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The Reliable Medium-Voltage Drive with IGCTsSINAMICS GM150 and SM150 Medium-Voltage DrivesSINAMICS drivesAnswers for industry.

SINAMICS – the optimum drive for eachand every applicationThe drive family for drive solutions that are fit for the futureLow voltageFor basicapplicationsSINAMICSG110For demanding applicationsSINAMICSG120V/f control0.12–3 kWPumps, fans,conveyor beltsSINAMICSG120DFor sophisticated applicationsSINAMICSG130/G150SINAMICSS120V/f control/vector control0.37–90 kW0.75–7.5 kWSINAMICSS150V/f control/vector control/servo control75–1,500 kWPumps, fans, conveyor belts,compressors, mixers, crushers, extrudersMedium voltageFor applications with highpower ratingsSINAMICSGM150/SM150/GL150V/f control/vector control0.12–4,500 kW75–1,200 kW0.8–120 MWProduction machines – e.g. packaging, textile andprinting machines, paper machines, plastics machines,machine tools, plants and process linesTest stands,crosscutters,centrifugesPumps, fans, compressors,mixers, extruders, crushers,rolling mills, mine hoistsStandard engineering toolsSIZER – for simple planning and engineeringThe SINAMICS family offers theSTARTER – for fast commissioning, optimization and diagnosticsSINAMICS –can tackle any drive applicationoptimum drive for each and everydrive application – and all of the drivescan be engineered, parameterized, Wide range of power ratings from0.12 kW to 120 MW Available in low-voltage and mediumvoltage versionscommissioned and operated in astandard fashion. Standard functionality using a commonhardware and software platform Standard engineering using just twotools for all drives: SIZER for engineering and STARTER for parameterizationand commissioning High degree of flexibility andcombinability2

Medium-voltage drives from Siemens:The reliable and complete rangeMedium-voltage driveconverter seriesROBICONPerfect HarmonySINAMICS GM150SINAMICS GM150(IGBT)(IGCT)Power range150 kW–120 MW800 kW–9 MWApplication rangeGeneral-purposeapplicationsMotorsSINAMICS SM150SINAMICS GL15010 MW–27 MW5 MW–30MW6 MW–120 icationsInduction andsynchronous motorsInduction andsynchronous motorsInduction andsynchronous motorsInduction andsynchronous motorsSynchronous motorsEnergy recovery–––Yes (Active Infeed)Yes (LCI)Multi-motor T(cell topology)HV-IGBTIGCTIGCTThyristor (LCI)Typical applicationsPumps, fans, compressors, extruders,kneaders, mixers,crushers, agitators,conveyor systems,presses, ESP, retrofitRolling mills, minehoists, conveyorsystems, test standsCompressors, fans,pumps, extruders,ships’ drives, startingconverters for blastfurnacesThe benchmark when it comes tomedium-voltage drive systemsSiemens is the undisputed No. 1 inmedium-voltage drives and around theglobe sets the benchmark in this sector –and not only involving power ratings andmarket share. Our portfolio is also secondto none around the globe: All voltage classes from 2.3 to 13.8 kV A seamless range of power ratings from150 kW to 120 MW All levels of dynamic response andperformance Single-motor drives and multi-motorsystems Harmonized and coordinated systemswith synchronous and induction motors Motor speeds from 10 to 15,000 rpm inthe Megawatt rangeThe decisive plus when it comes toexperienceEverywhere where it involves the highest degree of availability, an uncountablenumber of users have been dependingon medium-voltage drive convertersPumps, fans, compressors, extruders, kneaders,mixers, crushers, agitators, conveyor systems,marine drives, presses, wire rod millsfrom Siemens since decades – and thatworldwide. The reason for this lies in thereliability of our drive systems that hasbecome almost legendary. And all of thisdidn’t just happen by chance – it is theresult of our many years of experience,our power of innovation and our extensive know-how. From 1969: Variable-speed mediumvoltage drive systems with currentsource DC link converters 1994: The cell topology of ROBICONPerfect Harmony revolutionizedmedium-voltage drives 1996: “Pioneered” the use of highrating voltage-source DC link convertersin rolling mills 1998: “Pioneered” the use of highvoltage IGBTs for medium-voltage driveconverters 2003: Worldwide the highest ratinghigh-speed drives (65 MW) with LCI forcompressors of a gas liquification plant 2005: Highest rating drive with voltagesource DC link converters in a cell-typetopology (65/45 MW) used in an LNGplant (LNG Liquefied Natural Gas)Well-proven as basisBased on well-proven technologicalconcepts, we are continually developingour medium-voltage drives.The result: Increasingly higher reliabilityand operational reliability and safety,continually more compact types ofconstruction, continually lower energyrequirement and service and maintenance costs as well as increasingly simpler handling: From engineering throughinstallation, integration and commissioning up to operator control.Always the optimum solutionWe offer you the optimum solution forany conceivable drive application in themedium-voltage range. We have the widest range of drive converter technologythat we can draw on: From load-commutated drive converters using thyristorsthrough voltage-source DC link converterswith HV-IGBTs or IGCTs up to cell topologydrive converters. For the latter, mediumvoltage is generated at the output byconnecting low-voltage cells in series.3


