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There are dozens of incredible Superstars and Divas in WWE 2K14. Most of these names and facesyou’re probably familiar with, but this chapter goes over everyone’s in-game attributes and abilitiesso that you know what everyone can do. It’s wall-to-wall talent in here, so have fun comparing thebest of the best.3031

AJ LeeAJ LeeVital StatsHeight: 5’2”From: Union City, New JerseyBrand: RawAbilities: Move Thief, Resiliency, Leverage Pin, Ring EscapeFinishers: Octopus Stretch, Shining Wizard 3, Jumping DDT 1Hit Points: 550Hit Point Percentages: Head (132), Body (143), Arms (132), Legs (143)Crowd Reaction: BooAttire: Original AttireSignature Moves and FinishersOctopus StretchBreaking Point Submission, Standing inFront or Irish Whip Rebound /JAJ has a Finisher called the OctopusStretch. This chest attack is a BreakingPoint Submission. It’s engaged by standing in front of the opponent andusing the Finishing Move Button. It’s a great-looking attack that serves youwell if you’ve already been working over an opponent’s body.Shining Wizard 3BiographyAJ is living proof that perseverance truly does pay off.Growing up in Union City, New Jersey, the future WWEDiva experienced extreme poverty, including homelessness. But shenever let her less-than-desirable circumstances hold her down. Instead,she relentlessly battled to break free from the meager surroundings andachieve her ultimate dream of becoming a WWE Diva.The WWE Universe first laid eyes on AJ during season three of WWE NXT.The spunky Diva hopeful made an immediate impact, teaming with herPro, Primo, to defeat Aksana and Goldust in tag-team action on the show’spremiere. Over the course of the next several weeks, fans couldn’t helpbut fall in love with the perky girl next door. The self-proclaimed “GeekGoddess” made it all the way to the twelfth week before finally beingeliminated from competition.Following her stay on NXT, AJ jumped to SmackDown in May 2011. Hersparky personality instantly attracted many members of the Friday nightbrand, including Daniel Bryan.Standing in Front, Move Any Direction /JShining Wizard 3 is a head attack that haspain written all over it. AJ’s going to pleaseeveryone with this, except her opponent. Shining Wizard 3 is easy to pull offbecause it has so few limitations. This one is likely to be a frequent Finisherfor many players.Shiranui 2Standing in Front, Move Any Direction /J, Head DamageWhen you feel like taking an opponentthrough a crazy flip, this is the go-to move.It’s easy to set up, so once you have the Momentum, Shiranui 2 can beunleashed almost at your leisure.In the RingLike many Divas, AJ Lee has greaterattributes for mobility than for directconfrontation. She’s quick, agile andcan get around the ring at leisure.It’s easy to launch attacks quicklyand fade away without dedicatingto a slugfest. Of course, going against other Divas means that heropponents won’t have high STP ratings either.AJ shines in her abilities. She survives attacks from her opponentsthrough Resiliency and Ring Escapes. Together, these give her severalopportunities per match to get out of trouble, making it difficult to takeher out without a long, concerted effort. Offensively, she has LeveragePin to give herself an advantage in the latter portion of each ding in FrontMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SWoman’s Elbow SmashStrikeHead DamageRight Back KickMove Down StrikeChest DamageGut Kick 2Move Upper Left or Upper Right StrikeChest DamageSlap 1Move Left StrikeHead DamageFront Dropkick 1Move Up StrikeChest DamageLow Kick 2Move Right StrikeLeg DamageStrike CombinationCONTROLSD E TA I L SClothesline Reversal 2StrikeAttack, Head DamageDragon Screw ReversalGrappleLeg DamageSingle Leg Boston CrabHold StrikeSnapmare and ChinLockHold StrikeKick Reversal, Grounded, ChestDamagePunch Reversal, Running, HeadDamageShove Back ReversalReversalNormal Reversal, Chest DamageLeverage PinStanding in FrontMoveCONTROLSSchool Boy 2Reposition Up or DownD E TA I L SGroundStrike AttacksStanding in Front, Opponent DownMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SWoman’s StompStrikeChest DamageWrestling Hero StompMove Any Direction StrikeChest DamageFace Up GrapplesStanding, Opponent DownMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SKnee Attack 1GrappleUpperChest DamageSoccerball Kick 2GrappleSide, Chest DamageLeg StompsGrappleFace Down GrapplesLower, Leg DamageStanding, Opponent DownMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SElbow Drop 6GrappleUpper, Head DamageElbow Drop 11 GrappleSide, Chest DamageSide, Chest DamageKnee SlamGrappleLower, Leg DamageLimb TargetStanding, Opponent DownMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SHead Scissors ElbowGrappleUpper, Head DamageArmcrusherGrappleSide, Arm DamageLeg StompsGrapple Lower, Leg DamageLower, Leg DamageStanding, Opponent DownMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SSurfboard StretchHold GrappleUpper, Chest DamageCamel Clutch 2Hold GrappleSide, Chest DamageSingle Leg Boston CrabHold GrappleLower, Chest DamageStanding in FrontMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SLeft Middle KickStrike second hitChest DamageLow Kick 2Strike third hitLeg DamageSpinning KickStrike fourth hitHead DamageStrong StrikesUsually Standing in FrontMoveSubmission GrappleMove ListStrike AttacksKick ReversalStanding in FrontMoveCONTROLSD E TA I L SRoundhouse Kick 2Hold StrikeHead DamageRolling Elbow 2Move Any Direction Hold StrikeHead DamagePut together, AJ becomes one of the stronger Diva choices for a longmatch. Her abilities let her avoid damage longer, as well as give her amodest aggressive advantage in the late game.Overall 7733

