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Wednesday at Advent is back!!!Tailgate BBQ kick-off hts.org5901 San Juan Ave.Citrus Heights, CA 95610Phone: 916 966-7242Fax: 916 965-2114NEWSLETTER OFADVENT LUTHERAN CHURCHOctober 2016Sunday Worship9:30 amBook Sorting PartyOctober 7, 2016Book SaleOctober 8, 2016MOVIE NIGHTOctober 7 Pizza 5:30 pmIn This Issue:Page 2-5Pastor Cindy BeckPage 6-9CouncilPage 10Book Sale flyerPage 11Children’s MinistryPage 12FellowshipPage 13WorshipPage 14Altar GuildPage 15-16Page 17Page 18OutreachWomen of AdventPrayers & ThanksgivingPage 19Birthdays & AnniversariesPage 20Page 21Stewardship of ServiceCalendarPage 22Back pageAdvent Heritage DayOctober 15Congregational ConversationOctober 23October PhotoSupplementSeptember 11—Praise BandGod’s Work. Our Hands.Wednesday Kickoff BBQWednesday DinnersAnnika Mack playTues. Crew Paints ChurchOur Mission Statement:"With joy and thanksgiving we commit Advent Lutheran Churchto be the Welcome Place, where through God's Grace,we Gather, Forgive, Grow, and Care."Women of AdventOctober 29Youth Halloween PartyOctober 29Reformation SundayOctober 30

From Simple Beginnings to Re-forming the WorldThe door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany served as a public bulletin boardfor announcements related to academic and church affairs. Sometime during October 31,1517, the monk appointed to be Professor of Biblical Theology posted an announcementof a discussion regarding the practice of indulgences.Indulgences, as taught by the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages, were a means bywhich a person could purchase God’s forgiveness, and ultimately salvation. Indulgencescould be purchased for one’s self or, more importantly, for a loved one who had died andwas living in purgatory due to the amount of their sins. Depending on the amount thatyou spent, a certain amount of sins would be forgiven, lessening their time in purgatoryand allowing them to attain salvation more quickly.Luther was most immediately reacting to parishioners whoshowed him the indulgence papers they purchased by John Tetzel,whom the Church had sent to sell as many indulgences as possible toraise funds to renovate St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Luther listed 95theses he wanted to discuss with his peers surrounding this practice.From simple beginnings to re-forming the world. Martin Lutherdid not set out to create a new church body. He believed that discussion could lead theRoman Catholic church to building it’s foundation on the word of God instead of thepower of the papacy.Luther’s followers re-formed polity among clergy and parishioners. The practice andbeliefs we follow stem out of these changes. We are the product of the Reformation. Yetthe church is not reformed once and then finished; it is always in need of being reformed.The Spirit of God that created a body of believers also continues to sustain and renew thebody.During the month of October, I will be doing a sermon series based on the vision of theSierra Pacific Synod: “Committed to being re-formed.” We will look at re-forming fromLuther’s contributions to the church and world to how re-forming might look in today’sworld.Watch out - you may learn something! Join us on Sundays at 9:30 AM!!!2

Love of Christ Churchby Pastor CindyAdvent Lutheran’s Council recently met with the pastor and several members of Love of ChristChurch to discuss allowing them use of our facility to worship.Love of Christ Church is a Mongolian Christian congregation. Pastor “Auggie” is committed tomaking disciples of Christ among the Sacramento Mongolian community. The group of 10 – 12currently meet at Pastor Auggie’s 2 bedroom apartment for worship, but have found it to besmall for their needs. Pastor Auggie asked Amanda, a new convert to the Christian faith, to finda new location for them to worship.Amanda was shocked, knowing nothing about churches, facilities, or what was needed. Oneday as she was driving up San Juan, she heard God tell her, “Go here! This is where I want youto meet.” She glanced over and saw “Advent Lutheran Church.” Amanda obediently went totalk to the pastor to ask about the congregation using the facility. But the pastor wasn’t in.Amanda faithfully persisted and on her 6th visit to Advent, I (Pastor Cindy) was finally in! Wemet, she shared her story, and I was moved to tears at the power of the Holy Spirit at work inher and her community of faith.Amanda, her husband Daniel, and Pastor Auggie met with Advent’s council and the councilagreed to share our facility pending certain agreements. These agreements have been presented and are in the process of being finalized.You will have a chance to meet Amanda, Daniel, Pastor Auggie, his children and his wife onSunday, October 16, the kick-off date to our Stewardship Drive. They will be present to say “Hi”and thank the congregation for helping them to grow their community by providing space tomeet for worship and bible study.The southern portion of Mongolia is taken up by the GobiDesert, while the northern and western portions aremountainous. Country formed in 205 BC.Religions in Mongolia(population aged 15 and Other religions6,9330.4Total1,905,566100.0Public Domain, 3894123