SINAMICS medium-voltage drives with IGCTsemiconductorsApplications and typical sectorsSINAMICS GM150SINAMICS GM150 at a glanceSINAMICS SM150 at a glanceSINAMICS GM150 is the single-motordrive for applications involving squarelaw and constant load characteristicswithout regenerative feedback into theline supply. These are especially pumps,fans, compressors, extruders, mixers,crushers and ships’ drives.Typical sectors where SINAMICS GM150is used: Oil and gas Chemical and petrochemical Mining Basic materials industry Water, wastewater Marine Cement Power ratings from 9 to 27 MW1 Induction and synchronous motors Single-motor drives without energyrecovery Integrated maintenance functions Factory-tested interaction between themotor and drive Simple integration into automationsystems SINAMICS SM150The SINAMICS SM150 medium-voltagedrive is used for sophisticated single- andmulti-motor drive applications. It distinguishes itself as a result of its highdynamic performance with maximumcontrol precision. It also is suitable for4-quadrant operation with active regenerative feedback into the line supply.Typical applications include: Cold and hot rolling mills Mine hoists Test stands Conveyor systems Transrapid magnetic levitation railway 1Power ratings from 5 to 30 MWInduction and synchronous motorsSingle- and multi-motor drivesVoltage-source DC link drive usingIGCTsHighest dynamic performance withmaximum precision4-quadrant operation with activeenergy recoveryBrief line supply dips are bufferedIdeal for direct power exchangebetween regenerating and motoringapplicationsActive Infeed can optionally supplycapacitive reactive power to compensate other loadsLine supply power factor can becontinuously setFactory-tested interaction between themotor and driveCan be simply integrated into automation systemsFrom 0.6 to 9 MW using HV IGBTs5

The best way to combat production downtimes:Maximum plant availabilityPlant availability through absolutereliabilitySiemens is the leading supplier ofmedium-voltage drives globally andclearly understands the high prioritygiven to plant availability. This is thereason that SINAMICS GM150 and SM150distinguish themselves as a result of theiroutstanding ruggedness. Having proventhemselves in the high power range IGCTsemiconductors is one of the ways thatthis is achieved. The drives also have arugged design so that they can operatein challenging industrial environments –and continue to run even under criticaloperating conditions.The drive units are equipped with integrated maintenance functions so thata fault doesn‘t even develop in the firstplace. The drive automatically outputs asignal early on if maintenance is requiredor components have to be replaced.6One example is the ion exchanger forthe liquid-cooled drive units. The analogconductivity measurement continuallychecks the mode of operation of the ionexchanger. When its capacity is depleted,it outputs a signal well in advance.The concept of integrated maintenancefunctions means that components canalways be replaced or other maintenancework carried out at the optimum pointin time – for instance during a routineinspection.As a consequence, non-scheduled plantdowntimes with lost production andexpensive on-site service calls are a thingof the past. The extensive system testensures minimum downtimes whenmodernizing. Advantage: A short start-upphase when commissioning and rampingup production.

