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When you have to be rightTax & AccountingCCH Site BuilderWorkflowCCH Site Builder provides you with the support you need to expand your practiceonto the internet so you can build stronger client relationships, grow your practiceand increase your bottom line. With a professional website, you can enhance yourfirm’s image, attract clients and provide customers and prospects with relevant,up-to-date resources.Easily Create a Website in MinutesWith CCH Site Builder, you can: Create a fully functional website in minutes,using a simple setup process. Easily change the look and content ofyour website at any time — as often as youwish — free of charge. Select your website design from anexpansive collection of styles and colors. Host your site FREE with a custom domainname that you choose. Create custom email accounts, featuringhigh availability and up to 50GB of storagespace per account. Securely share any type of file withyour clients.Don’t feel comfortable creating a website onyour own? Enlist the help of our experiencedgraphic designers. They’ll work with you tocreate a website branded specifically to yourfirm’s website vision.Customize Website Content and AppearanceCCH Site Builder provides you with flexiblecustomization capabilities, allowing you to: Upload logos, PDFs and images easily. Add custom pages, such as careeropportunities, partner services orunique offerings. Preview your changes before applying themto your live website.

2CCH Site BuilderWhether you use the preset Wolters Kluwercontent, or replace it with your own content,your website will be a valuable tool for yourfirm and your clients.Search Engine OptimizationWith our expansive Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tools, you can increase your websiteranking and drive clients to your website byeasily adding relevant key words to each page.This will attract quality clients to your firm andthe unique services you offer. Search EngineOptimization configuration is included with yourCCH Site Builder subscription. Premium SEOConsulting Options are available.Email MarketingKeeping in touch with your clients throughoutthe year is a perfect way to build clientrelationships and increase referrals. WithCCH Site Builder email marketing services,you can email your clients an attractive,personalized newsletter each month.Choose from a wide variety ofattractive and professional lookingtemplates or work with one of ourexperienced graphic designers tocreate a website branded specificallyto your firm’s vision.Collaborate with Clients with FileShareThe CCH FileShare module allows you to easilyand securely transfer files to your clients,partners and associates at any time.FileShare allows you to: Upload and temporarily store a variety ofdocuments and data, such as QuickBooks data files, financial statements, prior yeartax returns, spreadsheets and images. Quickly access a large file by eitherdownloading it or launching it directlyfrom FileShare. Activate users, set user-specific storagelimits for uploaded files, and grant ordisable the ability to upload documents.

3CCH Site Builder“ One of our overriding goals wasto make our Web presence muchmore comprehensive than it hadbeen previously. We wanted tocommunicate the value propositionthe firm had to offer, and alsoensure this was reflected in thecontent. We wanted to demonstratethat the firm had strong expertiseand capabilities in a range ofpractice, industry and serviceline areas.”— Lauren Wilson,Director of Marketing,Michael Silver & Company CPAsYour Firm, Online and AccessibleCCH Site Builder generates the kind ofcomprehensive website your clients expect.Attract new business and better serve existingclients with features that include: Welcome Page — Welcome prospective andcurrent clients with your name, your firm’sname — or both — along with a personalizedgreeting message. Firm Profile Page — Provide visitors withbackground information about you andyour firm, such as a brief history or perhapsa mission statement that expresses yourclient service philosophy. This is a greatplace to include profiles of individualfirm members. Client Services Page — Attract prospectiveand current clients with a complete list ofprofessional services available from yourfirm. Select from a default listing of over 40types of services and related descriptions,or add your own custom services to the list. Info Center Page — Provide an abundanceof valuable information and resources forvisitors, including downloadable tax formsand publications. You can add special firmevents and other important dates to theEvents Calendar, and you can purchase anumber of eContent add-ons for even moreuseful content. Newsletter Page — Each month, a newcollection of professionally written articlesautomatically appears on your Newsletterpage, giving visitors a reason to revisit yourwebsite. You control which default articles,if any, you want to appear on your site oryou can even add your own custom articles. Financial Tools Page — Provide usefulinteractive calculators and tools that notonly provide visitors with the answers tosimple questions, but also encourage themto consult with you to make more informedfinancial decisions. You simply indicatewhich financial tools you want included onyour site, and our exclusive Web enginetakes care of the rest. Internet Links Page — Give visitors to yourwebsite a wealth of interesting and usefullinks to other sites on the internet. Simplyselect from default links or add your ownfavorite links. You can even include a listingof your firm’s professional referral sources. Contact Information Page — This pagedisplays detailed firm and staff contactinformation for multiple locations, includingaddress, phone numbers and emailaddresses. Visitors can also click a button toget detailed driving directions to your firm. Add Your Own Custom Pages — You havethe ability to add custom pages to meetyour firm needs. This could be a CareerOpportunities page to attract prospectivestaff, or a Media Relations page where youcan upload information about your firm inthe news. You can easily modify and changethe content and pages on your own.

