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Simpson College Equivalency Guide forDes Moines Area Community CollegeSimpson College’s CurriculumSimpson’s curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and expertise valued most by employers as wellas preparing them effectively for success in graduate school and their communities.Students who have completed their Associate of Arts degree at DMACC prior to transfer will fulfill all ofSimpson’s Engaged Citizenship Curriculum (all general education requirements) before transferring to Simpson.This gives the flexibility to jump right in to the major and take full advantage of the Simpson experience includingresearch, internships, and more.How to read this guide:This guide is designed to give DMACC advisors, counselors, and students a reference to identify how courses willtransfer to Simpson and also how they fulfill general education requirements at Simpson.Course equivalencies are listed one of three ways:1) If the course transfers directly, the course number will be listed in the ‘Simpsonequivalency’ column.2) If a department and ‘#’ (i.e. ART #) is listed in the column, this indicates the course willtransfer as department credit, not course credit. This is important to note whenusing courses for pre-requisites.3) If ‘VoTec #’ is listed in the column, it will transfer as elective credit. A maximum of 16Vocational Technical credits will transfer.General Education Designations (for planning if student transfers prior to the completion of an AAdegree)There are 7 categories of Areas of Engagement and 7 categories of Embedded Skills in the curriculum. SeveralDMACC classes qualify for each designation, therefore students have flexibility to choose courses which closely alignwith their interests:Areas of EngagementThe ArtsCivic EngagementDiversity and Power in the USEthics and Values InquiryGlobal PerspectivesHistorical Persp Wstrn CultureScientific Reasoning(AR)(CE)(DP)(EV)(GP)(HP)(SR)Embedded SkillsCollaborative Leadership(CL)Critical Thinking(CT)Information Literacy(IL)Intercultural Communication(IC)Oral Communication(OC)Quantitative Reasoning(QR)Written Communication(WC)What should a DMACC student consider while transfer planning?DMACC students planning to transfer to Simpson with more than 36 credits, but less than an Associate of Artsdegree, should focus on the following coursework while at DMACC:1) Pre-requisites to their Simpson major and courses in their major. Please refer to thewebsite, transfer guide, or Simpson advisor for information on each major.2) One course in each of the 7 Areas of Engagement and 7 Embedded Skills of the curriculum(more courses may be required in each area if students transfer in less than 36credits.) Many of the areas/skills will be met in the coursework in their majorat Simpson but some may need to be met outside of their major.Questions?Full-time Enrollment: Contact Simpson College's Director of Transfer Enrollment at 515-961-1624 Enrollment: Contact Simpson College's Continuing & Graduate Admissions Advisor at 515-309-3099

