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Spring Semester 2022Classes BeginFinal ExamsCommencementJanuary 18May 9-13May 14 (undergraduate)Registration Start Dates for Spring 2022Veterinary Medicine students:Wednesday, October 20Graduate students:Wednesday, October 20-Thursday, October 21All seniors:Friday, October 21-Monday, November 1Projected juniors:Tuesday, November 2-Monday, November 8Projected sophomores:Tuesday, November 9-Monday, November 15Continuing freshmen:Tuesday, November 16-Thursday 18Registration start dates are assigned based on projected year-in-school classification (computedby combining total credits and current term credits).Page2 Table of Contents for Courses3 Key Dates, Deadlines, Information4 University Calendar6 Resources7 Admission- New & Reentering Students9 General Information about Registrating for Classes10 Schedule of Classes, Schedule Planner, AccessPlus11 Schedule Changes12 Spring 2022 Fee Schedule13 Tuition and Fees16 Graduation18 Student Records19 Services for Students20 Course Detail21 Course Information22 Night Examinations23 Credit by Examination23 Tentative Final Exam Schedule24 Registration Worksheet25 Time Grid28 Campus Buildings29 Spring 2022 Courses“Iowa State University does not discriminate on thebasis of race, color, age, religion, national origin,sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status,disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries canbe directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity andDiversity, 3680 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-7612.”

2Table of Contents for CoursesTable of Contents for CoursesSpring Semester CoursesPage29 Accounting (ACCT)31 Actuarial Science (ACSCI)31 Advertising (ADVRT)31 Aerospace Engineering (AER E)35 African American Studies (AF AM)35 Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering(A B E)37 Agricultural Education & Studies(AGEDS)39 Agronomy (AGRON)43 Air Force Aerospace Studies(AFAS)43 American Indian Studies (AM IN)43 Animal Ecology (A ECL)44 Animal Science (AN S)48 Anthropology (ANTHR)50 Apparel, Ed Studies & Hospitality(AESHM)51 Apparel, Merchandising, and Design(A M D)53 Arabic (ARABC)53 Architecture (ARCH)55 Art Education (ARTED)56 Art History (ART H)56 Astronomy & Astrophysics(ASTRO)57 Athetic Training (A TH)58 Athletics (ATH)58 Biochemistry, Biophysics, & MolecularBiology (BBMB)60 Bioinformatics & Computational Biol.(BCBIO)60 Bioinformatics & ComputationalBiology (BCB)60 Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration(BPM I)60 Biology (BIOL)64 Biomedical Engineering (B M E)65 Biomedical Sciences (B M S)66 Biorenewable Resources & Technology(BRT)66 Business Administration (BUSAD)67 Chemical Engineering (CH E)69 Chemistry (CHEM)75 Chinese (CHIN)76 Civil Engineering (C E)78 Classical Studies (CL ST)79 Communication Disorders (CMDIS)79 Communication Studies (COMST)80 Community & Regional Planning(C R P)82 Community Development (C DEV)82 Computer Engineering (CPR E)85 Computer Science (COM S)89 Construction Engineering (CON E)89 Criminal Justice (C J)90 Cyber Security (CYBSC)90 Cyber Security Engineering (CYB E)91 Dance (DANCE)91 Data Science (DS)91 Design (DES)91 Design Studies (DSN S)94 Dietetics 8160164166166166166Early Childcare Education &Programming (E C P )Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB)Ecology, Evolution & OrganismalBiology(EEOB)Economics (ECON)Education (EDUC)Educational Administration(EDADM)Educational Leadership & Policy Studies(EL PS)Electrical Engineering (E E)Engineering (ENGR)Engineering Mechanics (E M)English (ENGL)Entomology (ENT)Entrepreneurship (ENTSP)Environmental Engineering (ENV E)Environmental Science (ENSCI)Environmental Studies (ENV S)Event Management (EVENT)Family & Consumer Sciences Education& Studies (FCEDS)Family Finacial Planning (FFP)Finance (FIN)Food Science & Human Nutrition(FS HN)Forestry (FOR)French (FRNCH)Genetics (GEN)Genetics - Interdisciplinary(GENET)Genetics, Development & Cell Biology(GDCB)Geology (GEOL)German (GER)Gerontology (GERON)Global Recource System (GLOBE)Graduate Studies (GR ST)Grahic Design (ARTGR)Health Studies (H S)Healthcare Management (HCM)Higher Education (HG ED)History (HIST)Honors (HON)Horticulture (HORT)Hospitality Management (HSP M)Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Human Development & Family Studies(HD FS)Human Sciences (H SCI)Immunobiology (IMBIO)Industrial Design (IND D)Industrial Engineering (I E)Integrated Studio Arts (ARTIS)Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS)Interior Design (ARTID)International Studies (INTST)Journalism & Mass Communication(JL MC)Kinesiology (KIN)Landscape Architecture (L A)Latin (LATIN)Leadership