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New JerseyrchitectA Publication ofNew Jersey - The New Jersey Society of Architects2007 Design Awards W i n n e r sFall 2007 / Winter 2008Volume 2Number 2AIA New Jersey's Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement AwardHIGHLIGHTSJ. Robert Hillier, FAIADistinguished Service AwardYoung Architect of the YearDavid DelVecchio, AIAStacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIAArchitect of the YearIntern Architect of the YearHugh Boyd, FAIADanielle A. Matuch, Assoc. AIAArchitectural Firm of the YearResident of the YearNK ArchitectsFreeholder William S. Haines2007 Design Conference Winning ProjectsHonor Award2P r e s i d e n t ’sMessage3RegionalD i r e c t o r ’sMessage8Canstruction9photo credits: c. Thomas H. Kierenphoto credits: c. 2006 Halkin Architectural PhotographyRutgers, The State University of New JerseyDepartment of Biomedical EngineeringKSS ArchitectsUrban InsertionRMJM HillierBuilt Project10PublicAw a r e n e s sBuilt Projectphoto credits: c. Paul WarcholRosenblum Lakeside Residence, Matawan,New Jersey - Midouhas Architecture, P.C.photo credits: c. Tom Crane PhotographyNewark &Suburban Update12Member NewsBuilt ProjectVirginia Capitol Restoration and ExpansionRMJM Hillier19Built ProjectNew Licenseephoto credits: c. 2007 Mr. Francis D. TrevesThe Old Man of the Mountain LegacyMemorial, Francis D. Treves Architect, LLCUnbuilt Project

Page 2New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008President’s MessageThe other component to our 150th celebration fell to Robert Barranger,AIA, who finalized the selection of New Jersey’s 150 best buildingsand places. Robert and his committee narrowed the list from 300 nominations, and then he secured the Beckerman PR firm to carry ourTHANK YOU!message to the public. This culminated in an October 28 article in theI am writing this article from my daughter and New York Times, “Pride in Architecture.”son-in-law’s home in Loveland, Ohio, during thedays before Thanksgiving. This is a special time Robin Murray, AIA, Regional Director and an assistant professor atfor Marsha and me as it has become a family tra- NJITSOA, secured the sponsorship of an ongoing special lecturedition for us to spend this week just north of series for students, which is also open to AIA members. So far, theCincinnati, enjoying the crisp autumn air and our wonderful 3-year-old school and AIA have hosted several speakers, including Thom Mayne,FAIA, on November 5. I am sure this continued partnership will resultgrandson, Alex.in many of the school’s graduates joining our membership ranks.With the simple turn of a calendar page, my tenure as AIANJ presidentwill be completed. It is a time to reflect on our accomplishments and We had two other significant events this year. Charles Spitz, AIA,coordinated our crash course on the new International Building Codeto start to build on the foundation we have laid.“New Jersey style.” Charlie has connections on high with theFirst and foremost, I could not have led the more than 2,000 members International Code Council. Nearly half the membership took advanof this organization without the help of your chapters’ officers. Each tage of this review course. The second was our annual Design Dayone of them brought a particular expertise to the table, and the gover- Conference, chaired by our Immediate Past President Stephennance of the chapter benefited significantly from their input. Together, Carlidge, AIA. The theme, “design matters,” brought together nationwe held the goal of building a stronger AIANJ always in the forefront of ally recognized speakers and more than 400 members for an intenseour minds. My thanks also go out to the committee chairs for their help day of continuing education.and leadership in their various capacities.Design Day actually continues into 2008 with the annual dinner, instalIt is always very difficult to recognize everyone, for everyone does their lation of officers and service awards on January 12. You should havepart in moving our organization forward. However, there are a certain already received a separate invitation, and I hope you will join us at thegroup of individuals I want to recognize specifically for their contribu- beautiful Newark Club atop Seton Hall Law School in downtownNewark.tion to AIANJ and architecture as a whole.by Jerry Eben , AIAAIANJ President 2007Three years ago, we appointed Edward Rothe, FAIA, to be our chairof the AIA Sesquicentennial. Originally, we were unsure how the project would take shape, although Ed had many years of experience asa leader in the organization. At one of the first committee meetings,Martin Santini, FAIA suggested that the best way to get our messageof livable communities across was to interact with young students.Soon after that meeting, we embarked on the 6th Grade Initiative. BenLee, AIA, designed our mythical village and Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIA,became our lead teacher, preparing more than 150 members to givepresentations in schools. To date, we have reached nearly 8,000 children, and the presentations are ongoing. We’ve also exported the initiative to dozens of other chapters around the country and applied fora national award.It is my belief that the new and younger leadership of AIANJ is poisedto start building the superstructure that will help make AIANJ even bigger and better. My best wishes go out to Seth Leeb, Stacey RuhleKliesch and Jason Kliwinski asyour new leaders. My experiencethis year has taught me the valueof working as a team, and I haveno doubt this team will continueto make AIANJ stronger.JerryAIA-NJ Leadership Conference HeldA number of your local and state AIA-NJ committee members met at the annual LeadershipConference held on November 2nd and 3rd.