4CCH Site BuilderSolidify Your Image as a Trusted BusinessAdvisor with eContent ServicesYou probably don’t have time to write amonthly newsletter filled with interestingarticles that are both informative andinsightful. Let Wolters Kluwer take care ofit. With eContent from Wolters Kluwer taxexperts, your website will reinforce yourimage as a trusted authority. CCH Site Builderprovides the following eContent: Wolters Kluwer Premium Content — Helpeducate your clients with up-to-date newsand information presented as coming fromyour firm. Tax Alerts — Keep your clients coming backfor informative plain-language federal andstate-specific Tax Alerts that compel themto take action and contact your firm. Youcan customize the Tax Alerts for any and allstates where you have clients. Monthly Federal and State Tax Events —Notify your clients of relevant federal andstate-specific tax due dates and customfirm events with your Events Calendar,which includes detailed descriptionsand information. Useful Calculators — Allow clients toperform basic financial analyses withpowerful interactive financial calculators.CCH Site Builder offers almost 200 differentcalculators — far more than any otherwebsite provider.Online Financial ToolsMake your website a destination point forclients and prospects seeking tax referencematerial and financial resources with OnlineFinancial Tools. These additional tools willincrease website traffic and client loyalty.And because your clients can get answers andadvice on their own, anytime, you can focuson more profitable engagements. Offeringfree premium content and tools to clients willenable you to compete with large financialservices institutions.Tax GuideThe Tax Guide is packed with over 500 pagesworth of straightforward explanations ofvirtually any tax issue your clients are likely toencounter — from a tax deduction question tohow to claim the child tax credit.The Tax Guide includes: Clear explanations related to tax planning. Tax Tools with dozens of worksheets, formsand tables. A Tax Calendar containing significantfiling dates. A “What’s New This Year” sectionhighlighting current year law changes. A Tax Glossary that defines frequently usedtax terms.Take Charge of Your BusinessCCH Site Builder offers several contentpackages to better help you serve your clients.Business Owner’s Toolkit (BOT)The Business Owner’s Toolkit (BOT) is anaward-winning content package designedspecifically to help your small business ownerclients and would-be entrepreneurs start,run and grow their own small businesses. BOToffers over 4,600 news and advice documentsproviding answers to your clients’ business,tax and legal questions and gives practicaltips on working smarter, saving money andstaying in compliance with the law.With BOT you’ll be able to provide access to: Model business documents, such ascustomizable sample letters, contracts,forms and policies. Financial spreadsheet templates for taskssuch as balancing the books for creatingfinancial statements. Checklists for a variety of topics, fromqualifying for a home office write-off tothe right things to do and say during anemployee termination interview. Official government forms and publicationsused to file taxes with the IRS or contractwith the federal government.

5CCH Site BuilderFinancial Planning Toolkit (FPT)The Financial Planning Toolkit (FPT) effectivelytranslates complex financial details into userfriendly information. FPT provides more than1,500 financial planning documents, toolsand interactive calculators to meet yourclients’ needs.Information in FPT is organized in a life cyclestructure to provide the novice user with alogical starting point. Seasoned users candrill down through the comprehensive table ofcontents to access more detailed information.The site is continuously updated with thelatest information, and augmented by articleson consumer finance-related topics writtenby Wolters Kluwer staff of business andfinance professionals.Client Life Cycle Reading RackThe Client Life Cycle Reading Rack is a seriesof helpful guides that ensure your clientsunderstand the basics while helping youmarket your practice online. Covering bothindividual and business topics, they providethe most current tax resources and onlinetechnology available today. They can even becustomized with your firm’s logo.“ Integrates a terrific BasicTax Guide into a largerframework of lifetimefinancial planning. Anotherplus: up-to-date financialnews reports by the site’sown staff.”— ForbesExpand Services with CCH Site Builder ModulesCCH Site Builder offers the following interactive,Web-based tools that provide a gateway toadditional client collaboration opportunities:CCH Axcess PortalEmail is a very insecure form of communication,and using it to exchange sensitive informationplaces that data at risk of unwanted third-partyinterception. States are aggressively passingstrict data privacy legislation, and nearly everystate has Security Breach Notification legislationon the books. To ensure compliance withthese laws and to mitigate your risk of securitybreach, add CCH Axcess Portal to your CCH SiteBuilder website.CCH Axcess Portal is a powerful hostedapplication that allows you to share files ofall types — safely and securely.With CCH Axcess Portal, you will be able to: Exchange confidential files and documents. Enhance client relationships by quickly andeasily sharing files of any size. Store your clients’ information in a secureonline environment that allows them 24/7access to their important information.For optimal efficiency and convenience,CCH Axcess Portal integrates with otherproducts within the CCH ProSystem fx Suite,including CCH ProSystem fx Tax,CCH ProSystem fx Engagement andCCH ProSystem fx Document.CCH ProSystem fx Tax Notebook Reduce shipping and mailing costs as well asthe administrative efforts associated withtraditional paper organizers. Securely exchange data with your clients viathe internet. Save hours of data entry and review time bylinking CCH ProSystem fx Tax Notebook datadirectly to CCH ProSystem fx Tax. Easily monitor and track the status of eachCCH ProSystem fx Tax Notebook.

6CCH Site BuilderTraining and Consulting Options to FitYours NeedsWolters Kluwer also offers valuable training,consulting and CPE to keep you ahead of thecurve. From live training and consulting toon-demand online learning, Wolters Kluwerprovides the tools that everyone, from newhires to seasoned pros, needs to strengthentheir abilities. Visit learn more.“ Many publishers ofsmall business booksmaintain websites carryingadvice, but few are ascomprehensive and generousas Wolters Kluwer’s BusinessOwner’s Toolkit.”— Fortune10/162016-1672 2016 CCH Incorporated and its affiliates. All rights reserved.For More InformationCCHWebsites.com800-739-9998When you have to be right

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and CCH ProSystem fx Document. CCH ProSystem fx Tax Notebook Reduce shipping and mailing costs as well as the administrative efforts associated with traditional paper organizers. Securely exchange data with your clients via the internet. Save hours of data entry and review time by linking CCH .

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