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About The FezOwner’s ManualThe Fez Owner’s Manual provides thebasic knowledge you need as a newmember of Shriners International, andit is a great refresher course for veterannobles, as well.The manual is meant to help you becomea more informed and active Shriner, onewho understands the mission statementof the fraternity and lives by the Shriners’Creed. Both are included here for you.You’ll also find a dictionary of termscommonly used by fraternity members,a brief overview of protocol, and someinteresting facts about our great fraternityand our philanthropy, Shriners Hospitalsfor Children .The manual provides only a glimpseinto Shriners International. We hopeit provides you with some insight andsparks an interest in you to continue toexpand your knowledge as a noble.1

In this Manual:Mission Statement3Shriners’ Creed4Shriners International Facts6Shriners Hospitals for Children Facts4Shrine Pledge of Allegiance8Prayer9Salutations9Shrine Clubs and Units10Fezzes and Pins11Famous Shriners13A Shriner’s Dictionary14FAQs182

MissionStatementShriners International is committed to: Being the premier fraternal organizationfor men of good character Providing attractive, quality programsand services for its members, theirfamilies and their friends in a spirit offun, fellowship and social camaraderie Fostering self-improvement throughleadership, education, the perpetuationof moral values and communityinvolvement Serving mankind through the resourcesof its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitalsfor Children3

Shriners’CreedShriners believe in God and that Hecreated man to serve His purposes,among which is service to others inHis name.We believe that care for the lessfortunate, especially children who sufferfrom burns and crippling diseases, is ourinstitutional calling.We are patriots, each willing to servehis country with fidelity and courage.We cherish independence under lawand freedom with responsibility.We honor family. We respect our parents,wives and children. We should instill inour children the tenets of this creed, andthe heritage from which it emanates.As individuals, we pledge ourselves tointegrity, virtue and nobility of character.Our intentions will be honorable, ourrelations will be trustworthy and ourspirits forgiving of each other.4

As brothers, we offer each other fraternalaffection and respect. Together we willsupport each other in adherence to thiscreed, so that we and our communitieswill be the better because of ourfraternity and its principles.As Shriners, we look beyond ourselvesto serve the needs of others, especiallychildren who cannot help themselves.We believe Shriners Hospitals forChildren to be the world’s greatestphilanthropy, and we covenant with eachother to support its “temples of mercy”with spirit, time, talent and means.5

ShrinersInternationalFacts Shriners International is an internationalfraternity based on fun, fellowship,and the Masonic principles of brotherlylove, truth and relief. Mecca Shriners in New York Citywas the first temple, formed in 1872. There are 195 Shriners templesand more than 2,400 shrine clubslocated worldwide. The fraternity’s official philanthropyis Shriners Hospitals for Children.6

ShrinersHospitals forChildren FactsShriners Hospitals for Children is ahealth care system with 22 facilitiesdedicated to providing pediatricspecialty care, innovative research,and outstanding teaching programsfor medical professionals. There are 20 Shriners Hospitals forChildren facilities in the U.S., and oneeach in Canada and Mexico. Children up to age 18 with orthopaedicconditions, burns, spinal cord injuries,and cleft lip and palate are eligiblefor care. All care and services at ShrinersHospitals for Children are providedregardless of the families' ability to pay. The first Shriners Hospital opened inShreveport, La., in 1922. If you know a child Shriners Hospitalsfor Children may be able to help, callthe referral number on the back coverof this booklet or your temple office.7

Shrine PledgeOf AllegianceShriners International is an internationalfraternity of members throughout theworld, therefore, the Shrine Pledgeof Allegiance recognizes and honorsall countries.A noble wearing a fez during the pledgeshould execute a right-hand salute. Anoble who is not wearing a fez shouldplace his right hand over his heart.The pledge is as follows:“I pledge allegiance to my flag and to thecountry for which it stands, one nationunder God, indivisible, with liberty andjustice for all.”8

