AFARMARGon page 2)

L.IS:2502 -1963(Continued/mmpage1)MeuhersRepresentingCannon Dunkerley t Co Ltd, New Delhi&RI S. K. C;UHI THAKURTA(AIlematc)SHRl N. H. M0HU.uThe Concre?e Association of India, BombaySI RIC. J .N. JYI’NL;.\R (.lltcmate)SHWI 5121.1’. N.\GAH!5IIETIiRoads Wing, Ministry of Transport & CommunicationsS HI G. V NKATIXILU ( fEfcrhu/r)SHRI E. I . N. NAMBIARDirectorate General of Supplies C Disposals(Ministry of. Economic & Defence Co-prdination)Dr. I. C. DOS M. PAIS Cl:nDOUCentral Water C Power Commission (Ministry ofIrrigation C Power)SHRI Y. I . MURTHY(Allevtwt )SHRI Il. I . PANTHAKYHindustan Construction Co Ltd, BombaySARI RAD IEY SWAMEngineer-in-Chief’s Branch, Army HeadquartersPROF G. S. R MASWAMYCentral Building Research Institute&SIR),RoorkeeSHRI IC. SIVA PRASAP (AIfrmaie)SECRETARYCentral Board of Irrigation & Power, New DelhiSHRI V. M. TA ATISpunpipe & Construction Co(Baroda) Ltd,BarodaSHRI Y. 1,. TANDONRailway Testing & Research Centre (RailwayBoard), LucknowSHRX N. M. THADANISahu Cement Service, New DelhiDw H. C. VISVESVARAYA,Director, IS1 ([email protected] Member)Deputy Director (Bldg)SmlS.C. . zLJMD. RSecretarySHRI A. PRITHIVXRAJExtra .4seistant Director (Bldg), IS12

I§ : 2502 - 1963Indian StandardCODE OF PRAQTICE FORBENDING AND FIXING OF BARS FORCONCRETE REINFORCEMENT0. FOREWORD0.1 This Indian Standard was adopted by the Inclinn Standards Institutionon 21 September1963, after the draft finalized by the joint SLctiolrnlCommittee for Concrete lieinforctmentlrnd been approvc tl by the BuildingDivision Council and th[* Structnraland Mdals Di\,ision Council.0.2 This standard is prepared with a view to assisting dcsigncrs, cnginc sand contractorsin drawing up precise bcntling schedules for reinforcementused in reinforced concrete construction,and also in the fising of rcinforccThough, it is well appreciatedthat much of time and effort can bcment.saved on the site if rational dimensionsfor shaping the bars are supplied tothe bar benders; different practices have been followed hitherto in drawingIt is attemptedin this standardto unifyup the bar bending schedule.the various practices followed and to rationalizethe bending schcdulc tocorrespondwith metric scrics of rcinforcemcnt.0.3 Rar bendingis an operationwhich requiresadequate -supervision,skilled workmanshipand cffic’ent equipment;and any attemptto carryout the work with unskilled lab our and inefficient tools will undoubtedlyIn view of this, certainrecommendedresult in unsatisfactorywork.methods of bar bending are also included in this standard.0.4 Though. this standardis primarilyintendedfor the preparationofbending schedule for reinforcedconcrete work, it may also be generallyadopted for mild steel reinforcementused in prestresscd concrete work.0.5 The Sectional Committeeresponsiblefor the preparationof this standard has taken into considerationthe views of producers, consumers andtechnologistsand has related the standardto the manufacturingandDue weightage hastrade practices followed in the country in this,field.also been given to the need for internationalco-ordinationamong stanThese considerationsdards prevailingin different countries of the world.led the Committee to derive assistance from the following Publications:DRAFT REVISION OF B.S. 1478: 1948 BENDING DIMENSIONSANDSCHEDULINGOF BARS FOR THE REINFORCEMENTOF CONCRETE.British Standards Institution.3

