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Dr. N. V. SastryDesignation:Professor and HeadSpecialization:Physical and Polymer ChemistryAddress:Office:Department of Chemistry,S. P. University, Vallabh VidyanagarAnand, GujaratTelephone:02692 - 226856Fax:02692-237258Date of Birth:17th October 1959E-mail:nvsastry@spuvvn.eduORCID ID:0000-0001-8773-7520Residence:B-1 , Univ. Staff ColonyVallabh Vidyanagar, AnandEducational QualificationsxM. Sc. Ph. D.Academic ExperienceProfessor since 27-02-20052. Reader 27-02-1997 to 26-02-22053. Lecturer (Senior Scale) 1-03-1991 to 26-02-19974. Lecturer 1-03-1986 to 29-02-19911.Research AreaxIonic Liquids, Nonreactive Non associating Chemical systems, Soft Matter, PolymerChemistry

ExpertiseColloidal Aspects of Ionic Liquids and Block Copolymers: Physical Chemistry and FormulationsNo. of Publication : 96Citation indicesCitationsh-indexi10-indexAll32613766Since 201112712036List of PublicationsA. List of Published Research Papers in Refereed Journals (Dr. N. V. Sastry) WithImpact Factors (Scopus Indexed)Title, authors, Journal, Vol, pp, (Year) (Impact Factor) (No. of Citations) catalysed hydroxylation of 1,2,3-tricholoro -4,6dintrobenzene: Role ofcationic Headgroup ʌ LQWHUDFWLRQ 5DYDQL 6KXNK. Mishra, J. Mol. Liquids, 301, 1 -11 (2020) (I. F. 3.648).Hybrid hydrogels systems of micelles of drug anion containing ionic liquid andbiopolymers:Rheological behaviour and drug release, N. V. Sastry, D. K. Singh, P. A.Trivedi, Colloids and Surfaces, A, 555, 668 678 (2018) (I. F. 2.829)(01)Studies on micellar behaviour of PEO-PPO, or PEO-PBO-PPO copolymers or surfaceactive ionic liquids in aqueous media and exploration of their micellar solutions forsolubilization of dexamethasone and its delayed release, Nandhibatla V Sastry, DipakK Singh, Pooja A Trivedi, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 21, 65 -79 (2018)(I. F. 1.45).Self organization of mixtures of sodium oleate and imidazolium based surface activeionic liquids studied by tensiometry, rheology and neutron scattering, S. Padsala, N.Dharaiya, D. Ray, V. K. Aswal, N. V. Sastry and P. Bahadur, Journal of MolecularLiquids, 249, 573 582 (2018) (I. F. 3.648) (03)Different pH triggered aggregate morphologies in sodium oleate cationic surfactantsmixed systems, N. Dhariya, U. Patel, D. Ray, V. K. Aswal, N. V. Sastry and P.Bahadur, New J Chem., 41, 9142 9151 (2017) (I. F. 3.269).Amphiphilic copolymers and surface active ionic liquid systems in aqueous media surface active and aggregation characteristics, D. K. Singh, N. V. Sastry, P. A .Trivedi, Colloids and Surf. A, 524, 111 126 (2017) (I. F. 2.714)(03) of hydrocarbon surfactants on dexamethasone solubilization into siliconesurfactant micelles in aqueous media and its release from agar films as carriers, N. V.Sastry, D. K. Singh, A. D. Thummar, G. Verma, P. A. Hassan, Journal of MolecularLiquids, 225, 11 19 (2017) (I. F. 3.648). (03)Surface activity, micellization, and soluibilization of cationic Gemini surfactant conventional surfactants mixed systems, U. Patel, P. Parekh, N. V. Sastry, V. K.Aswal, P. Bahadur, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 225, 888 896 (2017).(I.F.3.648). (14)Microstructural morphologies of CTAB Micelles Modulated by Aromatic Acids, S.Padsalia, N. Dhariya, N. V. Sastry, V. K. Aswal, P. Bahadur, RSC Adv., 6, 105035 105045 (2016) (I. F. 3.108). (01)Densities, Speeds of Sound, and Excess and Partial Excess Properties of RoomTemperature Ionic Liquids of Type [CnPy][X] or [Cn4mpy][X] (where n 6 or 9, [X] Cl- or Br-) Water Binary Mixtures at T (308.15 and 318.15) K, N. V. Sastry andI. R. Ravalji, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 61, 3834 3848 (2016) (I. F. 2.323). (01)Surfactant and Gelation Properties of Acetysalicylate Based Room Temperature IonicLiquid in Aqueous Media, Nandhibatla V. Sastry and Dipak K. Singh, Langmuir, 32,10000 10016 (2016) (I. F. 3.833). (06)Formulation of pyridinium based RTIL in cyclohexane microemulsions:Investigations on size, conductivity and molecular interactions, B. Bharatiya, P. A.Hassan, N. V. Sastry, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 218,586-594 (2016).(I.F. 1.649)(02)Nonelelctrolyte Induced Micellar Shape Changes in Aqueous Solutions of SiliconeSurfactants, S. S. Soni, R. L Vekhariya, N. V. Sastry, H. P. Soni, S. R. Patil, S. H.Panjabi, J. Dispersion Science and Technology, 35, 1419 1426 (2014). (I. F. 0.720)(03)Mixed Micelles of Trisiloxane Based Silicone and Hydrocarbon Surfactants Systemsin Aqueous Media : Dilute Aqueous Solution Phase Diagrams, Surface TensionIsotherms, Dilute Solution Viscosities, Critical Micelle Concentrations andApplication of Regular Solution Theory, N. V. Sastry, Amit Thummar, Sanjay HPunjabi, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 16, 829 840 ( 2013). (I. F.1.545)Densities and partial molar volumes for water 1-butyl- or, 1-hexyl- or, 1-octyl-3methylimidazolium halide ionic liquids at T (298.15 and 308.15) K, Nandhibatla V.Sastry*, Nilesh M. Vaghela and Pradip M Macwan, J. Mol. Liquids, 180, 12 18(2013). (I. F. 1.649). (46)Effect of t-Octylphenoxylpolyethoxyethanol (TX-100) on the Dilute Aqueous SolutionPhase Diagrams, Surface Activity and Micellization Behavior of Non-ionic SiliconeSurfactants (SS) in Aqueous Media, N. V. Sastry*, S. H. Punjabi and I. R. Ravalji, J.Mol. Liquids, 177, 215 224 (2013).