Studies (LD ST)Learning & Leadership (L L S)Liberal Arts & Sciences 32233234234235235236Library (LIB)Linguistics (LING)Management (MGMT)Management Information Systems(MIS)Marketing (MKT)Materials Engineering (MAT E)Materials Science & Engineering(M S E)Mathematics (MATH)Mechanical Engineering (M E)Meteorology (MTEOR)Microbiology (MICRO)Military Science (M S)Molecular, Cellular, DevelopmentalBiology (MCDB)Music (MUSIC)Natural Resource Ecology &Management (NREM)Naval Science (N S)Neuroscience (NEURO)Nursing (NRS)Nutritional Sciences (NUTRSOrganization for Tropical Studies(OTS)Philosophy (PHIL)Physics (PHYS)Plant Biology (PLBIO)Plant Pathology (PL P)Political Science (POL S)Portuguese (PORT)Psychology (PSYCH)Public Relations (P R)Religious Studies (RELIG)Research & Evaluation (RESEV)Russian (RUS)Seed Technology & Business (STB)Sociology (SOC)Software Engineering (S E)Spanish (SPAN)Special Education (SP ED)Speech Communication (SP CM)Statistics (STAT)Supply Chain Management (SCM)Sustainable Agriculture (SUSAG)Technology SystemsManagement(TSM)Theatre (THTRE)Toxicology (TOX)Transportation (TRANS)U.S. LLatino/A Studies (US LS)University Studies (U ST)Veterinary Diagnostic & ProductionAnimal Medicine (VDPAM)Veterinary Clinical Sciences (V C S)Veterinary Microbiology & PreventiveMedicine (V MPM)Veterinary Pathology (V PTH)Wind Energy (WESEP)Women’ & Gender Studies (WGS)World Film Studies ( WF S)World Languages & Cultures (WLC)Youth (YTH)

3Key dates, Dates & DeadlinesKey Dates, Deadlines, InformationAccessPlus RegistrationHours: 7 a.m.- 11 p.m., Monday-Saturday.Academic ProbationAcademic probation is an indication of very serious academic difficulty which may result in dismissal from the university. Students maybe placed on academic probation as a result of either semester GPA, cumulative GPA, or both. Students who are placed on academic probation are required to develop a plan for academic improvement in consultation with their academic adviser which may include referralto the Academic Success Center. Academic probation status is not a part of the student’s permanent academic record. More informationabout assistance and the policy go to the ISU index under Probation, Academic.Auditing CoursesYou must register for a full semester course audit by day 10 of the semester. Instructors must approve all audits. Audited courses donot count toward determining full-time student status, but are considered the same as a credit course for fee assessment purposes andmaximum number of credits allowed each semester. To find out specific deadlines for partial term courses, go the ISU index underSchedule Changes, or contact the Registrar’s Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center, 294-1840.Emergency Contact ListA new addition to AccessPlus allows students, faculty and staff to designate several emergency contacts in order of preference. In anemergency, officials would start at the top of an individual’s contact list and keep trying until reaching one of the contacts.To designate emergency contacts: Sign onto AccessPlus, Click “Emergency Contact” in the left column . Up to five contacts.may be identified and ranked in the order to contactFee Payment DeadlinesFee payment deadlines for Spring 2022 are January 20, Feburary 20, and March 20 for deferred billing. A 20 deferred billing charge isassessed. Contact Accounts Receivables for information.Graduation InformationIf planing to graduate this spring students need to complete a graduation application. Go to the ISU website index under Graduationand Commencement, click on students, then choose graduation application.ISU ALERTThe ISU Alert system (see http://www.isualert.iastate.edu/) will quickly alert Iowa State University students, faculty and staff of potentially dangerous situations on the Iowa State University campus. For details on how to review and update your ISU Alert information ation Start DatesRegistration start dates are assigned based on projected year-in-school classification, which is computed by combining total credits andcurrent term credits. Graduate students and seniors register first, followed by juniors, sophomores, and then freshmen and nondegreestudents. Courses will begin to fill on the first day of registration, so you should register as early as your start date and time allows.Room AssignmentsRoom assignments will be shown on AccessPlus class schedules on Monday, December 12. To find a map of class room locations go tothe ISU index under Classroom abbreviations.Schedule ChangesSchedule changes may be made using AccessPlus Registration through Monday, January 24. For additional schedule change deadlinesand information go to the ISU index under Schedule Changes.