PrayerThe prayer at Shriners events is nondenominational. During the prayer, anoble wearing a fez should remove it andhold it over his heart. At the end of theprayer, the response is, “So mote it be,”which is another way of saying, “Thewill of God be done.”SalutationsA Potentate or Past Potentate is alwaysaddressed as “Illustrious Sir,” while anImperial officer and all past Imperialofficers are addressed as “Imperial Sir.”Members of the elected temple Divanare addressed by the title of their officeor “Noble.”The appropriate salutation amongmembers of the Shriners fraternity is,“Es selamu aleikum,” (pronounced AHsell-AHM uh-LAKE-um) which is Arabicfor, “Peace be on you.” The properresponse is, “Aleikum es selamu,”(pronounced uh-LAKE-um AH sellAHM-uh) which means, “On you bethe peace.”9

Shrine Clubs& UnitsThe best way to enjoy your membershipin the Shriners fraternity is to participate,and a great way to participate is to join aclub or unit.Shrine clubs essentially serve as “minitemples.” Each of Shriners International’s195 temples is in a specific city, andmany times that temple’s jurisdiction isvast. Clubs are created in the temple’soutlying areas to keep nobles active andinvolved in Shriners activities – kind oflike satellite groups, with all membersbelonging to the same temple.Units are made up of groups of nobleswith similar interests. Service unitsbenefit the nobility or the temple andmay include policing, maintenance,first-aid or hospitality. Performing unitsprimarily provide entertainment forShriners or the general public. Examplesinclude clown groups, marching bandsand mini-car drivers. Units usuallyparticipate in community parades, andmany compete against similar unitsfrom other temples.10

The main purposes of Shrine clubsand units are to: Promote interest in Shrinedomamong members by offeringfellowship and fun activities fornobles and their families. Connect members who havesimilar interests. Raise awareness of the Shrinersfraternity in local communities. Educate the public about ShrinersHospitals for Children. Conduct fundraisers to benefitShriners Hospitals for Children,and temple, club or unit operations.11

Fezzes & PinsNobles should wear their fezzes at statedmeetings, ceremonials, Shriners parades,special Shriners events and other Shrinersrelated activities.The fez is not a bulletin board or advertisingspace. The only pin permitted on the fezis one to hold the tassel in place. The fezshall be worn in its proper shape, withoutcrushing, creasing or alteration.A Shriners lapel pin is to be worn on theleft lapel of a suit coat or jacket, and isappropriate to be worn at all times.12

FamousShrinersThe Shriners fraternity includes a numberof past and present heads of government,business leaders, entertainers and sportslegends. They include:Buzz AldrinAstronautArnold PalmerGolferSam Hornish, Jr.Race Car DriverGerald FordFormer PresidentRichard TysonActorJohn WayneActorJohn DiefenbakerFormer PrimeMinister of CanadaDave ThomasEntrepreneurBrad PaisleyCountry Singer13

A Shriner’sDictionaryThere are many unique terms used bynobles. Here is a list of some of the mostcommonly used words and phrases.Aide – A noble appointed by a Potentateor Imperial Potentate to assist him withhis duties during his term.Ambassador – A noble appointed bya Potentate to represent him andthe temple at club and unit meetingsand functions.Appointed Divan – Six nobles appointedby the Potentate to assist him during histerm. They include the First CeremonialMaster, Second Ceremonial Master,Director, Marshal, Captain of the Guardand Outer Guard.Black Camel – A term used torefer to the death of a member of theShriners fraternity.Bylaws – The rules and regulationsgoverning Shriners International andeach temple.14

Cabiri – A social organization composedof Past Potentates.Candidate – A Mason who has petitionedfor membership in the Shriners fraternity.Ceremonial – The Shrine initiationceremony.Editorial Without Words – The imageof a Shriner carrying a little girl and hercrutches. This image originated from aphotograph and has been reflected instatues, graphics and other media asa symbol of the Shriners fraternity andShriners Hospitals for Children. It iscurrently an important part of the visualidentity of Shriners Hospitals for Children.Elected Divan – The collective nameof the officers of a Shriners temple:the Potentate, Chief Rabban, AssistantRabban, High Priest and Prophet, OrientalGuide, Treasurer and Recorder.Fez – The official headgear worn bymembers of the Shriners fraternity. Itderives its name from the city where itwas first manufactured – Fez, Morocco.15