hulk hoganhulk hoganVital StatsSignature Moves and FinishersHeight: 6’7”From: Venice Beach, CaliforniaBrand: Legend (and WWE Retro)Abilities: Hammer Throw, Resiliency, ComebackFinishers: Running Leg DropHit Points: 650Hit Point Percentages: Head (130), Body (227.5), Arms (162.5),Legs (130)Crowd Reaction: CheerAttire: WrestleMania 2BiographyHulk Hogan, the most recognizable icon of professionalwrestling, came from humble beginnings. During highschool he had two passions: music and wrestling. He played in a string ofbands within the bustling Tampa music scene. When he wasn’t on stage,he was running to arenas to see his favorite stars of the ring. Once he saw“Superstar” Billy Graham jump on the middle turnbuckle and hit a doublebicep pose, the young Hogan knew his place was in the ring.Big Boot 5Running or Irish Whip Rebound Y/JBoth of Hogan’s standard Signature Movesare set up from a charge or rebound.They’re easier to use while running, but mixin whips so that your style is varied and tokeep your opponent guessing.Axe BomberRunning or Irish Whip Rebound z/S and Y/JWhichever Signature Move you use, Hogandoes heavy head damage to his opponentand can follow with a tremendous RunningLeg Drop to make the situation even worse.Hulk Hogan returned to WWE in January 1984 and aided Bob Backlundagainst the Wild Samoans and Lou Albano. With the fans now behind him,Hulk was ready to catapult to the top of the ladder. Later that month, hereplaced an injured Backlund and defeated the Iron Sheik for the WWEChampionship. That night, dubbed “Super Monday,” saw the birth ofthe most powerful force in the universe. Commentator Gorilla Monsoonperfectly proclaimed, “Hulkamania is here!”Grounded vs. Side (Pin Combo) Y/Jand Any Position on L/kIn the RingAttributesSTP90SPD70TGH90GRP90JMP70DUR 90SUB75AGL 70CHA 100STD90ADR 85TAGGRD80RCV 9085Overall DUR 80SUB60AGL 70CHA 100STD90ADR 70TAGGRD75RCV 9085Move ListControlsD e ta i l sWrestling Hero StompStrikeStanding In Front, TorsoElbow Drop 2Move StrikeStanding In Front, TorsoFace Up GrapplesStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sHead Punch 2Grapple, UpperGrounded-Upper Body, HeadElbow Drop 8Grapple, SideGrounded-Side, TorsoElbow Drop 12Grapple, LowerGrounded-Lower Body, LegsFace Down GrapplesStanding in FrontMove NameControlsD e ta i l sOrton Punch 1StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, HeadGut Kick 1Move Down StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, TorsoGut Kick 2Move Lower Right or Lower Left StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, TorsoHead Punch 1Move Left StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, HeadGut Kick 2Move Upper Right or Upper Left StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, TorsoGut Kick 1Move Up StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, TorsoBackhand Chop 1Move Right StrikeCombo, Standing In Front, TorsoStrike CombinationUse Hogan as a striker and grappler. He loses some of his grapplingpower as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, but he’s still a massive threat. Stayaway from most submission techniques, as they’re suboptimal. Makeyour matches direct and focus on the pins.Strong StrikesStanding in FrontStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sArmbar 2Grapple, UpperGrounded-Upper Body, ArmsElbow Drop 11Grapple, SideGrounded-Side, TorsoKnee SlamGrapple, LowerGrounded-Lower Body, LegsStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sGround Punch 1Grapple, Upper/HeadGrounded-Upper Body, HeadArmcrusherGrapple, Side/ArmGrounded-Side, ArmsLeg