Building Blocks And Coloring Away Stress: Utilizing And .

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Dame de Namur University).Wilcoxon, F. (1945). Individual comparisons byranking methods. Biometrics Bulletin, 1(6), 8083.The LEGO Group. (2016). LEGO Serious Play:The Method. Retrieved odBuilding Blocks and Coloring Away StressPage 30 The Author(s). 2020. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons AttributionLicense (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction inany medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Journal of Health Education Teaching, 2020; 11(1), 24-31Table 1: Comparison of Means between GroupsBuilding BlocksQuestions: In the last month, Pre how often have you been upsetbecause of something that happened1.00unexpectedly? how often have you felt that youwere unable to control the important1.00things in your life? how often have you felt nervous0.60and “stressed”? how often have you felt confidentabout your ability to handle your1.60personal problems? how often have you felt that things1.60were going your way? how often have you found that youcould not cope with all the things that2.00you had to do? how often have you been able to2.00control irritations in your life? how often have you felt that you1.80were on top of things? how

2012). Coloring book therapy has recently made a large impact on adults, including college students. These coloring books can be easily purchased and give adults a type of coloring that is age appropriate. Another innovation gaining popularity includes building blocks, such as LEGO . Studies have indicated that this particular

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Go to Building Blocks Click on the "Building Blocks" link in the Building Block area. Go to Installed Tools Click on the "Installed Tools" link. You can configure or Delete Building Blocks that are included in the system. Upload Building Block Click on "Upload Building Blocks" to upload the Open Source Ensemble Video Blackboard Building

GAGE BLOCKS Gauge Blocks 516-338-10 1mm Base Block Set Mitutoyo offers a complete selection of gauge blocks available in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch and steel (Gauge Blocks) or ceramic (CERA Blocks) types. Mitutoyo CERA Blocks are some of the finest gauge blocks available anywhere in the world. TOLERANCES ON LENGTH OF .

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