Citrus Heights HART ProgramHART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team) is a collaboration between CitrusHeights business owners, community members, religious organizations and localnonprofits who are striving to assist homeless people in our area with the goal ofhelping people become independent and self-sustaining.HART has approached Advent Lutheran to participate in the Winter ShelterProgram as a host site. Host sites provide night shelter for a week for homelessmen and women.HART volunteers meet with men and women who wish to participate before thestart of the program. The program operation begins each night with about 30participants gathering at a site to be bussed to the host site. They are checked toensure they are not on drugs or alcohol; if they are, they are not allowed on thebus.Once at the host site, guests are provided a warm dinner by the host. HARTprovides cots and sleeping bags which are stored daily at the host site during theirweek. The host site also provides a light morning breakfast before the bus picks upthe guests and returns them to the check-in location.Our responsibility would be to:· Provide evening meal for 30· Provide two volunteers to stay the night· Provide a light breakfast in the morningAscension Lutheran is unable to partner with us at this point, but Christ the KingLutheran is still in conversation about assisting us.Advent’s Council sees this as an opportunity for us to grow in our ministry to thehomeless in our immediate area. Please feel free to share your thoughts with anycouncil member or with Pastor Cindy.More information will be given as things progress.4

Save the Date!Saturday, October 15, 201610 AM – 2 PM(or earlier if we finish!)Advent HERITAGE Day!This is a time for all members of Advent Lutheran to celebrate the life and ministry of the congregation. Understanding who you are today comes from placing that story in the longer history of the congregation.Come ready to share your stories of life at Advent and the times of CitrusHeights.On the eve of All Saints’ Day, October 31, 1517, a young Roman Catholic Priestnamed Martin Luther posted on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg,Germany, a list of 95 theses, or statements, and requested a meeting of the churchleaders to discuss and debate the substance of these 95 theses concerning churchpractices. Luther desired that the church would reform its practices to be more inkeeping with the Word of God as contained in the Bible. What started as anacademic debate – mostly over the selling of indulgences and the Grace of God –touched off a chain reaction that resulted in the events that we now call theProtestant Reformation. Luther had no idea what changes this simple act wouldbring upon the church—today, there are 104 million people worldwide whoconsider themselves Lutherans, according to the Lutheran World Foundation.So, why do we wear RED clothing on Reformation Sunday? We invite everyone to wear theliturgical color RED, on October 28th, because RED represents the Holy Spirit. Luther believedthat the Reformation was a direct result of the Holy Spirit moving him and others to action. Thisday is a celebration of the Holy Spirit that continues to move us toward the grace and mercy ofGod even today.5(Note: We celebrate on the closest Sunday, which is October 30 this year.)