IS : 2502 - 1963AC1 315-1951 MANUAL OF STANDARD PRAC-CICE FOR DETAILINGREINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES. American Concrete Institute.0.6 Wherevershall be takena reference to any Indian Standardas a reference to its latest version.appearsin this code, it0.7 This standardis intendedchiefly to cover the technicalprovisionsrelating to bending and fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement,and itdoes not include all the necessary provisions of a contract.1. SCOPE1.1 This standardcovers symbolsand bending and fixing proceduresand approximatefor reinforcement,dimensionsof bends,1.2 The dimensioningand bending of bars specified in this standard appliesprincipallyto reinforcementbars conformingto*IS: 432-1960 Specificationfor Mil(i Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard-DrawnSteel WireThey may also be used in the casefor Concrete Reinforcement(Revised).of bars conformingto the following specificationswith such modificationsas may be found necessary:tIS: 1139-1959 HOT ROLLED MILD STEEL AND MEDIUM TENSILE STEELDEFORMED BARS FOR CONCRETE REINFORCEMENTtlS: 1 %6-1961 COLD-TWIS V% STEEL BARS FOR CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT2. FORMOF SCHEDULE2.1 In conjunctionwith the requirementsreinforcementschedule as shown in Tabledetailingreinforcementin concrete work.3. BENDDIMENSIONSANDof this code, standard form ofI shall be used for purposes ofSYMBOLS- The dimensions of bends should be so given that a minimum3.1 Generalamount of calculationis necessaryfor marking off bars and setting themachineand stops.The dimensioningprocedureshown in Fig. 1 andTables II to IX (see p 7 to 14) should be adopted as far as possible.3.1.1 Where no indicationis given to the contrary,the angle betweenBendingthe portions of a bar at a bend shall be assumed to be a right angle.dimensionsin which angles are expressed in degrees should be avoidedWhen bending b.ars of large diameter, care should beas far as possible.taken to ensure that the overall length of the bent bar does not excee.d thetheoreticalor calculatedlength.3.1.2 When the shape of any bent bar is other than those covered byTables III to IX but is made up by combiningtwo or more shapes, the*Since second revision issued as IS)Since rex ised.: 432( Parr I )-I966 and IS4: 432( Part II )-1966.

IS : 2502 Clausz 2.1)Schedule NumberLOCA-TIONMARKDESIC-SIZEN.4TIONTYPENUMBER1 NUMBERANDTOTALNUMBERLENGTHSHAPE (.iLLDIMENSIONSARb INACCORDANCEWITH )C4 4R25N(3111sroond25 mm1(6)(4)45I20(7)3000mm(8)StraightINOTE1 -Therecommended widths of the above columns are reading fromleft to right 25. 20, 15. 15, 15, 1’5, IS and 75 mm. The 75 mm dimension maybe reduced to 70 mm for paper sizes other than lA4. Adequate margin should beprovided on either side, the left-hand margin being not less than 15 mm. Thelength of the form should not generally exceed that of *A4 size.NOTE2 - In co1 2, the bar identification that will be put on the labels attachedto the bars shall appear.It should be simple. The first number in the markdesignation refers to the number of identical bars in similar locations in the samesection of a given member, and the letter R refers to round bars, the figure thatfollows the letter R represents the diameter or the nominal size of the bar inmillimetres and N represents the identification number of the bar/bars givenconsecutively.NOTE3 - In co1 3. the quality and basic shape of the reinforcement bar shallbe specified.*A4 size is 210 x 297 mm.bending dimensions shall be measured as shown for appropriate standardshapes. Where the shape of a bent bar is such that it cannot be obtainedeven by combining two or more standard shapes, the bars shall be fullydimensioned in the schedule and also the method of measuring the bendingdimensions shall be indicated in the schedule; but such special shapes shouldbe avoided as far as possible.3.2 Bends and Hooks FGrming End Anchorages3.2.1 Dimensions of Bends ad Hooks - Unless otherwise indicated inthe schedule, a semicircular hook or a bend forming an anchorage to a barshall be bent with an internal radius in accordance with Fig. 1A andFig. IB, respectively.The hook and bend allowances shall be inaccordance with Table II.5