StompsGrapple, Lower/legGrounded-Lower Body, LegsStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsSurfboard StretchHold Grapple, UpperCamel Clutch 2Hold Grapple, SideSingle Leg Boston CrabHold Grapple, LowerD e ta i l sBreaking Point Submission,Grounded-Upper Body, TorsoBreaking Point Submission,Grounded-Side, TorsoBreaking Point Submission,Grounded-Lower Body, TorsoCornerGrapple MovesAttacking Opponent in CornerMove NameControlsD e ta i l sCorner PunchesGrappleCorner-Front, TorsoRepeating Punch 1Move GrappleCorner-Front, Torso10 Count PunchWeight DetectionCorner-Front, TorsoGrapple From BehindStandingHulk Hogan is exactly what Charisma means in WWE. No one getsthe love of the crowd as quickly or as easily as Hogan, and hisspecial moves come out one after the other to win him even thehardest matches.You have Comeback and Resiliency.Mix those with Hogan’s inspiringToughness and Durability and almostany match is winnable, even if you’retaking plenty of hits.Standing in Front, Opponent DownMove NameSubmission GrappleKnock targets down with Hogan’s SignatureMove and use a Running Leg Drop and pincombo to end your fights. Not many peopleare able to kick out from that.Strike AttacksStrike AttacksLimb TargetRunning Leg Drop 4In 1978, Hulk Hogan debuted in the World Wide Wrestling Federationmanaged by “Classy” Freddie Blassie. Despite his questionable ways, heconnected with the crowd at the 1980 Showdown At Shea when he metAndre the Giant in a wild bout. Against the wishes of Mr. McMahon, Hoganleft the company and appeared in Rocky III as “Thunderlips.”GroundAttacking Opponent in CornerMove NameControlsD e ta i l sToss Into Ring PostGrappleCorner-Back, ArmsToss Into Ring PostMove GrappleCorner-Back, ArmsToss Into Ring PostWeight DetectionCorner-Back, ArmsTop Rope GrappleAttacking Opponent in Corner While on RopesMove NameControlsD e ta i l sSuperplexGrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoSuperplexMove GrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoArm Drag 8Weight DetectionD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoTop Rope Grapple BehindAttacking Opponent in Corner While on RopesMove NameControlsD e ta i l sSuper Back SuplexGrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Back, TorsoMove NameControlsD e ta i l sRight Punch 2Strike, 2ndStanding In Front, HeadSuper Back SuplexMove GrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Back, TorsoBody Punch RightStrike, 3rdStanding In Front, TorsoSide Slam 2Weight DetectionD-Throw, Top Rope Back, TorsoGut Kick 1Strike, 4thStanding In Front, TorsoMove NameStanding in FrontControlsD e ta i l sClothesline 13Hold StrikeStanding In Front, HeadKnife Edge Chop 2Move Hold StrikeStanding In Front, TorsoKick ReversalUsually Standing in FrontMove NameControlsD e ta i l sElbow ReversalStrikeStanding In Front, LegsTake Down ReversalGrappleD-Throw, Standing In Front, TorsoSTFHold Grapple, Kick ReversalAbdominal StretchHold Grapple, Punch ReversalBreaking Point Submission,Grounded-lower Body, HeadBreaking Point Submission, Standing InFront, Irish Whip Rebound, TorsoShove Back ReversalReversalStanding In Front, TorsoSeated Corner GrappleAttacking Opponent in Corner, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sAlley Oop 2GrappleCorner-Seated, TorsoTree of Woe GrappleAttacking Opponent in Corner, Opponent Down in Tree of WoeMove NameControlsD e ta i l sFoot Choke 2GrappleStanding In Front, HeadRunning Top Rope GrappleAttacking Opponent in Corner, Opponent on topMove NameControlsD e ta i l sDeadly DriveGrappleStanding In Front, Torso85Overall 88117