Bob Mathews,Church Council PresidentGreetings and Blessings to allof Our Advent FamilyLinda and I are back from our extended vacationin the Pacific Northwest and east throughMontana.What a great time we had reconnecting with oldfriends and visiting our families.We celebrated my father’s 95th birthday along the way.Pr. Tom Kent filled in for me at the September council meeting. Thanks, Tom.My deadline for submitting this letter to Beth for the October newsletter is waypast due.Sorry Beth. So if this seems a little short, I am sorry.What I do want to communicate with you on is a very important date coming upthis month:Sunday, October 23rdafter service we will have aCONGREGATIONAL CONVERSATION MeetingPlease mark your calendars for this meeting. Several topics will be discussed tokeep you up to date with things happening at Advent. Some of those include, butare not limited to, the: Mongolian Christian Church use of some of our facilities. The HART program for hosting the area’s homeless for one week in January. A “Roof and Solar Panel Committee” to help Jim Peterson with the many facetsand development of this plan. Members include Jim Pederson as chairman,Gary Peterson, Keith Montag and Pr. Tom Kent. They will meet a couple of timesprior to our October 23rd Congregational Conversation preparing to presentyou with where we are now and what will need to be done. An open discussion with any other subjects or concerns you may have willcertainly be welcomed.Hope you can all stay after service on Sunday, October 23rd for thisCongregational Conversation.Blessings To You All,Bob Mathews6

By Linda BroaddusOne night I dreamed I was walking along the beach withthe Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimesthere were two sets of footprints, other times there wasone only.This bothered me because I noticed that during the lowperiods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish,sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so Isaid to the Lord, “You promised me Lord, that if I followedyou, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the mosttrying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand.Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, mychild, is when I carried you.” Mary Stevenson, 1936Many of us are familiar with the famous poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”“Footprints” is one of my favorite poems. It reflects well those difficult times I’vefaced in my own life. At the lowest and most hopeless moments of a person’slife, when tragedy or illness befalls unexpectedly, we may feel that God hasabandoned us. I know I’ve felt that way. As a young girl, I would go to my specialhill, look up at the sky, praying to God for help. During those low periods of mylife, I certainly felt like God had abandoned me.When I first discovered this poem, it was such a smack in the face realization ofhow God was always with me. I know he was with me every step of the waygiving me the strength and courage to persevere. Without question, throughoutmy life, I know God walks with me and carries me through each challenging time.I think of recent events in New York and Minnesota. We may wonder, “where isGod?” “During your times of trial and suffering, when you only see only one setof footprints, it was then that I carried you.” I know without question God is witheach of us.The size of my footprints has changed from infancy to adult but the reassuringprints of the God who ultimately carries me are always the same.7

The View From The Pewby Judy ZimmermanIt was mainly Dave Wammer’s wonderful music program, along withthe warm welcome from Pastor Olsen and many Advent members,which prompted me to join the church in the spring of 2015.I am so grateful for this opportunity to “sing unto the Lord a new song”in Advent’s Choir Corner.Here’s how I happened to find Advent Lutheran Church:In 1966, as newly-weds, my husband and I arrived in Rancho Cordovafrom an Air Force Base in Germany to our ready-made family of twoboys (their mother had died several years before.)Don was gifted with a beautiful tenor voice and loved to sing, so each Sunday he insistedwe visit a different Lutheran Church in search of the one that had the best choir. Finally,we chose Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Arden Way.Although I had no innate musical talent, I also joined the choir just for the joy of it, andthe boys attended confirmation classes.Twenty-six years passed quickly and sadly, all too soon, Don died. Gradually, as most ofGood Shepherd’s members were near-strangers, I seldom went to church.Then, remembering that many years ago Robin Bevier had mentioned she also belongedto a Lutheran Church, I asked her for Advent’s address. (It’s only a 10-minute drive fromhome.)Happily, Dave took me in and patiently accepts my frequent absences due to travel.He has also taught me more in this short time than several choir directors from the past.“How fortunate we are,” says Patty, a fellow alto, “to get such superb free voicelessons!”Some of you may prefer trying your hands at “making a joyful noise unto the Lord” withthe bells instead. But either way, Dave and the choir really need you to consider joiningus. It’s a great way to begin the week with even more appreciation for each and everylittle gift that comes your way.8

