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ALLAN GRAY INVESTMENTS - INVESTMENT MENUThis Investment Menu, dated 28 February 2021, provides you with an up-to-date listing of the investment optionsavailable through Allan Gray Investments. You should read the relevant disclosure documentation or seekappropriate professional advice before making an investment decision. The information in this Investment Menurefers to the Allan Gray Investments PDS dated 23 December 2020.ASX LISTED SECURITIESASX Listed Securities (including shares in the All Ordinaries Index, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and ListedInvestment Companies (LICs).MANAGED FUNDSAPIR CODEFUND NAMEFHT0012AU8IP Australian Small CompaniesCSA0130AUAberdeen Standard Active Index IncomeCRS0005AUAberdeen Standard Actively Hedged International EquitiesEQI0028AUAberdeen Standard Asian OpportunitiesMGL0114AUAberdeen Standard Australian EquitiesCRS0004AUAberdeen Standard Australian Fixed IncomeCSA0131AUAberdeen Standard Australian Small CompaniesETL0032AUAberdeen Standard Emerging OpportunitiesCRS0003AUAberdeen Standard Ex-20 Australian EquitiesCSA0135AUAberdeen Standard Fully Hedged International EquitiesETL0130AUAberdeen Standard Global Absolute Return StrategiesCRS0008AUAberdeen Standard Inflation Linked BondEQI0015AUAberdeen Standard International EquityCRS0001AUAberdeen Standard Multi Asset IncomeCRS0002AUAberdeen Standard Multi-Asset Real ReturnFSF0453AUAcadian Geared Australian EquityFSF1240AUAcadian Glb Mgd Volatility Eqty-Class AFSF0710AUAcadian Sustainable W Global EquityFSF0789AUAcadian Wholesale Aus Equity Long ShortFSF0787AUAcadian Wholesale Australian EquityFSF0788AUAcadian Wholesale Global Eqty Long ShortAUS0108AUAcorn Microcap Trust WholesaleADV0083AUAdvance Asian Equity WholesaleADV0050AUAdvance Balanced Multi Blend WholesaleADV0085AUAdvance Growth Multi Blend WholesaleADV0087AUAdvance High Growth Multi Blend WholesaleAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 1 of 21

ADV0047AUAdvance International Sharemarket WholesaleADV0091AUAdvance Moderate Multi Blend WholesaleETL4654AUAllan Gray Australia BalancedETL0060AUAllan Gray Australia Equity AETL0349AUAllan Gray Australia Equity BETL0273AUAllan Gray Australia StableACM0001AUAllianceBernstein Dynamic Global Fixed IncomeACM0009AUAllianceBernstein Global EquitiesACM0006AUAllianceBernstein Managed Volatility EquitiesHOW0019AUAlphinity Australian EquityPAM0001AUAlphinity Australian ShareHOW0026AUAlphinity Concentrated Australian ShareHOW0164AUAlphinity Global EquityHOW0121AUAlphinity Sustainable ShareWFS0486AUAltius BondAUS0071AUAltius Sustainable BondANT0005AUAltrinsic Global Equities TrustAMP0441AUAMP Capital Balanced Growth AAMP0443AUAMP Capital Conservative AAMP1179AUAMP Capital Core Infrastructure AAMP1015AUAMP Capital Core Property AAMP0557AUAMP Capital Corporate Bond AAMP1932AUAMP Capital Dynamic Markets AAMP0257AUAMP Capital Enhanced Index Share AAMP0370AUAMP Capital Equity AAMP0452AUAMP Capital Ethical Leaders Balanced AAMP0456AUAMP Capital Ethical Leaders International ShareAMP0455AUAMP Capital Ethical Leaders International Share AAMP0974AUAMP Capital Global Property Securities AAMP0686AUAMP Capital Global Property Securities Wholesale AUDAMP0254AUAMP Capital International Bond AAMP0255AUAMP Capital Listed Property Trusts AAMP0446AUAMP Capital Small Australian Companies AAMP0681AUAMP Capital Specialist Australian ShareAMP0449AUAMP Capital Sustainable Share ANML0001AUAMP Capital Wholesale Australian PropertyNML0018AUAMP Capital Wholesale Cash Management TrustNML0318AUAMP Capital Wholesale Global Equity GrowthNML0348AUAMP Capital Wholesale Global Equity ValuePPL0115AUAntares Elite Opportunities ProfessionalIOF0203AUAntipodes Asia PWHT0057AUAntipodes Global Long OnlyAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 2 of 21

