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Q Holding Company Overview Premier manufacturer of precision-molded and extruded rubber components– Branded under QSR Automotive/Industrial, Qure Medical and Quadra Tooling & Automation Formed through the combination of Lexington Precision and Quality Synthetic Rubber in 2012– Acquisition significantly expanded medical capabilities, created global leader in connector seal marketand improved the global footprint Marketing-leading capabilities from product concept through delivery, including the largest selection of inhouse tooling capabilities in the industry Seven manufacturing locations, generating revenues in excess of 190 millionQSR Automotive/ Industrial MarketsCONNECTOR SEALSAUTOMOTIVE INSULATORSQure Medical MarketsMEDICAL SURGICALFLUIDMANAGEMENTDRUGDELIVERY2

Company HistoryCompanyFoundedQSR AcquiredBy BPCP PEEngineeringCenter Opened1966 1994Began ServingMedical DeviceEnd Market19962005CompanyBegins ChinaProduction2008Lexington AcquiredBy IGP PEQure AcquiresTomkins Med201120142010QSR FocusesChina OnEU & Asia2012IGP AcquiresQSR RebrandsMed QureQ HoldingAcquires SiliconeAltimex in UK20143i Acquires QSR& Qure Medical &Forms Q Holding20152015Q Seals deMexicoAnnounced3

Q Holding Highlights4

Strong Value Proposition DrivesMarket PositionQ Holding has built strong relationships with a diverse group of leading medical device, connectormanufacturers, and automotive aftermarket customers who rely on Q for their most complex productsLow Price, High Cost of Failure Components are a fraction of thetotal system cost Reduced incentive to switchsuppliers Steady replacement demandStrong MarketPosition withLastingCustomerRelationshipsCommitted Tooling Investment Customers typically invest 1.0x– 2.0x annual revenue in thetool upfront Tools are difficult to move toanother supplier, creatinglong-term clientsIntensive Qualification Parameters Medical products typicallyspecified into the overall medicaldevice approved by FDA Automotive products specifiedinto customers’ end productsapproved by OEMs and have lifespan of 15-20 yearsMultiple SKUs and PurchasingDivisions within Customers Largest customers consist ofmultiple autonomous purchasingdepartmentsHighly Engineered Products Customers depend on engineeringexpertise and proprietarysolutions Broadest manufacturingcapabilities in the industry5

Facility LocationsSturtevant, WITwinsburg, OhioCorporate HQTwinsburg, OHNottingham, UKGermany/EuropeJasper, GADongguan, ChinaFacility #1: Automotive/IndustrialManufacturingFacility #2: Medical ManufacturingNorth Canton, OHAutomotive/IndustrialManufacturingMedical ManufacturingRock Hill, SCDongguan, ChinaQueretaro, MexicoRock Hill, South CarolinaMedical ManufacturingNorth Canton, OhioEngineering CenterTooling & AutomationTotal Number of Company Employees: 1,105Jasper, GeorgiaSturtevant, WisconsinGermany, EuropeAutomotive ManufacturingMedical ManufacturingQ Holdings Sales OfficeNottingham, UKMedical ManufacturingQueretaro, MexicoAutomotive/IndustrialManufacturing6

Packaging & DistributionComprehensiveValue PropositionCustomizedTesting &AnalysisQualityPrecision CleanroomCleanroom Automation DevelopmentPrecision ManufacturingDesign forManufacturabilityMold DevelopmentCompounding & MixingWhen precision matters and you need perfect products on time.7


The QSR MissionQuality Synthetic Rubber is committed to providing world class,precision-molded, elastomeric components. The commitment isa company wide dedication to continuous improvement andcustomer satisfaction.9

Packaging & DistributionComprehensiveValue PropositionCustomizedTesting &AnalysisQualityPrecision CleanroomCleanroom Automation DevelopmentPrecision ManufacturingDesign forManufacturabilityMold DevelopmentCompounding & MixingWhen precision matters and you need perfect products on time.10

QSR Key Differentiators Design support – engineered product designs and proprietarymaterials Proprietary process technologies – advanced automation andinspection Significant SKU diversity – mix of high and low-volume partsembeds QSR in customers’ supply chains Quality and reliability – switching to alternative suppliers not worththe risk “Mission critical” products – highly technical and crucial to overallsystem performance Low cost country source capability – China facility with world classqualityRevenue BreakdownInsulator34%ConnectorSeal66%Major Growth Opportunities: Establish manufacturing and technology centers in Europe to increase market share New Mexican manufacturing – following industrial and medical customers into Latin America growthareas Conversion of customers from LIM to HCR materials and molding technology Increased density of electronics in vehicle systems – micro-connector seal development Continued development and expansion of breakthrough “EMI Shielding” materials and products