Lift High the Roofs – Lift High the Solar Panelsby Jim PedersonGood news, Folks. We have been provided funding for our solar system and theassociated roof rebuilds. This is from the Mission Investment Fund (MIF) of theELCA. We must now assemble some pounds of backup data to fully substantiatethe expenditure, but that’s OK. The next major steps are to present this packageto the Council for their concurrence, followed by presentation to thecongregation for approval at a Special Congregation Meeting called for thispurpose.The loan package will include a re-financing of our current mortgage with theMission Investment Fund at a lower interest rate. The current mortgage is 333,575, to which they would add the roof replacement estimate of 48,500and the solar system installation of 104,208 plus 3% ( 15,000) for unforeseenissues, for a total loan of 501,283.To pay this debt, it is recommended that we continue our mortgage payments atthe current level ( 6,258/month), plus add the savings in our SMUD electric billestimated at 842/month. This plan achieves total payoff in just under 7 years. Atthat time we will have a mortgage free property with a new roof and on-goingmonthly savings on our SMUD bill. The roof and solar installations have a lifeexpectancy of 20—25 years.Should make life interesting for the coming months.Treasurer's ReportAnn ChehakTotal 2016/2017 BudgetBudget Year to Date (YTD)Actual IncomeActual ExpensesYTD Income less ExpensesBenevolence to DateAugust 2016 22,432.03 24,643.60- 2,211.57 1,279.20YTD (as of August31, 2016) 328,807.00 55,362.32 50,705.69 50,131.86 573.83 2,984.209

October 8, 20169:00 am—2:00 pmADVENT LUTHERAN CHURCHCome Check OuttheBOOK SALE—CDsPaperbacks .50 Hardbacks 1Thrillers, Mysteries, Romance,Children’s books,Cookbooks and MORE!Books for all ages from several sources.5901 San Juan Ave.Citrus Heights, CAParking LotBOOK SORTING PARTYFriday, October 7, 20161:00 pmJoin the fun!Sort books andpick your favorites!Funds to help with the New Roof fund!Bring your books to the Friendship Hall.If you need help call the church office.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRYNatalie Jones,Children’s Ministry DirectorPixar Shorts 2!FAMILYMOVIENIGHT!Friday, October 7thDinner at 5:30 pmMovie at 6:30 pmCome join the celebration of imagination with an incredible collection of 12 short films, featuringmultiple Academy Award nominees (Best Short Film, Animated: "Presto," 2008; "Day & Night,"2010; "La Luna," 2011) and a host of family favorites!HALLOWEEN PARTY!6th Grade—Young AdultOctober 29 5:30 pmIn the Hanger! Pizza, snacks, games and music! Sign up for something to share, Invite a friend or two andCome dressed for the costume contest!Getting ready for the firstSunday School andConfirmation classof the year!Have a great year y’all!11

STERN-JOHNSON BIKE CLUBMEXICAN TRAIN DOMINOESBike RideOctober 8 & 229:00 amJoin the group at the Wells Fargo Bank parkinglot on the corner ofSunrise and Gold Country Blvd.October 22 at 6:00 pmKeith & Pat JohnsonAll are welcome to jump on the Mexican train!Thank YouDear Advent,Thank you for the use of the parking lot for Camerata California Chamber Choirand Orchestra to hold our fundraising Rummage Sale on Saturday, September24th. Your inviting the community in impressed many who were grateful for theopportunity to hold this successful event in support of our upcoming concert,Sunday, November 27; 4pm at First United Methodist Church (21st and J Street)featuring Saint-Saëns’ Christmas Oratorio and Vaughan Williams The First Nowell.You are all invited!Beth Mora andCamerata California Board of Directors12

WORSHIP TIMESSundays 9:30 amPraise Service Sunday, October 9CHICAGO FOLK SERVICEWednesdays at Advent7:00 pmWEAR RED . . .REFORMATIONSUNDAYOctober 30Join us for Contemporary Worshipwith our Praise BandPICK A HYMNNew opportunity—you pick a hymn you’d likeand let Lanny Johanek know. She’ll try to fit it inan appropriate service. Be patient!E-mail Lanny at: ljohanek@att.netCHOIR RehearsalsDATESUNDAY9-4919-111139-181199-25115Join the fun!Come and see!Be part of the choir!Rehearsal on Wednesday nightsat 7:00 pmFriendship HallAll Are Welcome!13

