Idaho Dept Of Transportation V. Grathol Respondent's Brief .

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View metadata, citation and similar papers at to you byCOREprovided by University of Idaho College of LawUIdaho LawDigital Commons @ UIdaho LawIdaho Supreme Court Records & Briefs11-4-2011Idaho Dept of Transportation v. GratholRespondent's Brief Dckt. 38511Follow this and additional works at: supreme court record briefsRecommended Citation"Idaho Dept of Transportation v. Grathol Respondent's Brief Dckt. 38511" (2011). Idaho Supreme Court Records & Briefs. 3189. supreme court record briefs/3189This Court Document is brought to you for free and open access by Digital Commons @ UIdaho Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in IdahoSupreme Court Records & Briefs by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ UIdaho Law. For more information, please

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF IDAHOTHE STATE OF IDAHO, IDAHOTRANSPORTATION BOARD,Docket No. 38511Plaintiff-Respondent,v.HJ GRATHOL, a California general partnership,Defendant-Appellant.RESPONDENT'S BRIEF ON APPEALAppeal from the District Court of the First Judicial District, State of Idaho,County of Kootenai, Case No. CV-2010-10095Honorable Lansing Haynes, District Judge, presidingDouglas S. MarficeChristopher D. GabbertRAMSDEN & LYONS, LLP700 Northwest Blvd.P.O. Box 1336Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-1336Telephone: (208) 664-5818Attorneys for Defendant-AppellantHJGratholLAWRENCE G. WASDENATTORNEY GENERALSTATE OF IDAHOSTEVEN L. OLSEN, ISB No. 3586Deputy Attorney GeneralChief, Civil Litigation DivisionJ. TIM THOMAS, ISB No. 5923Deputy Attorney GeneralIdaho Transportation DepartmentP.O. Box 7129Boise,ID 83707-1129Mary V. York, ISB No. 5020Steven C. Bowman, ISB No. 4404Ted S. Tollefson, ISB No. 6813Special Deputy Attorneys GeneralHOLLAND & HART LLPP.O. Box 2527Boise,ID 83701-2527Telephone: (208) 342-5000Attorneys for Plaintiff-RespondentState ofIdaho, Idaho Transportation Board

TABLE OF CONTENTSPageI.INTRODUCTION . 1II.ISSUES ON APPEAL . 1III.STATEMENT OF THE CASE . 2IV.A.The Idaho Transportation Board . .2B.The lTD Project . 2C.The Grathol Property . 3D.The Idaho Transportation Board Approved The US-95 ProjecL . 5E.The Board Approved The Acquisition Of All Properties Needed For TheUS-95 Project . 6F.Events Prior To Condemnation Of The Grathol Property . 6G.Only The Idaho Transportation Board Exercised The Power Of EminentDomain . 7H.lTD Is Not Constructing Sylvan Road Across Grathol's Property . 8I.The Property Identified In The Administrative Order Of Condemnation IsIdentical To The Property Later Condemned In The ComplainL . 9J.Grathol's Motive For Seeking Condemnation For Sylvan Road Is ToImproperly Shift The Required Costs Oflts Development To The TaxPaying Public . 9ARGUMENT . 11A.Stan

Christopher D. Gabbert RAMSDEN & LYONS, LLP 700 Northwest Blvd. P.O. Box 1336 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-1336 Telephone: (208) 664-5818 Attorneys for Defendant-Appellant HJGrathol LAWRENCE G. WASDEN ATTORNEY GENERAL STATE OF IDAHO STEVEN L. OLSEN, ISB No. 3586 Deputy Attorney General Chi

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