IOF0080AUAntipodes Global Long Only IIOF0045AUAntipodes Global PANZ0216AUANZ Wholesale Select Leaders TrustPIM3513AUAoris International APIM0058AUAoris International BPIM8433AUAoris International CPIM1812AUAoris International DHFL0108AUApis Global Long/ShortAPN0008AUAPN AREITAPN0023AUAPN Asian REITAPN0001AUAPN Property For IncomeAPN0004AUAPN Property For Income 2PER0554AUAQR Wholesale DELTAPER0634AUAQR Wholesale Managed FuturesHOW0098AUArdea Real OutcomeARO0011AUArnhem Australian EquityARO0015AUArnhem Concentrated Australian EquityARO0019AUArnhem Long Short Australian EquityMAQ0464AUArrowstreet Global EquityETL8268AUArtesian Corporate Bond ACOL0029AUAtrium Evolution Series - Diversified AEF 5COL0030AUAtrium Evolution Series - Diversified AEF 7COL0031AUAtrium Evolution Series - Diversified AEF 9AUS0100AUAU Balanced Growth PortfolioAUS0112AUAU Healthcare Property Trust WholesaleAUS0068AUAU Pro D GrowthAUS0064AUAU Pro D High GrowthYOC0100AUAU Property Income WholesaleGEM0113AUAU Property Securities Growth UnitsGEM0112AUAU Property Securities Income UnitsGEM0111AUAU Property Securities Ordinary UnitsAFM0010AUAurora Dividend Income TrustAAP0008AUAusbil 130/30 Focus WholesaleAAP3656AUAusbil Active Dividend Income WholesaleAAP0103AUAusbil Australian Active EquityAAP0104AUAusbil Australian Emerging LeadersAAP0002AUAusbil Australian Geared EquityAAP0101AUAusbil BalancedAAP3254AUAusbil Global Essential InfrastructureAAP0007AUAusbil MicroCapASX6124AUAuscap Long Short Australian Equities Daily PlatformAUG0020AUAustralian Ethical Advocacy WholesaleAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 3 of 21

AUG0018AUAustralian Ethical Australian Shares WholesaleAUG0001AUAustralian Ethical Balanced IncAUG0019AUAustralian Ethical Diversified Shares WholesaleETL0171AUAXA IM Sustainable Equity AUDNML0061AUAXA Wholesale Australian Equity ValueMEC0001AUBank Australia High Yield Investment AccountBPF0029AUBell Global Emerging CompaniesBPF0016AUBell Global Equities PlatformBFL0001AUBennelong Australian EquitiesBFL0002AUBennelong Concentrated Australian EquitiesBFL3779AUBennelong Emerging CompaniesBFL0004AUBennelong ex-20 Australian EquitiesCSA0038AUBentham Global IncomeCSA0102AUBentham High YieldCSA0046AUBentham Syndicated LoanBAR0814AUBlackRock Advantage Australian EquityBGL0109AUBlackRock Advantage Hedged International EquityMAL0079AUBlackRock Australian Equity Absolute ReturnMAL0072AUBlackRock Australian Equity OpportunitiesPWA0823AUBlackRock Australian Share WholesaleBLK0012AUBlackRock Concentrated Industrial Share DBLK0003AUBlackRock Fixed Income Global Opportunities Aust DMAL0018AUBlackRock Global Allocation DBLK0001AUBlackRock Multi Opportunity Absolute ReturnBAR0813AUBlackRock Scientific Diversified GrowthBAR0817AUBlackRock Scientific International EquityPWA0822AUBlackRock Tactical GrowthPWA0825AUBlackRock Wholesale International BondBTA0026AUBT Asian Share RetailBTA0021AUBT Australian Share RetailRFA0011AUBT Classic Investment BT Core Australian ShareRFA0013AUBT Classic Investment BT Natural ResourcesWFS0387AUBT Global Property RetailRFA0019AUBT Imputation RetailBTA0042AUBT Income Plus RetailBTA0024AUBT International RetailBTA0078AUBT Multi-manager Conservative RetailRFA0012AUBT Smaller Companies RetailBWA0002AUBWA Cash Management Trust - IDPSAAP0001AUCandriam Sustainable Global EquityWHT0044AUCapital Group Global Equity (AU)CIM0006AUCapital Group New Perspective (AU)Allan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 4 of 21