john cenajohn cenaVital StatsHeight: 6’1”From: West Newbury, MassachusettsBrand: RawAbilities: Hammer Throw, Resiliency, Comeback (Default), Leverage Pin(Default), Move Thief (Default)Finishers: Attitude Adjustment, STFHit Points: 650Hit Point Percentages: Head (143), Body (227.5), Arms (149.5),Legs (130)Crowd Reaction: CheerAttire: Original AttireSignature Moves and FinishersFive Knuckle ShuffleGrounded vs. Upper Body Y/JLove him or hate him, the WWE Universe must respect JohnCena. After more than a decade competing in WWE rings,the West Newbury, Massachusetts native has proven himself as one of thegreatest Superstars to ever lace a pair of boots (or sneakers). En route,he has also become the most polarizing personality in the storied historyof sports-entertainment. In nearly every arena he enters, the leader of theCenation is regularly showered with chants of “Let’s go Cena,” followed by“Cena sucks!”Before becoming a WWE mega-Superstar, Cena excelled as a DivisionIII All-American offensive lineman at Springfield College, where he alsoearned a degree in Exercise Physiology. Following graduation, Cena brieflyworked the counter at a Gold’s Gym before choosing to pursue a career insports-entertainment.Diving Five KnuckleShuffle (Default Only)AttributesSTP90SPD80TGHGRP90JMP75DUR 90SUB90AGL 75CHA 95STD85ADR 85TAGGRD85RCV 909080Overall 95Attributes—RETRO128STP85SPD80TGHGRP85JMP75DUR 90SUB85AGL 75CHA 90STD85ADR 85TAGGRD85RCV 859075Overall 93John Cena is one of the best of the best. He’s a Superstar with highoffense, defense and endurance. There’s pretty much nothing that hecan’t do well. There are certainly more skilled high fliers, but that’sabout the extent of it.Trade strikes early; this is to your advantage with almost any matchup.Only dedicated high-end strikers have any chance to trade well againstyou in this way. Then, transition to grapples or submission holds at anytime. Cena can smoothly use anytype of offense (and should use themall) to keep opponents from lockingdown his patterns.The default version of John Cena isso good that you’ll feel naughty forchoosing him without going up against the absolute scariest legendsof the WWE.ControlsD e ta i l sCena Punch 5Hold StrikeStanding In Front, TorsoDropkick 9Move Hold StrikeStanding In Front, TorsoUsually Standing in FrontMove NameControlsD e ta i l sCena Punch ReversalStrikeStanding In Front, HeadBelly to Belly ReversalGrappleD-Throw, Standing In Front, TorsoSingle Leg Boston CrabHold Grapple, Kick ReversalSnapmare & ButterflyLockHold Grapple, Punch ReversalBreaking Point Submission,Grounded-Lower Body, TorsoBreaking Point Submission,Standing In Front, ArmsShove Back ReversalReversalStanding In Front, TorsoLeverage PinStanding in FrontMove NameSchool Boy 1Attitude AdjustmentStanding in Front or Irish Whip Rebound Y/JStrike AttacksD e ta i l sPin, Standing in FrontStanding in Front, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sAngry StompStrikeStanding In Front, TorsoUndertaker StompMove StrikeStanding In Front, TorsoFace Up GrapplesStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sRunning Neck TwistGrapple, UpperGrounded-Upper Body, HeadElbow Drop 9Grapple, SideGrounded-Side, HeadLeg BreakerGrapple, LowerGrounded-Lower Body, LegsThough it’s useful to follow a head attackwith another head attack (which STFprovides), a number of people love Attitude Adjustment and will use thiseither way. It’s a classic move, and it never grows old, unless you’re the onetaking the beating!Face Down GrapplesSTF (Default