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www.yourcompany.comTable Of ContentsWebsite KPI Sample3Keyword Ranking Report4YouTube Summary Report7Facebook Management Report8Twitter Management Report9Email Campaign Report10Google Analytics Summary Report12Google Analytics Geographic Report14Google Analytics Engagement Report18Google Analytics Keyword Traffic - Organic/SEO20Google Analytics Keyword Traffic - PPC/Adwords23Google Analytics Top Referrers Report26Google Analytics Top Landing Pages Report28

www.yourcompany.comWebsite KPI SampleThis document is an example of one of our Website KPI Reports that we provide as part of our MonthlyWebsite KPI Reporting service which provides business owners with a management level view of howtheir website and online marketing strategy is performing.For more information on this service visit Search Engine Shop helps business owners get more hits on their website, get more newcustomers, reduce cost and make more sales through our unique, proven approach to doing businessonline and by properly leveraging technology and the internet in their business.We also offer a range of online marketing & traffic generation services such as SEO, AdwordsManagement, Web Design, Workshops and Training & Speciality Consulting. If you're looking toimprove the performance of your website or online marketing strategy, or just need web help in general,email - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 3 of 29

www.yourcompany.comKeyword Ranking ReportRanking ResultsTags: head terms1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011This keyword ranking and serp tracker section of the report shows your rank in the search engines forspecific search terms relevant to your business.The Google, Google UK, Google AU & Bing AU columns refer to your search engine position for thatparticular keyword and search engine. There's generally 10 results per page so a number 5 isapproximately half way down the first page of search results. A position 11 is generally at the top of thesecond page search results. Where no number is shown (or a dash) then you don't rank in the top 100results for that search term.The Local Vol column shows you the approximate number of searches per month in Australia for thatspecific search term while the Global Vol shows the number of searches worldwide per month in Googlefor that particular term.Note that some variance (moving 1-3 places) is normal but can indicate some weakness in rankingpower for that term. Big jumps in rank should be monitored on a month to month basis to ensure that theranking was not affected by some temporal element.If there's a particular competitor you to monitor we can also show their rankings for your target keywordson a side-by-side report.Keyword PerformanceRanked 1-3691st Page117 72nd Page-23rd Page-2286 1Keyword MovementMoved UpMoved DownNo ChangeNew Top 50Exit Top 5036538325All KeywordsKeyword2nd Page1st PageGoogleUK3rd PageLocal - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 4 of 29GoogleAU114-2 1Bing AU126-1 1 4-1

www.yourcompany.comKeyword Ranking Report(continued)KeywordLocal VolGlobalVolGoogleGoogleUKGoogleAUBing AU11114,40074,00018 350--1 2859094803,60020-461-46-46 1 13-2 23211217-1126-81415-2814-1312-1510-19 2 131-1 2187-32-13-17 1-4 14-111 --48 913-1-4-44 18-9 16314 42-435228711-1---7-3--1101,600191102101432014 1-31-9-91-11-48 1 1 1-327135-221-9111-16111107201511072018 2-93-1 1-1-13-177143-1 27 om - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 5 of 29-1

www.yourcompany.comKeyword Ranking Report(continued)KeywordLocal VolGlobalVolGoogleGoogleUKGoogleAUBing AU-462 7111-913 2433-2104332-14022911,00049 238-5827 2117-368 183-6 - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 6 of 2920982-242-10 1111 1 13 1

wwww.yourcompany.comYouTube Summary ReportYour Company1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011This page provides an executive level view of your Youtube channel performance over the specifiedtime period.Subscribers are the number of people subscribed to your Youtube Channel.Upload Views are the number of plays your videos had in total for the specified time period.Chanel Views is the number of visits to your particular Youtube channel page for the specified timeperiod.900Daily Upload Views with Channel 58846074157155050620 29 29 32 26 26 27 18 19 46 32 33 26 27 21 21 32 23 23 18 27 27 28 23 24 20 21 27 23 231/53/5600 Subscribers5/57/59/511/513/515/517/518,086 Upload Views19/521/523/525/527/529/531/5771 Channel - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 7 of 29DurationDate

www.yourcompany.comFacebook Management ReportYour Company1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011This report measures the performance of your Facebook Business Page for the specified time periodalongside comparison stats from the previous time period.If you have multiple Facebook Pages these can also be tracked.Fan Posts (19)Comments (159)Post Likes (615)1007550251/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 6/5 7/5 8/5 9/5 10/519 Fan Posts159 Comments615 Post LikesKPI12/514/516/56,139 Likes1,320 Unique Page Views4,128 Page Views18/520/522/524/526/528/530/5Post Likes (77.6%)Posts (2.4%)Comments. (20.1%)AmountChange from 31/3/2011-30/4/2011Fan Posts1973%Comments15933%Post Likes6157%Likes6,1393%Unique Page Views1,3203%Page Views4, - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 8 of 29