QSR Automotive/Industrial OverviewQSR services global OEMs, Tier 1s and the domestic aftermarket with connector seals and insulators QSR is focused on two principal product lines:–– ProductsConnector seals used in electrical connectors and wireharnesses to protect connections from harmful elements likeoil, water, salt and dustInsulators for automotive ignition systems to seal and insulateterminals on the spark plug and distributorProducts require a high level of engineering due to materialproperties, temperature requirements, and tight tolerances–Majority of insulator and connector seal material is internallycompounded from proprietary formulations Increased electrification of vehicles driven by regulatory andconsumer shifts towards more fuel efficient and safer vehicles areincreasing the number of connectors per vehicle QSR services a network of blue chip customers with connector sealsand spark plug insulators12

Automotive ApplicationsSensor BodiesWiper ComponentsDI Fuel RailComponentsAir Bag ComponentsFuel sHVAC ComponentsIgnition Transmission SolenoidComponents

QSR MarketsIgnition SystemInsulators Coil On PlugPencil Coils3 Piece AssembliesSmall Engine/MarineTraditional Harness Distributor Spark PlugConnector SystemSeals Single wireMulti-Hole dustrial IsolatorsSealsBellowsGasketsGrommetsDiaphragms

QSR ProductsCustom ApplicationsInsulator Products

QSR ProductsMatte sealsGrommetsWire SealsRing SealsPerimeter SealsFace SealsCable Seals

Customized Testing & Analysis Example automotive specifications utilized:SAE/USCAR-2 Rev. 6 and VW 75174 – LV214 with afocus on:– Leak testing– Mechanical testing– Environmental testing Customer Specific Tests R&D Testing Fail mode evaluation Testing

New Product Test LabTemperature Humidity ChamberProgrammable Oven

New Product Test LabMechanical force gage and test standPressure/Vacuum leak station

New Product Test Lab3D PrinterIn the future, QSR wants be more proactive with testing in thedevelopment phase in order to identify potential issues upfront, before long term testing is initiated by the customer.


1700 Highland RdTwinsburg, OH 44087 110,000 sq ft Facility270 Team membersISO 14001, ISO 17025,ISO/TS 16949, AS9100certified118 Molding pressesranging in size from 50to 800 ton36 Automated visioninspection systems

QSR Twinsburg Core Capabilities Headquarters – Global product, process and material development centerManufacturing of transfer and liquid injection molded products for North andSouth American marketsDistribution warehouse for some QSR-China high volume transfer molded productsGlobal LIM manufacturing centerVertically integrated mold manufacturing (Quadra North Canton and Sturtevant)High and Low volume HCR and LIM molding92 HCR Transfer Presses / 26 LSR (Liquid silicone Rubber) presses100% Automated vision designed and built internally for select productsFully integrated work management systemCosting applicationsCustom material formulationsFEA/CFD modeling/simulations

优品(中国) DongguanNo 1 Building, E Section,Jun Da Industry Zone, Dong Keng District,Dong Guan City, Guangdong, PRC 250,000 sq ft Facility 50,000 sq ft Actualmanufacturing380 Team membersISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 certified68-350 ton HCR TransferPresses, 6-700 ton manualHCR presses, 8-auto flip 700ton presses2-LV presses, 2LIM presses25 Automated visioninspection systems

QSR Dongguan Core Capabilities Manufacturing of molded products for Asian and European MarketsParts shipped through QSR Hong Kong and domestically from DongguanAsian sales and engineering supportLocal tooling sources developed for ring seal type productsHigh precision tight tolerance componentsInorganic/organic material offeringsCustom material formulationOn-site material mixing and testingLIM-Liquid Injection Molding/LSR-Liquid Silicone RubberTransfer/compression moldingSecondary operations (finishing, slitting)Assembly and packagingWashingCoating applicationsData integration throughout plant

1076 Ridgewood RdJasper, GA 110,000 sq ft Facility248 Team membersISO 14001, ISO 9001,ISO/TS 16949 certified72 Transfer moldingpresses ranging in size from150 to 800 ton2 Tilt mixers (110L) and 1intermixer (90L)Comprehensive analyticallaboratoryOptical metrologylaboratory20 Automated secondarysystems: vision inspection,function testing,assembly/insertion, coatingapplication

QSR Jasper Core Capabilities Ignition/coil insulator moldingElectrical connector seal product moldingAutomotive products, such as insulators, bellows,grommets, coversHigh precision mold design and machiningAutomated HCR transfer moldingSilicone and EPDM material mixingComprehensive material developmentPost molding value-add and quality capability:–––Vision inspectionSpring/insertion installationCoating application Automated, networked process control systems Fully integrated work management system

