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Convert Your Dreamsinto Reality By using thePower of YourSubconscious MindBy Dr. Jeetendra Adhia, M.D.(Life Coach)25/B, Govt. Society, B/h, Municipal Market.Off. C.G. Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009.Ph. : 079-26447393 Mobile : 098259 25947For Home Delivery : Mobile : 91- 99241 43847

Power of Your Subconscious MindDr. Jeetendra AdhiaCopyright@ Adhia InternationalAll Rights reserved. No Part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in anyform or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording or otherwise without the prior written permissionof the copyright owner1st Edition : 27 June, 2016Price : Complimentary: Printing & Distribution :Rudra Publication: Typeset :Manu Patel: Publisher :Adhia InternationalAhmedabad, Indiawww.mindtraininginstitute.net

Special gift for you.I am presenting you this booklet so thatyou can convert all your dreams intoreality by understanding and utilisingthe Power of Your Subconscious Mind.With RegardsSignature : .Date: .Location : .

Dr Jeetendra AdhiaA Medical Doctor (M.D.) based in Ahmedabad, India,Dr. Adhia worked in the medical field for three decadesbefore deciding to transition to the field of Power ofMind.He is a globally recognized Mind Trainer and Life Coachwith highly successful seminars in India and abroad– and a very first one during the recently completedKatha Cruise in Europe. His Seminars and Workshopscover varied topics such as Mind Power, Memory,Relationship, Health, Hypnosis, Money, NLP, CharacterBuilding, Personality Development and so on. Thesetopics are highly relevant to people of all ages andbackground – starting right from school going kids tobusiness professionals. etc. He travels all around theGlobe for this.Dr. Adhia is also a highly acclaimed author – havingauthored more than 40 books on various subjectsincluding the highly popular Prernanu Zaranu (‘Springof Inspiration’ - over a million copies). As a hobby heflies an airplane at the age of 65.Contact details:Email: jeetedhia@gmail.comWebsite: www.mindtrainingistitute.netFacebook page: Dr. Jeetendra Adhia orMobile App (for Android and IPhone): Dr Adhia

This booklet is just the introduction ofMind Power for the beginners.For For further knowledge and deeperunderstanding of this topic, you may readhis iconic book, “Spring of Inspiration” orwatch his DVD with same title.

Think.If I ask you, “Do you have dreams?” You willsay, “ yes, I have many”. But if I ask you, “Didyou realize them all ?” – the chances are, Youwill most likely say, “NO”.Why?Because, you have not realized the powerwithin you. Yes friends, the Power – that ofYour Subconscious Mind.This power has been with you from the dayyou were born but you are yet to realize it.You can convert all your dreams into realityby using this power.This booklet will introduce you to that power.After reading, understanding and practicingwhat I am sharing with you in this booklet, Iam sure you will successfully start convertingall your dreams into reality in your life.6Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your Mind Power.Friends all of us are given 100% MindPower but we fail to use even 10% of itbecause of our ignorance.In fact we have 2 different Minds;1. Conscious Mind and2. Subconscious MindNow let see the basic difference betweenthese 2 minds:1. Conscious Mind has 10% powerwhile the Subconscious Mind has90% Power2. Conscious Mind is the boss andthe Subconscious Mind is theservant.3. Conscious mind works only whenwe are conscious and awake butPower of Your Subconscious Mind7

Subconscious mind works 24hours a day.4. Conscious Mind can thinks butSubconscious Mind can’t think.5. Conscious Mind has the logicwhile Subconscious Mind doesnot have the logic.6. Conscious Mind is the analyticalmind while Subconscious Mind isthe Creative Mind.7. Conscious Mind is the humanmind but Subconscious Mind isthe Divine Mind.8. Conscious Mind has limited Powerwhile Subconscious Mind hasunlimited power.8Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Genie (Subconscious Mind)Aladdin (Conscious Mind)

