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ons.”-Cartoonist Roy Paul

When the owner of the Minnesota Twins baseball team threatened to have the team leave the stateunless they received a new stadium; many people and fans were upset. The cartoonist observed thatmany people were mad about high player salaries and the taxpayer being asked to build a new stadiumfor a team that continued to play poorly, charge a lot of money to get into the games and still get paidvery well. He likened the team to a pair of cry-baby twins in the arms of a tired mother.1. What are the two things being compared in the analogy used in this cartoon?2. What are some of the points the cartoonist is trying to make by using this analogy?Newspaper Activity: Look through the newspaper to find a current editorial cartoon analogy.What is being compared in the analogy? What are some of the points the cartoonist is trying to makewith this analogy?Create an Editorial CartoonStudent ActivitySerious Cartoons?Editorial page cartoons often provide a humorous comment about a current issue. If a person is notfamiliar about topics in the news, it may be more difficult to understand the meaning of a political oreditorial cartoon. Many of these cartoons use symbols, caricatures and a few words to convey an idea.You can be sure that a cartoon on the editorial page is linked to the news.

1.Look through your copy of thenewspaper to find one editorialor political cartoon.2.Clip the cartoon and paste ortape it in the space below.Try to answer these questions about the cartoon in a few sentences in the space provided.What news topic is the cartoon about? If symbols are used in the cartoon, what are thesymbols and what do they mean? Who is the cartoonist? What meaning do you think thecartoonist is trying to convey?3.My ideas about the cartoon

Editorial cartoons use humor and satire to show a position about current issues. Editorial cartoons constitute both an unusual art form and a commentary on society. Because they express opinions on public issues, editorial cartoons are useful teaching aids for examining historic and contemporary issues and events. History of Editorial Cartoons:

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The wall painting was destroyed in a fire in 1698 and only part of the cartoon has survived. How could you transfer a drawing like this on to a wall? - The drawing on the wall must be the same size and the same way round as the cartoon; it is too slow simply to copy it and the cartoon was not stuck to the wall. CLUE - all the lines on the cartoon have lots of small holes pricked through them .

draw a political cartoon. First, let’s review the basic components of a political cartoon. (Distribute RS#05: Elements of a Political Cartoon. At this point, it would be helpful for the teacher to share sample political cartoons to examine the key elements.) Now, I’d like you to draw your own political cartoon.

If the reviewing court follows Cartoon Network LP v. CSC Holdings, Inc. (“Cartoon Network”), a recent Second Circuit Court of Appeals 1 This hypothetical is based on the fact pattern of Cartoon Network LP v. CSC Holdings, Inc., 536

emotion recognition in cartoon faces and sheds some light on directions for future research on intelligent human-computer interactions. Keywords: cartoon faces, emotion recognition, facial features, expression intensity, happy, sad INTRODUCTION As an attractive art form, cartoon faces are widely used in daily life. Cartoon animation is an

Mauricio Paredes. Editorial Alfaguara/ Editorial Loqueleo. 2. Ben quiere a Anna. Peter Härtling. Editorial Santillana / Editorial Loqueleo. 3. Un embrujo de siglos o Un embrujo de cinco siglos. Ana María Güiraldes. SM Ediciones 4. El chupacabras de Pirque. Pepe Pelayo / Betán. Editorial Alfaguara /Editorial Loqueleo. 5. Las brujas. Roald Dahl.

1. Frin. Luis María Pescetti. Editorial Alfaguara / Editorial Loqueleo. 2. Verónica la niña biónica. Mauricio Paredes. Editorial Santillana / Editorial Loqueleo. 3. Exploradora por accidente. R. B. Wegner. Ediciones Claymore. 4. ¡Socorro! (12 cuentos para caerse de miedo) Elsa Bornemann. Editorial Alfaguara / Editorial Loqueleo. 5.

Under such arrangement, the editorial board chairman, usually appointed on merit often preside over the editorial board meetings. The editorial board chairman assign topics to other editorialists and also edits their works. As a rule of the thumb, the editorial board members must submit their write-ups to the editorial board for microscopic .

may be taken on an instrument with only one manual. Consequently, in Grades 1–3, some notes may be transposed or omitted, provided the result is musically satisfactory. Elements of the exam All ABRSM graded Organ exams comprise the following elements: three Pieces; Scales, arpeggios and exercises; Sight-reading (with an additional Transposition exercise in Grades 6–8); and Aural tests .