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Your world to a better futureBiotechnologyAnalytical ChemistryNon-Destructive TestingInformation TechnologyAdditional Information:Bursaries & LoansSport AcademyStudent Counselling & SupportFaculty of Applied & Computer Sciences2021 for 2022Vanderbijlpark

DEPARTMENT: BIOTECHNOLOGYDiploma: Biotechnology, 3 Year courseAdvanced Diploma: Biotechnology (1 Year course- Full Time), Postgraduate Diploma: Biotechnology (1 Year course- Full Time)Master of Applied Science in Biotechnology (by research), PhD: Biotechnology (by research)1. Admission Requirements:DIPLOMA: BIOTECHNOLOGYSubjectsNSC endorsementCompulsory subjectsEnglishMathematicsPhysical ScienceLife ScienceLife OrientationAny other 2 subjectsTOTALEligibility for Diploma4444Max 37Note3 40-49%4 50-59%5 60-69%6 70-79%7 80-89%8 90-99%262.CurriculumYEAR1Semester 1Microbiology I (Practical and Theory)Chemistry IBiodiversity and EcologyCalculations & Statistics IApplied Communication Skills 1 (Model 1)Semester 2Microbiology II (Practical and Theory)Biochemistry II (Practical and Theory)Analytical Chemistry: Biological IIDisease & Immune Response IIApplied Communication Skills 1 (Module II)ICT Skills IYEAR2Semester 3Microbiology III (Practical and Theory)Introductory Genetics IIMicrobial Biochemistry III (Practical and Theory)Fermentation Technology II (Practical and Theory)Applied Communication Skills II (Module I)Semester 4Food Microbiology III (Practical and Theory)Analytical Biochemistry IIIQuality Assurance I (Biological)Bioprocessing III (Practical and Theory)Applied Communication Skills II (Module II)EntrepreneurshipYEAR3Semester 5Biotechnology Laboratory Practice ISemester 6Biotechnology Laboratory Practice IIADVANCED DIPLOMAIt is imperative that those students wishing to apply for Advanced Diploma: Biotechnology, have an average of 60% for the core subjects in theDiploma Biotechnology, namely Microbiology III Practical and Theory,Bioprocessing III Practical and Theory, Food Microbiology III Practical andTheory, Microbial Biochemistry III Practical and Theory and AnalyticalBiochemistry III.Semester 1Green BiotechnologyMolecular BiotechnologyResearch MethodologyBiotechniques (Year Course)Semester 2Laboratory Management and ComplianceWhite BiotechnologyAdvanced Microbial BiochemistryBiotechniques (Year Course)POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMAAdvanced Diploma in Biotechnology (60%) or equivalent.Semester 1Advanced Molecular BiologyBioinformatics Module IAdvanced Biotechnology Module IResearch Project (Year Course)Semester 2Bioinformatics Module IBiostatisticsAdvanced Biotechnology Module IIResearch Project (Year Course)MASTER OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY(By Research)Postgraduate Diploma in Biotechnology (60%) or equivalentPHD: BIOTECHNOLOGY (By Research)Master of Applied Science in Biotechnology or equivalent.3.What are the functions of a Microbiologist/Biotechnologist?Quality control in enterprises such as the following: water purificationplants, food processing factories, dairies, pharmaceutical factories, sewerage plants, etc. Liaise with chemical engineers and technicians in thefermentation and biotechnology industries.4.Career opportunitiesA career as a Microbiologist / Biotechnologist offers challenging and exciting opportunities including quality control in enterprises such as: waterpurification plants, food processing factories, dairies, pharmaceutical factories, sewerage plants, etc. There is a demand for trained Microbiologists/ Biotechnologists in industrial, research and academic settings.Entry level: Laboratory AssistantMiddle level: Laboratory TechnicianTop level: Laboratory ManagerResearch opportunities are available at academic, industrial and researchinstitutions.5.Phased out QualificationsNDip Biotechnology (phased out in 2016)BTech Biotechnology (phased out in 2019)MTech Biotechnology (phased out in 2019)6.EnquiriesEnquiries may be addressed to:Head: Department of BiotechnologyFaculty of Applied and Computer SciencesVaal University of TechnologyPrivate Bag X021VANDERBIJLPARK1900Fax: (016) 950-9794Administrator: Ms N LieketsengE-mail:lieketsengn@vut.ac.zaTel: 016) 950 9648Website: www.vut.ac.za