Queretaro, Mexico 63,000 sq ft Facilitywith expansionproperty available Maquila-structuredoperation with theability to shipinternally to Mexicolocations as well asinternationally28

QSR Mexico Core Capabilities Molded elastomeric components, including:– Electrical connector seals– Electrical insulator boots– Medical device components– Specialty rubber products– Consumer goodsExtrusionPlastic moldingAssemblyPackagingMixingCalendering of materialMoldingDe-flashingVison capabilitiesMetrologyLab analysisProcess controlSPC


The Qure Medical MissionWe will provide high quality,value-added, integrated elastomer solutionsto the consumer, medical device, and life science industries whilemeeting and/or exceeding stringent industry standardsand customer expectations.31

Packaging & DistributionComprehensiveValue PropositionCustomizedTesting &AnalysisQualityPrecision CleanroomCleanroom Automation DevelopmentPrecision ManufacturingDesign forManufacturabilityMold DevelopmentCompounding & MixingWhen precision matters and you need perfect products on time.32

Qure Key Differentiators Internal compounding and proprietary materialformulations Tompkins acquisition provides access to 50 FDAregistered Drug Master Files (DMFs)Unmatched suite of products and processes Polyisoprene, organic and silicone polymerstechnology LIM, HCR (transfer) and extrusion processingtechnology Overmolding, subassembly and full assemblycapabilitiesVertically integrated to “punch above our weight class” Internal tooling capabilities (HCR and LIM) Automation and computer vision inspectiontechnology ISO 13485 certification and facilities capable of producingFDA registered products New Qure Medical facility in China – capable of supplyingmultinationals as well as China market with cleanroomcapabilityRevenue BreakdownExtrusionLIMHCRProducts33

Qure Medical OverviewQure concentrates on medical components that require high levels of quality and processrepeatability and manufactures products for a blue-chip customer base Products consist of precision molded rubber components used inmedication delivery systems, surgery devices, catheters, and otherapplicationsProductsUniquely positioned within the industry to offer a full suite of products toexisting and potential new customers. Key differentiators include:– Broad capabilities (HCR, LIM, extrusion, over-molding)– Internal tooling capabilities (transfer and LIM)– Vision inspection and automation– Wasteless/flashless production– Internal compounding– Extensive library of proprietary formulas Customers include over 20 of the top 30 medical device manufacturers34

Qure Medical MarketsFluid Management Plunger tipsO-ringsSealsDiaphragmsSyringe componentsDrug Delivery Sleeve stoppersSeptumsValvesDiaphragmsIV componentsMedical Surgical DuckbillsValvesSealsDiaphragmsBellows35

Customized Testing & Analysis Capable of performing tests for custom applications,including:– Leak testing– Mechanical testing– Environmental testing Customer Specific Tests R&D Testing Fail Mode Evaluation Testing

New Product Test LabTemperature Humidity ChamberProgrammable Oven

New Product Test LabMechanical force gage and test standPressure/Vacuum leak station

New Product Test Lab3D PrinterIn the future, Qure Medical wants be more proactive withtesting in the development phase in order to identifypotential issues up front before long term testing is initiatedby the customer.


1700 Highland RdTwinsburg, OH 44087 11,000 sq ft Facilityall Class 8 cleanroom space70 Team membersISO 14001, ISO 13845certified and FDA registered23 Molding presses3 Production extruders43

Qure Twinsburg Core Capabilities HCR silicone extrusionLIM-Liquid Injection Molding/LSR-Liquid Silicone RubberHRC silicone moldingLSR overmolding (specifically onto tubing)Implantable siliconesPackaging and assemblies (FDA registered final product pack)Automated vision inspectionProcess management/data44

优品(中国) DongguanNo 1 Building, E Section,Jun Da Industry Zone, Dong Keng District,Dongguan City, Guangdong, PRC 11,000 sq ft Class 8cleanroom spaceISO 13845 certifiedHCR and LSR moldingpresses ranging from 100 to700 tonVision inspection systemson siteEmployees: 38245

Qure China Core Capabilities HCR transfer/compression moldingClean room moldingVertical LIM moldingLow cost manufacturingNon-organic products for medication delivery, access devices and fluidmanagementCustom material formulationsProgressing on compression molding and die cuttingSecondary operations (finishing/slitting)Assembly and packagingWashingCoating applicationsClean room molding and assemblies in ISO Class 8Automated vision inspectionDedicated in-house mold making and automation46

Qure China Core Capabilities – Cont . Process Management/DataFocused process (WL/FL)Vertical integrationFEA/CFD modeling/simulationsInorganic/organic material offeringsHigh volume capabilitiesCustomer service and responsivenessData integration throughout plant47