CIM0008AUCapital Group New Perspective Hedged (AU)CIM8680AUCapital Group New World (AU)FAM0101AUCeleste Australian Small CompaniesCNT0032AUCenturia Diversified PropertyCTR0438AUCenturia Healthcare Property FundPIM0034AUCFM Institutional Systematic Diversified Trust AFSF1086AUCFS Aspect Diversified Futures AFSF0652AUCFS Colonial First State Wholesale Index Australian ShareFSF0654AUCFS Colonial First State Wholesale Index Global ShareFSF0655AUCFS Colonial First State Wholesale Index Property SecuritiesCMI0102AUCFS Colonial First State Wholesale Indexed Australian BondFSF0478AUCFS FC- PIMCO W Australian BondFSF0455AUCFS FirstChoice Antares Wholesale Elite OpportunitiesFSF0485AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Australian ShareFSF0502AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Australian Small CompaniesFSF0487AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale DefensiveFSF0488AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Fixed InterestFSF0170AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Geared Global ShareFSF0490AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale GrowthFSF0456AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Lower Volatility Australian ShareFSF0500AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale ModerateFSF0476AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Multi-Index BalancedFSF0501AUCFS FirstChoice Wholesale Property SecuritiesFSF0038AUCFS Janus Henderson Wholesale Global Natural ResourcesFSF0041AUCFS MIF-Janus Henderson Glb Nat ResFSF0012AUCFS Property Securities MIFFSF1295AUCFS Stewart Investors Wholesale Worldwide SustainabilityCFM0404AUCFS T. Rowe Price Wholesale Australian EquityFSF0146AUCFS Wholesale Global Health & BiotechnologyFSF0143AUCFS Wholesale Global Technology & CommunicationsCFM0406AUCFS Wholesale Indexed Global BondMAQ0844AUCharter Hall Direct Industrial 3 WholesaleMAQ0854AUCharter Hall Direct Industrial 4 OrdinaryMAQ5703AUCharter Hall Direct Long Wale Fund OrdinaryMAQ0448AUCharter Hall Direct Office WholesaleMAQ0842AUCharter Hall Direct Office Wholesale AMAQ5880AUCharter Hall Direct PFA OrdinaryCOL0001AUCharter Hall Maxim Property SecuritiesSLT0065AUChinaAMC China OpportunitiesCFC1366AUChiodo Diversified Property Development Strategy ClassTGP0015AUClearBridge RARE Emerging MarketsTGP0016AUClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Income AAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 5 of 21