Altar Guild Meeting & LuncheonSaturday, November 5, 201611:30 am SanctuaryWe’re having our annual Altar Guild meeting in the Sanctuary at 11:30 amfollowed by a luncheon in the Friendship Hall.We need two volunteers—each to bring: a casserole salad dessertWe need one volunteer to bring: bread or rolls and butterIf you have not volunteered before, please do and let me know.Please RSVP Dorothy Slade by October 18at: dorothydas22@gmail.comso I know how many women to expect.I will be passing out the Altar Guild schedule for 2017.God’s Blessings,Dorothy

Meets the 1st & 3rd Mondays each month at9:30 am in the Friendship Hall.All are welcome—No Experience Necessary!Quilts are donated to Loaves & Fishes,St. John’s and Habitat for Humanity.Advent has designated the third Sunday ofevery month as our“Food Closet Sunday.”Please bring donations of food items or placemonetary offerings designated to the “FoodCloset” in the offering plate.“Like” us on Facebook!Saturday, October 2910:30 am—12:30 pmSign up sheet will be in Narthex for Loavesand Fishes volunteers. 8 volunteers areneeded to serve the noon meal that day.Please join us.Thank you, Mary GrivnaServe at St. John’sMonday, October 24Join Jenny Stern and thewomen of Advent toprepare and serve the noonmeal at St. John’s Program forReal Chang Beryl Baierl,Lillian Eggerss, Diane White, Don Rogers, Bryana Johnson, Ruth Cerniglie, Andy Goltz, Janice Ciszek, Kim Berring,Ron Naswall, Jim and Marilyn Pederson, Dave and Betty Yeager, Austin Kepler, Marty Jacobson, Joel and CarolBlaylock, Ann, sister-in-law of Carol Whyte, Georgina Woodward, Lori Oberon, Les Mathews, Valerie Newbold, Brady,Alexandra Chilcote, Marilyn Nelson, Connie Smiley, Kim and Mary Kennedy, Mary Rewolinski, Eleanor Wallace,Bruce Johnson, Darlene and Bill Baker, Mike Jones’ father, James Hansen, Bruce Hansen’s father, Roger Dedman,Dorothy (Karen Urban’s Mother), Doris Hale (Pam Lipp’s mother), David Whyte, Nick Mymka, Karen Peterson, Vic(son-in-law of Bill and Darlene Baker), Loretta Gale, Ryan Patterson, Pastor Jim and Elaine Patterson, Mark Chesshire,Allen Hansen, Bruce Hansen’s son, Pat Meroney, Maynard Johnson, Wendy Warren, Meagan Brown, Ray King ,Kurt(Karyl Cimini and Karen Sorenson’s father), Laurel Johnson, (Lloyd and Lois Sellers daughter in law), Skip Dean, (TomKent’s cousin), Julie (Amy Gariano’s cousin), Keith McIntyre, Jason Butler, Ron and Dianne von Rajcs, friends of LoisSellers, Emmy Lou Cook, Steven Cook’s mother, Bryon Steward (Joyce Rau’s nephew), Daniel Diego.Family Members serving in the military: Brandon Lovett, Jane Lockhard’s grandson, Army; Heath Jennings, LindaJennings’ son, Air Force; Scott Atchley, Air Force; Alex Chesire, Air Force; Jason and Heather Stickney, nephew andwife of Keith and Joyce Montag, Air Force; Charles Roney, Army; David Schedler, son of Paul Schedler, NationalGuard; Sara Elliott, daughter of Bill and Diana Elliott, National Guard; Alex Reginato, friend of the Malaspino family,Marines; Benjamin Dennis, nephew of Keith and Joyce Montag, Marines; Brandon Drake, grandson of Curt and PamLipp, Army; Sheldon Gray, Bernadette Kennedy’s grandson, Army, Caitlyn Werth, Tom and Audrey Werth’s granddaughter, NavyPlease notify the church office toadd or remove your prayer request. Thank you.E-mail: advent1@adventcitrusheights.orgNote: Long-term prayer requests are under “continued to be lifted up”18