New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008Page 3Regional Director’s Messageby Robin L. Murray, AIAAIANJ Regional Director 2007This article will be one of my last acts as yourregional director. I have a few reports to file andone final national board meeting to attendwhere your new regional director, DavidDelVecchio, will assume the duties of representing you.It has been an honor and a privilege to haveserved these past three years. I think that the national component hasbeen making both policy and administration changes that will benefitthe members and their local components in the future. We areaddressing the primary concerns of sustaianability, emerging professionals, integrated practice and diversity in our new three year strategic plan.We are making real progress in attaining the four goals of Increasemember value, Be the authoritative source, Serve as the crediblevoice and Optimize organizational performance.New contract documents have been released including new pricingbundles for small users. AIA is leading a strong initiative for sustainability and carbon neutrality that you can review on the website. AIAhas released Soloso – a new integrated information website. AIA150was a great success and architects now have their own layer ongoogle earth. Administratively AIA has been reconfigured to betterrespond to the needs of the members.Personally I have been able to influence greater support for theCommunities by Design Center including increasing the number ofsustainable design assessment teams. We have had two in NewJersey and have applied for a third. These help communities under-stand their present and plan for their futures. Another new initiativewill support architects as citizens in their communities. I also was partof an effort to better represent member issues by the creation of aboard committee that directly brings policy to the national board. Thisyear I also chaired a committee that reviewed how and with whom AIAhas alliances. The final report and action plan will allow us to be morestrategic in our alliances and more efficient in our efforts.The three years have rushed by and having spoken with many formerregional directors I know there will be some withdrawal symptoms.David and I have spent time together at various conferences andelectronically to be sure that he is familiar with the issues and manyboard members currently on the board so I know it will be a smoothtransition.Thank you for having allowed me to represent you. I will be workingwith one of the national committees, Regional and Urban DesignCommittee, informally and then perhaps as a member of their advisory committee in 2009. As always I recommend that you participate inAIA and make your membership an active one.

Page 4New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 20082007 Design Conference Winning ProjectsMerit Awardphoto credits: c. Brian Wilson of SOSH ArchitectsCooper River Boathouse, SOSH Architectsphoto credits: c. Photographs by Ruggero Vanni / Vanni ArchivesKlein Campus Center @ The Dwight Englewood School Dattner ArchitectsBuilt ProjectBuilt Projectphoto credits: c. Jeffrey Totaro / EstoFranklin L. Williams Middle SchoolClarke Caton Hintz/ Ehrenkrantz Eckstut Kuhnphoto credits: photo credits: c. Fletcher-Thompson, Inc / Andrew M. KrochkoBuilt ProjectCesar A. Batalla Elementary SchoolFletcher ThompsonBuilt Projectphoto credits: c. 2007 ikon.5 ArchitectsStudent Union Building Expansion- The State Universityof New York at New Paltz, ikon.5 ArchitectsUnbuilt Projectphoto credits: c. 2007 Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.Air Liquide – Delaware Research & Technology Center CUH2A with Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects PCBuilt Projectphoto credits: c. 2007 CUH2A Smith Carter HemisphereUSAMRIID Replacement (United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious DiseasesCUH2A Smith Carter HemisphereUnbuilt Projectphoto credits: c. Michael SlackAdditions and Alterations to the Morristown & MorrisTownship Public LibraryHolt Morgan Russell ArchitectsBuilt Projectphoto credits: c. 2007 CUH2AAnimal Health Diagnostic Center, Cornell UniversityCUH2AUnbuilt Project

Fall 2007 / Winter 2008New Jersey ArchitectPage 5

Page 6New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008

Fall 2007 / Winter 2008New Jersey ArchitectPage 7

Page 8New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008NEW JERSEY’S 2007 CANSTRUCTION EVENT HELD MOST SUCCESSFULEVENT TO-DATECommunity Food Bank of New Jersey Has Something To CelebrateThis Holiday SeasonJERSEY CITY, NJ, NOVEMBER 1, 2007 – Michael Gorman, directorof project management of NK Architects, Kimberly Pierson, director ofcommunications of NK Architects, and the American Institute ofArchitects (AIA) Newark & Suburban Architects held New Jersey’sNinth Annual Canstruction Charity Competition last Thursday, October25, 2007 at the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, NewJersey. The event brought in more than 23,541 pounds (over 11.5tons) of food and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey receivedcash donations of 3,700.“This year’s Canstruction event was our most successful ever”, saidMichael Gorman of NK Architects. “We already have 12 firms signedup for next year, which is 3 times what we had in 2005.”Participants included DeBiasse Seminara Architects, DMR Architects,Canstruction is the Food Bank’s largest and most successful eventFitzgerald Design Studio, NK Architects, Parette Somjen Architects,each year because it puts a visual spotlight on hunger while showcasThe Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Turner Construction,ing the state’s best and brightest talent.and USA Architects, who all generously donated their time and moneyto participate in this worthy competition.If you are interested in participating, sponsoring or judging next year’sevent, please contact Michael Gorman at 973-532-7738.Sponsors included Campbell’s Soup Company, Structuretone,Restaurant Marketing Associates, who also donated food and cateredAbout Canstructionthe event, Trukmann’s Reporgraphics, Damon G. Douglass Company,An International Community Service Project of the Design andHollister Construction Company, Mack-Cali Realty, PlannedConstruction Industry whose mission is to “Canstruct a World WithoutCompanies, Turner Construction Company, Noah’s Ark Florist, whoHunger”. Trademarked by the Society for Design Administration, anddonated the centerpieces for the event, and the local Methodist Youthworking in tandem with the American Institute of Architects and otherGroup.members of the design and construction industry, Canstruction ismaking a significant contribution to the fight against hunger.Jury members, comprised of Pat Tanner, a food and travel writer forCanstruction combines the competitive spirit of a design/build comThe New York Times, The Star-Ledger, The Trenton Times, Princetonpetition with a unique way to help feed hungry people. CompetingPacket and New Jersey Monthly Magazine and former host of Diningteams, lead by architects and engineers, showcase their talents byToday radio show WHWH-AM/1350; Jerome Eben, president of Newdesigning giant sculptures made entirely out of canned foods. At theJersey AIA; and Dr. Glen Gabert, president of Hudson Countyclose of the exhibitions, all of the food used in the structures is donatCommunity College announced the winners following deliberations.ed to local food banks for distribution to pantries, shelters, soupThe two honorable mentions went to Fitzgerald Design Studio andkitchens, elderly and day care centers.DMR Architects. Structural Ingenuity went to Parette SomjenArchitects. Best Use of Labels went to USA Architects. Best Meal went To learn more about Canstruction, visit http://www.canstruction.com/.to NK Architects. And lastly, Juror’s Favorite went to DeBiasseSeminara Architects.About The Community FoodBank of New JerseyThe Community FoodBank of New Jersey, the state’s largest distribuThe colossal 10’x10’x8’ structures made from full cans of food will be tor of food to non-profit organizations serving people in need, distribon display until Novemberuted over 20 million pounds of3rd. All of the canned foodgroceries last year, ultimatelyfrom the structures will bereaching more than 530,000 lowdonated to the Communityincome people in 18 of NewFood Bank of New JerseyJersey’s 21 counties. The(CFBNJ) for distribution toFoodBank also operates a freecommunity feeding projob training program to preparegrams.men and women for careers inthe food service industry, a KidsForty-six cities across theCafé Program, providing freeUnited States and Canadaevening meals to hundreds of atparticipated in last year’srisk children in after school procompetition, resulting in thegrams and a Kids Division, whichdonation of over one milliondistributes new donated clothingpounds of food for hungryand school supplies to kids inpeople in need. Over theneed. The Community FoodBankpast eight years, participatof New Jersey has the highesting New Jersey firms haverating of 4 stars from Charitydonated approximately 30Navigator, the online guide totons of food to the CFBNJ.charitable giving, for its organizaEach month, over 750,000tional efficiency. To learn moreNew Jerseyans benefit fromabout the work of the Communityhunger relief programs supFoodBank visitported by the CFBNJ.www.njfoodbank.org.

Fall 2007 / Winter 2008New Jersey ArchitectPage 9Newark & Suburban UpdatePresident’s MessageFall 2007Everything changes. Summer does not last forever. The baseball season is winding down (or came to a crashing halt, depending on yourteam) and the glorious fall season is here. As the year moves throughits paces, AIA-NS continues to move along with it, providing its members with opportunities to learn, events to socialize, and opportunitiesto become more connected to part of the community.Recent AIA-NS EventsMostly recently, AIA-NS was invited to take a sponsorship booth at theConscious Design Expo. The conference was attended by practitioners, students and consumers and as sustainable design moves further into the mainstream (note "green" suggestions in Better Homesand Gardens) more of the general public is drawn to an event such asthis.Julia Averett Buteux, Assoc. AIA took the lead in planning and organizing our presence. The conference founder, Renae Jensen, was verysupportive of the AIA and gave us star treatment. We were given abooth and presentation times, including the opening remarks, Juliareached out for support from AIA-NJ and Jason Kliwinski, AIA, LEEDAP (AIA-NJ COTE Chair) generously offered his time and expertise.Jason made the opening remarks and gave a separate presentationthe second day. Both presentations were outstanding, as he spokewith passion and respect, reaching every member of the audience.Afterwards people approached Jason with questions and engagedhim in lengthy conversations. He was an exemplary representative ofAIA and the architecture profession.Julia recognized the Expo as an opportunity to educate a new audience as to where AIA stands in terms of sustainability and as anopportunity to promote individual member firms. We had the AIA 150banner there, along with project boards from eight different firms andone model.In September AIA-NS held a workshop to help its members make presentations that stand out in the crowd and bring them to life! Throughteaching, discussion, theater exercises and individual coachingopportunities, we learned how to connect with our audience, identifyand drop nervous habits, prepare and practice our material, maketechnical material come to life, and use graphics and props wisely.And way back in there in July we held our Annual Golf Outing a seminar to discussing BIM/Building Information Modeling.As always, proceeds from the Golf Outing were given to First CerebralPalsy of New Jersey, a Non-Profit Organization which cares for andeducates children and adults who have a wide range of physical disabilities. Through AIA-NS’s support in prior years, nearly 70,000 infinancial support has been provided to this deserving and wonderfulcharity organization. This has enabled them to construct a new outdoor play area, purchase computers for a lab, and make other meaningful contributions to improve the environment for learning andenjoyment.members of next year’s Board, we will look ahead to 2008 and develop priorities and goals for the upcoming year, improve the Board’s efficiency and services offered to our NJ membership, and to maintain awell trained and enthusiastic leadership of AIA-NJ. Time will also bedevoted to a review of important AIA National issues such as federallegislative issues impacting NJ architects.Participating from AIA-NS is expected to be Judy Donnelly, AIA,Robert Emert, AIA, Justin Mihalik, AIA, and Yogesh Mistry, AIA.Please share any of your thoughts or concerns you may have regarding AIA-NJ with these members by the end of October in order thatthey may address them with the AIA-NJ Board.Legislative and Government Affairs UpdateThanks to an unprecedented effort by AIA members to advocate onbehalf of their profession, in the first six months of 2007 AIA has takena leadership role before Congress and the administration on issuesthat matter to architects, from sustainability to tax relief. This includessignificant progress on all three of the issues that were the centerpiece of the AIA's Grassroots conference in February. Here are someof the AIA's key accomplishments in the first half of 2007!Making the Federal Government a Leader in Energy Efficiency: Oneof the three Grassroots issues—is passing legislation to require thatall new and significantly renovated buildings owned or leased by thefederal government meet the AIA's 2030 challenge targets for reductions in fossil fuel generated energy. Working closely with key members of Congress and testifying before three Congressional committees, the AIA succeeded in having its language approved by both theHouse and the Senate in their comprehensive energy bills.Creating Incentives for Energy Efficient Buildings: The second of theAIA's Grassroots issues is an extension of the energy efficient commercial buildings tax deduction first enacted in 2005. The tax incentive, which allows for a deduction of 1.80 per square foot for energyefficient systems, is scheduled to expire at the end of next year.Working with a coalition of design and construction organizations, theAIA helped get a five-year extension passed by the House in Augustand by the Senate Finance Committee earlier this spring. The AIA willcontinue working to see the tax deduction not only extended but alsoincreased to make it as effective as possible.Protecting Our Water with Green Design: The third of the AIA'sGrassroots sustainability issues is using the landmark Clean WaterAct to encourage the use of "green infrastructure" projects to reducethe impact of stormwater runoff from the built environment. Greeninfrastructure such as green roofs, parklands, bioswales, bufferingvegetation and permeable pavement that prevents stormwater fromdischarging into waterways and drinking water systems is a smart,cost-effective way for cities to address their runoff problems.When the House approved water legislation last February, theTransportation and Infrastructure Committee included AIA-backedreport language endorsing green infrastructure. The SenateEnvironment and Public Works Committee is currently working onclean water legislation, and the AIA will continue advocating fordesign tools to make the environment cleaner.During the seminar “Introduction to BIM/Building InformationModeling: The Design, Documentation & Management ToolsAvailable to Firms of All Sizes, and Strategies to Implement Them”(yes, I believe this is the record for the longest seminar title we’veever held), the panelists Robert Mencarini, AIA, AndrewPassacantando, AIA, Michael Hoon, and Roger Cirminiello, AIA presented software tools they use in their practice of architecture and theprocess they go through to implement the tools. Tools discussed wereArchicad, Revit, Architectural Desktop (ADT), and SketchUp.Making the Tax Code Fairer for Architects: The AIA is working in coalition with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) toimprove the tax treatment of some architectural firms through cashaccounting practices. Throughout the year, the AIA has raised thisissue with numerous members of Congress, and Rep. AllysonSchwartz (D-PA) has indicated that she would like to be the leadsponsor of this legislation.AIA-NJIn November, the AIA-NJ Board of Trustees will be conducting its AIANJ Leadership Conference. In addition to getting to know incomingContinued on the next page.