www.yourcompany.comTwitter Management ReportYour Company1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011Similar to the Facebook report, this report shows statistics for your Twitter account for the specified timeperiod. Again multiple Twitter accounts can be tracked if required.Posts (19)Replies (2)Retweets (6)Other Mentions (3)53.752.51.251/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 6/5 7/5 8/5 9/5 10/519 Posts2 Replies6 RetweetsKPI12/514/516/5296 Followers236 Following1.25 Follower/Following Ratio18/520/522/524/526/528/530/5Other Mentions (27.3%)Retweets. (54.5%)Replies (18.2%)AmountChange from 30/3/2011-30/4/2011Posts19-14%Replies2-67%Replies Reach32-97%Retweets6--Retweets Reach1,490--Other - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 9 of 29

www.yourcompany.comEmail Campaign ReportMailout May 2011Message with the subject "Subject Line Goes Here" sent on05/04/2011 to 4,094 unique subscribers in 1HZVOHWWHU /LVW *RHV HUH3/5/2011 - 17/5/2011This report shows details relating to an email campaign sent earlier in the month and how it performed.This report can integrate with both Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor. In this particular example we'veused an online store and the report can also track sales made through the shopping cart resultingdirectly from the mailout.Its important to note that due to different email clients, antivirus software and spam filters emailmarketing statistics are not as accurate as other analytics tools like Google Analytics.When reviewing email marketing reports, the trend in the numbers from month to month is generallymore important than the individual numbers themselves.Ecommerce 2011-05-071616112011-05-0932.59% Opened1 Transactionsof all recipients opened so far0.25% Conv Rate 159.95 Total Revenue 79.76% Clicked a Link0.17% Unsubscribed406 Site Visits70.20% Bounce Rate582011-05-112011-05-131,309 Unique Opens181262011-05-1513402011-05-17Unopened2,265 total opens to date78 Bounced1.91% could not be delivered2,707 Not OpenedBouncesUnique OpensBounce rate for site visits om - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 10 of 29

www.yourcompany.comEmail Campaign - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 11 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Summary ReportGoogle Analytics1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011compared to: 31/3/2011 - 30/4/2011Including paid searchThis is a summary of your website performance over the period specified above. Data here is pulleddirectly from your Google Analytics account however when presented in this format you'll often gaininsights that are not as evident when reviewing Google Analytics through the web portal.700596525453440435502458359350 95/115/135/1513,168 Visits54.02% Bounce Rate59,158 Page Views4.49 Pages/VisitPrevious: 12,223 ( 7.73%)Previous: 55,304 ( 6.97%)5/175/195/215/235/25Ref. (21.7%)Previous: 53.98% ( 0.07%)5/275/29Direct (15.9%)Other (4.9%)Previous: 4.52 (-0.66%)3:26 Time on SiteSearch (57.4%)Previous: 3:26 (0.00%)2,864 Site ReferralsTOP 62 Search ReferralsTOP KEYWORDS5/ - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 12 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Summary Report(continued)TOP 83.14082.9384TOP SEARCH ENGINESOTHER SOURCE/MEDIUMTOP LANDING - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 13 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Geographic ReportGeographic Report1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011This part of the report shows you where visitors to your site are geographically located. This report canbe useful in detecting weakness or unexplored opportunities in your online marketing strategy.13,168 Visits7,114 Bounces54.02% Bounce Rate93 Countries / TerritoriesCountry /TerritoryVisitsPages / VisitAvg. Time onSite% New VisitsBounce RateAustralia40734.83:5759.27%50.77%United States32944.042:5469.22%55.95%United 574.593:2342.8%50.58%New - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 14 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Geographic Report(continued)Country /TerritoryVisitsPages / VisitAvg. Time onSite% New VisitsBounce 2.73%23.64%Singapore558.768:4665.45%36.36%South 57.69%Chile515.223:2056.86%54.9%Czech - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 15 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Geographic Report(continued)Country /TerritoryVisitsPages / VisitAvg. Time onSite% New VisitsBounce 5%50%Hong 33.33%Lithuania65.331:1666.67%33.33%Costa 40%0%Saudi t41.250:21100%75%New Caledonia41.750:1950%75%Puerto Rico41.751:28100%75%United omon Islands3104:5966.67%0%Sri yman - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 16 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Geographic Report(continued)Country /TerritoryVisitsPages / VisitAvg. Time onSite% New VisitsBounce 100%Dominica125:55100%0%El Salvador120:19100%0%Fiji110:00100%100%French Guiana121:05100%0%French - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 17 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Engagement ReportEngagement Summary forwww.yourcompany.com1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011compared to: 31/3/2011 - 30/4/2011Engagement or Engagement Rate is a broad term that refers to the level of interest visitors had in yoursite or the level of interaction they had with your site. Its a general measure of how interested yourvisitors are in your website and can be used to measure the quality of different traffic sources orparticular content strategies.Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors that came to the site and left after looking at only one page.Typically, a successful website will have a bounce rate of somewhere between 25-35% depending on itsmarket and the structure of the site. What's important when reviewing engagement stats is notnecessarily the individual or specific numbers themselves but more the trends you see over time.59,158 Total Page ViewsPrevious: 55,304 ( 275/295/314.49 Average Pages/VisitPrevious: 4.52 (-0.66%)86 75/195/215/235/255/275/295/3154.02% Average Bounce RatePrevious: 53.98% ( 195/215/235/ - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 18 of 295/275/295/31

