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BROWSE MENUSAVINGS BOND REDEMPTION VALUE TABLESClick on a month link to see bond values during that monthTo return to this page press the Home key on your keyboardSeries ISeries EEJun 2012(From: 2 To: 8)Jun 2012(From: 44 To: 48)Jul 2012(From: 9 To: 15)Jul 2012(From: 49 To: 53)Aug 2012(From: 16 To: 22)Aug 2012(From: 54 To: 58)Sep 2012(From: 23 To: 29)Sep 2012(From: 59 To: 63)Oct 2012(From: 30 To: 36)Oct 2012(From: 64 To: 68)Nov 2012(From: 37 To: 43)Nov 2012(From: 69 To: 73)Series EE (matured)Savings Notes (matured)Jun 2012 thru Nov 2012Jun 2012 thru Nov 2012(From: 74 To: 74)(From: 83 To: 83)Series E (matured)Jun 2012 thru Nov 2012(From: 75 To: 82)

SERIES EEISSUE ISSUEYEAR 0920092009200920092009200920092009REDEMPTION VALUES AND INTEREST EARNEDREDEMP.VALUE 50Jan - JunJul - rFebJanDecNovOctSepAugJulJunMayAprMarFebJanSERIES 02INT.EARNED 440.460.940.960.981.02REDEMP.VALUE 03INT.EARNED 660.691.411.441.471.53REDEMP.VALUE .04INT.EARNED .880.921.881.921.962.04REDEMP.VALUE .76101.84103.76103.84103.92104.08INT.EARNED .761.843.763.843.924.08REDEMP.VALUE 500INT.EARNED 500REDEMP.VALUE 1,000Not eligible for paymentNot eligible for 19.20259.809.80519.60260.2010.20520.40JUNE 2012INT.EARNED LUE ARNED 102.00REDEMP.VALUE EARNED %0.57%0.58%0.59%1.17%1.16%1.16%1.17%1

SERIES EEISSUE ISSUEYEAR REDEMPTION VALUES AND INTEREST EARNEDREDEMP.VALUE rMarFebJanSERIES 0631.1431.2430.4030.4830.5630.64INT.EARNED MP.VALUE 5946.7146.8645.6045.7245.8445.96INT.EARNED MP.VALUE .1262.2862.4860.8060.9661.1261.28INT.EARNED .9611.1211.28REDEMP.VALUE 0121.92122.24122.56INT.EARNED 24.9621.6021.9222.2422.56REDEMP.VALUE 500INT.EARNED 0304.80305.60306.40JUNE 0.6061.4062.4054.0054.8055.6056.40REDEMP.VALUE .00609.60611.20612.80INT.EARNED 0REDEMP.VALUE NED .00548.00556.00564.00REDEMP.VALUE RNED 69%3.70%3.70%3.70%3.69%3.70%3.20%3.20%3.20%3.20%2

SERIES EEISSUE ISSUEYEAR REDEMPTION VALUES AND INTEREST EARNEDREDEMP.VALUE rMarFebJanSERIES 2232.2632.2832.6032.6432.6632.70INT.EARNED MP.VALUE 3348.3948.4248.9048.9648.9949.05INT.EARNED 011.4611.4911.55REDEMP.VALUE .4464.5264.5665.2065.2865.3265.40INT.EARNED .4414.5214.5615.2015.2815.3215.40REDEMP.VALUE 0130.56130.64130.80INT.EARNED .8829.0429.1230.4030.5630.6430.80REDEMP.VALUE 500INT.EARNED 0326.40326.60327.00JUNE 2.2072.6072.8076.0076.4076.6077.00REDEMP.VALUE .00652.80653.20654.00INT.EARNED .00152.80153.20154.00REDEMP.VALUE NED .00764.00766.00770.00REDEMP.VALUE RNED 88%2.87%2.85%2.83%2.92%2.90%2.88%2.87%3

SERIES EEISSUE ISSUEYEAR REDEMPTION VALUES AND INTEREST EARNEDREDEMP.VALUE rMarFebJanSERIES 8036.8436.8637.6437.6837.7037.74INT.EARNED 6812.7012.74REDEMP.VALUE 2055.2655.2956.4656.5256.5556.61INT.EARNED 7017.7617.7918.9619.0219.0519.11REDEMP.VALUE .6073.6873.7275.2875.3675.4075.48INT.EARNED .6023.6823.7225.2825.3625.4025.48REDEMP.VALUE 6150.72150.80150.96INT.EARNED .2047.3647.4450.5650.7250.8050.96REDEMP.VALUE 0376.80377.00377.40INT.EARNED UNE 2012REDEMP.VALUE .80753.60754.00754.80INT.EARNED .80253.60254.00254.80REDEMP.VALUE NED .00REDEMP.VALUE RNED 28%3.27%3.26%3.24%3.39%3.38%3.36%3.34%4

SERIES EEISSUE ISSUEYEAR 1996REDEMPTION VALUES AND INTEREST EARNEDREDEMP.VALUE n - AprNov - DecJul - OctMay - JunJan - AprSERIES 7842.8242.8441.6241.8642.5842.8243.54INT.EARNED 7817.8217.8416.6216.8617.5817.8218.54REDEMP.VALUE 1764.2364.2662.4362.7963.8764.2365.31INT.EARNED 6726.7326.7624.9325.2926.3726.7327.81REDEMP.VALUE .5685.6485.6883.2483.7285.1685.6487.08INT.EARNED .5635.6435.6833.2433.7235.1635.6437.08REDEMP.VALUE 8167.44170.32171.28174.16INT.EARNED .1271.2871.3666.4867.4470.3271.2874.16REDEMP.VALUE 0418.60425.80428.20435.40INT.EARNED 0168.60175.80178.20185.40JUNE 2012REDEMP.VALUE .40837.20851.60856.40870.80INT.EARNED .40337.20351.60356.40370.80REDEMP.VALUE 0INT.EARNED 0REDEMP.VALUE 6.007,720.007,724.007,860.007,868.007,876

BROWSE MENU Click on a month link to see bond values during that month To return to this page press the Home key on your keyboard Jun 2012 (From: 2 To: 8) Jun 2012 (From: 44 To: 48) Jul 2012 (From: 9 To: 15) Jul 2012 (From: 49 To: 53) Aug 2012 (From: 16 To: 22) Aug 2012 (From: 54 To: 58) Sep 2012 (From: 23 To: 29) Sep 2012 (From: 59 To: 63) Oct 2012 (From: 30 To: 36) Oct 2012 (From: 64 To: 68)

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