Page 10New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008Public Awareness Updatedinate the photos and photo credits. Martin also interviewed Eben andBarranger.Beckerman Public Relations and AIA-NJThe New Jersey chapter of the American Institute of Architects officially embarked on a formal relationship with Beckerman PublicRelations in September 2007, just two weeks prior to AIA-NJ’s annual Design Conference.In between The New York Times and The Star-Ledger stories, several other general consumer publications, blogs and trade publicationspicked up on both the AIA-NJ Design Conference and 150 list. Amongthem: Hoboken Now, Real Estate Weekly, Yahoo! News, The JerseyJournal, The Reporter, the News Transcript and PennLive.com.Led by Stefanie Matteson and Rosa Cirianni, the Beckerman PublicRelations team met with AIA-NJ representatives to discuss mediastrategy for the event along with the announcement of “New Jersey’s150 Best Buildings and Places” to coincide with the national organization’s 150th anniversary. The Beckerman Public Relations teamcompiled a comprehensive media list and brainstormed with AIA-NJleaders about strategy for the event. Prior to the Design Conference,Beckerman Public Relations issued several tailored news releases totargeted media.About Beckerman Public RelationsFounded in 1990 by Michael Beckerman, Beckerman PublicRelations is a leading full-service public relations firm. Over the years,Beckerman Public Relations’ passion for client service and strategicplanning, as well as its ability to surpass client expectations, hasmade it one of the most well respected firms in the industry.Beckerman Public Relations’ achievements and its record of consistent success have fueled its ongoing growth and current ranking asone of the largest independent public relations firms in the NewYork/New Jersey metropolitan area.Through Beckerman Public Relations’ aggressive efforts and effectivemedia outreach, AIA-NJ’s work and message made an immediateimpact that became readily apparent. The first big hit was publishedon the day of the AIA-NJ’s 2007 Design Conference held on Sept. 20at The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove with a Page 2 story in thestate’s largest newspaper, The Star-Ledger.Recognizing a market that was underserved, Beckerman PublicRelations based in Bedminster, N.J., initially focused its energies onproviding services to the real estate industry. Building upon its enviable record of accomplishments, Beckerman Public Relations thenexpanded its practice, extending its capabilities to serve a variety ofmarkets, industries and sectors. As a result, Beckerman PublicRelations has capitalized upon its excellent media relationships andits record of successes and now boasts a diversified -- and expanding -- client base that also includes architectural, law, financial services, environmental, executive search and engineering firms.Reporter Dan Bischoff wrote a colorful feature story about AIA-NJ’s150 Best Buildings and Places in New Jersey, adding his ownfavorites in a graphic, and the full-page story ran with a photo spreadshowcasing some of the most iconic sites such as Lucy the Elephantin Margate, The Statue of Liberty (in New Jersey, not New York) andThe Stone Pony in Asbury Park. This coverage was augmented witha blog by the reporter and a complete list of the 150 best buildingsand places on the Ledger’s Web site, NJ.com. Beckerman PublicRelations worked with the Ledger’s features editor, its research desk,the reporter and AIA-NJ to flesh out the comprehensive 150 list on atight deadline.The Beckerman team is staffed with 25 experienced media relationsprofessionals whose backgrounds and expertise comprise a “who'swho” of the communications industry. With a seasoned lineup thatincludes former journalists, media-savvy public relations pros, as wellas branding, messaging and positioning experts, Beckerman’s clientsreceive a full gamut of public relations and corporate communicationsservices, including:KYW Newsradio 1060 in Philadelphia then picked up on the Ledgerstory and reached out to Beckerman Public Relations. The radio station conducted a live interview with AIA-NJ Spokesman BobBarranger via telephone from Ocean Grove. Locally, The WestOrange Chronicle did the same by contacting AIA-NJ PresidentJerome Leslie Eben for an interview and publishing a front-page storywith a local angle that focused on Llewellyn Park.The next major story came in The New York Times on Sunday, Oct.28 under the headline, “Pride in Architecture.” Reporter AntoinetteMartin led her story with “Design Matters,” the theme of the 2007 AIANJ Design Conference and also incorporated information about theorganization’s 150 list. Beckerman Public Relations pre-interviewedthe AIA-NJ Design Conference winners that Martin selected and coordinated several interviews.The end result: several of the Design Conference Winners were citedin The New York Times’ story. Beckerman Public Relations alsoworked with the AIA-NJ members and the Times photo desk to coor- Efficient development, implementation and management ofthe public relations and communications process Writing of press releases, bylined articles, op-ed pieces,white papers, etc. Placement of client “WIN” achievements in key media Inclusion in business and industry trend stories Crisis communications Media training of key client personnel Networking/new business developmentNewark & Suburban Update, ContinuedIn addition, the AIA is a key member of a coalition to repeal a burdensome new requirement that government agencies withhold three percent of payments to contractors, including design firms. The provision,passed in the dead of night with no debate, would hit design firms thatsubcontract work out or are subcontractors themselves particularlyhard. The AIA is working with Reps. Kendrick Meek (D- FL) and WallyHerger (R- CA), who have introduced legislation (H.R. 1797) to repealthe measure.responding to action alerts, calling and meeting with elected officials,participating in ArchiPAC and APAC —you help show that architectshave a voice on important issues.Please consider becoming more involved! Contact Govaffs@aia.org tofind out more. Keep reading the Angle for the latest news and information about the AIA's federal advocacy agenda. And do not hesitate tocontact AIA-NS’s Legislative and Governmental Affairs Chair RobertMencarini, AIA or Andrew Goldberg of the AIA federal advocacy teamThe AIA's government advocacy program is driven by you and it needs at agoldberg@aia.org with questions or comments.your support and participation to succeed. By getting involved—