adultslearn@simpson.eduDMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson onACC 111ACC 124ACC 131ACC 132Intro to AccountingACCT 201QRAccounting ProfessionalismACCT #Principles of Accounting IACCT 201*QRPrinciples of Accounting IIACCT 201* or ACCT #QR*If both 131 & 132 are successfully completed, student receives credit for 201 & 250 respectively.ACC 161 Payroll AccountingACCT 290ACC 191 Financial AnalysisACCT #ACC 193 Accounting Procedures/MgmtACCT #ACC 202 Accounting CycleACCT #CT/QRACC 222 Cost AccountingACCT 353ACCT 341*ACC 231 Intermediate Accounting I*upon successful completion of ACCT 342 at SimpsonACC 232 Intermediate Accounting IIno creditACC 251 Govt & Nonprofit AccountingACCT 359ACC 261 Income Tax AccountingACCT 354ACC 268 Business TaxACCT 355ACC 272 Accounting Information SystemsACCT #ACC 281 AuditingACCT 358ACC 311 Computer AccountingACCT 250ACC 351 Accounting Spreadsheets for EntrepreneursACCT #CTACC 361 Accounting SpreadsheetsACCT 250ACC 932 Accounting InternshipACCT 319ACC 946 Accounting Career SeminarACCT #ACC - All other Accounting coursesVoTec #ADM - All Administrative Assistant coursesVoTec #ADN - All Assoc Degree Nursing coursesVoTec #AGA - All Agriculture/Agronomy coursesVoTec #AGB - All Agriculture/Farm Management coursesVoTec #AGC 314 Leadership in AgricultureAGC - All other AGC Ag coursesMAGT #VoTec #AGH - All Agriculture/Horticulture coursesVoTec #AGM - All Agriculture/Mechanics coursesVoTec #AGP - All Agriculture/Precision Ag coursesVoTec #AGS - All Agriculture/Animal Science coursesVoTec #AGT - All AGT Ag coursesVoTec #AGV - All Agriculture/Vet Tech coursesVoTec #ANT 100 Introduction to AnthropologyANT 105 Cultural AnthropologyANTH #ANTH 2102CLGP6/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseANT 110 Faces of CultureANT 125 Applications of AnthropologyANT 140 Cultural & Env of Boreal ForestANT 150 Global Iss.-Local PerspecANT 202 Human OriginsANT 928 Independent StudyANTH #ANTH #BIOL #ANTH #ANTH #ANTH #APP - All Apparel Merchandising coursesVoTec #ARC - All Architectural Technologies coursesVoTec #ART 101 Art AppreciationART 102 Arts for Elementary EducationART 133 Drawing*Possible ART 121 upon review of portfolioART #ART 360ART T 136 Life DrawingART #ART 143 PaintingART #**Possible ART 175 upon review of portfolioART 148 Landscape PaintingART #ART 173 CeramicsART 243ART 174 Ceramics IIART 343ART 176 TilemakingART #ART 184 Principles of PhotographyART #*ART 186 Principles of Digital PhotographyART #** Possible ART 155 upon completion of ART 184 & 186 and review of portfolioARARART 189 Commercial Photography IART 190 History of PhotographyART 192 Portrait Photography IART 194 Portfolio Photography IART 195 Design: Exp Art MediaART 203 Art History IART 204 Art History IIART 225 Photoshop for PhotographyART 226 Alter. Photo ProcessesART 283 Commercial Photography IIART 287 Portrait Photography IIART 289 PhotojournalismART 291 Travel PhotographyART 292 Studio PhotographyART 294 Architectural PhotographyART 929 Individual ProjectsART - All other Art CoursesART #ART #ART #ART #ART #ART #ART #ART #ART #VoTec #VoTec #VoTec #VoTec #VoTec #VoTec #ART #VoTec #ARASL - All American Sign Language CoursesENG #ASM 150 Communication with the ElderlyASM 155 Impact of DemographicsASM 160 Aspects of AgingASM 165 Healthy AgingASM 180 Cultural DiversityASM 200 Depression, Death & GrievingASM 274 Law & Ethics in HealthcareHSV #SOC #HSV #HSV #SOC #HSV #HSV 25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseASM 282 Aging ServicesASM 283 Aging Policies and Government ProgramsASM 295 Death & DyingASM - All other Aging Service Mgmt coursesHSV #PoSc #SOC #VoTec #ATC - All Auto Tech Chrysler CAP coursesVoTec #ATF - All Auto Tech Ford ASSET coursesVoTec #ATG - All Auto Tech GM ASEP coursesVoTec #AUT - All Automotive Technology coursesVoTec #AVI - All Aviation coursesVoTec #AVM - All Aviation Maintenance coursesVoTec #BCA - All Business Computer Application coursesVoTec #6/25/2020GeneralEducationDesignationDPBIO 100 Opportunities in BiologyBIOL #BIO 104 Introductory Biol w/LabBIOL #SRBIO 112 General Biology IBIOL 111SRBIO 113 General Biology IIBIOL 110SRBIO 135 Intro to BotanyBIOL 145SRBIO 138 Field EcologyBIOL # *SR*If both 135 & 138 are successfully completed, student receives credit for BIOL 243BIO 145 Ecology of IowaBIOL #SRBIO 146 GeneticsBIOL #QRBIO 151 NutritionSpSc 107CTBIO 156 Human Biology w/LabBIOL 104SRBIO 164 Essent Anatomy/PhysiologyBIOL 104SRBIO 168 Anatomy & Physiology IBIOL #SRBIO 173 Anatomy & Physiology IIBIOL #SR* If both 168 & 173 are successfully completed, student receives credit for BIOL 104 & BIOL #.BIO 186 MicrobiologyBIOL 251SRBIO 191 Intro to Biotechnology w/labBIOL #QR/SRBIO 225 Marine Biology IBIOL #SRBIO 227 Marine Biology IIBIOL #SRBIO 243 Topics in BiotechnologyBIOL #BIO 249 Biotechnology InternshipBIOL 319BIO 250 Cell & Molec Bio-Nucleic AcidsBIOL 360SRBIO 251 Cell & Molec Bio-ProteinsBIOL #SRBIO 260 Biology of AgingBIOL #BIO 295 General Ecology w/LabBIOL 253SRBIO 732 Health Science MicrobiologyBIOL 251SRBIO 733 Health Science AnatomyBIOL #SRBIO 734 Health Science PhysiologyBIOL 225SRBIO 900 Field Studies in Medical SciencesBIOL #BIO 922 Field StudiesBIOL #BMA - All Building Maintenance coursesVoTec #46/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseBPT - All Bioprocess Technology coursesVoTec #BUS 102 Intro to BusinessBUS 112 Business MathBUS 148 Small Business ManagementBUS 150 E-CommerceBUS 180 Business EthicsBUS 185 Business Law IBUS 186 Business Law IIBUS 211 Business StatisticsBUS 213 Statistical Business ApplicationsBUS 220 Intro to International BusinessBUS 231 Quantitative Methods/Busns DecisionsBUS 250 Principles of Real EstateBUS 260 Introduction to InsuranceBUS 278 Employment LawBUS - All other Business coursesMAGT 131MATH 105MAGT 324MIS 220MAGT #MAGT 231MAGT 232ECON 135ECON 135MAGT 290MAGT #MAGT 290MAGT 345MAGT 323MAGT #CAD - All Computer Aided Drafting coursesVoTec #CAT - All Caterpillar coursesVoTec #CET - All Civil Engineering Tech coursesVoTec #CHM 105CHM 122CHM 132CHM 165CHM 175CHM 263CHM 273CHEM 150CHEM #CHEM #CHEM 101CHEM 102CHEM 201CHEM 202Survey of ChemistryIntro to Gen ChemistryIntro to Org/BiochemistryGeneral/Inorg Chem IGeneral/Inorg Chem IIOrganic Chemistry IOrganic Chemistry IICIS 125 Intro to Programming w/LCIS 130 Computer ProgrammingCIS 152 Data StructuresCIS 154 Computational StructuresCIS 161 C CIS 164 Advanced C CIS 169 C#CIS 171 JavaCIS 174 Advanced C# ProgrammingCIS 175 Java IICIS 178 Java Programming ICIS 179 Java Programming IICIS 189 PythonCIS 303 Intro to Data BaseCIS 332 Data Base and SQLCIS 338 SQL/OracleCIS 346 Data Base DesignCIS 402 COBOLCIS 451 PLTW - Comp Sci ApplicationsCIS 505 Structured Systems VQRQRQRSRSRSRQR/SRQR/SRSRSRMIS 150MIS 150CmSc 155CIS #CIS 