Northern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

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Northern TrinityGroundwater Conservation DistrictGroundwater Management PlanAdopted on May 7, 2015Texas Water Development Board approval onMay 15, 2015

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Table of Contents1.District’s Mission .1II.Purpose of the Management Plan .1III. District Information .1IVStatement of Guiding Principles .8V.Criteria for Plan Approval .9VI. Estimates of Technical Information as Required by TWC § 36.1071 and 31TAC § 356.52 .9VII. Management of Groundwater Supplies—31 TAC § 356.52(a)(4) and TWC§36.1071(e)(4) .13VIII. Methodology to Track District Progress in Achieving Management Goals—31TAC § 356.52(a)(6) .14IX. Actions, Procedures, Performance, and Avoidance for District Implementationof Management Plan – 31 TAC § 356.52(a)(3); 31 TAC § 356.52 (a)(4) /36.1071(e)(2) .14X.Management Goals and Performance Standards .15XI. Management Goals Determined not to be Applicable to the District .17XII. References .18List of FiguresFigure 1Figure 2Figure 3Figure 4Map showing the location and boundaries of the District along with cities,major roads, lakes, and major rivers in the District. .3Outcrop and subcrop of the northern Trinity and Woodbine aquifers in theDistrict.4Digital cross section showing the stratigraphy in the District from groundsurface to the base of the northern Trinity Aquifer.6Surface expression of groundwater resources in the District.7List of TablesTable 1Table 2Table 3Table 4General stratigraphy and hydrogeology of the District (after Kelley andothers, 2014). .5Desired future conditions submitted to TWDB .10Modeled available groundwater estimates from TWDB GAM Run 10-063MAG and 10-064 MAG. .10Annual volume of flow into the District, out of the District within eachaquifer, and between each aquifer in the District. .12Management Plani

List of AppendicesAppendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DAppendix EAppendix FAppendix GAppendix HAppendix IHouse Bill 4028District Resolution Adopting PlanNotice of Hearings and MeetingsCorrespondence to Surface Water Management EntitiesGroundwater Management Plan Data from TWDBGAM Run GR 10-063 MAGGAM Run GR 10-064 MAGGAM Run GR 14-001Adopted Rules of the DistrictManagement Planii

NORTHERN TRINITY GROUNDWATER CONSERVATION DISTRICTGROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN1.District’s MissionThe mission of the Northern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (“District”) is tomanage, preserve, and protect the groundwater resources of Tarrant County, Texas. The Districtwill work to minimize the further drawdown of water levels, prevent the waste of groundwater,prevent interference between wells, protect the existing and historic use of groundwater, preventthe degradation of the quality of groundwater, use public education to promote waterconservation, give consideration to the needs of municipal water utilities and the agriculturalcommunity, and carry out the powers and duties conferred under Chapter 36 of the Texas WaterCode (“TWC”). Any action taken by the District shall only be after full consideration andrespect has been afforded to the individual property rights of all citizens of the District.II.Purpose of the Management PlanThe purpose of the management plan is to provide a planning tool for the District as it movesforward with its efforts to manage and conserve groundwater resources of Tarrant County. TheManagement Plan contains the hydrogeological and technical information provided by the TexasWater Development Board ("TWDB") regarding the groundwater resources of Tarrant County.As the District obtains more site-specific groundwater information, the District will update andamend the Management Plan.The development of the Management Plan for the District will enable the District to comply withthe requirements of state law. The Texas Legislature created a statewide water planning processwith the passage of Senate Bill 1 ("SB 1") in 1997 and Senate Bill 2 ("SB 2") in 2001. Thedevelopment of management plans by each groundwater conservation district ("GCD") in Texasis an integral part of the statewide planning process. The District's Management Plan satisfies allrequirements established for GCDs by SB 1, SB 2, the statutory requirements Chapter 36 of theTexas Water Code, and the administrative requirements of the rules of the TWDB.III.A.District InformationCreationThe District was created in 2007 by the 80th Texas Legislature with the enactment of House Bill4028 (Appendix A). In its enabling legislation, the District was provided the powers and dutiesprovided by the general law of the State of Texas, including Chapter 36 of the Texas WaterCode, applicable to groundwater conservation districts created under Section 59, Article XVI, ofthe Texas Constitution. The District’s Rules and Management Plan provide the means toconserve, preserve, protect, and prevent waste of the groundwater resources of Tarrant County,Texas, and to promote recharge of the aquifers within Tarrant County.Management Plan1

B.DirectorsThe District Board of Directors consists of five directors, each serving four year staggered terms.The Tarrant County Commissioners Court shall appoint one director from each of the fourcommissioner’s precincts in the county to represent the precinct in which the director resides.The Tarrant County Judge shall appoint one director in the District to represent the District atlarge.C.AuthorityThe District has the rights and responsibilities provided for in TWC Chapter 36 and 31 TexasAdministrative Code (TAC) Chapter 356. The District is charged with conductinghydrogeological studies, adopting a management plan, providing for the permitting of certainwater wells and implementing programs to achieve statutory mandates. The District has rulemaking authority to implement the policies and procedures needed to manage the groundwaterresources of Tarrant CountyD.Location and ExtentThe District’s boundaries are coextensive with the boundaries of Tarrant County, and all landsand other property within these boundaries will benefit from the works and projects that will beaccomplished by the District. The District covers an area of approximately 863.42 square miles.Figure 1 is a map of the District showing major roads, incorporated areas

Major Aquifer –Trinity Aquifer The northern Trinity Aquifer is composed of several individual aquifers contained within the Trinity Group. In the District, the northern Trinity Aquifer consists of the aquifers of the Paluxy and Twin Mountains formations separated by the predominantly confining Glen Rose Formation (Figure 3).

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Biology of Bryophytes, RN Chopra, PK Kumara (1988), Wiley Eastern Ltd. 12. Biology of Mosses, DHS Richardson (1981) Blackwell Scientific publications, Oxford. 13. Bryophyta, BR Vashishta, AK Sinha, A Kumar (2003). S Chand & Co. Ltd. 14. Bryophytic Biology, B Goffinet, A J Shaw (2009), second Edn, Cambridge University Press.! 3 "Page"! ! MBT 102: MYCOLOGY & PLANT PATHOLOGY Credit: 04 End-Term .