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What is VISUALART?Photography is an art and technology subject.Art is a form of selfexpression.PHOTOEQUIPMENTVisual art – creating works ofart that people can “look” atand appreciate.Types of visual arts: Painting Drawing Sculpture Photography Printmaking CeramicsART MAKINGDigital Photography usestechnology to create worksof art.PHOTO EDITING


What isPhotography 2class?Photography is an art and technology subject.Follow us @ westsidehsphotoNIKON DSLRCAMERASW H AT W I L L Y O U L E A R N ?1. How to use a digital camera2. How to take good photos3. How to edit photos4. How to use technology5. How to prepare for collegeD I G I TA LPHOTOGRAPHSIMACCOMPUTERS

What is the difference between regular vs. Pre‐APPhoto? R e g u l a r P h o t oPre‐AP Photo1. 4.0 class1. 5.0 class.2. Few writing assignments2. Independent projects required3. Focuses more on commercial photography –3. More challenging techniques and skills Family portraits Lifestyletaught with cameras and editing apps4. Higher expectations for good quality work Candid photos(photos are geared toward Fine Arts) Advertisement5. Higher expectations for professionalism Sports Photojournalism(manners, meeting deadlines, etc.)6. More presentations and writing assignments

Regular PhotoCandid / commercial photosPre‐AP PhotoMore experimental /artsy photography

What is Photo 3 & 4?Get bigger and better as a photographer!Follow us @ westsidehsphotoW H AT W I L L Y O U L E A R N ?1. These are your independent studyA DVA N C E D C A M E R AAND EDITINGTECHNIQUESyears2. Take what you have learned in theprevious year and explore your ownphoto projects3. Advanced camera and editingtechniques4. More creative photo tricks & ideasEXPERIMENTAND FLESH OUTYOURINDEPENDENTPROJECTS

What is Photo 3 Pre‐AP?Get bigger and better as a photographer!Follow us @ westsidehsphotoW H AT W I L L Y O U L E A R N ?A DVA N C E D C A M E R AAND EDITINGTECHNIQUES1. This is a preparation year. Use this yearto experiment and flesh out aconcentration you can use for AP year.2. Advanced camera techniques3. More creative photo tricks & ideas4. Advanced Photoshop skillsEXPERIMENTAND FLESH OUTYOURC O N C E N T R AT I O N

What is AP Photo(Art 2‐D Design)?Consider this a college photography art class.Follow us @ westsidehsphotoW H AT W I L L Y O U L E A R N ?1. How to prepare a college art portfolioA DVA N C E D C A M E R AAND EDITINGTECHNIQUES2. Submit the portfolio for the AP StudioArt: 2‐D Design exam in May3. Advanced camera techniquesIMACCOMPUTERS4. More creative photo tricks & ideas5. Advanced Photoshop skills6. How to prepare for collegeCOMPLETE YOURAP PORTFOLIO

HARD WORK BEHIND THE SCENES Step 1: Take the photo withstrong compositionStep 2: Edit the photo toenhance itRAW PHOTOPhotographer: Parker ArbaughAfter EDITING

Mrs. SCHRYNEMEECKERS(shrine‐nuh‐meek‐kers) Bachelor of Fine Arts – University ofHoustonMajor: Studio ArtMinor: Digital Photography Master of Fine Arts ‐ Houston BaptistUniversityMajor: Studio ArtClasses I teach: Photography Art II n t e r e s t s : P h o t o g r a p h y, a r t , r e a d i n g ,Kdramas, anime, video games, eatingout, cooking

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Photography 2 class? Follow us @ westsidehsphoto 1. How to use a digital camera 2. How to take good photos 3. How to edit photos 4. How to use technology 5. How to prepare for college WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Photography is an art and technology subject. NIKONDSLR CAMERAS IMAC COMPUTERS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS