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http://www.ycgenset.comGENSET MODEL: CK320GTECHNICAL DATA SHEETISO14001:2004Specifications may change without notice.1/6ISO9001:2000YICHEONG POWER GENERATOR

DK320GSTANDARD SPECIFICATIONGenset Main Technical Data3P, [email protected], 400/230VGeneral Features:(380/220V and 415/240V are for optional) Genset Model:Rated power: Composed of Cummins strong powerful diesel engineand Stanford or Leroy Somer alternator.CK320G320 KW400 KVA24V DC start motor and storage battery. Brushless, Self-excited, IP23, H insulation. Engine cooling system: water-cooled.Key start panel control system as standard, digital autostart panel is optional. Standby power:360 KW450 KVA Canopy: Super silent canopy, Normal silent canopy,Optional open type or super silent type, ATS andsynchronizing/paralleling system. Engine Model:Alternator:NTA855-G7AStamford HCI444FElectrical type:Fuel capacity (L)All generating sets are gone through rigorous testingbefore being released to the market place,including 50%,75%, 100%, 110% load and all protection function(overspeed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure,battery charging failure, emergency stop). Electrical650L (8h)Benefits:※Reliable service working, powerful generator with attractive appearance.※Low running cost (diesel fuel & oil, maintenance and operation)※Easy for commissioning, operation and maintenace.ASSEMBLY※The engine and alternator are close coupled by means of an SAE flange. A full torsional analysis has been carried out toguarantee no harmful vibration will occur. Engine with radiator and alternator are on common spraying powder mounting.※ Anti-vibration pads are affixed between engine alternator feet and the base frame.Thus ensuring complete vibration isolationof the rotating assemblies and enabling the machine to be placed on an uneven surface without any detrimental effects.drability and corrosion resistance,all iron and steel surfaces of canopy fabrications have been treated for coating by gritblast cleaning.Then covered by special three layers painting which provides an excellent corrosion resistant surface.※ ForCONTROL SYSTEM AND PROTECTION※ Controllersare available for all applications.It contains Deep Sea,ComAp or other famous brands. According to their differentfunctions,the control systems can be specified into key start contrller model,automatic start control model and PCRC threeremote control systems.See controller features inside.WARRANTY※ YICHEONGCompany provides one-source responsibility for the generator set and accessories.Each YICHEONG generatingset has been got through 2 hours Load test for running 0% ,25%,50%,75%,100% and 110% load,all protective devices andcontrol function are simulated and checked before despatch.Engine and Alternator are guaranted for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from shipping,whichever occurs first.※※ Conveniencefor operation and maintenance,backed by Cummins global service network.CRITERION※ISO8528, GB/T2820, ISO3046, BS4999, BS5514, BS5000※EN12601:2001, EN60034-22:1997, EN60204-1:2006※ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, SGS, TLCSpecifications may change without notice.2/6