Fall 2007 / Winter 2008New Jersey ArchitectPage 11

Page 12New Jersey ArchitectFall 2007 / Winter 2008Member NewsLocal architectural firm celebrates 15 years of serviceNew Licensee CeremonyLittle Ferry, NJ - Arcari Iovino Architects P.C. celebrates 15th year in By: WILLIAM M. BROWN III, AIAbusiness this October.On October 10, 2007 the AIANJ (American Institute of Architects ofNew Jersey) sponsored the event for sixty-one (61) newly licensedThe local architectural firm of Arcari Iovino Architects P.C. is celebratarchitects in the State of New Jersey which was held at the exquisiteing its 15th year in business this October. The firm is rooted in Bergen Newark Club of Newark, New Jersey which is situated on the 22ndCounty with its principals and most of their staff being from the county. floor above the Seton Hall Library. The views of Newark and New YorkDuring the 1990’s the office was located in Edgewater then relocated are majestic and it was an opportunity for the newly licensed architectsto the former Little Ferry Borough Hall building where they are now and their respec

A Publication of New Jersey - The New Jersey Society of Architects New Jersey 2007 Design Awards Winners AIA New Jersey's Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement Award J. Robert Hillier, FAIA 12 19 Member News New Licensee Distinguished Service Award David DelVecchio, AIA Architect of the Year Hugh Boyd, FAIA Architectural Firm of the Year NK .

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