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GT-P5100user manual

www.sar-tick.comThis product meets applicable nationalSAR limits of 2.0 W/kg. The specificmaximum SAR value can be found in theSAR information section of this manual.When carrying the product or using itwhile worn on your body, either use anapproved accessory such as a holster orotherwise maintain a distance of 0.5 cmfrom the body to ensure compliance withRF exposure requirements. Note that theproduct may be transmitting even if youare not making a phone call.Using this manualThank you for choosing this Samsung mobile device.This device will provide you with high-quality mobilecommunication and entertainment based on Samsung’sexceptional technology and high standards.This manual has been specially designed to guide youthrough the functions and features of your device.Read me firstBefore using your device, read the entire manual and allsafety instructions to ensure safe and proper use. The descriptions in this manual are based on the defaultsettings of your device. The images and screenshots used in this manual may differfrom the actual product. Using this manual2

The contents of this manual may differ from the product,or from software provided by service providers or carriers,and are subject to change without prior notice. Accessthe Samsung website (www.samsung.com) for the latestversion of the manual. Available features and additional services may vary bydevice, software, or service provider. Formatting and delivery of this manual is based on Androidoperating systems and may vary depending on the user’soperating system. Applications on this device may perform differently fromcomparable computer applications and may not include allfunctions available in the computer version. Applications and their functions may vary by regionor hardware specifications. Samsung is not liable forperformance issues caused by third-party applications. Samsung is not liable for performance issues orincompatibilities caused by edited registry settings ormodified operating system software. Attempting tocustomise the operating system may cause your device orapplications to work improperly. You can upgrade your device’s software by accessing theSamsung website (www.samsung.com). Software, audio, wallpapers, and images provided in thisdevice are licensed for limited use between Samsungand their respective owners. Extracting and usingthese materials for commercial or other purposes is aninfringement of copyright laws. Samsung is not liable forsuch copyright infringement by users. Please keep this manual for future reference. Using this manual3

Instructional iconsBefore you start, familiarise yourself with the icons used in thismanual:Warning—situations that could cause injury toyourself or othersCaution—situations that could cause damage toyour device or other equipmentNote—notes, usage tips, or additional information Refer to—pages with related information; forexample: p. 12 (represents “refer to page 12”) Followed by—the order of options or menus youmust select to perform a step; for example: In theapplication list, select Settings About device(represents Settings, followed by About device)CopyrightCopyright 2012 Samsung ElectronicsThis manual is protected under international copyright laws.No part of this manual may be reproduced, distributed,translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means,electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording,or storing in any information storage and retrieval system,without the prior written permission of Samsung Electronics.Using this manual4

TrademarksSAMSUNG and the SAMSUNG logo are registeredtrademarks of Samsung Electronics. The Android logo, Google , Google Maps , Google Mail , YouTube , Android Market , Google Latitude ,and Google Talk are trademarks of Google, Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. worldwide. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of theirrespective owners. Windows Media Player is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi Protected Setup , Wi-Fi Direct , Wi-Fi CERTIFIED , and the Wi-Fi logo are registered trademarksof the Wi-Fi Alliance. DivX , DivX Certified and associated logos are trademarksof Rovi Corporation or itssubsidiaries and are used underlicence. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property oftheir respective owners. Using this manual5

ABOUT DIVX VIDEODivX is a digital video format created by DivX, LLC, asubsidiary of Rovi Corporation. This is an official DivXCertified device that plays DivX video. Visit www.divx.comfor more information and software tools to convert your filesinto DivX videos.DivX Certified to play DivX video up to HD 720p, includingpremium contentABOUT DIVX VIDEO-ON-DEMANDThis DivX Certified device must be registered in order to playpurchased DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) movies. To obtainyour registration code, locate the DivX VOD section in yourdevice setup menu. Go to vod.divx.com for more informationon how to complete your registration.Using this manual6

ContentsAssembling. 11Unpack . 11Device layout . 12Keys . . 14Insert the SIM or USIM card . 15Charge the battery . 16Insert a memory card (optional) . 19Getting started. 21Turn on or off your device . . 21Use the touch screen . 21Lock or unlock the touch screen and the keys . 24Get to know the Home screen . 24Access applications . . 29Launch multiple applications . . 31Customise your device . 31Enter text . 36Web and GPS-based services. 39Internet . 39Game Hub . . 43Latitude . 43Maps . 44Navigation . 45Places . 46Play Shop . . 46Readers Hub . 47Contents7

Samsung Apps . . 47S Suggest . . 48YouTube . 48Communication. 50Calling . 50Messages . 60Google Mail . 62Email . . 63Talk . 66ChatON . . 67Messenger . 67Google . 67Entertainment. 68Camera . 68Video player . 75Gallery . . 78Photo editor . 80Video maker . 81Music player . 83Music Hub . 87Personal information. 88Contacts . . 88S Planner . . 91Memo . . 93Connectivity. 94USB connections . 94Wi-Fi . 95Contents8