IS : 2502 - 19634d MINHIA HookI6BendNoTE 1 --k has a value of 2, in the case of mild steel conforming to*IS: 4321960 Spccilication for Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard-DrawnSteel Wire for Concrctc Keinforcement (Kevised) or tIS: 1139-1959 Specification forHot Rolled Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Deformed Bars for ConcreteRcinforccment;3, in tho case of medium tensile steel conforming to*IS: 432-1960ortlS: 1139-1959; and 4, in the case of cold worked steel conforming totIS: 17861961 Specification for Cold Twisted Steel Bars for Concrete Heinlorccment.Inthe cast of bars above 25 mm, however, it is desirable to increase the k valnc to3, 4 and 6 respectively.NOTE 2 -H(see Table II).and B refer to hook allowanceFIG. 13.8 Binders,Stirrups,STANDARDHOOKand bend allowanceANDBENDLinks and the Like-Instirrups,links, etc, the straight portion beyondend shall be not less than eight times the nominal4. CURVEDrespectivelythe case of binders,end of the curve at thesize of the bar.BARS4.1 Bars specified to be formed to radii exceeding those given in Tabiz X(see p. 15) need not be bent, but the required curvaturemay be obtainedduring placing.5. BENDINGANDCUTTINGTOLERANCES5.1 Bars shall be bent in accordancewith the appropriatedimensionsshown in the schedule.Where an overall or an internal dimension of thebent bar is specified, the tolerance, unless otherwise stated, shall be as inTable XI (see p. 15).5.1.1 Any excess in length of bar supplied over the total of the lengthsof the various portions of the bar between bends, includingthe spccitiedtolerances or not, shall be taken up in the end anchorages, or in that portionof the bar which shall be indicated on the schedule.The cutting lengthsshall be specified to the next greater ,,vhole 25 mm of the sum of the bendingdimensionsand allowance.‘Since second revision issued as IStSince revised.: 432 ( Part I )-I966 and IS : 432 ( Part 11 )-1966.6

TABLENOMINALSIZE OFBARHOOK AND BEND ALLOWANCES(Clauses 3.1 and 3.2.1)BEND ALLOWANCEALLOW,\NcE (H)HOOK, -- ------- ----Cold Worked ’Medium Tensile’ Mild SteelSteel BarsConforming to Steel ConformimzConforming toto *IS: 432-1966*IS: 432-1960:IS: 1786-1961or to t1s: 1139- or to 71s: ild SteelConforming to*IS : 432-1960or to t1s: 0180200225250mm--Medium TensileSteel Conformingto *IS: 432-1960or to ?IS: 11391959----A----- 275mm-(B)Cold \Vorked’Steel BarsConforming to:IS: 1786-1961, *illinmm757575::Re- 0315350300and rounded off 0550550450H Hook allowance taken as 9d; lld. 13d and 17d for k values 2. 3, 4 and 6 respecti\clythe nearest 5 mm, but not less than 75 mm.R Bend allowance taken as Sd, 5,Sd. 6d and 7d for k values 2, 3, 4 and 6 respectivelyand rounded off tothe nearest 5 mm, but not less than 75 mm.*IS: 432-1960 Specification for Mild SteeI and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard-Drawn Steel 11.ire for Concrete Reinforcement(Revised). (Since revised).tIS: 1139-1959 Specificationfor Hot Rolled Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Deformed Bars for ConcreteReinforcement. (Since revised ). IS: 1786-1961 Specification for Cold Twisted Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement.(Since reused ).1:3236404550E;.E0uIH