4University CalendarUniversity Calendar Spring 2022Dec 31, Tues.Jan. 20, Wed.Jan. 22, Fri.Jan. 24, SunJan. 25, Mon.Jan. 29, Fri. University bills with Spring 2022 tuition and fees chargesavailable on AccessPlus. University holiday- offices closed Fee payment deadline for spring. First payment(minimum due) or payment in full. Last day to initiate registration in person withouta late registration fee in the Scheduling & Fees Office, 10Enrollment Services Center by 5 p.m. Registration may beinitiated using AccessPlus until 11 p.m. Jan. 24, without alate registration fee. Last day to cancel registration by contacting the Officeof the Registrar by 5 p.m. Registration may be cancelledvia AccessPlus without tuition assessment until 11 p.m.Jan. 24. Last day to initiate registration for spring throughAccessPlus without a late registration fee. Registrationmust be completed by 11 p.m. Last day to cancel registration on AccessPlus for springto avoid tuition assessment. All courses must be droppedon AccessPlus by 11 p.m. Class work begins. Schedule changes processed through AccessPlusregistration or to 10 Enrollment Services Center. Last day to process most schedule changeswithout a fee or to add/drop a course without signaturesof instructor and adviser (full-semester courses and firsthalf-semester courses). Last day to drop full-semester or first half-semestercourses without the drop appearing on the permanentrecord or counting toward the limit of dropped courses. Last day to process a schedule change for spring throughAccessPlus registration. Last day to initiate registration through AccessPlus. Alate registration fee applies. Last day to change a full-semester course from audit tocredit basis. Graduate College applications for graduation for Spring2022 are due in the Graduate College, 1137 Pearson Hall. Last day to return textbooks for refund toUniversity Book Store. Exclusions apply. See www.isubookstore.com for details. Last day to change a full-semester or first halfsemester course from Pass/Not Pass to grade basis withoutit counting toward total allowable P/NP credits used forgraduation. Last day to elect to audit a full-semester course forspring. The instructor of the course must approve anaudit.Feb. 19, Fri.Feb. 20, Sat.March 1, Mon.March 2, Tues.March 6, SatMarch 9, Tues.March 15, Mon.March 19, Fri.March 19 Fri.2:15 p.m Last day to drop a first half-semester coursewithout extenuating circumstances. Last day to change a first half-semester course to or fromPass/Not Pass. Courses changed to graded basis after Jan.27 count toward total allowable P/NP credits used forgraduation. Last day to file a Designation of Repeated Course formfor a first half-semester course that is not an automaticdesignated repeat. Fee payment deadline, spring. Second payment(minimum due).Textbook & Supply requisitions for summer classesdue to University Bookstore. Deadline for submitting approved, newexperimental course announcement forms (with allsignatures) for Summer 2022 to the Catalog & CurriculumOffice. Schedule of Classes for Fall 2022 available forviewing on the Web at http://classes.iastate.edu/ Registration Authorization Numbers for Summer 2021and Fall 2022 registration available to colleges, ifapplicable. Advising period for Summer and Fall 2022 registrationbegins. Second half-semester courses begin. First half-semester courses end. Midterm grade reports due from all departmentson Canvas and AccessPlus.March 19, Fri. Last day to process most schedule changes in asecond half-semester course without signatures ofinstructor and adviser. Last day to drop a second half-semester course withoutthe drop appearing on the permanent record or countingtoward the limit of dropped courses. Last day to change a second half-semester course fromPass/Not Pass to grade basis without it counting towardtotal allowable P/NP credits used for graduation. Seniors graduating Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 shouldsubmit a Graduation Application to the Registrar’sGraduation Office, 214 Enrollment Services Center,after registering for final course work. Applications areavailable from advisers or the Registrar’s GraduationOffice, 214 Enrollment Services Center, or viawww.iastate.edu/ registrar/graduationMarch 20, Sat. Fee payment deadline, spring semester. Final paymentdue.