260C CIS 260C CIS 260C#CIS 260JACIS 260C#CMSC 150CIS 260JACIS 260JA or CIS #MIS 150CIS #CIS 255CIS #CIS #CIS #CIS #MIS 34056/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseCIS 583 AssemblerCIS 588 Computer OrganizationCIS 604 Visual BasicCIS 612 Advanced Visual BasicCIS - All other Computer Programming coursesCIS #CmSc 265CIS 260VBCIS 260VB or CIS #VoTec #COM 146 Gender, Sexuality and MediaCOM 148 Diversity and the MediaCOM 703 Communication SkillsCOMM 275 OR COMM #COMM 275 OR COMM #VoTec #CON - All Construction coursesVoTec #CRC - All Court Reporting coursesVoTec #CRJ 100 Intro to Criminal JusticeCRJ 101 Ethics in CJCRJ 107 Survey Crim Justice AgenciesCRJ 109 Theories of InterviewingCRJ 111 Police and SocietyCRJ 120 Introduction to CorrectionsCRJ 128 VictimologyCRJ 130 Criminal LawCRJ 132 Constitutional LawCRJ 137 Juvenile LawCRJ 141 Criminal InvestigationCRJ 167 Operating Systems for ForensicsCRJ 176 Computer Forensics ICRJ 178 E-Crime Investigative MethodsCRJ 179 White Collar CrimeCRJ 195 Crime Scene InvestigationCRJ 196 Crime Scene Investigation ICRJ 197 Crime Scene Investigation IICRJ 220 Community-Based CorrectionsCRJ 222 Correctional Treatment MethodsCRJ 229 PenologyCRJ 237 Criminal & Constitutional LawCRJ 238 Corrections & Constitutional LawCRJ 239 Special-Need OffendersCRJ 245 Scientific InvestigationCRJ 248 Scientific InvestigationCRJ 264 Effective Courtroom TestimonyCRJ 267 E-Discovery I --OverviewCRJ 268 E-Discovery II--Data CollectCRJ 269 E-Discovery III--Data ProcessCRJ 276 Computer Forensics IICRJ 277 Adv Digital Forensic MethodsCRJ 278 Apple/Macintosh ForensicsCRJ 279 Malware ForensicsCRJ 292 Police Phys Fitness & ConditionCRJ 293 Criminal Justice Report WritingCRJ 294 CJ Communication StrategiesCRJ 296 Latent Friction Ridge EvidenceCJ 101CJ #CJ #CJ #CJ 224CJ 344CJ 290CJ 360PoSc 315CJ 300CJ #CIS #CmSc 290CJ 365CJ 375CJ #CJ #CJ #CJ 344CJ 290CJ 344CJ 360CJ 290CJ 290CJ #CJ 290CJ 290CJ 290CJ 290CJ 290CmSc 290CmSc 290CmSc 290CmSc 290SpSc 290CJ 290CJ #VoTec CECEOC/WC6/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseCRJ 297 Death & Injury InvestigationsCRJ 298 Impressions & BloodstainsCRJ 301 Intro to Homeland SecurityCRJ 302 Transportation & Border SecurityCRJ 303 Intelligence Analysis & Security MgmtCRJ 305 Introduction to Cyber TerrorismCRJ 330 Forensic Photography ICRJ 331 Forensic Photography IICRJ 332 Forensic Photography IIICRJ 333 Crime Scene Inv & Forensic PhotoCRJ 932 InternshipVoTec #VoTec #CJ 290CJ 290CJ 290CJ 270CJ 390CJ 390CJ 390CJ #CJ 219CRR - All Collision Repair/Refinish coursesVoTec #CSC - All Computer Science coursesVoTec #DEA - All Dental Assistant coursesVoTec #DHY 114 Dental Hygiene Anatomical ScienceDHY 121 Oral Histology & EmbryologyDHY 141 General & Oral PathologyDHY - All other Dental Hygiene coursesBIOL #BIOL #BIOL #VoTec #DRA 101DRA 125DRA 130DRA 132DRA 134DRA 139DRA 143DRA 147DRA 180DRA 181DRA 222DRA 250DRA 252DRA 280DRA 281DRA 945DRA 946DRA 948THTR #THTR 101THTR 130THTR 230THTR #THTR #THTR #THTR #THTR #THTR #THTR #THTR 232THTR 201THTR #THTR #THTR 120THTR 120THTR 120Intro to TheatreIntro to Play AnalysisActing IActing IIImprovisational ActingActing for the CameraThe Business of ActingCreative Drama School/RecTheatre Lab ITheatre Lab IIPerforming ShakespeareDirectingPlaywritingTheatre