Only)Limb TargetBreaking Point Submission, Grounded vs. Lower Body Y/JThis head attack is a great chaser for eithertype of Five Knuckle Shuffle. You’re alreadylikely to be attacking a damaged head, sothe chance for a submission is at leastdecent.Move ListStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sKnee Attack 2Grapple, UpperGrounded-Upper Body, HeadElbow Drop 11Grapple, SideGrounded-Side, TorsoKnee SlamGrapple, LowerGrounded-Lower Body, LegsStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsD e ta i l sFist Drop 4Grapple, Upper/HeadGrounded-Upper Body, HeadArmcrusherGrapple, Side/ArmGrounded-Side, ArmsElbow Drop 12Grapple, Lower/LegGrounded-Lower Body, LegsSubmission GrappleStanding, Opponent DownMove NameControlsSurfboard StretchHold Grapple, UpperBeast BiteHold Grapple, SideBoston CrabHold Grapple, LowerD e ta i l sBreaking Point Submission, GroundedUpper Body, TorsoBreaking Point Submission, GroundedSide, TorsoBreaking Point Submission, GroundedLower Body, TorsoCornerGrapple MovesStandingStrike AttacksControlsReposition Up or DownGroundWhen enemies are weaker, set them upfor this diving attack by dragging them overtoward a turnbuckle. Climb up and use yourSignature Move for even more pain.After only one year of experience, Cena’s chiseled frame, charismaticpersonality and endless in-ring potential caught the eye of WWE, whoimmediately swooped in and signed the prototypical Superstar to adevelopmental contract.In the RingStanding in FrontMove NameKick ReversalFor lower risk, use this as your firstSignature Move. Use a fast move, such asa charging strike, to drop an opponent. Getclose to their head and use the Finishing Move button to start Cena’s FiveKnuckle Shuffle. Follow with an STF, if you’re using the regular John Cena, oran Attitude Adjustment as Retro Cena.Dive vs. Ground Y/JBiographyStrong StrikesStanding in FrontAttacking Opponent in CornerMove NameControlsD e ta i l sDiving Leg Drop 2GrappleCorner-Front, HeadMove NameControlsD e ta i l sClothesline 10Move GrappleCorner-Front, HeadCena Punch 1StrikeCombo, Standing In front, HeadDiving Leg Drop 2Weight DetectionCorner-Front, HeadCena Punch 1Move Down StrikeCombo, Standing In front, HeadGut Kick 2Move Lower Right or Lower Left StrikeCombo, Standing In front, TorsoCena Punch 2Move Left StrikeCombo, Standing In front, TorsoGut Kick 2Move Upper Right or Upper Left StrikeCombo, Standing In front, TorsoCena Punch 1Move Up StrikeCombo, Standing In front, HeadCena Punch 2Move Right StrikeCombo, Standing In front, TorsoStrike CombinationStanding in FrontMove NameControlsD e ta i l sCena Punch 2Strike, 2ndStanding In Front, TorsoCena Punch 3Strike, 3rdStanding In Front, TorsoCena Punch 4Strike, 4thStanding In Front, HeadGrapple From BehindAttacking Opponent in CornerMove NameControlsD e ta i l sToss Into Ring PostGrappleCorner-Back, ArmsToss Into Ring PostMove GrappleCorner-Back, ArmsToss Into Ring PostWeight DetectionCorner-Back, ArmsTop Rope GrappleAttacking Opponent in Corner While on RopesMove NameControlsD e ta i l sSuperplexGrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoSuperplexMove GrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoArm Drag 8Weight DetectionD-Throw, Top Rope Front, TorsoTop Rope Grapple BehindAttacking Opponent in Corner While on RopesMove NameControlsD e ta i l sSuper Back SuplexGrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Back, TorsoSuper Back SuplexMove GrappleD-Throw, Top Rope Back, TorsoSide Slam 2Weight DetectionD-Throw, Top Rope Back, Torso129