-.IS:2502-1%3TABLEIIIMEASUREMENTOF BENDINGDIMENSIONSBARS FOR REINFORCEDCONCRETEOF(Clauses 3.1 and 3.1.2)REFIVO.METHQD OF MEASUREMENT OFBENDING DIMENSIONSAPPROX TOTALLENGTH 0 BAR (L) MEASURED ALONG CE TRILINESKETCH ANDDIMENSIONS TO BEGIVEN IN SCHEDULE1r4STRIIGHT1Lc---lcI-I-HHIII-”Kc-3t 2HEfTL-4El BCS2BNOTE 1 -Wherea hook is to be formed at right angles to the plane in whichthe bending sketch of the bar is drawn in the schedule, the hook shall be indicated as below and marked either ’ hook up ’ or hook down ‘:Hook up LHook downlNOTE 2 -H and B refer to hook allowance and bend allowance respectively.8

IS:2502TABLEIVMEASUREMENTOFBENDINGDIMENSIONSFOR UREMENT.%PPROX TOTALLENGTH OF BAR (L)EMENDING DIMENSIONSXEASUBEDAL0h.c;ChNTRELINE-WhereC is more than30A C EIf angle with horizontalis 45” or less, and R is12d or lessA C E 2Hor I ZH C--d/C’--U’(If I is specified,is omitted)A or EIf angle with horizontalis 45” or less, and R is12d or lessd -t C, Cy L: f i2H or l C1 CI-,--iH-d/cl-0;-l/c;-0;(If 1 is specilietl, A, Eor I; is omitted)C--NOTE .l -Wherea hook is to be formed at right angles to the plane in whichthe bending sketch of the bar is drawn in the schedule. the hook shall be indicated as below and marked either ‘ hook up ’ or ’ hook down ’ :Hookup L-NOTE 2 - The internalin 3.2.1.NOTE 3 -HHookrediusand B rcfcrduwn ---H shall 1 specitivd if it is other than that givrrnto hook ;rll w.mcc ;tnd I)cnd allow;tnccYrespccti’velp.


IS:2502TABLEVIMEASUREMENTOF BENDINGDIMENSIONSFOR REINFORCEDCONCRETE(ClaursHEE\IETHODX0.OF- 1963OFBARS3.1 nnd 3.1.2)0 hlE s R xi wBENDINGDIMENSIOSSi!&TLAAclA E lfD 2HHr--E--B’ If angle with horizontal is45” /I or. lessA EI/I--i-If angle with horizontal is 45’or less and H is 12d or less-4 J-E 2HcI1 angle is greater thau 45”and R exceeds 12d, L to becalculatedIf angle with horizontalor lessis 45”A B C-I-H--Z(R d)DIf angle is greater than 45”and R exceeds 12d, L tobe calculated(See Note 2)1-k2HE--t(See Note 2)hrorr 1 -Whewa hook ib to be lormrd at right angles to thr plane in which the bending sketchof Nis drawn in thv schrdulr, the hook shall be indicated ax below and marked either ‘ book up’or ’ Book down ’ :Hwk up a--Hook down -No’& :! - The internal radius R shall be specified if it is other than that given in 3.2.1.NOTE 3 - H and B refer to hook allowa w and bend allowance respectwely.NOTE 4 - Dimensions X and Y should be practical dimensions to enable the angle of the bend to bedetermined.11

-.IS:2502TABLE- 1963VII MEASUREMENTOFBENDING DIMENSIONSCONCRETEOF BARS FOR REINFORCED7REPNO.!-1-rSEA E !LS ZH dAA( See Notes 1nncl2)AEBA E SS Pd BtHS-J%-I( Srr Notes 1and2)--CAtEtCtZH-d/Cm-D(Str-Note1 )D(Set Note 1)ItZCtPHBI’P(.S# Note1)NohlNon2-The internnl nulior H shnll he specified if It is other than that giyen in &%I.H, B and 4 rrfrr to hook aUowsncc, bend allowance and 8 nominal sire of bar rmpwtively.12