Lab IIITheatre Lab IVPracticum IPracticum IIPracticum IIIDSL - All Diesel coursesVoTec #DTM - All Dietary Management coursesVoTec #ECE 103 Intro to Early Childhood Education*ECE 103 & ECE 151 combined EDUC 231ECE 106 Child Dev Associate StandardsECE 114 Dual Language Learners in ECEECE 130 Emergency CareECE 133 Child Health, Safety & NutritionEDUC ARARARARARARARAREDUC #EDUC #VoTec #EDUC #*76/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and Title*ECE 133, 243 & 290 combined EDUC 334ECE 151 Individualizing for Children*ECE 103 & ECE 151 combined EDUC 231ECE 152 Learning With Digital MediaECE 158 Early Childhood Curriculum I*ECE 158, 159 & 221 combined EDUC 330ECE 159 Early Childhood Curriculum II*ECE 158, 159 & 221 combined EDUC 330ECE 170 Child Growth and DevelopmentECE 215 Home, School & Comm Rltns*ECE 133, 215 & 290 combined EDUC 334ECE 216 Teaching Young Eng Lang LearnersECE 221 Infant/Toddler Care and Educ.*ECE 158, 159 & 221 combined EDUC 330ECE 242 Child Life TheoryECE 243 Early Childhood Guidance*ECE 133, 243 & 290 combined EDUC 334ECE 262 Early Childhood Field ExpECE 281 PracticumECE 290 Early Childhood Program Admin*ECE 133, 243 & 290 combined EDUC 334ECE 343 Early Childhood Guidance LabECE 359 ECE Curriculum II LabECE 930 Administrative PracticumECE 932 Early Childhood InternshipECE 944 ECE Field Experience SeminarSimpson onEDUC #*EDUC #EDUC #*EDUC #*EDUC 118EDUC #*EDUC #EDUC #*EDUC 351EDUC #*EDUC #EDUC #EDUC #*EDUC #EDUC #EDUC #EDUC 319EDUC #CLECN 120 Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 100*ECN 130 Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 100** Economics majors are required to take both ECN 120 & 130 to meet ECON 100 requirement.EDU 210EDU 213EDU 218EDU 245EDU 252EDU 253Foundations of EducationIntro to EducationInitial Field ExperienceExceptional LearnerCommunication & Collaborative PrtnrshpsBehavior Mgmt & Social Interaction SkillsEDUC 114EDUC 114EDUC #EDUC 312EDUC #EDUC 328CECEEGR 152 Engineering MATLABEGR 180 StaticsEGR All other Engineering coursesENGR #ENGR 250ENGR #QRQREGT - All Engineering Technology coursesVoTec #ELL - All English Language Learners coursesMaximum of 8 creditsENG #ELT - All Electronics coursesVoTec #EMS - All Emergency Medical Serv coursesVoTec #ENG 060 College Preparatory Writing Ino credit86/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseENG 061ENG 104ENG 105ENG 106ENG 108ENG 145ENG 221ENG 225ENG 230ENG 235no creditENG #ENG #ENG 106ENG #ENG #ENG #ENG 203ENG 202ENG #College Preparatory Writing IIResources for CompositionComposition IComposition IIComp II: Tech WritingStrategies for CompositionCreative WritingCreative Writing: PoetryCreative Writing: FictionPlaywriting & ScreenwritingENV 103 Sustainable LivingBIOL #ENV 115 Environmental ScienceENV 116 Environmental Science LabBIOL #*BIOL #**BIOL 115 and BIOL 116 BIOL 103 and SR designationENV 145 Conservation BiologyENV 160 Restoring Plant CommunitiesBIOL #BIOL #FIN 101FIN 121FIN 180FIN 214ECON #MAGT #ECON 337MAGT 290Principles of BankingPersonal FinanceIntro to InvestmentsStocks, Bonds and COC/WCWCARARARARFIR - All Fire Science coursesVoTec#FLA 141 Elementary Arabic IFLA 142 Elementary Arabic IIWLCS #WLCS #FLA 241 Intermediate Arabic IFLA 242 Intermediate Arabic IIWLCS 290WLCS 290FLC 141 