Modular design for the highest degreeof service friendlinessIn the unlikely event that a SINAMICSGM150 or SM150 develops a fault, thenthis can be easily resolved. This is because the individual power modules canbe easily accessed from the front andcan be simply replaced with just a fewmanual operations without requiring anyspecial tools. This is all complementedby a global service network and smoothspare parts logistics.High dynamic performance and highefficiencywith a high dynamic performance andoptimized pulse patterns. It guaranteessinusoidal currents and the best voltageutilization – but at the same time lowswitching frequencies. The result: A highefficiency and operation that reduces thestress on the motor. SINAMICS SM150sets standards when it comes to dynamicperformance, torque and line currentquality, ruggedness to handle criticaloperating situations, motor noise andoverall efficiency. This drive preciselycontrols the speed and torque to therequired value – even when the loadquickly changes.Simplicity itselfWhen it comes to dynamic performanceand process quality, SINAMICS GM150and SM150 distinguish themselvesthrough the expanded vector control withROTOS (Reduced Optimized Task OrientedSwitching). This is a gating techniqueSINAMICS GM150 and SINAMICS SM150have user-friendly operator panels forsimple operator control and visualization.They can also be simply integrated intothe overall plant – thanks to theircompact design and the high degree offlexibility when it comes to connectionsand mounting. With their high energyefficiency and low maintenance requirements, SINAMICS medium-voltage driveshave low operating costs and their lownoise level means that noise-reducingmeasures are not required. Both of thesedrive units are optimally designed to useSiemens motors. They are manufacturedin compliance with international Standards and regulations and are thereforeadmirably suited for applicationsanywhere around the globe.SINAMICS GM150 and SINAMICS SM150can be seamlessly integrated intohigher-level automation systems – eitherthrough the PROFIBUS interface providedas standard or analog and digital interfaces.7

With or without energy recovery:Can be freely selected for each project8SINAMICS GM150: For driveapplications without energy recoverySINAMICS SM150: Capable of energyrecovery through Active InfeedAs a result of its high performance,maximum availability and simple handling, SINAMICS GM150 is the perfect fitfor pumps, fans, compressors, extruders,mixers or crushers. In fact any singlemotor drive application where regenerative feedback into the line supply is notrequired. It precisely complies with therequirements of the particular sectorthanks to its whole raft of features.For instance, teleservice is possible.This makes a lot of sense for pumps orcompressors used in the oil and gasindustry that are often located in remoteregions. The GM150 is also in its elementwhen driving high-speed compressorsat up to 15,000 rpm. Its compact designand low weight are especially interesting in marine engineering – and thesame goes for its low noise level. Thepossibility of implementing redundantdrive configurations can be of benefitanywhere as this further increases thereliability and availability of the completeplant or installation.SINAMICS SM150 is especially at homein mine hoists and test stands. Its powerunit is also used in Transrapid, themagnetic levitation railway. All of theseinvolve applications where the driveoccasionally goes into the regenerativemode as it frequently changes betweenaccelerating and braking. 4-quadrantoperation with regenerative feedbackinto the line supply is required. For theseapplications, it sometimes also makessense to couple several drive axes to forma coordinated system. The Active Infeed– the infeed/regenerative feedback unitwith which SINAMICS SM150 is equippedas standard – fulfills the requirement for“4-quadrant operation with regenerativefeedback”. Fast vector control inconjunction with the optimized gatingtechnique ensures almost sinusoidalline currents. This applies both whenmotoring as well as when regenerating.

2.3 36 kV 3 50 / 60 Hzleft: Design of the SINAMICS SM150 power unitright: DC bus conifguration with three motorsconnected to a common DC link3 3 3 3 Insensitive to line supply fluctuationsand line supply dipsThe constant DC link voltage – thatdecouples the motor from the linesupply voltage – plays a role in achievingthe high degree of security againstfailure. In this case, the drive operatesas a step-up controller with a higherDC link voltage than the peak value ofthe line supply voltage. This makes thedrive system insensitive to line voltagefluctuations. The highest precision ofthe driven load is guaranteed evenwhen connected to weak line supplies.The controlled converter switches thecurrent independent of the line supply.This allows brief line supply dips tobe buffered and the drive system cancontinue to run.A freely selectable line supplypower factor permits reactive powercompensationWith our Active Infeed, the line supplypower factor can be freely selected. Noreactive power is drawn for the standardsetting where the line supply powerfactor 1. Different settings allow eitheran inductive or capacitive reactive currentto be fed into the line supply – over widelimits – and can therefore be used tocompensate for loads with a reactivepower connected to the same line supply.This reduces drawing reactive power fromthe power supply utility that is penalizedwith high tariffs. It also eliminates havingto use compensation systems that arerequired for conventional infeed units.3 For multi-motor drives, power isexchanged along the common DC busSINAMICS SM150 is predestined formulti-motor drives in the multi-Megawattclass. For instance, these drives canbe found in rolling mills where thevarious roll drives and winders must becoordinated. As a consequence, powercan be exchanged between motoringand regenerating drive axes along theDC busbar which feeds the inverters forall of the connected motors. If energyis regenerated when one motor brakes,then this energy can be supplied alongthe DC busbar to the motors that are stilldriving. This results in significant energysaving for the complete plant.For multi-motor drives, up to fourmotors can be operated on a commonDC link. This reduces the space, lowersinstallation costs and the number ofcomponents – which in turn furtherincreases the availability of the completeplant.9

