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MACHINE LISTProdan A/STåsingevej 1DK-8940 Randers


Milling boringmachineMaxlengthX (mm)MaxwidthY (mm)MaxheightZ weightkgMisc.FPT 0CNC angle headTurret max.weight 30.000kgCNC mmMax rpm.Rpm.ControlToolsMillingMax. componentweightkgDiverseYoji rotatingtoolsYoji VTL tatingtoolsCNC onfrom spindelmmTurninglengthmmMillingMisc.Daewoo MX 2600 ST(109)7604000Fanuc 31iModel A76600Yescontrolledmulti-axis /- 120ºY-axis 230 mm. Rotating tools 12.000 Rpm.1600 mm betweenchucks. SubspindleTakisawa(115)2205000Fanuc 18i TB77540YesC-axis, Y-axis, electricpivotDaewoo Puma TT1800 SY(123)230/2105000Fanuc 18i TB60530YesBar feeder, Y-axis,C-axis, 2 spindlesDaewoo Puma TT1800 SY(122)230/2105000Fanuc 18i TB65530YesBar feeder, Y-axis,C-axis, 2 spindlesDaewoo Puma 2000 LSY(111)330/2105000Fanuc65510 (760) YesBar feeder, Y-axis,C-axis, 2 spindlesDaewoo Puma 2500 LY(113)3303500Fanuc 18i TB76750YesBar feeder, Y-axis,C-axis, pivotDaewoo 700 LM(130)10301500Fanuc1343200YesStay, C-axis, pivotLeadwell LTC-50BL(126)675 flange7201900Fanuc1172006Yes12 driven milling tools(15Kw). C-axis.Hydraulic stayØ30 - 245 mmPuma 3100 XLY(119)4202500Fanuc i- Series1022000YesC-axis, Y-axis, hydraulic stay, internal pivotDaewoo TT2000(120)300/2505000Fanuc 18i TB550550YesBar feeder, Y-axis,C-axis, 2 spindles,spline-milling unitDaewoo Puma 230(118)2103000Fanuc 18i-T65400NoDoosan Puma TT1800SY(108)230/2105000Fanuc 31i65530Yes2 spindles, 2 tool revolvers


MultiaxialMax.dimensionsMax.Rpm.Penetrationfrom spindleTurning lengthMillingMisc.Harrison M 450(151)350-35550NoDigital displayDalian CDS(150)5002000741500NoDigital displayCNC milling machineMaxlength X(mm)Maxwidth Y(mm)Maxheight Z(mm)Max rpm.Rpm.ControlWithturretToolsMisc.Bridgeport Interact 1(201)45030012540-4000HeidenhainBridgeport 600(202)60041052540-6000HeidenhainBridgeport 560(215)5753804806000HeidenhainDoosan DNM650(208)127067062520000FanucDoosan DNM 750L(207)216076265012000HeidenhainLeadwell LBW 4219(206)420018007606000HeidenhainYes40Max. table load weight12 t.Bussolato w/ vacuum table(230)41501905420Leadwell MV-50i (2 PCS.)(204 & 205)127063550010000HeidenhainYes32Golden Sun CNC-321RØ320 mm, 4 axes.Sachmann TRT 314 GP(254)2500140015004000HeidenhainYes22Magnet planVerticalCNC milling machineMaxlength X(mm)1CNC2222CNC3030Maxwidth Y(mm)MaxheightZ (mm)Max anucNo322 palletsOkuma MX 50 HB-U(221)7008007005000OSPYes NC150U-axis, 10 pallets500*500Okuma MX 60 HB(222)100080081010000OSPYes NC15010 pallets 630*630Doosan NHM 8000(224)1400105012006000Fanuc 31AYes NC256LPS system with 16palettes 800*80093076552012000Heidenhain Yes40Simultaneous5-axis. A150 Vertical with pallet changerDaewoo VC400(211)Horizontal5 AxisDoosan VC630-5AX(225)Multiaxial milling machineMax lengthX (mm)Max widthY (mm)Max heightZ (mm)Max rpm.Rpm./min.Bridgeport(240)----Martin CNC-controlled plane(310)2601606000Plastic profilesLMC Kehlemachine(313)---Plastic profiles300200Martin milling machine(314)Misc.1500-12000Martin circular saw(305)Spline drawingSpline sizeMax. dia. inner splinesmmMisc.HNZ 50/350-TA(641)4-50130Drawing of splines on integrated turret