DK320GENGINE SPECIFICATIONEngine modelNTA855-G7ADescribe: 4 cycle, in-line, 6 cylinder, turbocharged, water –air after –cooler.Cylinder block: High quality alloy cast iron for the rigidity performance and good stability. Wet and replaceable cylinder linersfor better heat rejection performance.Head and valve: 4 valves/cylinder/head, optimize the mixed level for an excellent fuel consumption rate and emissionperformance, high quality alloy cast iron, single camshaft and special designed outline for better reliability and durability.Crankshaft and rod: Robust and fully balanced crankshaft design for a more steadily rotation and higher strength. Steel pistoncrown with oil gallery and aluminum skirts for better and low oil consumption.Fuel system: Cummins unique PT with fixture and step timing control for precise injection make the fuel injection pressure 120Mpa, which leads to an excellent fuel consumption and emission performance, check valve in fuel lines improve reliability.Lubrication system: Great flux gear group, lube oil filter and by-pass oil filter can separate impurity above 10um effectively.Keep lubrication system good state and make the engine more reliability.Cooling system: Gear water pump and great flux channel design provide effective cooling. Spin-in water filter make the coolantclean and keep it in normal acidity.Exhaust system: Advanced turbocharger and air-air after cooler technology, pulse exhaust manifold reduce exhausttemperature, provide excellent fuel consumption and emission performance.Electrical system: 24V cranking motor, 35A battery charger. EFC governor system provide a perfect instantaneous response.ENGINE BASIC DATANO. of Sylinder & typeAir intake wayBore*Stroke(mm)Displacement (L)BMEP(kPa)Compression ratioRated speed(RPM)Rated power(KW)Gross power(KW)Torque (Nm)Low Idle speed(rpm)Piston speed(m/s)Engine water flow(L/s)Air intake flow(L/s)Exhaust flow(L/s)Exhaust temperature ( )Air to fuel ratioLUBRICANTION SYSTEM6 in lineTurbocharged140*15214232614.0 : 11500Pressure @ Idle speed(kPa)Pressure @ Rated speed(kPa)Max.oil temperatureLubrication system capacity(L)Usage inclinng degree permitted103241-34512138.638ºFUEL SYSTEMInjection pump modelDirect, PT370 (462.5KVA)Max.injector return line (kPa)22407 (509KVA)2591575-6507.62Max.fuel pump supply (L/h)371CONSUMPTION5549124047324.2 : 110Diameter of exhaust pipe (mm)127360KW/450KVA320KW/400KVA1089475% (L/h)50% (L/h)25% ING SYSTEMCoolant capacity (L)Min.allowable pressure cap(kpa)EXHAUST SYSTEMMax.back of pressure (kPa)110% (L/h)100% (L/h)Max.raw water pressure at engineoutlet(kpa)AIR INTAKE SYSTEMThermostat temperature ( )Air intake wayAir-air, after-cooledMax.air intake resistanceWith clean filter element (kPa)3.74ELECTRIC SYSTEMWith dirty filter element (kPa)Specifications may change without notice.Battery3/648.210382-942*12VCranking motor (V)Battery chargeing system6.2260.624V DC35A

DK320GALTERNATOR SPECIFICATIONReliable performanceVoltage regulationFrequency/Speed undulationVoltage regulation maintained with in 0.5% as follow: 0-100% load, Frequency/Speed Droop Ratio 5%. 25-100% load, any steady load undulation 0.25%. Power factor between 0.8-1.0 lagging. From no Effect factor of telecomload to full load,any steady load.Speed droop variation under 5%.BrandAlternator ModelFrequency and SpeedVoltage(V)Prime Capacity(KVA)Prime Power(KW)Power Efficiency(%)Imput Power(KW)Voltage RegulationVoltage regolatorRated Power FactorStator WindingMaximum OverspeedSustained Short Circuit3Cooling Air(m /s) TIF(MAMG1-22) 50;LEROY SOMERSTAMFORDLSA47.2 S450Hz/1500rpm400/23041032894.1%348.6 0.5%AVR0.82/3-12250min300%(3IN): 10S0.9HCI444F50Hz/1500rpm400/23040032093.4%342.6 0.5%AVR0.82/3-12250min1750Amps0.95THF(BS EN60034) 2%Alternators meet the requirement of BSEN60034 and the relevant section of otherinternational standards such as BS5000,VDE0530, NEMA MG1-32, IEC34,CSA22.2-100, As1359, and other standards& certifications can be considered onrequest.The 2/3 pitch design avoids excessiveneutral currents. With the 2/3 pitch andcarefully selected pole and tooth designs,ensures very low waveform distortion.Brushless alternator with pilot exciter forexcellent load response.Class H insulation, easy parallelling withmains or other generators, standard 2/3pitch stator windings avoid excessiveneutral currents.Backed by worldwide service network.DIMENSION AND WEIGHTOpen frame typeSize (L*W*H, mm)Gross weight:3500*1200*17003700 kgsSoundproof canopyOver size (L*W*H, mm)Gross weight:4800*1500*22504900 kgsSpecifications may change without notice.4/6