TGP0008AUClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value HedgedTGP0034AUClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Value UnhedgedNRM0026AUClearView CFML CashNRM0036AUClearView CFML Colonial InfrastructureNRM0030AUClearView CFML Fixed InterestNRM0034AUClearView CFML Listed PropertyNRM0032AUClearView CFML MFS International SharesNRM0038AUClearView CFML RARE Emerging MarketsNRM0028AUClearView CFML Schroder Equity OpportunitiesCLA0002AUClime Australian Income WholesaleCLA1557AUClime Smaller Companies WholesaleETL5525AUColchester Global Government Bond ICOR0001AUCor Capital ACRM0018AUCromwell Direct PropertyCRM0026AUCromwell Phoenix Core Listed PropertyCRM0008AUCromwell Phoenix Property SecuritiesCRM0009AUCromwell Riverpark TrustWPC1963AUDaintree Core Income TrustQIN0003AUDDH Balanced GrowthDDH0009AUDDH Cash IDPSDDH0006AUDDH Fixed InterestDDH0001AUDDH Preferred IncomeDDH0002AUDDH Selector Australian EquitiesDMP6133AUDMP Australian Small Caps Trust Wholesale AETL6695AUDMP Enhanced Income Trust IPIM0028AUDNR Australian Equities High ConvictionETL0410AUDSM Global Growth EquityEGG0001AUEley Griffiths Small CompaniesECL2707AUEllerston JAADE Australian Private Asset RetailGSF0002AUEpoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Unhedged)PIM7802AUFairlight Global Small & Mid Cap AANT0002AUFairview Equity Partners Emerging CompaniesFID0010AUFidelity AsiaFID0008AUFidelity Australian EquitiesFID0021AUFidelity Australian OpportunitiesFID0011AUFidelity ChinaFID0023AUFidelity Global DemographicsFID0031AUFidelity Global Emerging MarketsFID0007AUFidelity Global EquitiesFID0014AUFidelity Hedged Global EquitiesFID0015AUFidelity IndiaWHT3810AUFiretrail Australian High Conviction AAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 6 of 21

FCL9177AUFirst Guardian Defensive StrategiesFCL1554AUFirst Guardian Diversified StrategiesFCL0691AUFirst Guardian Growth StrategiesFSF0027AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Australian BondCMI0111AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Australian Small CompaniesFSF0040AUFirst Sentier Wholesale BalancedFSF0016AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Concentrated Australian ShareFSF0033AUFirst Sentier Wholesale ConservativeFSF0008AUFirst Sentier Wholesale DiversifiedFSF0039AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Diversified Fixed InterestFSF0961AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Equity IncomeFSF0469AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Future LeadersFSF0043AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Geared ShareFSF0084AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Global Credit IncomeFSF0905AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Global Listed InfrastructureFSF0454AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Global Property SecuritiesFSF0498AUFirst Sentier Wholesale High GrowthFSF0003AUFirst Sentier Wholesale ImputationFSF0004AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Property SecuritiesFSF0075AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Strategic CashFSF0694AUFirst Sentier Wholesale Target Return IncomeFSF0486AUFirstChoice Wholesale ConservativeFSF0489AUFirstChoice Wholesale Global ShareFSF0499AUFirstChoice Wholesale High GrowthFRT0027AUFranklin Franklin Australian Absolute Return Bond WFRT0025AUFranklin Global Aggregate Bond WFRT6321AUFranklin Global Growth Retail W Class (Hedged) AUDFRT0009AUFranklin Global Growth WFRT0020AUFranklin Templeton Australian Equity WFRT0011AUFranklin Templeton Multisector Bond WLAM0042AUFreehold A-REITs & Listed InfrastructureAMP0546AUFuture Directions Balanced AAMP0558AUFuture Directions Growth WholesaleDDH8305AUGCI Australian Capital StableGMO0006AUGMO Systematic Global Macro Trust BHOW0034AUGreencape BroadcapHOW0035AUGreencape High ConvictionHTH0020AUHeathley Aged Care Property No.1HTH0015AUHeathley Direct Medical No.1BNT0003AUHyperion Australian Growth CompaniesWHT8435AUHyperion Global Growth Companies BBNT0101AUHyperion Small Growth CompaniesAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 7 of 21

MAQ0404AUIFP Global FranchiseIML0002AUIML Australian ShareIML0001AUIML Australian Small CompaniesIML0010AUIML Concentrated Australian ShareIML0005AUIML Equity IncomeIML0003AUIML Future LeadersIML0004AUIML Industrial ShareETL0478AUIndia Avenue Equity RetailETL0396AUInsight Diversified Inflation PlusSLT0041AUInsync Global Capital AwareGTU5547AUInvesco Global Real Estate ACNA0811AUInvesco Wholesale Australian ShareCNA0812AUInvesco Wholesale Australian Smaller Companies ACNA0806AUInvesco Wholesale Diversified Growth AGTU0008AUInvesco Wholesale Global Opportunities Hedged AGTU0102AUInvesco Wholesale Global Opportunities UnhedgedGTU0041AUInvesco Wholesale Global Property Securities Hedged AGTU0109AUInvesco Wholesale Global Targeted Returns ACNA0805AUInvesco Wholesale Senior Secured IncomeIOF0092AUIOOF MultiMix Australian SharesIOF0091AUIOOF MultiMix Cash EnhancedIOF0096AUIOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed InterestIOF0098AUIOOF MultiMix International SharesMGL0019AUIronbark Copper Rock Emerging Markets OpportunitiesMGL0018AUIronbark Copper Rock Global All Cap ShareHFL0104AUIronbark Fulcrum Diversified Investments HedgedHFL0014AUIronbark GaveKal Asian OpportunitiesDEU0109AUIronbark GCM Global MacroMGL0010AUIronbark Global Ex Australia PropertyMGL0011AUIronbark Global Property SecuritiesPAT0001AUIronbark Karara Australian SharePAT0002AUIronbark Karara Australian Small CompaniesPAL0002AUIronbark Paladin Property SecuritiesMGL0004AUIronbark Royal London Concentrated Global ShareBGL0105AUiShares Australian Bond IndexBGL0034AUiShares Australian Equity IndexBGL0108AUiShares Australian Listed Property IndexBGL0008AUiShares Global Bond IndexBGL0044AUiShares Hedged International Equity Index DBGL0106AUiShares International Equity IndexIOF0046AUJanus Henderson Australian Fixed InterestIOF0047AUJanus Henderson Conservative Fixed InterestAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 8 of 21

HGI0005AUJanus Henderson Global Equity IncomeETL0331AUJanus Henderson Global Natural ResourcesIOF0145AUJanus Henderson Tactical IncomePER0758AUJPMorgan Global Macro Opportunities APER0727AUJPMorgan Global Strategic BondPER0755AUJPMorgan Systematic AlphaKAM0101AUK2 Australian Absolute ReturnHOW0052AUKapstream Absolute Return IncomeVEN0007AUKFM IncomeHOW0036AUKinetic Emerging CompaniesETL0490AUL1 Capital Long Short RetailLTC0002AULa Trobe 12 Month Term AccountOMF1140AULakehouse Global GrowthLAZ0006AULazard Australian Equity ILAZ0010AULazard Australian Equity WLAZ0022AULazard Defensive Australian EquityLAZ0003AULazard Emerging Markets Equity ILAZ0023AULazard Emerging Markets Total Return DebtLAZ3113AULazard Global Convertibles WLAZ0025AULazard Global Equity FranchiseLAZ0014AULazard Global Listed InfrastructureLAZ1240AULazard Global Managed VolatilityLAZ0012AULazard Global Small Caps WLAZ0005AULazard Select Australian Equity ILAZ0013AULazard Select Australian Equity WSLT0035AULDI Connect 20 PortfolioSLT0032AULDI Connect 3 PortfolioSLT0030AULDI Connect 7 PortfolioSSB0515AULegg Mason Brandywine Global Income Optimiser ASSB0014AULegg Mason Brandywine Global Opportunistic Fixed Income ASSB0028AULegg Mason Brandywine Global Opportunistic Fixed Income ISSB0061AULegg Mason Martin Currie Diversified Income AETL0201AULegg Mason Martin Currie Emerging MarketsSSB0043AULegg Mason Martin Currie Equity Income ASSB4946AULegg Mason Martin Currie Ethical Income ASSB0064AULegg Mason Martin Currie Ethical Values with Income ASSB0066AULegg Mason Martin Currie Global Long-Term Unconstrained ASSB0128AULegg Mason Martin Currie Property Securities ASSB0026AULegg Mason Martin Currie Real Income ASSB0009AULegg Mason Martin Currie Select Opportunities ASSB0011AULegg Mason Martin Currie Small Companies ASSB0125AULegg Mason Martin Currie Sustainable Equity AAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 9 of 21