DEPARTMENT: CHEMISTRYDiploma: Analytical Chemistry, 3 Year CourseAdvanced Diploma in Chemistry (1 Year Full Time), Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry (1 Year Full Time)MAPPSc: Chemistry, PhD: Chemistry1. Admission Requirements:DIPLOMA: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRYSubjectsNSC endorsementCompulsory subjectsEnglishMathematicsPhysical ScienceLife OrientationAny other 3 subjectsD11500Eligibility for DiplomaTOTAL26444Max 311Note3 40-49%4 50-59%5 60-69%6 70-79%7 80-89%8 90-99%2.CurriculumYEAR1Semester 1Chemistry IPhysics I AppliedMathematics 1 AppliedApplied Communication skills IICT skills ISemester 2Analytical Chemistry IAnalytical Chemistry Practical IInorganic Chemistry IIMathematics IIOrganic Chemistry IIYEAR2Semester 3Analytical Chemistry IIAnalytical Chemistry Practical IIPhysical Chemistry IIOrganic Chemistry IIIInorganic Chemistry IIISemester 4Analytical Chemistry IIIAnalytical Chemistry Practical IIIPhysical Chemistry IIIChemical Quality Assurance IIIYEAR3Semester 5Chemical Process Industries IIPhysics Theory IIPhysics Practical IIEntrepreneurship IApplied Communication skills I Module IIIndustrial Chemical Analysis IORChemical Industry Practical I PISemester 6Chemical Project PII orChemical Industry Practical IADVANCED DIPLOMADiploma in Chemistry 60% in Analytical Chemistry 3 Theory & Practical,Chemical Quality Assurance, Mathematics 2 Chemical Industrial 1 or S5Subjects and Chemistry project II.Semester 1Analytical Chemistry IVPhysical Chemistry IVResearch Methodology in ChemistrySemester 2Inorganic Chemistry IVOrganic Chemistry IVIntroduction to Chemistry ProjectPOSTGRADUATE DIPLOMAPostgraduate Diploma in Chemistry (60%) or equivalent.Semester 1Advanced Analytical Chemistry VApplied Physical Chemistry VChemistry Research ProjectSemester 2Applied Inorganic Chemistry VAdvanced Organic Chemistry VChemistry Research ProjectMAPPSc: CHEMISTRYResearch Project by dissertation. Admission Requirements: B TechChemistry/BSc. Hons Chemistry/Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry orequivalent with an average of 60%.PHD: CHEMISTRYResearch project by thesis. Admission Requirements: M Tech/MSc(Chemistry) or equivalent.3.What are the functions of of an Analytical ChemistryTechnician?Analysis of samples by the wet methods or using analytical instruments,writing reports on analysis, developing methods for analysis, writingrequisitions for purchasing instrumentation, managing of a laboratory.4.Career opportunitiesA career in chemistry offers challenging and exciting opportunities inboth the private and public sectors. There is a continuous demand fortrained analytical technicians. Position on entry level: Laboratory assistant. Middle level: Laboratory technician. Top level: Laboratory manager.Researchers and development of scientific opportunities that exist in theScience councils. Opportunities also exist in the academic environmentto become lectures and professors.5.Phased out QualificationsNDip Anlytical Chemistry (phased out in 2016)BTech Analytical Chemistry (phased out in 2018)MTech Analytical Chemistry (phased out in 2017)DTech Analytical Chemistry (phased out in 2017)6.EnquiriesEnquiries may be addressed to:Head of Department: ChemistryFaculty of Applied and Computer SciencesVaal University of TechnologyPrivate Bag X021VANDERBIJLPARK1900Administrator: Ms N LieketsengTel: (016) 950 9648Fax: (016) 950-9794E-mail: lieketsengn@vut.ac.zaWebsite: www.vut.ac.za

DEPARTMENT: HEALTH SCIENCESDegree: Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Sciences (BHSc: MLS), 4 Year CourseAdvanced Diploma in Biomedical Technology (1 Year Full Time)Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Technology (1 Year Full Time)1. Admission Requirements:DEGREE: BACHELOR OF h regulatory requirements (codes andspecifications). The technician can be part of an NDT department or unitwithin a company or as an independent service provider.NDT Specialist: Being part of a team involved in project developmentincluding design, fabrication and specifying inspection techniques andmethods to be used to ensure product safety, reliability and longevity.NDT Research and Development Professionals: Working on improvingthe reliability of inspection methods and techniques. Further developing new techniques to inspect the improved materials and productsutilised in the industry.YEAR3Semester 5Advanced Radiographic Testing (Theory)Advanced Radiographic Testing (Practical)Advanced Eddy Current Testing (Theory)Advanced Eddy Current Testing (Practical)Signal ProcessingProject (Numerical Analysis)Semester 6Work Integrated Learning (NDT)ADVANCED DIPLOMANational Diploma in NDT with an average of 55% from all S4 subjects including Fracture Mechanics orDiploma in NDT with an average of 55% from all S5 subjects includingAdvanced Methods of NDT (Theory & Practical) and Introduction to Fracture Mechanics or4.-Phased out QualificationNational Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing [course code: 215048,which had the last date of intake being 31 December 2016].National Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing (Extended) [coursecode: 215099, which had the last date of intake being 31December 2014].No student will be allowed to continue with phased out pro-grammes beyond 2021 as they will no longer be active on thesystem [6-year maximum duration for the completion of thequalification elapsed].5.EnquiriesEnquiries may be addressed to:Head: Department of Mathematics, Physics & Non-Destructive TestingFaculty of Applied and Computer SciencesTel:(016) 950-9321Vaal University of TechnologyFax:(016) 950-9793Private Bag X021e-mail:ike@vut.ac.zaVANDERBIJLPARKwebsite: www.vut.ac.za1900