DK320GCONTROL SYSTEM1.Standard: DSE702K Key StartProviding the standard functions as follows:(Also can be made according to the customers' special requirements)※ Start/Stop controller※ Ampere meter※ Voltmeter and selector switch※ Frequency meter/Water temperature gauge/Oil pressure gauge/Hour counter/Batery voltage meter※ Emergency stop pushbutton※ Alarm System: Over speed, High Engine Temperature, LowOil Pressure, Charge Failure.※ Protection System: Over speed, High Engine Temperature, LowOil Pressure, Emergency Stop. And the other protectionfunction presetting.DSE702K2.Option:Deep Sea DSE5210 Digital Auto Start3.Option:Deep Sea DES5220 Digital Auto Start (AMF)(Option assembled with the ATS)DigitalAuto-start Generator controller integrating digital, intelligentand network techniques is used for automatic control system ofdiesel generator. It can carry out functions including automaticstart/stop, data measure and alarming. Optionally assembled withthe ATS, it can carry out auto-switching between the outer powerand generating set power.(AMF)Functions:※ Automatic Start/Stop※ 3 start attempts failure and Automatic Crank Disconnect※ Parameters display(V/A/Hz/Hour)※ Engine monitoring and protection※ Charge alternator exciting and Charge alternator fail alarm※ Running hour counting※ Settings can be adjustable via key buttons on front panelShutdown:※ Loss of Speed Signal※ Alternator Under/Over Voltage※ Alternator Under/Over Frequency※ Mains Under/Over Voltage※ Mains Under/Over Frequency※ Under/Over Speed※ Low Oil Pressure※ High Engine TemperatureSpecifications may change without notice.5/6DSE5210DSE5220Warning:※ Alternator Under/Over Voltage※ Alternator Under/Over Frequency※ Mains Under/Over Voltage※ Mains Under/Over Frequency※ Under/Over Speed※ Low Oil Pressure Pre-Alarm※ High Engine Temp. Pre-Alarm※ High/Low Battery Voltage※ Over-current※ Periodic maintenance

DK320GOptional Parts:EngineHeater2KW&4KWAlternatorGenerator Set AVR PMG with regulator Anti-damp and anti(Coolant & Lube Oil)corrosion treatment Battery Charger Anti-condensation heater3.5A & 7A LubricatingSystemFuel SystemLow fuel levelalarm Automatic fuelfeeding system Tools with themachine Exhaust Gas SystemCooling SystemControl PanelCanony Super silent([email protected]) Normal silent([email protected])Output VoltageRemote controller Auto-paralleling 440/254V 416/240Vcontrol panel Auto Transfer 220/127V/changeover Switch 208/120V(ATS) Oil with themachine Circuit BreakerProtection board fromhotness Low frequency silencer Front heatprotection 50 radiator Coolant(-30 ) Paralleling/synchronizing SystemATSSuper silent canopyShenzhen Yicheong Jichai Power Co., LimitedAdd: RunXun Industrial Park, HuanGuan Middle Rd.,GuanLan, Bao'An Dist, Shenzhen, ChinaTel: 0086-755-27638427Fax: 0086-755-27638460Email: [email protected] may change without notice.6/6

Voltage regolator AVR AVR Rated Power Factor 0.8 0.8 Stator Winding 2/3 2/3 Maximum Overspeed 2250min-1 2250min-1 Sustained Short Circuit 300%(3IN): 10S 1750Amps Cooling Air(m3/s) 0.9 0.95 DIMENSION AND WEIGHT Open frame type Size (L*W*H, mm) 3500*1200*1700 Gross weight: 3700 kgs Soundproof canopy Over size (L*W*H, mm) 4800*1500*2250