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp.Friends, you might have heard the story ofAladdin and it’s magic lamp. That story isthe story of our own mind.In that story Aladdin had a Magic lamp andby rubbing that lamp a Genie used to comeout and say, “your wish is my command”.So all the wishes of Aladdin was fulfilledby this Genie.Similarly, our conscious Mind is Aladdinwhile our Subconscious Mind is the Genie.Our Brain is the Magic Lamp.To use this Genie, we need to learn, howto awaken this Genie and put it to work.10Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Set your Goals first.To convert all our dreams into the realitywe first decide our dreams.That means we must set our goals in asystemic systematic way. This is the workof our Conscious Mind. But when we setour goals, we need to ensure that theyare balanced with the rest of our life. Wemust set it in such a way that we have abalanced life. For example, if we work onour Physical Goal, we need to ensure thatit is in balance with Mental Goal, SocialGoal and the Spiritual Goal.Once we are clear with our life goals, weshould make a document; we call it aVision Board. This is the most importantdocument in this exercise – and in our life.Power of Your Subconscious Mind11

12Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Make your Vision Board.As I said that the Vision Board is the mostimportant document of our life. Every oneof us should make it.In the Vision Board, we should paste thepictures of our goals with dates when wewant achieve it. Once the Vision Boardis ready, it should be pasted on the wallof our office or the bedroom, where itis constantly in front of us – working toremind us repeatedly.Note that we make vision board by usingthe powers of our Conscious Mind.Many people neglect this step and complainthat they are not getting the result.Hence this is a crucial step - Please don’tskip this step.Power of Your Subconscious Mind13

Connect to yourSubconscious Mind .Once we are very clear about our life goalsand ready with the vision board, we shouldnow connect with our Subconscious Mind.Our Subconscious Mind is also known asInner Mind while our Conscious Mind isknown as Outer Mind.Conscious Mind can be connected toSubconscious mind by undertaking aninner journey. We call this “going within”journey. You might have undertaken manyoutside journeys, but I can tell you this isnot only different but perhaps the mostrewarding journey you will ever undertake!How can we undertake this inner journey?We do it by Relaxation. Meditation andRelaxation is one and the same thing, bothare inner journey by different methods butthe destination is the same.14Power of Your Subconscious Mind

RelaxationPower of Your Subconscious Mind15

Do Relaxation.We do relaxation in any comfortable position,such as in a sitting or lying down position andin peaceful environment.We can use some instrumental soft music in thebackground for the smoothness of this innerjourney.We should focus on different part of our bodygradually from the bottom to the top and loosenthem – one at a time. Let them relax gradually.After some time – and with a few practices - youwill start feeling that your body is very light andyour mind is very quiet.This particular state is called Alpha State. AlphaState is the most important state in the process.In this State, our Subconscious Mind is readyto take our command. This is another wayof saying that our genie is awakened. This isthe time when we can give command to ourSubconscious Mind (our Genie).16Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Give commandsto your Genie .You might be eager to know that in whichlanguage we should give commands.We can give commands (orders) to ourSubconscious Mind in two ways.1. By Visualization-the language ofpictures and2. By Affirmation-the language ofwordsVisualization is seeing the pictures of ourgoals on our mental screen. Visualizationis seeing our future now on our mentalscreen and feeling it as if we have achievedour goal.Power of Your Subconscious Mind17

Affirmation is repeating positive powerfulwords to ourselves. All the Prayers andMantras are based on this principle ofaffirmation.If you can visualize, you can actualize.With little practice you get the masteryover this process.Whatever we visualize gets storedpermanently in the storehouse of ourSubconscious Mind for future actions.18Power of Your Subconscious Mind

What next ?.Whatever commands are given to ourSubconscious Mind will start manifesting inour life and help achieve our Goals.It will show us the result by creating newopportunities and getting help from the rightperson at the right time.That means we should be alert to identify theright opportunity and take the appropriateactions.Our Subconscious Mind will guide us byIntuitions, Dreams, Flashes or Hunches.Friends if you follow this sequence scientificallyall your dreams will be converted into realityand surprise you.All the best.When you get the result, please don’t forget tolet me know. I am on standby to hear from you– Emails, Calls and Messages are all welcome!Power of Your Subconscious Mind19

My Appeal‘If you give a fish to a man,you will feed him for a dayBut if you teach how to do fishing,you feed him for the life’I strongly believe that if you want to help some one,you should help him/her use the power of his/hermind. This will help them realize their potentialand convert their dreams to reality. This book isintended to spread this knowledge to the masses.I appeal to all of you who have read this book:please pass this book onwards to as many peopleas you can as a gift. If they read it and start usingthe power of their Subconscious Mind, they willbecome quite independent and will not rely onanyone. In fact, instead, they will be able to helpmany others. Together, we will have taken a stepforward in creating a happier and satisfied society.20– Dr Jeetendra Adhia M.D.Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Adhia’s ProductsBooks1. Prerna Nu Zarnu2. Man Ane Jivan3. Mann Na Moti4. Sneh Nu Jharnu5. Stree6. Memory7. The Gift8. Visulisation9. T.A. Shikho Jindagi Jito10. Dhanvan to Banvu J Joie11. Lokona Man Jitvani Kala12. Promise13. Habit of Going Extra Mile14. Confidence15. Depression16. 9 Ways to Manage Your Anger17. N.L.P.18. Goal Setting and Achieving19. Leadership Etle20. You can be responsible21. Subconscious Mind Says22. How to choose a life partner?23. Kshan ne Sachavo24. Ekrar25. Mari Vahli Dikri Ne26. Mara Vahla Dikra Ne27. Mari Vahli Patni Ne28. Mari Vahla Vidhyarthi Ne29. Prayer of Mind30. Yauvan Ni Prarthna31. Matru Vandana32. nglish/GujaratiGujarati/HindiGuj ishGujaratiGujarati/HindiGujarati/HindiNew Arrival1. Preranamurti2. Tan ki PrathnaComing Soon1. Tan ni Prathna, Prayer of Health2. glishEnglish/Gujarati/HindiPower of Your Subconscious Mind21 BooksSpring of Inspiration7 Step to SuccessVisulizationVakil ki PrathanaLearn T.A. and win @ the Game of LifeDhan ni Maha .8.9.Audio CDsRelaxationAlpha MusicMan No MahamantraPrayer of MindSubconscious Mind SaysDas Kadam Diamond KeInsurance Agent’s Relaxation & Guided VisualizationScore More (Guided Visualization for Students)Dhan Ki Maha indiHindiHindiHindiGujarati/HindiAudio Books1. Man ane Jeevan2. Visulization3. T.A. Shikho Jingdagi Jito1.2.3.4.Video CDs / DVDsSpring of Inspiration DVD (6 Hrs.)Prerna Ka Jharna DVD (1 Hr.)Yadshakti Na Rahasyo DVDPrem Na Panthe ratiPosters1. Goal Chart - English/Gujarati5. E.Q., I.Q., S.Q. - English2. Tathastu - Gujarati6. Circle of Concentration - English3. Car - English7. Marksheet - English4. Cheque - English8. Vision Board - English

Buy Online www.clickabooks.comHOME DELIVERY (Anywhere in India)Tel. : (O) 079- 2644 7393 4003 5153 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)M. : 99241 43847 99258 11737 98259 n1@gmail.comwebsite : www.rudrapublication.comHome DeliveryNavsari, Valsad,Dharampur,Vapi9725608089: Bombay :Bharat Chotai :Tel. 2967 122998212 9528198692 75439Jatinbhai ShahMalad, Mumbai93222 11594

14 Power of Your Subconscious Mind Connect to your Subconscious Mind . Once we are very clear about our life goals and ready with the vision board, we should now connect with our Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious Mind is also known as Inner Mind while our Conscious Mind is known as Outer Mind. Conscious Mind can be connected to

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