(I. F. 1.649) (08) molar volumes, excess viscosities, relative permittivities and molarSRODUL]DWLRQ GHYLDWLRQV IRU PHWK\O DFHWDWT (298.15 and 303.15)K, Nandhibatla V. Sastry, Sunil R. Patel, Saurabh S. Soni*, J. Mol. Liquids, 183,102 112. (I. F. 1.649) (57)Effect of alkyl chain length and head group on surface active and aggregation behaviorof ionic liquids in water, Nandhibatla V Sastry, Nilesh M Vaghela and Vindo KAswal, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 327, 22 -29 (2012) (I. F. 2.253)Aggregation Behavior of Pyridinium Based Ionic lIquids in Water Surface Tension,1H NMR Chemical Shifts, SANS and SAXS Measurements, N. V. Sastry, N. M.Vaghela, P. M. Macwan, S. S. Soni, V. K. Awwal and A. Gibaud, Journal ofColloid and Interface Science, 371, 52 61 (2012) (I. F. 3.066) (52)Effect of hydrophilic additives on volumetric and viscosity properties of amino acidsin aqueous solutions at T (283 to 333.15) K, N. V. Sastry, P. H. Valand, P. M.Macwan, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 49, 14 23 (2012). (I. F. 2.794)(26)Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Viscosity Measurements on Silicone-, Ionic andNonionic Surfactant Mixed Systems in Aqueous Solutions, N. V. Sastry, S. H.Punjabi,V. K. Aswal and P. S. Goyal, J. Disp. Sci. Technol, 33 (2), 245 253 (2012).(I. F. 0.720) (07)Effect of Surfactants on Association Characteristics of Diblock and TriblockCopolymers of Ethylene Oxide and Butylene Oxide in Aqueous Solutions: DiluteSolution Phase Diagrams, SANS and Viscosity Measurements at DifferentTemperatures, Sanjay H Punjabi, Nandhibatla V. Sastry, Vinod K Aswal and Prem S.Goyal, International Journal of Polymer Science, 2011, 1 13 (2011).(04)Aqueous Block Copolymer - Surfactant Mixtures - Surface Tension, DLS andViscosity Measurements and Their Utility in Solubilization of Hydrophobic Drug andIts Controlled Release, A. D. Thummar, N. V. Sastry, G. Verma, P. A. Hassan,Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 386, 54 64(2011) (I. F. 2.130) (17)Effect of Electrolyte Additives on Micellization and Clouding Behavior of SiliconeSurfactant in Aqueous Solutions, S. S. Soni, S. H.Punjabi, N. V. Sastry, Colloids andSurfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 377, 205 211 (2011) (I.F. 2.130) (15)Densities, Partial Molar Volumes at Infinite Dilution, Side Chain Partial MolarVolumes and Transfer Volumes of Dipeptides in Sucrose and 2,3- ButanediolAqueous Solutions at T (283.15 to 333.15) K, Nandhibatla V Sastry*, Pinakin HValand and Pradip M Macwan , J. Chem. Eng. Data, 56, 627 637 (2011). (I. F.2.089) (05)Densities, Speeds of Sound, Excess Molar Volumes, and ExcessIsentropicmpressibilities at T (298.15 and 308.15) K for Methyl Methacrylate 1, 1- Pentanol, 1-Heptanol)) Cyclohxane, Benzene, Toluene, p-Xylene, and Ethylbenzene, Nandhibatla V Sastry, Sunil R Patel, andSaurabh S Soni, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 56, 142 152 (2011). (I. F. 2.089)Effect of Additives on the Surface Active and Morphological Features of 1-Octyl-3Methylimidazolium Halide Aggregates in Aqueous Media, Nilesh M Vaghela,Nandhibatla V Sastry and Vinod K Aswal, Colloids and Surfaces A:Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 373, 101 109 (2011). (I. F. 2.130)Surface Active and Aggregation Behavior of Methylimidazolium Based Ionic Liquidsof Type [Cnmim] [X], n 4,6,8 and [X] Cl-, Br- and I- in Water, Nilesh MVaghelaNandhibatla V. Sastry and Vinod KAswal, Colloids and Polymer Science,289, 309 322 (2011). (I. F. 2.130) (64)Excess Molar Volumes, Excess Isentropic Compressibilites and Relative Permittivitiesfor the Ternary Mixtures of Esters Glycol Organic Solvents at differenttemperatures, Nadhibaltla V Sastry, Mitesh C Patel, Rakesh R Thakor and Saurabh SSoni, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 157, 25 33 (2010). (I. F. 1.649) (02)Synthesis and evaluation of functional polymeric additives with urethane linkages asdispersing agents for preparation of pigment concentrates with high solid loading,Nandhibatla V. Sastry* and Rakesh R Thakor, J. Coating Technol. and Research,6,11 - 25 (2009). (07)Excess molar volumes, viscosity deviations, excess isentropic compressibilities anddeviations in relative permittivities of (alkyl acetates (methyl-, ethyl-, butyl- andisoamyl-) n-hexane, benzene, toluene, (o-, m-, p-) xylenes, (chloro-,bromo-, nitro-) benzenes between 298.15 and 313.15 K, Nandhibatla V Sastry*,Rakesh R Thakor and Mitesh C Patel, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 144, 13 22(2009). (I. F. 1.649) (124)Thermophysical Properties For Diethylene Glycol Nitrobenzene, Triethylene Glycol (Chloro-, Bromo-, Nitro-) benzenes Systems at Different Temperatures, NandhibatlaV Sastry*, Rakesh R Thakor and Mitesh C Patel, Int. J. Thermophys., 29, 610 618(2008). (I. F. 0.750) (33)Design of novel polymeric dispersants for resin minimal pigment concentratesstrategies And evaluation (N. V. Sastry and R. R. Thakore ) Proceedings of NationalSymposium on Emerging Trends in Polymer Science and Technology, pp 97 104, IIT Kharagpur, September 2006.Functional Polyurethanes as Wetting and Dispersing Agents for Coating Applications Tailoring by Novel Synthetic Strategy (N. V. Sastry, M. P. Patel, R. R. Thakor andK. R. Shah), In Proceedings of National Seminar of Polymer Research in India(Ed. P. K. Dutta), pp 37 44, Dubey Printers and Graphics, Allahabad, September2004.Interaction of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles with Surfactants (N. V. Sastryand H. Hoffmann), Colloids and Surfaces, 250, 247 261 (2004). (I. F. 2.130) (72)