This game mode gives you nearly 50 great challenges that cover every WrestleMania up to this point. See yourfavorite Superstars battle it out when the stakes couldn’t be higher. Here, you learn what it takes to beat each one ofthese challenges.The Eras of WrestleManiaThese challenges are divided into five eras: Hulkamania Runs Wild, The New Generation, The Attitude Era, RuthlessAggression, and the Universe Era. You have to start from the beginning and work your way to the present. Any victory in amatch lets you proceed, but matching all of the historical objectives for each challenge is how you unlock new Superstars,Divas, attire, arenas and more.Why wait! Let’s begin.262263

30 YEARS OF WRESTLEMANIAHulkamaniaRuns WildWrestleManiaMatch: Andre the Giant vs. Big John StuddDate: 03/31/1985Location: New York, NYMatch Type: Body Slam ChallengeUnlocks: Big John Studd (WrestleMania), WrestleMania Arena,Andre the Giant (WrestleMania)Take the next minute ortwo to work on Studd’s hitpoints with heavier, grapplingattacks. Watch the upper leftportion of the screen and tryto get Studd down to criticalstatus. That’s when he’ll bevulnerable to a body slam.Once Studd begins to show weakness, taking longer and longer to rise from yourattacks, slip a taunt or two into the match by pressing up on the D-pad. Thisearns you more Momentum, and thus, Signature Moves and Finishers!To finish and win the match, try for a side headlock grapple and tap the Grapplebutton again to pull off the body slam that will finish Studd off. Never try thisbefore Studd is down to critical health or he’ll haul off and slam Andre in the gut.WrestleMania 2Match: Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong BundyDate: 04/07/1986Location: Los Angeles, CAMatch StipulationMatch Type: Steel Cage Body Slam Big John Studd (Critical) in the RingUnlocks: Bobby Heenan (WrestleMania, WrestleMania 2), King KongBundy (WrestleMania 2, WrestleMania 11), WrestleMania 2 Arena, HulkHogan (WrestleMania 2)Historical Objective Win the Match in Under 6 MinutesExplanationYou begin your journey through WrestleMania with an incredible matchbetween two giants. The goal is to get a successful body slam against BigJohn Studd within six minutes. That’s plenty of time, even if you’re new to thegame. Here’s how to proceed:Andre the Giant is a powerhouse. Come out swinging with combinationsof basic strikes. This injures Big John Studd and sets him up for thereal punishment later. Take a minute to hit him while reversing any easycombinations of strikes that he returns your way.264Match Stipulation Win by Escaping the CageHistorical Objective Body Slam Bundy (at Critical Health) Escape Over the Cage WallExplanationHulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy square off in this legendary cage match.Your goal is to work on Bundy until he’s exhausted, body slam him at criticalhealth and then put the big man in such horrible condition that it’s possible toescape from the cage without being ripped off of the bars before you make itover the top.WrestleMania 3First ChallengeMatch: Ricky Steamboat vs. “Macho Man” Randy SavageDate: 03/29/1987Location: Pontiac, MIUnlocks: Miss Elizabeth (WrestleMania 3), Ricky Steamboat(WrestleMania 3), WWE Classic Intercontinental Championship(WrestleMania 3), “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WrestleMania 3)This would be an impossible task if you weren’t playing as Hulk Hogan, atrue Superstar. You have strength, speed and the guts to fight—despite amassive injury. Come out fast and throw strikes into Bundy to wound himquickly. Hogan can reverse attacks well, so you should be fine defensively.Your timing has to be goodto keep massive pressureon Bundy throughout thematch. Make the most ofyour combos, and don’t letBundy take control for long.Use speed and distanceto your advantage.Again, in this match, you can control the ring. Bundy isn’t quick, so runningmaneuvers, jumps and Irish Whip moves are all effective for softening yourheavy opponent.Hogan builds Momentum quickly. Use his frequent Finishers to deal extremedamage. Down Bundy when there’s an “F” to spare, and use Hogan’sFinisher from the side to pay Bundy back for his Avalanche ambush backin March.Don’t try to climb out of the cage just because Bundy gets down into thecritical range. Keep slamming him until he’s taking an especially long timeto rise. Use a side headlock to body slam him to make sure that you haveyour first historical objective complete, and maintain the assault until Bundyis taking an extremely long time to rise. Hold off on escaping until you havea Finisher, and then hit Bundy a final time with one of those heavy attacks.Run toward the edge of the cage afterward and use the Shoulder control tograb onto the side and climb up. Press the indicated button onscreen as abar fills in front of you. Try to time this so that you get the bar as it reachesthe right side, but don’t try to be perfect. It’s more important to get the baron the first try rather than wait for several passes; that wastes too muchtime to be worthwhile.This gets Hogan out ofthe cage and secures hisvictory. If you’ve been badlybeaten up, Bundy mighttry to climb out instead.If he does, climb directlybeneath him so that youcan pull him off of the cageand slam him back onto the mat. Resume your assault there until you haveenough of an advantage to leave first.Match Stipulation Win by Pinfall or SubmissionHistorical Objectives Complete the WrestleMania Moment Get Randy Savage to Critical Damage Win with a Leverage Pin (Use Reposition on a Stunned Opponent)ExplanationBegin this match carefully. It’s going to take some time to stop someone like“Macho Man”; he’s tough, smart and dangerous. Use safe strikes to startworking on him. Don’t dedicate to anything very intense for the early match.Keep your health up by playing defensively, and stay close to the referee.This eventually brings you to the first match stipulation; a sudden eventoccurs, and you have to hit the correct button without much warning. Watchthe screen and do what you’re directed to do to see what happens. We won’tspoil it for you!Start to go after more daring moves now. “Macho Man” needs to be hurtbadly for the final two stipulations, so go for more intense grapple attacksuntil “Macho Man” is badly hurt. Even then, continue to slam him with anySignature Moves thatyou’ve earned withyour Momentum.To finish the match, youhave to stun “Macho Man”.Approach him, and useyour Right Stick to initiatea Leverage Pin. If “MachoMan” is wounded enough, he won’t try to reverse this. Otherwise, he mayflip it around on you. Try to kick out in the yellow part of the zone to keep thepressure going. Failing that, break out of the move and wound “Macho Man”even more so that your next attack will be more effective!Remember that Ricky Steamboat is a fast and athletic Superstar. Don’t beafraid to stay mobile and use distance to your advantage.265