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Engagement ReportAnalytics cont.3:26 Average Time on SitePrevious: 3:26 (0.00%)300225 5/175/195/215/235/ - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 19 of 295/27

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - Organic/SEOSearch Engine Traffic1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011compared to: 31/3/2011 - 30/4/2011Organic searchThe part of the report provides details on visitors originating from the natural or organic search results the part of your online strategy that relates to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By breaking out thedifferent traffic sources in this fashion, we can gain a much better picture as to how specific trafficgeneration strategies are performing.For the purposes of keep the sample report short, we've limited this report to 50 keywords but usuallyinclude all keywords that brought visitors to the site for the specified time period.300236203225150 0755/15/35/55/75/95/115/135/155/175,540 Visits57.26% Bounce Rate24,350 Page Views3:22 Average Time on Site5/195/215/235/255/275/29Previous: 52.71% ( 8.63%)Previous: 5,039 ( 9.94%)Previous: 3:32 (-4.72%)Previous: 23,886 ( 1.94%)4.40 Pages/VisitPrevious: 4.74 (-7.17%)50 Top KeywordsSearch - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 20 of 295/31

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - Organic/SEO(continued)Search - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 21 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - Organic/SEO(continued)Search com - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 22 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - PPC/AdwordsSearch Engine Traffic1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011compared to: 31/3/2011 - 30/4/2011Paid searchSimilar to the last section of the report, this part provides details on visitors originating from GoogleAdwords or Paid Search.Again, by breaking out the different traffic sources in this fashion, we can gain a much better picture asto how specific traffic generation strategies are performing.For the purposes of keep the sample report short, we've limited this report to 50 keywords but usuallyinclude all keywords that brought visitors to the site for the specified time period.100887975 6467737360 59 6154667254 56667668 65 6559 6178 74678480 8156 57405019255/15/35/55/75/95/115/135/155/172,022 Visits40.85% Bounce Rate11,891 Page Views4:31 Average Time on Site5/195/215/235/255/275/29Previous: 43.44% (-5.96%)Previous: 1,699 ( 19.01%)Previous: 4:03 ( 11.52%)Previous: 9,444 ( 25.91%)5.88 Pages/VisitPrevious: 5.56 ( 5.76%)50 Top KeywordsSearch - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 23 of 295/31

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - PPC/Adwords(continued)Search - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 24 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Keyword Traffic - PPC/Adwords(continued)Search - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 25 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Top Referrers ReportReferring Sites Traffic1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011compared to: 31/3/2011 - 30/4/2011This report shows the source of visitors who arrived at the site through a link on another website andcan be useful in identifying things such as media mentions and mentions on blog posts.For the purposes of keeping this report short we've limited this page to 20 referrer sites.3002251611507566 625/1945/397 10984 93 74 96 891075/55/75/95/11735/1397 885/151145/172,864 Visits53.95% Bounce Rate11,347 Page Views3:00 Average Time on Site12089 96 788467 795/195/215/2381 85 77 72 785/255/275/29Previous: 55.10% (-2.09%)Previous: 3,109 (-7.88%)Previous: 3:09 (-4.76%)Previous: 12,026 (-5.65%)3.96 Pages/VisitPrevious: 3.87 ( 2.33%)20 Top ReferrersReferring - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 26 of 295/31

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Top Referrers Report(continued)Referring - Traffic, Conversion, TrustPage 27 of 29

www.yourcompany.comGoogle Analytics Top Landing Pages ReportLanding Pages1/5/2011 - 31/5/2011This report shows you the list of visitor "landing pages" or the pages that v

Website KPI Sample. This document is an example of one of our Website KPI Reports that we provide as part of our Monthly Website KPI Reporting service which provides business owners with a management level view of how their website and online marketing strategy is performing.

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