Cylindrical grindingMax. diametermmMax. dia.outer grindingmmMax. swingover bedmmMax. grindinglengthmmMax. distanceBetw. lathe CentresmmMisc.Studer S 36 Favorit(631)20-3003006305501000Profile GrindingCNC equipmentControlLengthmmDarly hydraulic flange press(441)DelemDarly hydraulic flange press(443)WidthmmMax. singAmada 3015 X1(501)CNC15003000Changeable tableAmada 3015 X1(502)CNC15003000High bay storage with sortingDarly3000CNC13000CNC flange pressCNC laser cutterCNC shearsDarly shears(444)10CNC cutting machineMesser Multi Therm(510)300010Welding machinesNumberTypeMaxAmpereKemppi KMS 5009CO2500Kemppi Pro 50001CO2500Kemppi Master MLS 25001Kemppi Pro 40001Tig, alu, rustfri400Kemppi 2500 ac/dc1Tig, alu, CO2250Kemppi MLS 3003 ac/dc1Tig, alu, rustfri250Kemppi KMS 4001CO2500Kemppi Pro evo 42003CO2400Kemppi Kempomig 4000W 1CO2400Kemppi MLS 30003TIG, alu, CO2250Fronius Transtig 30001TIG300Kemppi Weld 4002CO2400Kempact MIG 25301CO2250Kemppi Mat 3201CO2320Kemppi1CO2250Kempi Fastmig MXF 671Mig450Plasma with rotator. Acetylene cutter max.150mm. Cuts plates up to 40 mm in 30 .SpecialFitted with gouging2501 with welding tractorWelding robotControlLengthmmWidthmmPanasonic/Valk Welding(424)Panasonic4000Radius 400 20006-axis industrial robot, 350A, portableprogramming device, 2 manipulators.MAG/TIGPanasonic/Valk Welding(425)Panasonic4000Radius 400 20006-axis industrial robot, 350A, portableprogramming device, 1 manipulator, 1round table. MAG.Panasonic/Valk Welding(426)Panasonic6000400012006-axis industrial robot, 450A, 2 manipulators portable programming device,water-cooled welding pistol VWp-R 500,MIG/MAGMax. component weightkg5000Special


Other machinesStenhøj Press(445)Fmb automatic saw(327)Bomar automatic saw(311)Istech automatic saw(306)Cosen automatic saw(307)Costa M36 sander(515)Costa MD 526 sander(517)Studer 526 sander(631)CNC-3D-coordinate measurement machineWidthmmLengthmmHeightmmMondo optical(720)200100200DEA Global Advantage(710)120030001000DEA Global Classic(711)700700500CranesNumberLifting wing

Prodan A/STåsingevej 1DK-8940 Randers

Kemppi 2500 ac/dc 1 Tig, alu, CO2 250 Kemppi MLS 3003 ac/dc 1 Tig, alu, rustfri 250 Kemppi KMS 400 1 CO2 500 Kemppi Pro evo 4200 3 CO2 400 1 with welding tractor Kemppi Kempomig 4000W 1 CO2 400 Kemppi MLS 3000 3 TIG, alu, CO2 250 Fronius Transtig 3000 1 TIG 300 Kemppi Weld 400 2 CO2 400 Kempact MIG 2530 1 CO2 250 Kemppi Mat 320 1 CO2 320 Kemppi .

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