30 YEARS OF WRESTLEMANIAWrestleMania 3Second ChallengeMatch: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the GiantDate: 03/29/1987Location: Pontiac, MIUnlocks: Andre the Giant Attire (WrestleMania 3, 4), Bobby HeenanAttire (WrestleMania 3), Hulk Hogan Attire (WrestleMania 3),WrestleMania 3 ArenaWhen you have Momentum, use heavier strikes for a fairly safe knockdownagainst Andre, and hit your Finisher to complete the last historical objective forthe match. Now you only have to defeat Andre the Giant to win. That doesn’tmake it sound easy, but you’re Hulk Hogan.Use your Charisma tomaximum effect. BuildMomentum for Finishers asoften as possible so thatAndre gets nailed with thebest and hardest moves youhave. When Andre is at hisweakest point, go for the pin.The first objective is to grapple DiBiase when you’re in the main portion ofthe ring and he’s closer to the edge. Wait until DiBiase is at moderate healthbefore trying this. Once you succeed, a fun scene breaks up the action briefly.Build up Momentum while punishing DiBiase with grappling attacks. You wanthim tired before you get to the next step. Once he’s down for more than acouple of seconds, climb onto the turnbuckle and use a Finisher to unleash aTop Rope Elbow. It goes awry, but you’re still left with an advantage.Seize the upper hand and keep DiBiase in trouble. Stay away from the edgeof the ring (DiBiase has a few advantages there, including his Dirty Pin andRing Escape abilities). Don’t stay dead center in the ring though either. PutDiBiase down close enough to the turnbuckles so that you can continue withthose awesome Top Rope Elbows. They’re crowd pleasers, and DiBiase won’ttake them for long before you can pin him and win.WrestleMania 4ExplanationYou have to start off stronger than ever against Randy Savage in this match,because things get tough in the later stages. After getting Savage intocritical condition, you have to fight outside the ring briefly. Once you getback in, you need to let Savage get off at least one of his Top Elbow Dropsfrom the turnbuckle. That’s going to drop your health a fair bit, but it’s acondition of your full victory. If need be, use Hulk Hogan’s Resilience for aneasier kick out during the subsequent pin attempt.After that, you’re in the clear. You just need to push hard and fast againstSavage. Use taunts when he drops and Hogan’s Momentum will buildquickly. That gives you what you need for a Leg Drop the next time Savagedrops to the mat. Nail him with that, and soon enough you can go for the pin.What a victory!Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiaseWrestleMania 6Date: 03/27/1988Match: Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk HoganLocation: Atlantic City, NJDate: 04/01/1990Unlocks: Hulk Hogan Attire (WrestleMania 4), “Million Dollar Man” TedDiBiase (WrestleMania 4), WWE Championship ‘88, WrestleMania 4Arena, “Macho Man” Randy Savage Attire (WrestleMania 4)Location: Toronto, ONUnlocks: Yellow Intercontinental Championship, Miss Elizabeth(WrestleMania 5), WrestleMania 6 Arena, Hulk Hogan Attire(WrestleMania 6)Match Stipulation Win by Pinfall or SubmissionHistorical Objective Grapple Andre the Giant (Light) by the Ring Steps Irish Whip Andre the Giant (Critical) Complete the WrestleMania MomentWrestleMania 5 Hit a Leg Drop on Andre the GiantMatch: Hulk Hogan vs. “Macho Man” Randy SavageExplanationDate: 04/02/1989What a match! Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant go head to head atWrestleMania 3. You have multiple goals to reach during this amazing event,and then you still have to beat the Giant to finish the night as a victor.Unlocks: “Macho Man” Randy Savage Attire (WrestleMania 5),Miss Elizabeth (Wrestl