5University CalendarUniversity Calendar Spring 2022March 24, Wed. Registration period for Summer 2022 and Fall2022 begins. Hours for AccessPlus registration are7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday—Saturday. First day of assigned Summer 2022 and Fall 2022registration dates for students in the College of VeterinaryMedicine and students in the Graduate College. Hours forAccessPlus registration are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday—Saturday.March 30, Mon. Preliminary room assignments for Summer 2022distributed to departments from Room Scheduling.March 31, Tues First day of assigned Summer 2022 and Fall 2022registration dates for students projected as juniors.Hours for AccessPlus registration are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.,Monday—Saturday.April 9, Thurs. First day of assigned Summer 2022 and Fall 2022registration dates for students projected as sophomores.Hours for AccessPlus registration are7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday—Saturday. Preliminary room assignments for Summer2022, with changes due back to Room Schedulingfrom departments.Monday—Saturday.April. 10, Fri. Last day to add/drop full-semester courses or withdrawwithout extenuating circumstances. Last day to change a full-semester course to or fromPass/Not Pass Last day to file a Designation of Repeated Course formfor a full-semester or second half-semester course that isnot an automatic designated repeat.April 17, Fri. Last day to add/drop a second half-semestercourse without extenuating circumstances. Last day to change a second half-semester course to orfrom Pass/Not Pass. Courses changed to graded basis afterMarch 13 count toward total allowable P/NP credits usedfor graduation.April 18, Thurs. First day of assigned Summer 2022 and Fall2022 registration dates for students continuing asfreshmen. Hours for AccessPlus registration are 7 a.m. to11 p.m., Monday—Saturday. Graduate College: last day for final oral examinations. Deadline for Summer 2022 12-week and Session Icourse cancellations due to low enrollment.April 21, Tues. Graduate College: last day to submit signedSubmission Request Form for electronic thesis ordissertation. Graduate College last day for final submission ofgraduate student graduation approval slip.April 22, Wed. Last day of assigned registration start dates forSummer 2022 and Fall 2022 registration.April 23, Thurs. Graduate College: last day to submit final electronicthesis/dissertation copy for Thesis Office review.April 257, Sat., Room assignments for Summer 2022 coursesdisplayed in the online Schedule of Classes. Beginning summer class lists available on AccessPlus.April 28, Wed. End of term textbook buyback begins at UniversityBookstore.May 2, Sat. University bills with Summer 2022 tuition and feescharges available on AccessPlusMay 3-May 6, Mon.-Thurs. Final examinations.May 6, Thurs. Graduate College Commencement: www.iastate.edu/ registrar/graduation Undergraduate applications for graduation for Summer2022 and Fall 2022 are due in the Registrar’s GraduationOffice, 214 Enrollment Services Center.May 7, Fri. Spring semester ends. Graduate College applications for graduation for Summer2022 are due in the Graduate College, 1137 Pearson Hall.May 8, Sat. Undergraduate Commencement:May 10, Mon. Registration Authorization information availablefor new Fall 2022 freshmen or distributed to Colleges, ifapplicable.May 12, Wed.,2:15 p.m Final grades due on Canvas and AccessPlus.May 22, Thurs. Grade reports available on AccessPlus.