SSB0130AULegg Mason Martin Currie Tactical Allocation ASSB0126AULegg Mason QS Investors Global Equity ASSB5738AULegg Mason QS Investors Global Responsible Investment ASSB0122AULegg Mason Western Asset Australian Bond ASSB0131AULegg Mason Western Asset Conservative Income ASSB0070AULegg Mason Western Asset Macro Opportunities Bond ASSB0003AULegg Mason Western Cash TrustHOW3590AULennox Australian Small CompaniesETL0043AULincoln Australian Growth WholesaleETL0324AULincoln Australian Income WholesaleMMC0110AULoftus Peak Global DisruptionIML0341AULoomis Sayles Global EquityMAQ0079AUMacquarie Arrowstreet Global Equity HedgedMAQ0640AUMacquarie Asia New Stars No 1MAQ0204AUMacquarie Australian Diversified IncomeMAQ0278AUMacquarie Australian EquitiesMAQ0061AUMacquarie Australian Fixed InterestMAQ0443AUMacquarie Australian SharesMAQ0454AUMacquarie Australian Small CompaniesMAQ0274AUMacquarie Dynamic BondMAQ0830AUMacquarie Hedged Index Global Real Estate SecuritiesMAQ0631AUMacquarie IFP Global Franchise HedgedMAQ0277AUMacquarie Income OpportunitiesMAQ0266AUMacquarie Index Tracking Global BondMAQ0432AUMacquarie International Infrastructure SecuritiesMAQ0825AUMacquarie International Infrastructure Securities UnhedgedMAQ0058AUMacquarie Master BalancedMAQ0059AUMacquarie Master Capital StableMAQ0187AUMacquarie Master CashMAQ0180AUMacquarie Master Enhanced Fixed InterestMAQ0063AUMacquarie Master Property SecuritiesMAQ0085AUMacquarie Master Small CompaniesMAQ0838AUMacquarie Polaris Global EquityMAQ7578AUMacquarie Professional Series Global AlternativesMAQ0060AUMacquarie Term CashMAQ0055AUMacquarie TreasuryMAQ0211AUMacquarie True Index Australian Fixed InterestMAQ0219AUMacquarie True Index Listed PropertyMAQ0651AUMacquarie Walter Scott Emerging MarketsMAQ0557AUMacquarie Walter Scott Global Equity HedgedMGE0001AUMagellan GlobalMGE0007AUMagellan Global HedgedAllan Gray InvestmentsInvestment Menu February 2021Page 10 of 21

MGE0005AUMagellan High ConvictionMGE0002AUMagellan InfrastructureMGE0006AUMagellan Infrastructure UnhedgedMAN0002AUMan AHL AlphaMPL0002AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Equity TrustADV0078AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Geared Equity WholesaleADV0013AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Share OrdinaryADV0046AUMaple-Brown Abbott Australian Share WholesaleMIN0031AUMercer Australian Inflation PlusMIN0006AUMercer Australian SharesMIN0007AUMercer Australian Small CompaniesMIN0030AUMercer Australian Sovereign BondMIN0008AUMercer Cash-Cash UnitsMIN0009AUMercer Conservative GrowthNCL1621AUMercer Conservative Growth Enhanced PassiveMIN0010AUMercer DefensiveMIN0026AUMercer Diversified AlternativesMIN0019AUMercer Diversified SharesMIN0082AUMercer Emerging Markets DebtMIN0037AUMercer Emerging Markets SharesMIN0032AUMercer Global CreditMIN0033AUMercer Global Listed InfrastructureMIN0023AUMercer Global Listed PropertyMIN0028AUMercer Global Sovereign BondMIN0013AUMercer GrowthNCL4407AUMercer Growth Enhanced PassiveMIN00

This Investment Menu, dated 28 February 2021, provides you with an up-to-date listing of the investment options available through Allan Gray Investments. You should read the relevant disclosure documentation or seek appropriate professional advice before making an investment decision. The information in this Investment Menu

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