Elbow Drop 6 Grapple Upper, Head Damage Elbow Drop 11 Grapple Side, Chest Damage Side, Chest Damage Knee Slam Grapple Lower, Leg Damage Mo V eC oNTR LS D TAILS Head Scissors Elbow Grapple Upper, Head Damage Armcrusher Grapple Side, Arm Damage Leg Stomps Grapple Lower, Leg Damage Lower, Leg Damage Mo Ve CoNTR oLS DeTAILS

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L’ARÉ est également le point d’entrée en as de demande simultanée onsommation et prodution. Les coordonnées des ARÉ sont présentées dans le tableau ci-dessous : DR Clients Téléphone Adresse mail Île de France Est particuliers 09 69 32 18 33 professionnels 09 69 32 18 34 Île de France Ouest

DOZENS ARITHMETIC FOR EVERYMAN by B.A.M. Moon, Director, Computer Centre, University of Canterbury, . The nett result is a practical advantage and a saving in cost in packing by dozens. In a few cases - cigarettes, which are thin, or razor blades, which are flat - this advantage is slight, but these . whose name means “the man who deals .

A. W. TOZER THAT INCREDIBLE CHRISTIAN HOW HEAVEN’S CHILDREN LIVE ON EARTH COMPILED BY ANITA M. BAILEY Table of Contents 1. That Incredible Christian 2 2. Time Cannot Help Us 3 3. What It Means to Accept Christ 4 4. How Important Is Creed? 5 5. The Inadequacy of “Instant Christianity” 6 6. Faith’s Foundation Is God 7 7.File Size: 380KB

The Crisis Team deploys their squads within Range i 3 of their battlefield edge. Then the Cosmic Threat player deploys The Incredible Hulk within Range i 3 of their battlefield edge. The Incredible Hulk begins the game with the number of Rage tokens specified by the difficulty level chosen for the Encounter. Gamma Abosrber Booster Serum

Relevance of the Incredible Years Programs for ADHD One specific program with an extensive evidence base for addressing these questions is the Incredible Years (IY). IY is a comprehensive series of programs for parents, teachers, and children originally developed for children aged 3-8 years (Webster-Stratton & Reid, 2008, 2009)

021 BIBLIOGRAFI 1. Rujukan Buku Bahasa Arab Abd al-‘AzÊz, AmÊr (1999), Fiqh al-KitÉb wa al-Sunnah: DirÉsah MustafÉdah TatanÉwulu AbwÉb al-Fiqh ‘alÉ Mukhtalif al-MadhÉhib wa al-‘ArÉ wa Tu’raÌu li Ammah al-QadÊyah fÊ Öaw’i al-IslÉm bi UslËbin MauÌË’iyyin Mu’ÉÎirin. j. 5,

Jan 15, 2010 · Latin 101 1-15-2010 ante diem duodecimum kalendas Februarius Verbs First Conjugation: (a as vowel) amō, -āre, love Person Latin English I amō I love you amās you love s/he, it amat s/he, it loves we amāmus we love you amātis you (pl) love they amānt they love

MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES TORNO FTX-2000X660-T02-DCR Pol.Ind.Font del Radium Cl/ Severo Ochoa, 40-42 08403 Granollers (Barcelona)-Spain Tel. 34 93 861 60 76 FTX2000X660-T02-DCR*UPDT.2019 1/90. Mantenga el orden en su campo de trabajo. Mantenga el áre a limpia y bien iluminada .