6ResourcesResourcesAdmissions www.admissions.iastate.eduGeneral Information.100 Enrollment Services Center. (515)294-5836College Student Services OfficesAgriculture and Life Sciences. 20 Curtiss .294-2766Business .1200 Gerdin.294-8430Design . 297 College of Design .294-6983Engineering .1300 Marston .294-7186Graduate College . 1137 Pearson.294-4531Human Sciences . 0131 MacKay .294-6466Liberal Arts and Sciences .102 Carrie Chapman Catt Hall .294-1522Veterinary Medicine . 2540 Veterinary Medicine .294-0772Financial Aid Office www.financialaid.iastate.eduGeneral Information. 0210 Beardshear .294-2223ISUCard Office www.adp.iastate.edu/idcard/ISUCard Office . 0530 Beardshear .294-2727Office of the Registrar www.iastate.edu/ registrar/Vertifications . 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-1840Degree Audits. 210 Enrollment Services Center.294-0802Graduation . 214 Enrollment Services Center .294-9372Registrar’s Office Information. 214 Enrollment Services Center .294-1840Registration . 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-2331Residency Status for Fees & Admission . 214 Enrollment Services Center . 294-0025 or 294-0767Schedule Changes. 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-2331Scheduling & Fees. 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-2331Student Records . 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-1840Transcripts . 10 Enrollment Services Center .294-1840Veterans Certification . 214 Enrollment Services Center .294-1840Veterans Services Center.3578 Memorial Union.294-9801Registration Hold ContactsAccounts Receivables Office . 0880 Beardshear .294-7388Admissions .100 Enrollment Services Center.294-5836Dean of Students Office . 1010 Student Services Building .294-1021Graduate College .1137 Pearson .294-4531International Students and Scholars . 3241 Memorial Union .294-1120Loans Receivable . 0880 Beardshear .294-8747Memorial Union . 214 Memorial Union .294-0993Multicultural Student Affairs . 2080 Student Services Building, .294-6338Scheduling & Fees.10 Enrollment Services Center.294-2331Student Health . Thomas B. Thielen Student Health Center .294-5801

7New and Reentering StudentsAdmissionNew StudentsProspective students should contact the Office of Admissions forinformation concerning admission procedures. Refer to the Iowa StateUniversity Undergraduate and Graduate Courses and Programs 20212022 catalog for specific requirements for admission. Applications areavailable through the Iowa State University home page, by clickingon “Apply” under Prospective Students or by contacting the Office ofAdmissions, 100 Enrollment Services Center. The completed application,application fee, and all required transcripts must be received by the Officeof Admissions before admission is complete. Approval for admission isnecessary before a student begins the registration process.Graduate Students Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue anadvanced degree or certificate program should submit a graduateapplication for admission.Nondegree Students Students who wish to enroll for undergraduate or graduate courses,but do not intend to earn a degree from Iowa State, should submit thenondegree application for admission. Undergraduate courses takenas an undergraduate nondegree student may later be applied towardundergraduate degree requirements if approved by the student’s college.Graduate courses taken as an undergraduate nondegree student canNOT be used on a graduate degree program. Students who have earned abachelor’s degree and wish to enroll in graduate level courses must applyas nondegree graduates if they have not been admitted to a graduateprogram. Only nine semester credits of graduate level courses taken as anondegree graduate student may be applied toward a graduate degree ifapproved by the student’s program of study committee.Undergraduate students, both nondegree and degree seeking:Non-international undergraduate students, both degree andnondegree seeking, who are planning to return to Iowa State Universityafter an absence of 12 or more months must complete a reentry form.A student who has previously attended Iowa State only as a non-degreestudent and who now seeks to earn an undergraduate degree shouldcomplete an undergraduate application.Reentering Students Reentry forms are available through the ISU index under Reentering ISUor from the Office of the Registrar, Scheduling & Fees area, 10 EnrollmentServices Center, at 515-294-2331, or e-mail reentry@iastate.edu. Returnthe completed form to the Office of the Registrar well in advance ofthe beginning of the term for which reentry is desired. Degree-seekingstudents who have attended another college or university since their lastenrollment at Iowa State must send official transcripts of all course workattempted to the Office of Admissions, 100 Enrollment Services Center.Questions about theregistration process,contact:Office of theRegistrar’sScheduling, Fees &Records Office10 EnrollmentServices Center,515-294-1840College studentservices offices:Agriculture and LifeSciences20 Curtiss294-2766Business1200 Gerdin294-8430Design297 College of Design294-6983Engineering1300 Marston294-7186Graduate College1137 Pearson294-4531Human Sciences0131 MacKay294-6466Liberal Arts andSciences102 Carrie ChapmanCatt Hall294-1522Veterinary Medicine2540 Vet Med294-0772