Wi-Fi Direct . 98AllShare . 99Mobile network sharing . 101Bluetooth . 103GPS . . 104VPN connections . 106Tools. 108Alarm . . 108Calculator . 109Downloads . 109My files . 110Polaris Office . 111Search . 113SIM Toolkit . . 113World clock . 114Settings. 115Access the setting options . . 115Wi-Fi . 115Bluetooth . 115Data usage . . 115More. . 116Sound . 117Wallpaper . 118Lock screen . 118Display . 119Power saving . 119Storage . 120Battery . 120Contents9

Applications . 120Accounts and sync . 120Location services . 120Security . 121Language and input . . 122Back up and reset . 124Dock . 125Date and time . . 125Accessibility . . 125Developer options . 126About device . 127Troubleshooting. 128Safety information. 133Index. 144Contents10

AssemblingUnpackCheck your product box for the following items: Mobile device Quick start guideUse only Samsung-approved software. Pirated or illegalsoftware may cause damage or malfunctions that arenot covered by your manufacturer's warranty.The items supplied with your device and availableaccessories may vary depending on your region orservice provider. You can buy additional accessories from your localSamsung retailer. The supplied items are designed only for your deviceand may not be compatible with other devices. Other accessories may not be compatible with yourdevice. Assembling11

Device layout››Front view1235364NumberFunction1Front camera lens2Light sensor3Speaker4Multifunction jack5Touch screen6MicrophoneAssembling12

››Rear view7118129131014NumberFunction7Headset jack8SIM card slot9Main antenna10GPS antenna111Memory card slot12Power/Reset/Lock key13Volume key14Rear camera lens1. Do not touch or cover the area around the antenna with yourhands or other objects while using the GPS functions.Assembling13

KeysKeyFunctionPower/Reset1/LockTurn on the device (press and hold);Access the device options (pressand hold); Reset the device (pressand hold for 8-10 seconds); Turn offand lock the touch screen or turn iton.VolumeAdjust the device’s volume.1. If your device experiences fatal errors, hanging, or freezing, youmay need to reset the device to regain functionality.Assembling14

Insert the SIM or USIM cardWhen you subscribe to a cellular service, you will receivea Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, with subscriptiondetails, such as your personal identification number (PIN) andoptional services. To use UMTS or HSDPA services, you canpurchase a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) card.12Open the cover of the SIM card slot.Insert the SIM or USIM card with the gold-colouredcontacts facing downwards.Do not insert a memory card into the SIM card slot.If the memory card becomes lodged in the SIM cardslot, you must take your device to a Samsung ServiceCentre to have the memory card removed. The SIM card slot of your device is only suited forstandard SIM cards. Inserting a microSIM card or amicroSIM card with an unauthorised holder maycause damage to the SIM card slot of your device. 3Close the cover of the SIM card slot.Assembling15

Charge the batteryBefore using the device for the first time, you must charge thebattery. Charge the battery only with a charger. You cannotcharge the battery with a USB cable.You cannot replace the battery in the device. If you haveproblems with the battery or need it replaced, take the deviceto a Samsung Service Centre.Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables.Unapproved chargers or cables may cause batteries toexplode or damage your device.When your battery is low, the device will emit awarning tone and show a low battery message.Recharge your battery to continue using your device. If the battery is completely discharged, you cannotturn on the device, even while it is charging. Allow adepleted battery to charge for a few minutes beforeyou try to turn on the device. The shape of the USB power adapter may differdepending on your region. Assembling16

1Connect the USB cable to the USB power adapter andthen plug the end of the USB cable into the multifunctionjack.Connecting the USB cable improperly may causeserious damage to the device or USB power adapter.Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by thewarranty.2Plug the USB power adapter into a power outlet. If the device receives an unstable power supply whilecharging, the touch screen may not function. If thishappens, unplug the USB cable from the device. The device may heat up while charging. This isnormal and should not affect your device’s lifespan orperformance. If your device is not charging properly, take yourdevice and the charger to a Samsung Service Centre.Assembling17

3When the battery is fully charged, first unplug the USBcable from the device, and then unplug the USB poweradapter from the electrical socket.To save energy, unplug the USB power adapter whennot in use. The USB power adapter does not have apower switch, so you must unplug the USB poweradapter from the electrical socket when not in use toavoid wasting power. The device should remain close tothe electrical socket while charging.››Reduce the battery consumptionYour device provides options that help you save batterypower. By customising these options and deactivatingfeatures in the background, you can use the device longerbetween charges: When you are not using your device, switch to Sleep modeby pressing the Power key. Close unnecessary applications with the task manager. Deactivate the Bluetooth feature. Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature. Deactivate auto-syncing of applications. Decrease the backlight time. Decrease the brightness of the display.Assembling18

Insert a memory card (optional)Your device accepts microSD or microSDHC memorycards with maximum capacities of 32 GB (depending on thememory card manufacturer and type).Samsung uses approved industry standards for memorycards, but some brands may not be fully compatiblewith your device. Using an incompatible memory cardmay damage your device or the memory card. It mayalso corrupt data saved on the memory card.Your device supports only the FAT file structure formemory cards. If you insert a memory card formattedwith a different file structure, your device will ask youto reformat the memory card. Fre

Using this manual 2 www.sar-tick.com This product meets applicable national SAR limits of 2.0 W/kg. The specific maximum SAR value can be found in the SAR information section of t

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