Imperial Divan – Thirteen officerselected by the Imperial Council to leadthe Shrine fraternity.Imperial Sir – The title preceding thename of a Shriner who is serving or hasserved on the Imperial Divan.Imperial Session – The Shriners’ annualconvention, generally held during thefirst week in July. The business of boththe fraternity and Shriners Hospitals forChildren is conducted at that time. Also,there are parades, unit competitions andsocial events during the session.Illustrious Sir – The title preceding thename of a Shriner who is serving, or hasserved, as Potentate of his temple.Lady – The title preceding the name ofthe wife of any Shriner. The wife of aPotentate or the Imperial Potentate isreferred to as the First Lady.Noble – Refers to a member of theShriners fraternity, and it is also the titlepreceding the name of any Shriner whois not a past or current Potentate or whohas not served on the Imperial Divan.16

PCM – Stands for “permanentcontributing member.” The purchaseof a 150 PCM certificate, which is taxdeductible as a charitable donation,relieves the noble from paying the annual 5 hospital assessment.Stated Meeting – Held by a templeto conduct official business.Shrinedom – The realm of the Shrinefraternity, including its members,governance, programs, activities,organizational atmosphere, etc.Shriners International – The body ofrepresentatives from each of the 195temples, which determines the directionof the fraternity.Temple – Any group of nobles charteredby or under dispensation of ShrinersInternational. “Temple” should not beused in the proper name of a group ofShriners. For example, the proper namefor the first temple formed is “MeccaShriners,” not “Mecca Temple.”17

FrequentlyAsked QuestionsWhy the Near-Eastern theme?Similar to many college fraternitiesfollowing a Greek theme, the Shrinersfraternity also reflects a particulartheme – the Near East. The fraternity’sfounders, Masons Walter Fleming, M.D.,and Billy Florence, an actor, perfected thecolorful backdrop for the new fraternity.What is the prerequisitefor membership?All Shriners must first be a Master Masonin good standing in a lodge recognizedby or in amity with the Conference ofGrand Masters International. All Shrinersare encouraged to continue to participatein Lodge activities and learn from otherorganizations that have their roots inMasonry.How are my annual renewalfees divided?Each temple’s dues may vary. Buttypically, a portion of your dues is paidto Shriners International as a per capitatax. A 5 assessment goes to Shriners18

Hospitals for Children, unless you havepurchased a PCM, which relieves youfrom paying the annual hospitalassessment. The balance is used fortemple operations.What are my responsibilitiesas a Shriner?Each Shriner is expected to help thefraternity grow by recruiting newmembers and being as active as possible,and to support the philanthropy by helpingidentify children who may benefit from theexpert medical care provided by ShrinersHospitals for Children.How can I support ShrinersHospitals for Children?There are many ways to support thephilanthropy, including volunteering at aShriners Hospital, transporting patientsto the hospital for care or visiting thekids in the hospital. You can also supportthe hospitals by hosting fundraisers tobenefit the philanthropy or by makingdonations to Shriners Hospitals forChildren. For information about the manygiving opportunities available, pleasevisit www.donate2shc.org or call800-241-GIFT (4438).19

Can women become Shriners?Alongside most Shriners is a supportivewoman. While it is true that women arenot official members of the Shrinersfraternity, they play a very important rolein many aspects of our organization. Thereare also several groups for women thatsupport the fraternity and philanthropy.They include Daughters of the Nile,Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America,Shrine Guilds of America, Inc., andOrder of the Eastern Star. Organizationsfor children and young people includeDeMolay International, Job’s DaughtersInternational, and the International Orderof the Rainbow for Girls.20

Shriners International is an international fraternity based on fun, fellowship, and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, truth and relief. Mecca Shriners in New York City was the first temple, formed in 1872. There are 195 Shriners temples and more than 2,400 shrine clubs located worldwide.

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in the Shriners fraternity. What is an Imperial Potentate? How about a Divan? And what is up with the fezzes? Fez-iquette Let's start with the fez - the rhombus-shaped, tasseled, red hat most commonly associated with Shriners. The fez was adopted as the official headgear of Shriners in 1872. Named after the town of Fez, Morocco, where it

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