8Returning StudentsInternational StudentsAcademically DismissedApproving ReentryHow to RegisterReturning StudentsUndergraduate andNondegree StudentsAll international students must complete the reentry form and a financial statement (for visa purposes) afteran absence of one semester or more (not including summer term). International student reentry forms areavailable through the ISU index under Reentering ISU, International Students and Scholars or from theScheduing, Fees & Records area at 10 Enrollment Services Center;. Return all parts of the completed reentryform and related documentation to the Office of the Registrar well in advance of the beginning of the term forwhich reentry is desired. Degree-seeking Students who have attended another college or university since theirlast enrollment at Iowa State must send official transcripts of all course work to the Office of Admissions,100 Enrollment Services Center. Once reentry has been approved, the reentry form will be forwarded to theOffice of International Students and Scholars for financial certification and visa eligibility. Questions relatedto financial certification or visas should be directed to the Office of International Students & Scholars, 3241Memorial Union, at 515-294-1120, or by e-mail: intlserv@iastate.edu.A student who was academically dismissed must submit (1) a reentry form to the Office of the Registrarand (2) a petition for reinstatement to the college in which they wish to enroll at least 45 days before thebeginning of the term. Students who have been academically dropped twice and wish to return to the Collegeof Liberal Arts and Sciences must submit their petition at least 70 days before the beginning of the term.All reentry forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, Scheduing, Fees & Records area, 10Enrollment Services Center; or faxed to 515-294-2034 well in advance of the beginning of the term forwhich reentry is sought. The Office of the Registrar will process the form, or refer the reentry form to thecollege to which a student plans to return if the student (a) desires to change curriculum; (b) has a previousIowa State University cumulative grade point average below 2.00 or had a last term average below 2.00; (c)was dropped from Iowa State for unsatisfactory academic progress or was not otherwise in good standing;or (d) since leaving Iowa State, has completed additional college study with less than a 2.00 grade pointaverage. Once approved, they will receive a letter from the Office of the Registrar with information aboutregistration.Reentering students should contact their adviser or departmental office to select courses and begin theregistration process. New and reentering students are encouraged to register during the web registrationperiod, and will be assigned registration start dates according to their year-in-school classification usingthe same general guidelines as currently enrolled students. Since courses begin to fill on the first day of theregistration period, students should register as early as their start date and time allow.Non-international undergraduate and non-degree students, who have been away from Iowa State forless than 12 months and who were not academically dismissed, may contact the Office of the Registrar,Scheduing, Fees & Records area, at 515-294-1840 or e-mail: reentry@iastate.edu to have their studentrecord and address information updated prior to meeting with their adviser to discuss course selection. Thesestudents do not need to complete a reentry form.Returning students who have been academically dismissed should contact their college student services officeregarding procedures for reinstatement. Students who want to change colleges should contact their prospective college student services office.Graduate StudentsAll graduate students who have bee

4 University Calendar 6 Resources 7 Admission- New & Reentering Students 9 General Information about Registrating for Classes 10 Schedule of Classes, Schedule Planner, AccessPlus 11 Schedule Changes 12 Spring 2022 Fee Schedule 13 Tuition and Fees 16 Graduation 18 Student Records 19 Services for Students 20 Course Detail 21 Course Information

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