IS : 2502TABLEVIII MEASUREMENTOF BENDING DIMBNSIONSLINKS AND TRE LIKB FOR REINFORCED(c&urcr 3.1 card 3.1.2)-“N”,9METHOD OP MEASUREMENTBENDING DIMENSIONOPFOR BINDERS,CONCRETE- 1963STIRRUPS,-APPROX TOTAL LENGTH ofBAR (L) Measuaen ALONGcmraeLINEA2(A E) 24d(SeeNotes 1 and 8)-cl0ABE2(‘4 q w(Sss Notes 1 and 2)-iCAE2A E PBd. -(Su Notes 1 and 8). -C2AtEtCtl2dtBD13/IAE-[Sar Notes 1 and 8)C73AEE(Se-sNotes 1 and 8)I-(See Notes 1 and 3)&E--l(.%aNotes1 and 8)1-The inturnal radius R of th corne.rn of binders, stlrmps, etc, shall be specified If it is othert given in am.I - If the form of the b&r is such that there ma be doubt as to which is the inside of thews should be shown on the bending schedule an fr the dimension stated with the sutfir OD orde or inside dimoneion).1 -B and d refer *o bend allowance snd’nominal sirs of bar rospectivdy.13

IS: 2502- 1963TABLEIX MEASUREMENTOF BENDING DIMENSIONSBINDERS, STIRRUPS, LINKS AND THE LIKE FORREINFORCED CONCCETEFOR(Ciauses 3.1 and 3.1.2)REFNo.METHOD1hfEASUREMENTBENDINGTOFAPPROX ‘TOTAL LENGTHRAR (.C.) MEASUREDOFANDDIMENSIONS‘IO BE GIVENIN SCHEDULESKETCHALONG CENTRE LINES'DIMENSION’7OF-I -Alt!Ll:xEAA2A 3D 22dD8(See Note)i-jAB /D(Seu Note)’ -is notgreater than D/SNx (D d) lkiN Inumber of complete andCDPdfractional turns internal dia pitch of helix size of bar--NOTE -d-DWhere Prefers to nominal-size of bar.14nA2.4 3D 22dDaD

IS : 2502 - 1963TABLEXBARSBENTTO A RADIUS(Cluuse D CUTTINGTOLERANCES(Cla14.w 5.1)DIMENSIONr-- -------h-- ?Up to andOverIncludingFor Bend BarsFor StraightBars( .--hPlusTar lllengthsmm1:5.1.2 The cuttingtolerance for bars to be bent shall be the tolerancegiven for straight bars. To allow for this cutting tolerance when dimensioning bent bars, at least one dimension shall not be specified.6. BENDING6.1 General - Bars shall be bent cold except as provided in .6.1.1. Anytype of equipment may be used for bending of bars with the prior approvalof the engineer in-charge.15

IS : 2502 - 19636.1.1 Bars larger than 25 mm in size may be bent hot at cherrv-redheat(not exceeding SSOT) except those t# rs which depend for their strengthon cold working.Hot bars shall not’be cooled by quenching.6.2 Equipment -- Bending of bars may be done either by improvisedmeans or by hand-operatedmachines (set Fig. 2, 3 and 4), and by poweroperatedbender.For bars of 12 mm diameter and untlcr, mechanicalcontrivancesof the type illustratedin Fig. 2 may be advantageouslyemployed.\MANDRELSTOP\FIG. 2BENDINGOF BAR BY MEANSOF CLAW/-SOCKET-L MANDRELFIG.3SIMPLE BAR-BBNDING16MACHINEHOLE


adopted for mild steel reinforcement used in prestresscd concrete work. 0.5 The Sectional Committee responsible for the preparation of this stan- dard has taken into consideration the views of producers, consumers and . AC1 315-1951 MANUAL OF STANDARD PRAC-CICE FOR DETAILING REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES. American Concrete Institute.

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