Elementary Chinese IFLC 142 Elementary Chinese IIWLCS #WLCS #FLC 241 Intermediate Chinese IFLC 242 Intermediate Chinese IIWLCS 290WLCS 290ICICFLF 151FLF 152FLF 241FLF 242Elementary French IElementary French IIIntermediate French IIntermediate French IIFREN 110FREN 111FREN #FREN #ICICFLG 141FLG 142FLG 241FLG 242Elementary German IElementary German IIIntermediate German IIntermediate German IIGER 110GER 111GER #GER #ICICWLCS #WLCS #WLCS 290WLCS 290ICICFLI 141FLI 142FLI 241FLI 242Elementary Italian IElementary Italian IIIntermediate Italian IIntermediate Italian IIFLJ 141 Elementary Japanese IICICWLCS #96/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency Guide6/25/2020GeneralEducationDesignationDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseFLJ 142 Elementary Japanese IIFLJ 241 Intermediate Japanese IFLJ 242 Intermediate Japanese IIWLCS #WLCS 290WLCS 290ICICFLS 151FLS 152FLS 181FLS 241FLS 242FLS 281SPAN 110SPAN 111SPAN 290SPAN #SPAN #SPAN 290ICICICGEO 111 Intro to GeographyGEO 124 Reg Geog of Nonwest WorldGEO 125 Reg Geog of Developed WorldGEOG #GEOG 124GEOG 128GPGPGLS 199GLS 200GLS 210GLS 220GLS 230GLS 235HUM 197HUM 197HUM 290HUM 197HUM 197HUM 197GPGPGPGPGPGPElementary Spanish IElementary Spanish IISpanish for Heritage Speakers IIntermediate Spanish IIntermediate Spanish IISpanish for Heritage Speakers IIJapan:The Changing TraditionCountry StudyInternational Year SeminarMiddle East & IslamLatin AmericaIntro to International StudiesGRD 403 Communication Design IGRD 404 Typography IIGRD 405 Typography IGRD 410 Illustration IGRD 411 Communication Design IIGRD 414 Illustration IIGRD 415 InDesign IGRD 421 Internship PreparationGRD 424 Graphic Design InternshipGRD 426 Communication Design IIIGRD 437 Communication Design IVGRD - All other Graphic Design courses*or check with Graphic Design Dept ChairART 131ART 136 or ART #ART 136 or ART #ART #ART 132 or ART 136ART #ART 136ART 119ART 319ART 236ART 236 or ART #VoTec #*GRT 415 Digital Imaging IGRT 424 Digital Imaging IIGRT 426 Digital Publishing IIIGRT 932 InternshipGRT - All other Graphic Technologies courses*or check with Graphic Disign Dept ChairART 136ART 136 or ART #ART 236 or ART #ART 319VoTec #*HCM 231 NutritionNaSc # **Successful completion of HCM 231 & PEH 190 SpSc 107HCM - All other Hospitality, Culinary Mgmt coursesVoTec #HCR - All Heating and Cooling coursesVoTec #HIS 112 West Civ: Ancient to Early ModernHIS 113 West Civ: Early Modern to PresentHIS 150 U.S. History to 1877HIST 101HIST 102HIST 20110HPHPHP6/25/2020

DMACC/Simpson Equivalency GuideDMACC Course # and TitleSimpson EquivalentCourseHIS 153 U.S. History since 1877HIS 201 Iowa HistoryHIS 211 Modern Asian HistoryHIS 216 History of Modern RussiaHIS 249 Study Abroad: British Life & CultureHIS 257 African-American HistoryHIS 266 The Civil WarHIS 280 Family History ResearchHIST 202HIST 290HIST #HIST 290HIST #HIST 211HIST 290No GPDPHPHIT 120

CIS 175 Java II CMSC 150 CIS 178 Java Programming I CIS 260JA CIS 179 Java Programming II CIS 260JA or CIS # CIS 189 Python MIS 150 CIS 303 Intro to Data Base CIS # CIS 332 Data Base and SQL CIS 255 CIS 338 SQL/Oracle CIS # CIS 346 Data Base Design CIS # CIS 402 COBOL CIS # CIS 451 PLTW - Comp Sci Applications CIS #

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