Jonathan Schedler1Pamela KranigLaura Schedler22Carolyn Youngquist3Charles BrownMatthew BrownTom KentElaine NaswallJoseph Sramek44444Stephanie Bevier8Maynard Johnson10Beth MoraNick MymkaShannon StewardCharles Williams12121212Tony Gariano13Shirley Cleveland14Douglas Bevier16Erin BrownPatricia Galland1818Pam Lipp21Linda MathewsStar Rowland2222Nancy KingAnna BrownWilliam & Robin Bevier5Richard & Marilyn Hermanson6Ronald & Patricia Proffer11Mike & Natalie Jones12Deborah & James Clore-MyersAaron & Elaine Montag16162325Dominic BubbaLindsay Sramek2626Dean WilliamsJoan Neubauer2727Dean & Kathy Henricks24Pauline Sirl28Star & Wayne Rowland27Erin BennettCasey SchutzCarol Keehner292929Margaret JohnsonPamela Zielske3030Steven Cook31

Altar Guild: Jackie Michehl, Karen Strom, Dona Kraft,Dinah EvansUshers:*Keith Johnson, Dean Henricks, Anna Lee Bjork, Biff Strom,William Gariano, Rich Evans, Ron Proffer* Lead UsherAssist.Ministers9:30 am10-210-910-1610-2310-30Darrell BroaddusKaren UrbanJon SchedlerTom KentPat JohnsonGreeters9:30 amJenny SternCarolynYoungquistBob & LindaMathewsKaren Sorenson &Karyl CiminiAnn SchmitzLector9:30 amAnna Lee BjorkBeth MoraAnnika MackRich EvansJohn HultmanTechie9:30 amTom WerthKeith JohnsonTroy MalaspinoDeb Clore-MyersJoyce Montag20

MondayTuesday28:45 AM SundaySchool9:30 AM Worshipwith Communion12:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM NA Mtg39:30 AM Quilters6:00 PM AA Mtg8:00 PM AA Mtg412:00 PM AA Mtg1:15 PM Social Knitting6:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM Boy Scouts7:00 PM ChristianEd510:00 AM AA Mtg.12:30 PM Lutheran BasicsBible Study5:30 PM S.T.E.P.S. Dinner6:15 PM Classes7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal7:00 PM Worship68:00 PM AA Mtg98:45 AM SundaySchool9:30 AM Worshipwith Communion12:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM NA Mtg106:00 PM AA Mtg8:00 PM AA Mtg1112:00 PM AA Mtg1:15 PM SocialKnitting6:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM Boy Scouts1210:00 AM AA Mtg.10:00 AM Finance Comm12:30 PM Lutheran BasicsBible Study5:30 PM S.T.E.P.S. Dinner6:15 PM Classes7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal7:00 PM Worship131410:00 AM Women'sBible Study5:30 PM WorshipMeeting7:00 PM CouncilMtg8:00 PM AA Mtg158:00 AM Love ofChrist10:00 AMHeritage DayCelebration168:45 AM SundaySchool9:30 AM Worshipwith Communion12:00 PM LOC10:30 PM Cong Conv7:00 PM NA Mtg179:30 AM Quilters6:00 PM AA Mtg8:00 PM AA Mtg1812:00 PM AA Mtg1:15 PM SocialKnitting6:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM Boy Scouts1910:00 AM AA Mtg.12:30 PM Lutheran BasicsBible Study5:30 PM S.T.E.P.S. Dinner6:15 PM Classes7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal7:00 PM Worship207:00 PM P.O.N.A8:00 PM AA Mtg21228:00 AM Love ofChrist9:00 AM SternJohnson BikeClub238:45 AM SundaySchool9:30 AM Worshipwith Communion12:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM NA Mtg2410:00 AM ServeLunch at St. John'sShelter6:00 PM AA Mtg8:00 PM AA Mtg2512:00 PM AA Mtg1:15 PM SocialKnitting6:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM Boy Scouts2610:00 AM AA Mtg.12:30 PM Lutheran BasicsBible Study5:30 PM S.T.E.P.S. Dinner6:15 PM Classes7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal7:00 PM Worship278:00 PM AA Mtg28298:00 AM Love ofChrist10:00 AMWomen ofAdvent5:30 PM YouthHalloween PartySunday30 REFORMATION 318:45 AM Sunday6:00 PM AA MtgSchool8:00 PM AA Mtg9:30 AM Worshipwith Communion12:00 PM Love ofChrist7:00 PM NA MtgWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday18:00 AM Love ofChrist71:00 PMBOOKSORTINGPARTY5:30MOVIENIGHT88:00 AM Love ofChrist9:00 AMBOOK SALE9:00 AMStern-JohnsonBike ClubClick hereJoin the fun!21