VUTSport AcademyWELCOMEThe VUT Sport and Recreation would like to extend a warmwelcome to you as a new student on campus. We invite youto make use of the numerous well-equipped sport facilitiesthat are available. We have top quality coaches who arewilling to help with your needs. Through sport we build theimage of Vaal University of Technology (VUT). We wish you ahappy and successful sporting experience.Where champions meetADMISSION REQUIREMENTSRegistration at any one of the sport clubs is open to all full time,part time, as well as non-students at VUT. Acceptance to clubsdepends on that club’s constitution. There is no discriminationwith regard to gender, colour, or creed at the Sport Academyand its associated divisions and clubs. This is also the policy atthe Vaal University of Technology. Kindly note that only bonafide VUT students will qualify for selection to national studentteams and for representing VUT at the University Sport SouthAfrica (USSA) tournaments and Varsity sport competitions.SPORT CODESUSSA and Provincial LeaguesTrack and FieldCross CountryRoad RunningTennisTable allVolleyballNetballBody BuildingAerobicsChessFootballHead: Sport and Recreational Services:Mr. T. Mabulelong (016) 950-9481Administrator:Ms. H. Molatela (016) 950-9282Stadium Manager:Mr. Hannes Hattingh (016) 981 6403FACILITIESIsak Steyl Stadium2 rugby fields (floodlit)Grandstand & VIP lounge3 soccer fields (floodlit)1 athletics track (floodlit)throws practice nets (floodlit)Astro hockey field (floodlit)2 hockey grass fields (floodlit)SPORT AWARDSHonours:Awarded to athletes who are selected at a senior provinciallevel or higher and to those who are selected to represent thedifferent USSA teams.General:The Sport Academy works in conjunction with the AcademicFaculties and the Sport Management Department as well aswith student sport organizations such as University South African (USSA), Varsity Sport Competitions (High performancestudent competitions), as well as South African Sport Federations such as South African Football Association (SAFA), NetballSouth Africa (NSA), Athletics South Africa (ASA), BasketballSouth Africa (BSA), Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB), Gauteng Softball Association (GASA), Falcons Rugby, Federation of DanceSouth Africa (Fedansa) Volleyball South Africa (VSA) etc.ENQUIRIESSport AcademyVaal University of TechnologyPrivate Bag X021Vanderbijlpark 1900Tel: (016) 950-9917Fax: (016) 950-9763Sport & RecreationTel: (016) 950-9282Fax: (016) 950-9763Hockey/cricket/soccer clubhouse2 cricket fields (2 x floodlit)8 cricket netsHockey/cricket open pavilion6 netball courts (floodlit)6 tennis courts (floodlit)3 basketball courts (floodlit)Weight training roomVUT radio stationVUT RESIDENCES3 tennis courts (floodlit)2 soccer fields1 gymnasiumSPORT MERIT BURSARIESMerit bursaries are available and awarded to athletes who areselected for the following categories:1.2.Representation on National or International levelRepresentation in any South African Junior teams and/orUSSA representation.3. SA and/or USSA and/or Provincial representation.4. School Honoury Colors and Regional representation.The annual closing date is 31 October.GPS: S26, 42’ 15.1 /E27, 52’ 35.1

Bursaries & LoansFinancial Aid OfficeVISIONTo become recognised as a leading administrative section providing a creative, holistic personalised and satisfactory serviceto a wide range of clients, to the maximum benefit of all concerned.MISSIONFinancial Aid Office strives to offer a comprehensive internaland external administrative service to all stakeholders, specifically catering for individual needs in a creative and professional manner in order to make a meaningful contribution totheir success and in so doing to foster a long term workingrelationship.The Financial Aid Office offers the following serv

ADVANCED DIPLOMA Diploma in Chemistry 60% in Analytical Chemistry 3 Theory & Practical, Chemical Quality Assurance, Mathematics 2 Chemical Industrial 1 or S5 Subjects and Chemistry project II. Semester 1 Analytical Chemistry IV Physical Chemistry IV Research Methodology in Chemistry Semester 2 Inorganic Chemistry IV Organic Chemistry IV .

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August 1, 2019 TO: All Faculty and Staff FROM: Danny Weathers, Faculty Senate President Mary E. Kurz, Faculty Manual Consultant SUBJECT: Clemson University Faculty Manual, August 1, 2019 (v1) The Faculty Manual for the term August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020 version 1 is being distributed via the web. For the most recent and updated version of the Faculty Manual, please visit the Faculty Senate .

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3 FACULTY DIRECTORY The Faculty Directory provides information such as the office number and email address of faculty. 1. Under Campus Info, click Faculty Directory in the left-hand menu. 2. Use the alphabetical index to search for faculty members by their last name or use the Faculty Search box at the right of the p