of ionic liquids in water, Nandhibatla V Sastry, Nilesh M Vaghela and Vindo K Aswal, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 327, 22 -29 (2012) (I. F. 2.253) 19. Aggregation Behavior of Pyridinium Based Ionic lIquids in Water – Surface Tension, 1H NMR Chemical Shifts, SANS and SAXS Measurements, N. V. Sastry, N. M.

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1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics C. Ray Wylie, Louis C. Barrett McGraw-Hill Book Co 6th Edition, 1995 2 Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis S. S. Sastry Prentice Hall of India 4th Edition 2010 3 Higher Engineering Mathematics B.V. Ramana McGraw-Hill 11 th Edition,2010 4 A Text Book of Engineering Mathematics N. P. Bali and Manish Goyal Laxmi Publications 2014 5 Advanced Engineering .

1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics C. Ray Wylie, Louis C. Barrett McGraw-Hill Book Co 6th Edition, 1995 2 Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis S. S. Sastry Prentice Hall of India 4th Edition 2010 3 Higher Engineering Mathematics B.V. Ramana McGraw-Hill 11th Edition,2010 4 A Text Book of Engineering Mathematics N. P. Baliand ManishGoyal

E.L.Jordan and Dr.P.S.Verma, Chordate Zoology Revised and Enlarged Edition. S.Chand. Sastry and Shukal, Developmental Biology. Rastogi Publications A.K.Berry. An Introduction to Embryology, Emkay Publications, Delhi. . 9 II SEMESTER PRACTICAL-II (2.8) BASED ON COMPARATIVE ANATOMY AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY OF VERTEBRATESs CREDITS 2 15 Units 1 Comparative anatomy a) Section of Skin of Shark .

kama_sastry_2004@yahoo.co.uk http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/hot-indi

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Brief history of Carnatic music with reference to Purandara Dasa, Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy, Dikshitar and Syama Sastry. 8 3. Basic knowledge of opted instrument. 4. Description and writing notation of sollukattus in Adi, Rupakam and chapu talas and its varieties. 15 6 5. Brief

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