System competence across the board:Drives and motors from SiemensMany years of experience and a broadportfolioSiemens is the No. 1 supplier of mediumvoltage drive systems in the world. This isboth in market share as well as the extensive portfolio. This wide-ranging portfolioaddresses every conceivable mediumvoltage application in industry and theinfrastructure: All performance levels,all voltage classes and all power ratingsfrom 200 kW up to 120 Megawatts.Coordinated medium-voltage drive systems for rolling mill drives and minehoists as well as a vast number of pumps,fans, compressors, extruders, mixers andcrushers have been running reliably foryears. They require little maintenanceand help save energy. Siemens assignstopmost priority to the highest reliabilitywith minimum maintenance costs. Thisis clearly reflected in development andthe quality standards in production. Thisapplies to both individual products andcomplete systems.Every Siemens drive system increases theproductivity through minimum maintenance costs, maximum availability andlow operating costs.Siemens motors – a wide selection formaximum reliabilitySiemens offers the optimum motorfor each and every drive application.Whether synchronous or induction motor,slow-speed rotors with a high number ofpoles, high-speed direct drives, standardmotors or tailored customer and industrysector solutions. And it goes withoutsaying that a perfectly harmonized10system is obtained when these motorsare used together with a SINAMICSGM150 or SM150 drive.High-voltage motors from Siemens aregenerally designed and manufacturedaccording to IEC – in compliance withANEMA for the North American market.These motors are also available according to standards such as API. For motorsused in medium-voltage drive systems,enclosure, bearings, active parts, ventilation and cooling system are perfectlycoordinated with one another to achievemaximum availability. The materials andcomponents used and the productiontechniques are also carefully selectedwith this objective in mind. For high-rating high-voltage motors, the Micalasticinsulation system is used. This has provenitself worldwide over many years. Animportant component is the VPI (VacuumPressure Impregnation) technique that isharmonized to the insulation design. Thisinsulation technique allows the motor tobe connected directly to the line supplyand to a drive. The insulation has a highswitching and reversing strength as aresult of the high winding overhang stiffness and excellent corona shielding. Allof this – together with the extremelyhigh mechanical strength and thermalendurance – ensures an extremely longwinding lifetime. The bearings also haveextremely long lifetimes and requirehardly any maintenance.In extreme situations, even the mosttechnically sophisticated motor can besubject to stressing for which it was notoriginally designed. This is the reasonthat our motors are equipped as standardwith bearing and winding monitoring devices just in the unlikely case that a faultdoes develop. For instance, motors in the

Siemens synchronous motorsPower ratings5–30 MWVoltage3.3 kVShaft heights710–1,250 mmSpeedup to 6,300 rpmPole number2–24Degree of protectionIP55Explosion protectionEx n, Ex p, dust explosion protectionCoolingAir/water heat exchangerBearingsSleeve bearings, active magnetic bearingsSpecial versionsMain rolling mill drives, drives formine hoistsSiemens induction motorsMegawatt range running at speeds of upto 15,000 rpm can handle the enormousforces that are generated due to their rotor technology that is unique worldwide:Power ratingsUp to 30 MWVoltage3.3 kVSolid rotors that can handle even thehighest centrifugal forces and shaftmounted fans with a high-velocity profileprotect the motor against overheating.Shaft heights710–1,250 mmSpeedUp to 15,000 rpmPole number2–10Typical system partners for the SINAMICSGM150 include standard induction andsynchronous motors for pumps, fans,compressors, extruders, mixers, crushersand ships’ drives. The Siemens portfolioalso includes motors for special driveapplications where SINAMICS SM150controls their speed. These motors areespecially used for main rolling mill drivesand mine hoists. The rolling mill motorsdistinguish themselves as a result of theirhigh overload capability and extrememechanical stability. Motors for minehoists are directly integrated into thecable drum.Degree of protectionIP55Explosion protectionEx n, Ex p, dust explosion protectionCoolingAir/water heat exchangerBearingsSleeve bearings, active magnetic bearingsSpecial versionsHigh-speed direct drivesGenerally available voltage

SINAMICS G110 SINAMICS G120 SINAMICS G120D SINAMICS G130/G150 SINAMICS S120 SINAMICS S150 SINAMICS GM150/SM150/GL150 V/f control V/f control/vector control V/f control/vector control/servo control V/f control/vector control 0.12–3 kW 0.37–90 kW 0.75–7.5 kW 75–1,500 kW 0.12–4,500 kW 75–1,200 kW 0.8–120 MW Pumps, fans, conveyor belts