Qure Medical – Silicone Altimex49 Pasture Road, StaplefordNottingham, NG9 8HR UK Six ISO class 7 cleanrooms withsquare footage totaling 7,000Dedicated platinum extrusioncleanroom80 team membersISO 13485, ISO 9001 certifiedand FDA registeredMolding presses ranging in sizefrom MICRO to 150 tonAutomated vision inspectionsystem and XY loop control3 dedicated pharmaceuticalassembly rooms2 extrusion production rooms(Peroxide/Platinum)1 Final inspection/packagingroom48

Qure Medical Europe (d.b.a. SiliconeAltimex Ltd.) Core Capabilities ISO class 7 cleanroom productionLiquid silicone rubber injection moldingMedical co-extruded tubing (Barium stripe/color)Large commercial tubing up to 200mm diameterProfile extrusion/molded connectionsPlatinum silicone tubing‾ High performance pump tubing using laser loop control‾ High performance cardiopulmonary tubing‾ Non-contact laser-controlled extrusion and inspection release Bio pharmaceutical products and assembliesPlatinum addition cured productsPeroxide cured productsBraiding – pharmaceutical/medical/commercialtubingIn-house materials testing‾ Laser micrometer tubing inspection‾ Pressure testing‾ Torque screw cap measuring In-house developmentBioburden monitoringExport on a global basis49

1810 Renaissance Blvd.Sturtevant, WI 53177 89,000 sq ft Facility 60,000 sq ft Whiteroom manufacturingspace 8,000 sq ft Class 8cleanroom 1,200 sq ft Class 7cleanroomISO 13485 Certified andFDA Registered55 Molding pressesranging in size from 12-200ton130 Team members50

Qure Sturtevant Core Capabilities LIM-Liquid Injection Molding/LSR-Liquid SiliconeRubberTransfer/compression moldingAssembly and packagingInsert over-moldingDippingWashingCoating applications––– ParylenePlasmaDip coatingPad printingMedium and low volumeProgressing on high volume cold runnerProgressing on assemblies and packagingImplantable LSRIn-House toolingFull mold automation including part removalCleanroom molding and assemblies in ISO Class 7 & 8Automated vision inspection51

663 Bryant BoulevardRock Hill, South Carolina 29732 58,000 sq ft Facility– 15,000 sq ft Class 8 cleanroom140 Team membersISO 13485 Certified58 Molding presses ranging insize from 150 to 800 ton24 custom-developedautomated vision inspectionsystemsFDA Drug Master Files fornumerous materials52

QURE ROCK HILL CORE CAPABILITIES Custom material development supportTransfer/compression moldingSecondary operations (chlorination, slitting, assembly, packaging)WashingCoating applicationsAutomated vision inspectionDedicated in-house mold making capabilitiesVertical integrationFEA/CFD modeling/simulationInorganic/organic material offeringsHigh volume capabilitiesHigh precision, tight tolerance componentsCustomer service and responsivenessData integration throughout plantProcess validation53


3565 Highland Park Street NWNorth Canton, OH 44720 41,827 sq ft33 employeesIn-house services for QureMedical and Quality SyntheticRubber (QSR) Machines CNC Machining Centers CNC Lathes CNC Swiss Lathes CNC Sinker EDM CNC Wire EDM Laser Marking Machine Surface Grinders Software Engineering SolidWorks 2016 AutoCAD Ansys Non-Linear FEA Ansys CFX FluidDynamics Sigma Soft Mold Flowsimulation CAM / CNC Programming Power Mill Part Maker SurfcamSIGMASOFT55

1810 Renaissance Blvd.Sturtevant, WI 53177 Machines CNC Machining Centers CNC Lathes CNC Swiss Lathe CNC Sinker EDM Surface Grinders 5-Axis Software Engineering SolidWorks 2015 AutoCAD CAM / CNC Programming Gibbs Cam Machining Strategist 12,500 sq ft 12 employees56

Quadra Core Capabilities Solid modelingFEA simulationMold flow simulationIndustry-leading CAM (computer-aided-manufacturing) softwareDesign for manufacturabilityProprietary mold developmentEarly-stage prototypingCNC swiss turning/millingCNC sinker and wire EDM machiningHigh speed 3-axis CNC machiningHigh speed 5-axis CNC machiningHigh grade materialsFlashless toolingRubber to plastic overmold tooling design and buildRubber to metal overmold tooling design and build57


Rock Hill, South Carolina Medical Manufacturing North Canton, Ohio Engineering Center Tooling & Automation Sturtevant, Wisconsin Medical Manufacturing Dongguan, China Facility #1: Automotive/Industrial Manufacturing Facility #2: Medical Manufacturing Total Number of Company Employees: 1,105 Jasper, Georgia Automotive Manufacturing Germany, Europe

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