Advent Lutheran Church5901 San Juan AvenueCitrus Heights, CA 95610ADVENT WORSHIP SCHEDULESUNDAY9:30 am Worship with Holy CommunionADVENT LUTHERAN PROGRAM STAFF:Pastor Cindy Beckgdpastorcindy@sbcglobal.netBob Mathews, Council Presidentbobmathewshome@hotmail .comDave Wammer, Music DirectorAdvent1@adventcitrusheights.orgNatalie Jones, Children’s Ministry Directoradventyouth@adventcitrusheights.orgBeth Mora, SecretaryAdvent1@adventcitrusheights.orgDeadline for the next Newsletter:October 21, 2016Please submit all articles to Beth Mora at:emorab@comcast.netCheck out the newsletter on our website!John Hultman, Financial SecretaryDana Bennett, BookkeeperBruce Crain, OrganistEmail: Advent1@adventcitrusheights.orgWebsite: www.adventcitru

Sunday Worship 9:30 am Book Sorting Party October 7, 2016 Book Sale October 8, 2016 MOVIE NIGHT October 7 Pizza 5:30 pm Advent Heritage Day October 15 Congregational Conversation October 23 Women of Advent October 29 Youth Halloween Party October 29 Reformation Sunday October 30 Our Mission Statement:

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2016 October December Issue. Dates to Remember *Contact your education advisor for 2017 Spring Registration NLT November 7, 2016. October 1 . Dragonboat Festival. October 7-9 . University Closed- Fall Break. October 14 . Mid Term. October 15 . Homecoming. October 21 . Last Day of "W" Period.

PAGE 1 Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Placed on National Register of Historic Places 2010 OCTOBER 2019 NEWSLETTER Scriptures for Stewardship Series October 6, 2019Sunday School . at St. James 10:00 a.m. PAGE 2 OCTOBER 2019 NEWSLETTER

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October 1 -31, 2016: Principal Appreciation Month October 5, 2016: SOAR LLC Workshop (Ohio Union at The Ohio State University) October 6-7: OAESA Leader in Me Principals' Academy (445 Hutchinson Avenue) October 9-11, 2016: OASSA Fall Conference (Hilton Columbus at Easton) October 13-15, 2016: Battelle for Kids Rural Education National Forum

of the bios to take home at the reunion celebration similar to a year-book! 50th Class Reunion Newsletter Class of 1968 Newsletter II September 2018 Save-the-Date! October 19, 2018 Falcon Fest Alumni Tailgate -5 p.m. GC vs. DeMatha Game -7 p.m. October 20, 2018 Golden Falcon Mass & Brunch -11 a.m. Evening Reception -7 p.m.

Oct 09, 2016 · VOLUME 19, ISSUE 9 October 2016 Reformation Sunday on October 30th! Be sure to wear your Red colors that Sunday! 2 St. Paul Lutheran Newsletter October 2016 Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. When Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Castle Church Door in Wittenberg .

INTRODUCTION TO OPENFOAM open Field Operation And Manipulation C libraries Name. INTRODUCTION TO OPENFOAM open Field Operation And Manipulation C libraries Rita F. Carvalho, MARE, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal OpenFOAM Equations Solvers How to use/code Examples Conclusions 3 25 26 33 46 49 50. SOLVE PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (PDE .